Ministry and Practice

unit code  unit name
status mode
DM310/DM510 Foundations of Youth Ministry elective extensive
DM320/DM520 Introduction to Children’s Ministry elective campus
DM411/DM611 Youth in the Churches elective campus
DM412/DM612 Youth: context, development & learning elective campus
DM413/DM613 Ministry with non-Church Youth elective campus
DM414/DM614 Chaplaincy in Educational Settings elective intensive
DM421/DM621 Issues in Children’s Ministry elective intensive
RYM31/RYM51 Introduction to Personal Evangelism
(2 credit points)
core (Ridley)
type B elective (ACT)
RYM32/RYM52 Ministry Foundations
(2 credit points)
core (Ridley)
type B elective (ACT)
EM301/EM501 Mission Perspectives elective campus
EM418/EM618 Ministry in a Culturally Diverse Context elective campus
EM421/EM621 Living Faiths elective campus
EM426/EM626 Church Planting elective campus
EM430/EM630 Gospel, Church & Australian Culture elective campus & online
EM432/EM632 The Bible in Mission elective campus
EM440/EM640 Cross-Cultural Field Education elective fieldwork
PC315/PC515 Christian Worship elective campus
PC402/PC602 Foundations of Pastoral Care elective campus
PC603 Pastoral Skills and Methods elective extensive
PC435/PC635 Principles of Leadership & Management elective campus
PC442/PC642 Congregational Field Education elective campus & fieldwork
PC443/PC643 Pastoral Care Field Education elective campus & fieldwork
PC444/PC644 Practical Ministry Field Education elective fieldwork & online
PC447/PC647 Introductory Preaching elective campus/ online
PC449A, B, C, D
PC649A, B, C, D
Guided Spiritual Formation elective campus/
PC452/PC652 Chaplaincy Skills elective intensive
PC453/PC653 Mentoring & Pastoral Care of Workers elective campus
RYP41/RYP61 Educating and Forming others for Ministry (2 credit points) type B elective (ACT) campus
RYP42A, B, C, D
RYP62A, B, C, D
Advanced Preaching Workshops
(1 credit point each)
Type B elective (ACT) campus
* Capstone Experience elective campus/online


Please note that Ridley aims to keep classes at a size that best suits the type of student interaction required for the unit.

All units are subject to minimum enrolment numbers and may be varied or cancelled if insufficient or greater than expected enrolments are received. Ridley will make every effort to give students the maximum notice of any cancellations or variations that occur.


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