Unit Overview
When studying the Bible, you can’t get more foundational than Genesis. Atheist naturalism, young-earth creationism, old-earth creationism… there are so many perspectives on the origins of the universe, some shaped by the Bible, others not. It’s a matter of contemporary debate between atheists and Christians, but even among Bible scholars, opinion differs greatly on how to understand the first few chapters of Genesis. This unit takes a look at the variety of views on offer, getting to the heart of what we can and can’t say about creation from the biblical text. It also looks at the Abraham and Joseph stories, giving students the opportunity to learn how to read Hebrew narrative, explore which theological ideas can be drawn from Genesis and how to preach and apply these ancient stories.

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Unit Details

Mode On-campus / Online
Workload One semester, 12 credit points
Status Elective
Unit Code

OT026 (English)

Prerequisites None
Teacher Lindsay Wilson

Unit Content

  • A consideration of the application of key background and introductory issues to the interpretation of Genesis.
  • Critical exegesis of six chapters of Genesis appropriately spread across the two main divisions of Genesis 1-11 and 12-50. The chapters chosen are Genesis 2-3, 12, 22, 37, 39.
  • The derivation and discussion of key theological themes from Genesis in the light of scholarly debate.
  • The application of the findings of the studies to contemporary ministry.


Week 1 Genesis 1
Genesis 1 (continued)
Genesis 2:1-10 (Hebrew exegesis)
Week 2 Genesis 2:15-25 (Hebrew exegesis)
Seminar Genesis and Science
Critical Methods & Genesis
Week 3 Genesis 3:1-12 (Hebrew exegesis)
Seminar Genesis 1-11 and Work
Genesis 4
Week 4  Genesis 3:13-24 (Hebrew exegesis)
Seminar Genesis and Sin
Genesis 6-9
Week 5 Genesis 12:1-9 (Hebrew exegesis)
Genesis 15 & 17
* Essay due
Week 6 Genesis 12:10-20 (Hebrew exegesis)
Seminar Genesis and Mission
Genesis 18-19
Week 7 Genesis 22:1-9 (Hebrew exegesis)
Seminar Genesis and Blessing
Week 8 Genesis 22:10-19 (Hebrew exegesis)
Seminar Feminist Readings of Genesis
Week 9 Genesis 37:12-24 (Hebrew exegesis)
Seminar Characterisation in the Joseph Narrative
Genesis 38
Week 10 Genesis 37:25-36 (Hebrew exegesis)
The Joseph Story in its Wider Contexts
Genesis 40-41
Week 11 Genesis 39:1-10 (Hebrew exegesis)
Seminar Is Joseph Wise?
Joseph’s Reconciliation with his Brothers
Week 12 Genesis 39:11-20 (Hebrew exegesis)
Seminar Preaching on Genesis
Genesis 45

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