Jeremiah is a book of trauma, conflict, and challenge set in the lead-up and aftermath of the fall of Jerusalem to the Babylonians in 586 BC. Jeremiah is called, persecuted, and eventually kidnapped. The nation seeks political alliances and help from other gods, but does not trust or obey the God of Israel. Jeremiah struggles with God in his ‘confessions’ (Chapters 11–20), and works towards a deeper knowledge of God and his ways as he sees his nation crumble under selfish and incompetent leadership, and finally swept away in forced migration to Babylon.

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Subject details

Delivery mode On-Campus
Workload One Semester,
12 credit points
Status Set Book
Subject Code OT024 (english)
OT025 (hebrew)
Corequisites OT002: OT Prophets and Writings
Exclusion OT014/015: Exilic Prophecy (if the Jeremiah option was studied)
Teacher Jill Firth
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The lectures on the English text are for all students. All students are encouraged to prayerfully read through the whole text of Jeremiah in English at least once before the semester begins. Jot down your thoughts and questions and bring them on Day 1.

Hebrew students undertake an additional hour of Hebrew language exegesis. Additionally, Hebrew students will benefit from listening to Jeremiah 1 (e.g. Bible Reader on or Bible.Is), and memorising a few keywords or phrases from Chapter 1. Translation in Hebrew will begin on Day 1 with Jeremiah 1.1–10.

  • English Class: Chapters for exegesis: 1, 2, 7, 18–20, 24, 30–33, 36–37, 50–52.
  • Hebrew Class: Chapters for translation: Jeremiah 1, 18–20, 24, 31, 45.

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