Paul and Corinthian Christianity

Unit Overview

The challenges facing the early church in Corinthians 2000 years ago resonate strongly with many contemporary challenges facing churches today. This course is designed to examine in detail 1 Corinthians, framing our enquiry around missiological and pastoral application of the concerns raised in the letters.

Students will also gain a deeper understanding of the theology and key themes, particularly as they relate to contemporary mission and ministry including nature of power and authority, sexual ethics, the nature and limits of Christian freedom, gender issues in family and church, Christian worship, the nature of ministry, and suffering in ministry. Students will discern the major practical and theological problems faced by the Church of God in Corinth, how the letter addresses these concerns, and consider how to apply this understanding to contemporary missiological and pastoral ministry situations.

Students studying the Greek text will learn an exegetical methodology which promotes the importance of understanding the cultural background and utilising advanced Greek language skills such as syntactical diagramming. Regular quizzes will help you improve your grasp of Greek grammar and syntax, and translation exercises will further your ability to translate the Greek text in a nuanced way. This unit presumes a fair grasp of J. W. Wenham, The Elements of New Testament Greek, or an equivalent introductory NT Greek textbook.

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Unit Details

Mode Online On-campus 
Workload One semester, 12 credit points One semester, 12 credit points
Status  Elective Elective
Unit Code NT010 (English)
NT011 (Greek)
NT010 (English)
NT011 (Greek)
Prerequisites  NT002
NT011 requires the completion of LA005 and LA006.
NT002 (NB: MDiv only. Undergraduates may take this unit at 600 level)
Teacher  Brian Rosner Brian Rosner

Unit Content

1. Introduction, theology and ethics

  • The argument and structure of 1 Corinthians in the context of the Pauline mission
  • The major issues in the contemporary study of the book of 1 Corinthians

2. The text of 1 Corinthians

  • Translation and Exegesis of the Greek text of 1 Corinthians 1, 2, 5, 7, 8, 12, 13, 15.
1 1:1-9
Read C/R 53-60
1 Corinthians in Recent Research
Read C/R 1-6, 35-41
2 1:10-17
Read C/R 72-90
Argument and Structure of 1 Corinthians
3 1:18-25 The Cross in 1 Corinthians
Read Kern in R 78-97
4 1:26-31
Read C/R 102-11
The Use of the OT in 1 Corinthians
5 2:1-5 Women in 1 Corinthians
6 5:1-5
Read C/R 196-212
The Missionary Character of 1 Corinthians
7 7:1-11
Sexual Ethics and 1 Corinthians
Read Ciampa in R 100-31
8 7:25-31
Read C/R 328-49
Paul, Singleness and 1 Corinthians
9 8:1-8
Read C/R 367-79
Food offered to idols in 1 Corinthians
10 12:1-3 Spiritual Gifts in 1 Corinthians
Read Peterson in R 134-62
11 13:4-13
Read C/R 619-30
Christian Ethics and 1 Corinthians
12 15:1-11
Read C/R 736-736-53
Resurrection bodies and 1 Corinthians

Study Expectations and Assessment (Online)
In Ridley Online units you can expect to be guided through a variety of learning activities which are designed to develop your understanding of and skills in the themes and passages related to your unit. These usually include watching videos, reading, completing set learning tasks and contributing to online seminars and interacting with your peers.


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