The Megillot: the Five Scrolls (Hebrew)

Unit Overview
This is a unit covering OT short stories and poetry. It provides an opportunity to study narrative (Ruth and Esther) as well as a variety of poetic texts such as the love poetry of Song of Songs and the despair and hope of the book of Lamentations. We do not cover Ecclesiastes as it is dealt with in the wisdom unit. The books covered have a special interest in women.

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Unit Details 

Mode On-campus
Workload One semester,
12 credit points
Status  Elective
Unit Code OT043-712/912
Prerequisites OT001, OT002 & LA003, LA004
Teacher Lindsay Wilson

Unit Content
The unit includes a thorough overview of Esther, as well as detailed exegesis of the English text of Ruth, Song of Songs and Lamentations 1, 3 and 5. Theological, thematic and hermeneutical issues which arise from these books are also covered, mainly in seminars. Students will attend the English option classes as well as a 75 minute session where we will work through the Hebrew text of Ruth 1-3 and Song of Songs 4-6.

Study Expectations
Students should expect to spend an average over the semester of 10 hours per week on this unit. This will include attendance at class, translation of the Hebrew text, reading preparation for seminars, wider reading, and the preparation and writing of assignments. This is an advanced OT unit and there will be no examination, but a number of assessment pieces throughout the semester (usually one thematic essay and two exegetical essays).


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