Guided Spiritual Formation

Unit Overview
Guided Spiritual Formation (GSF) is a program of four online units of guided theological reflection on your experience of personal spiritual life. The four units are ordinarily completed over four consecutive semesters. Each unit is 3 credit points, amounting to 12 credit points in total. You should expect to spend around three hours per week for each unit of GSF.

GSF is designed to give you space to help you reflect on your own spiritual development and identity and to grow in your ministry and relationship with God. GSF will also help you develop processes of spiritual practice and theological reflection that will help you pursue ongoing spiritual formation throughout your life. You will be introduced to the action-reflection model of learning and will be expected to keep a journal recording your experiences and reflections. In each unit of GSF you will have the opportunity to engage in a variety of spiritual practices and reflect on these individually (in your journal and with a reflection partner) and with fellow students and faculty tutors in online discussion forums or on-campus small groups.

GSF recognises the significance of your local worshipping community as a significant context for your personal formation. Engaging with a reflection partner and gaining feedback on your formation from other members of your church expresses the partnership that exists between the college and your local worshipping community in your formation for ministry.

Because these units establish foundational practices of integrating theological study with personal spiritual life, they are best completed toward the beginning of your study program.

The dates for when this unit is offered varies. Please visit the timetable by clicking here for the most up to date information.

Unit Details 

Online  On-campus
Workload  12 credit points over four semesters 12 credit points over four semesters
Status  PC155/PC156/PC157/PC158 are required units for full online degree students PC155/PC156 are required units for on-campus degree students
Teacher  Graham Stanton Scott Harrower, Andrew Judd, Felicity Clift

Unit Content
Each unit in GSF reflects on a particular theme of Christian identity and should be taken in the following order:

  • PC156 GSF – Relating to Self
  • PC155 GSF – Knowing God
  • PC157 GSF – Relating to Others
  • PC158 GSF -Relating in Ministry

All four units of Guided Spiritual Formation are required for full online degree students. The first two units of Guided Spiritual formation are required for on-campus students pursuing awards of two years or longer.
Guided Spiritual Formation are recommended electives for other students.

Unit Requirements
For  PC156 and PC155 you will be expected to have a reflection partner with whom you will meet roughly once a month during the respective semesters. For PC158 you will be expected to invite a small group of people from your church (one of whom is a member of the church leadership team) to provide you with feedback about the way you serve others. You will also be expected to keep a reflective journal. Learning materials and readings are provided online to guide you through this unit.

  • Online students are expected to engage in online discussions with their peers and the unit coordinator throughout each unit of GSF.
  • On-campus students meet in a small group each teaching week with two faculty tutors.

Because of the requirement for mentoring and reflective journaling, GSF should not be undertaken concurrently with units in Field Education.

If you have questions about this unit please contact the Unit Coordinator, Graham Stanton


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