New Testament Greek A & B

 LA004A and LA004B

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LA004A: February intensive, 4 credit points.
LA004B: Two semesters, 4 credit points.
Elective (Core for MDiv students)
LA004A must be completed before LA004B. You cannot take LA002 with or after either LA004 unit.
Semester 1 & 2, 2019
Anthea McCall

We have an embarrassing wealth of English resources to help us read and interpret the Bible, making it possible to interpret Scripture well without learning the languages it was originally written in. But studying Greek enables you to grow in your understanding of the biblical text and the context in which it was written, and to get the most out of detailed commentaries. This unit will help you find answers to questions like: Why might we favour one Bible translation over another? and, How can we determine which of two or three interpretations is the most convincing? The study of Greek vocabulary and grammar will also give you insight into cross-cultural issues, focus and improve your comprehension of a passage, and help structure your sermons and Bible studies.


1. Greek A completes roughly half the textbook. Greek B completes the rest of the textbook (Jeremy Duff, The Elements of New Testament Greek [Cambridge University Press, 2008])
2. Greek B also exploring and translates four chapters of a letter of the NT in Greek.

3. You will also be introduced to library and software resources to aid your study of the Greek text.

LA004A- Intensive Mode

The February intensive (LA004A) is, indeed, an intense three weeks (but it is clearly one of the best ways to learn a language). Each morning involves classroom contact, and most afternoons and evenings will require you to consolidate your learning. You ought to set aside 6–8 hours each day to meet the challenge. Note that two more Thursday mornings of semester 1 are formally part of the intensive including the exam.

Registration should be completed as early as possible; the preceding November or December is preferred. Please arrive on day one of the intensive having obtained your text, be able to pronounce and write the Greek alphabet, have read and digested the section on English grammar 240-249. A song to help you with the alphabet is here.

The rest of the year reverts to a weekly lecture, Thursday mornings, 9:00-1pm (with morning tea, chapel and lunch afterwards at 1:10pm!). These lectures will complete the grammar of Duff, as well as working through some decent chunks of the New Testament. Separate timetables will be supplied for the intensive and for each semester.


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