Old Testament Foundations

From Adam and Eve to Abraham, Moses, King David and everyone in between, this subject encourages us with the faithfulness of God throughout history. We see how, in the midst of a fallen world, God created a people for himself and restored the ideals of creation through a tiny, insignificant nation and, eventually, through the royal line of David. We see the depths of Israel’s sin, their horrific acts of idolatry and apostasy; but we see also the heights of God’s love, the strength of his saving arm and his faithfulness to his promises. This subject provides a helpful overview of the first part of the Old Testament up until 2 Kings, with a focus on the Old Testament covenants and key themes that develop from Genesis to Kings. Along the way, we have the chance to think further about some of the difficult parts of the Old Testament, such as the topics of creation and Canaanite genocide, that arise in everyday conversation.

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Subject Details

Mode Online On-campus
Workload One semester, 12 credit points One semester, 12 credit points
Status Core Core
Subject code OT001 OT001
Prerequisites None None
Teacher Andrew Judd (unit content)
and online tutor
Andrew Judd

Section A: The Pentateuch / Torah

  1. Genesis 1–11
  2. Genesis 12–50
  3. Exodus
  4. Leviticus and Numbers
  5. Deuteronomy

Section B: Historical Books / Former Prophets

  1. Joshua and Judges
  2. 1–2 Samuel
  3. 1–2 Kings

Study Expectations
In this subject, you can expect to be guided through a variety of weekly learning activities which are designed to develop your understanding of and skills in the themes and passages covered in the syllabus. For online students, these usually include watching videos, reading, completing set learning tasks and contributing to online seminars and interacting with your peers. Students should allow 8-10 hours of study time per week for this introductory subject.


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