Capstone Experience


A capstone experience is a unique opportunity to integrate your learning from across the theological disciplines, reflect on your personal growth during your time at Ridley, and consider how you have been prepared for ministry through your studies. You complete a capstone experience by taking a regular subject but undertaking an alternative integrative assessment. This assessment is designed to relate the present subject of study with your wider learning, using it as a springboard to a wider reflection on your learning. Only selected subjects can be taken as a capstone, and full class participation is expected – subjects available as a capstone are denoted on the current timetable by a #.

Students enrolling in a capstone experience should contact the relevant faculty member in preparation for the subject to discuss specific assessment requirements. Students enrolled in the Master of Divinity or the Master of Theological Studies may enrol in a capstone experience in any field of study; Master of Ministry students must complete their capstone experience in the Ministry and Practice field of study (DE, EM, PC).

Please visit the timetable by clicking here for current information on subject availability.

Subject Details


Mode Online On-campus
Workload One semester, 12 credit points One semester, 12 credit points
Status Core requirement for Master of Divinity, Master of Ministry and Master of Theological Studies Core requirement for Master of Divinity, Master of Ministry and Master of Theological Studies
Subject code **205-912 **205-912
Prerequisites To be undertaken in final year of course To be undertaken in final year of course


The following Ridley subjects may be taken as a capstone experience:

  • CH205-912 History of Evangelical Christianity (on-campus & online)
  • CH205-912 Reformation Church History (on-campus & online)
  • EM205-915 Aid and Development (online)
  • EM205-915 Living Faiths (on-campus)
  • NT205-912 Paul & Corinthian Christianity (english text) (on-campus)
  • NT205-912 Book of Acts (english & greek text) (study tour)
  • PC205-912 Pastoral Care (on-campus & online)
  • PC205-912 Congregational Field Education (full year – on-campus)
  • PC205-912 Practical Ministry Field Education (full year – online)
  • PC205-912 Principles of Leadership & Management (online)
  • PE205-912 Christian Apologetics (online and on-campus)
  • TH205-912 The Doctrines of Grace and Eschatology (online & on-campus)
  • TH205-912 The Church and its Ministry (online & on-campus)
  • Study Tours

Please note: If none of the above units are suitable for students completing their final year of study they should contact the Registrar’s Office as soon as possible to discuss an alternative unit.

Capstone units have a dedicated unit code **205-912, so please be careful to use this code when completing your Enrolment form, along with the standard unit’s title to ensure you are correctly enrolled. Students should write ‘Capstone’ in brackets after the unit title, eg PC205-912 Leadership & Management (Capstone)


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