Key Partners

Ridley has key relationships with the following Christian organisations: 

The Anglican Diocese of Melbourne
The Anglican Diocese of Melbourne is the metropolitan diocese of the Province of Victoria in the Anglican Church of Australia. Ridley College is one of two colleges training for ordination in the Diocese of Melbourne. Ridley’s Anglican Institute provides specialist ordination training to meet the requirements of the ADoM.

Anglican Diocese of Tasmania
The Anglican Diocese of Tasmania is led by Bishop Richard Condie, former Ridley student, lecturer and board member. Ridley works closely with ADoT to provide a Ridley Cohort for Tasmanian Anglicans studying at degree or postgraduate level online with Ridley College. Students are supported by an officer of the diocese and Ridley faculty regularly visit for special lectures and support.

Australian College of Theology
The ACT is an Australian government approved higher education provider, leading and fostering a robust consortium of independent affiliated colleges, which actively engage in scholarship and collaborate in the provision of theological education. Ridley is approved to deliver the self-accredited courses of the ACT and works collegially with the other ACT affiliated colleges. Ridley faculty participate in many ACT boards and committees, and Ridley Principal, Brian Rosner is a Director of ACT Ltd.

The Bush Church Aid Society
Bush Church Aid has a heart for people living in remote and regional Australia. Since 1919, their staff and supporters around the country have been committed to going the distance to reach Australia for Christ. BCA helped fund the first iteration of Ridley Online as far back as 2008 as we sought to support and train ministers for regional dioceses.

Church Missionary Society (CMS)
CMS works with churches to set apart, equip and support long-term workers who cross cultures to share the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. Ridley’s Global Mission Coordinator, Claire Livingston, a trainer at CMS, builds close ties between students and CMS and other agencies. CMS Victoria CEO, Dr Wei-Han Kuan is a Ridley Alumni and former board member.

Centre for Biblical Preaching
The Centre for Biblical Preaching is to encourage and foster expository preaching and teaching in local churches throughout Melbourne, Australia, and in other countries, by providing workshops, conferences, seminars, and mentoring for preachers. CBP’s Mike Raiter has developed Ridley Online unit “Introduction to Preaching” and i son the committee for Ridley’s Annual Preachers’ Conference.

EFAC (Victoria)
EFAC is a group of Anglican clergy and laypeople who value the evangelical heritage of the Anglican Church, and who endeavour to make a positive, constructive contribution at local, diocesan and national levels. EFAC (Aust) is part of the worldwide Evangelical Fellowship in the Anglican Communion. Ridley faculty contribute to EFAC Essential, various conferences and EFAC committees.

Overseas Council of Australia
Overseas Council Australia trains emerging church leaders in twenty five countries throughout Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. Ridley strongly supports the goal of OCA to enhance the capacity of evangelical seminaries in these regions to offer graduate programs that are accessible to local Christian pastors and leaders. This strategic approach reduces cultural, language and financial burdens on those seeking higher degrees who would otherwise have to attend Western seminaries, and builds the long term sustainability of evangelical ministry. Currently we are working together to develop an online Graduate Certificate in Research Supervision to develop the capacity of colleges to supervise doctorates.

We respectfully acknowledge the Wurundjeri People, who are the Traditional Owners of the land on which the Ridley College campus is built.
Ridley College is an affiliated college with the Australian College of Theology, CRICOS Provider Code 02650E.
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