Wisdom Literature

What could be more practical than questions of suffering, the use of money and power, how to work and love, and the quest for order and purpose amid the chaos of life? This subject gives students the chance to see wisdom literature (Job, Ecclesiastes, Proverbs) not as impenetrable ancient near eastern philosophy, but timeless, beautiful, pastoral books which speak as powerfully today as when they were written. Students will come to appreciate how these books complement the rest of the Bible. Students can take the subject in Hebrew  or English, but are encouraged to study in Hebrew to gain the most from their reading. This subject is designed to give students the confidence to preach, teach and apply the wisdom books as part of the whole of the Old Testament.

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Subject Details

Mode Online  On-campus 
Workload One semester, 12 credit points One semester, 12 credit points
Status  Elective Elective
Unit Code OT016 (English)
OT017 (Hebrew)
OT016 (English)
OT017 (Hebrew)
Prerequisites  48 credit points of core units including OT001 and OT002
OT017 requires the completion of LA003
and LA004
48 credit points of core units including OT001 and OT002
OT017 requires the completion of LA003
and LA004
Teacher  Lindsay Wilson Lindsay Wilson


1. Wisdom literature and traditions:

  • Wisdom in the Old Testament and the Ancient Near East in its social settings
  • Wisdom in Old Testament theology, with special reference to the book of Job: the doctrines of God and humanity, creation, the fear of God, retribution and moral order

2. Exegesis of the English text of Job 1–2, 14, 19, 28, 38–39, 42; Proverbs 1-2, 8-9; Ecclesiastes 1–3, 12

Study Expectations
In this subject, you can expect to be guided through a variety of weekly learning activities which are designed to develop your understanding of and skills in the themes and passages covered by the syllabus. For online students, these usually include watching videos, reading, completing set learning tasks and contributing to online seminars and interacting with your peers. Allow 10 hours of study time per week for this advanced subject.


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