Aid and Development


4 credit points
Semester 2, 2019
Tim Costello, David Williams and Bill Walker

By the end of this unit student will be able to understand philosophical and theological perspectives on aid and development.

Be able to

  1. Analyse biblical and theological perspectives on aid and development
  2. Discuss general aid and development theories in the contemporary world
  3. Analyse the issues involved in planning, implementing and evaluating community development projects
  4. Conduct a case study of an aid and development project
  5. Present an analytical evidence-based perspective on aid and development

Be in a position to

  1. Integrate perspectives from ‘Aid and Development’ with their other theological studies
  2. Engage in aid and development in the context of holistic ministry as a reflective practitioner


Section A: Philosophical and Theological Perspectives

  1. Biblical perspectives on aid and development: creation, the people of God, divine provision for the poor and needy; the example and teaching of Jesus; those in need in New Testament churches.
  2. Aid and development perspectives: descriptive analysis of international aid and agencies, Christian and secular; multilateral and bilateral programs; north-south debates; rural and urban situations.
  3. Economic issues: causes of poverty (local and in a country as a whole); international monetary policy and developing countries; third world debt; cycles of poverty; justice and social structures.
  4. Theological analysis: philosophies of development and aid; participatory community perspectives; development programmes in Christian missionary strategy; holism in current discussion.

Section B: Field Application

  1. Understanding an area before beginning a project; baseline surveys.
  2. Developing and evaluating community projects; equipping local people for leadership in aid and development projects; analysing and responding to their problems and needs.
  3. The role of outside organisations: philosophy; financial and human resources.
  4. Project evaluation; the people evaluating their own project; the outside organisation and its evaluation;
  5. Detailed examination of one case study of an aid or development project.

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