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Posted: 19/10/14

Ridley Online Sample Lesson
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An interview with Mark Calder.

 Mark Calder, Rector at the Anglican Church of Noosa, took some time to do the Sample Lesson for Ridley Online and shares some of his thoughts here.

Mark: The Ridley online courses were new to me and it was very interesting to move through this online unit and see how it worked.

Ridley: What was your first impression?

Mark: The unit was well presented with a mix of video, Bible reading, a short quiz and a short paper. The video presentation was clear and helpful and made all the more so by creative use of text highlighting the major points being made.

Ridley: What is your favourite aspect of the lesson?

Mark: The fact that the student can readily return to the video presentation and watch again and take an online quiz to test their learning is excellent.

Ridley: The unit was on parallelism in Hebrew poetry as seen in Isaiah. What parts of the lesson stood out to you?

Mark: The whole concept of parallelism was helpfully introduced with reference to a well-known nursery rhyme and the varying types of parallelism and their differences clearly explained. By using actual verses from Isaiah and showing how one may mark up the English text using different highlighting and text colours to help one see the parallelism clearly, the student is equipped to undertake their own exegetical work and discover for themselves the way in which the parallelism is used to amplify the prophetic intent. The only aspect I found off-putting was in the close ups in the first video, the presenter was not looking directly to camera.

Ridley: You talk about using actual verses. How do they come to be in the learning material?

Mark: The Bible reading component linked directly to NRSV text and the quiz reviewed the content of the unit to ensure good understanding. I scored 100% on the quiz which is testimony to the clarity of the presentation.

Ridley: Do you have any questions about Ridley Online?

Mark: My only question was whether or not it is easy to contact the presenter or a faculty member if the student wanted to ask a question or seek clarification?

Ridley: There is an online tutor for each subject who will facilitate and answer questions. Sometimes it is the presenter who is also the tutor. What did you think about the learning experience overall?

Mark: The unit was easy to navigate and web page was easy to use. The method and variation of presentation kept my attention helped me to learn what was being said and was very well illustrated by the video and graphics. For some students, depending on the way they best learn, it may even be preferable to a lecture based course.

Ridley: Any final comments?

Mark: Although I have only sampled one small unit, on the basis of what I’ve seen, I would readily recommend further exploration of the Ridley online courses as a helpful way of increasing Biblical understanding and preparing for ministry of all kinds.

Ridley: Thanks Mark, for all your comments!

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