Ridley Certificate Update

Posted: 27/08/13


1.    New offerings.
2.    Students and Churches signing up.
3.    How can you and your church be involved?
4.    Overview of the Ridley Certificate.
5.    Frequently Asked Questions 


1. New offerings


Psalms will be ready by first week of September

The incredibly creative Jill Firth, Hebrew lecturer at Ridley College, is putting the finishing touches to the recording of Psalms, the next subject for release in the Ridley Certificate. This is our first intensive Bible offering.

It will be followed by Understanding Your Bible, beautifully presented by Andrew Reid, Vicar of Holy Trinity Doncaster, and recently Hermeneutics lecturer at Ridley. St Hilary Kew’s Tracy Lauersen is soon to commence recording Gospel & Life, another core subject, and Ridley Principal Brian Rosner is continuing to work through 1 Corinthians.

2. Students and churches signing up.

There are now more than 80 students enrolled in the Certificate, and five churches have committed to running training events.

We are very excited about the interest in the certificate and the feedback from students. Special thanks to the trial participants, who gave us great assistance in fine-tuning the material and website.

We have had some great suggestions on how to use the Certificate:

•    To disciple new Christians, following on from Alpha
•    To energise small groups
•    To reward key lay leaders
•    In youth groups
•    As a church-wide Christian education program
•    As a sermon resource for tiny regional churches
•    As an alternative to other studies for retirees
•    To spiritually feed Mums of young children who are time poor
•    To nurture a small congregation in a parish.

3. How can you and your church be involved?

You can enrol yourself, sign up your Bible study group, run a subject at your church, and also like us on Facebook!

Enrol yourself: go to https://certificate.ridley.edu.au/ and go through the process of signing up.

Sign up your Bible study group: this is a great opportunity for your small group to participate in some innovative learning. You can run the subject over six or 12 weeks. While each person will need to sign in as individuals to get credit for the certificate, you can watch the video lectures as a group. Quizzes can be completed individually.

Run a subject at your church: we have churches running the Certificate as an opportunity for congregational learning, or as discipleship for their leadership teams. We can provide access for facilitators and give you extra resources to run the material. Email us for further information: certificate@ridley.edu.au.

Like us on Facebook: this is the easiest and cheapest way for us to spread the word about the Certificate, and for you to keep up to date. Go to https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Ridley-Certificate/239434279531777?fref=ts.

4. Overview of the Ridley Certificate.

The Ridley Certificate is a great way for individuals and church groups to increase their knowledge of God, and the Bible, and to improve their skills/habits as a Christian including: prayer, Bible reading, apologetics and pastoral care.

The Certificate consists of 12 subjects: 4 core subjects and 8 electives. Core subjects are Bible Overview, Understanding Your Bible, Knowing God, and Gospel & Life.

Each subject consists of 6 lessons including two 20-minute video lectures, lesson outlines, discussion/reflection questions, recommended text or extra readings, and an outline of homework to take you further.

Assessment consists of a multiple-choice test.

The cost per subject is $95.

Our subject presenters are experts in their fields, with strong connections to Ridley College.


5. Frequently Asked Questions

We have an FAQs tab on the website, which we will seek to update with recurring questions. Here are some ongoing clarifications.

How much does each subject cost?

Each subject costs just $95, less than some large theological textbooks! There are also optional textbooks, but we have tried to keep these as cheap as possible, and not purchasing a text will NOT affect your ability to complete the subject, especially the final quiz.

How does the Certificate work for those studying in home groups?

  1. The cost per person would still be $95 per subject.
  2. With home groups, it is probably easier to do one video lecture per evening, and discussion questions. This would take about an hour. This means that each subject would run over 12 weeks.
  3. The benefits of individuals enrolling is that they can catch up on the material if they miss a week; they can do any questions missed out as homework; and they can do the practise quizzes every two weeks. Also, they can do the final quiz and get credit if they ever decide to complete the full Certificate.
  4. You would need one person to log in, load up and screen the video; so you would need a monitor big enough for comfortable viewing; or you may be able to access it via a SmartTV.

What if I am interested in running it for a large group at our church?

We would like to support you, so will arrange for one person to enrol in the subject for free as the facilitator. We also have additional marketing and resource material, so please email us if this is what you plan to do: certificate@ridley.edu.au

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