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January 2018

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Author, Title, Date, Call No.

Abraham, William J., The Oxford handbook of the epistemology of theology, 2017, QT OXFO ABRA

Adelman Rachel E., The female ruse : women’s deception and divine sanction in the Hebrew Bible, 2017, SD87.2 ADEL FRUS

Aitken, J. K., Biblical Greek in context : essays in honour of John A. L. Lee, 2015, BR61 BIBL AITK

Akin, Daniel L., Pastoral theology : theological foundations for who a pastor is and what he does, 2017, WP2.2 AKIN PTHE

Alexander, David, The Lion handbook to the Bible, 2017, CD90 LION ALEX 2017

Andrews, Dave, Compassionate community work : an introductory course for Christians, 2006, WA30 ANDR CCWO

Anglican Church of Australia, An Australian lectionary : 2018 : year B, 2017, UP17 ANGL ALEC 2017

Anglican Church of Australia, Australian lectionary 2017 : year B : the calendar, etc. with readings and psalms for the Holy Communion and Morning and Evening Prayer : An Australian prayer book with tables … ., 2017, Ref UP17 ANGL ALCW 2018

Ayliffe, David Stephen, My brother’s eyes : the true story of surviving 16 years in a destructive cult, 2009, OC AYLI XAYL

Bacchiocchi, Samuele, Wine in the Bible : a biblical study on the use of alcoholic beverages, 1989, SL34 BACC WITB

Balthasar, Hans Urs von, Two sisters in the spirit : Thérèse of Lisieux & Elizabeth of the Trinity, 1992, JG2.4 BALT TSIT

Battle, Michael, Heaven on earth : God’s call to community in the Book of Revelation, 2017, FR BATT HOEA

Becking, Bob, Obadiah, 2016, DQ10 OBAD BECK

Beldman, David J. H., The completion of Judges : strategies of ending in Judges 17-21, 2017, DL29.5 BELD COJU

Bennema, Cornelis, Mimesis in the Johannine literature : a study in Johannine ethics, 2017, FX70 BENN MITJ

Berry, Donald L., Glory in Romans and the unified purpose of God in redemptive history, 2016, FN30 BERR GIRA

Bezzant, Rhys Stewart, Global Edwards : papers from the Jonathan Edwards Congress held in Melbourne, August 2015, 2017, Perry ML23 EDWA XBEZ

Bickersteth, Edward Henry, The Holy Spirit : his person and work, 1976, RT4 BICK HSPI

Bondi, Richard, Leading God’s people : ethics for the practice of ministry, 1989, WP4 BOND LGPE

Boyd, Gregory A., Cross vision : how the crucifixion of Jesus makes sense of Old Testament violence, 2017, DX55 BOYD CVIS

Brueggemann, Walter, 1 Kings, 1982, DL58 BRUE OKIN

Cappelen, Herman, The Oxford handbook of philosophical methodology, 2016, QQ OXFO CAPP

Carpenter, Eugene, Exodus, Vol. 1-2, 2016, DK48 CARP EXOD

Carvalho, Corrine L., Reading Jeremiah : a literary and theological commentary, 2016, DN48 CARV RJER

Cleland, Bill, The Muslims in Australia : a brief history, 2002, MW64.6 CLEL MIAU

Clements, Roy, From head to heart, 1995, FQ58 CLEM FHTH

Crabb, Larry, Hope when you’re hurting : answers to four questions hurting people ask, 1996, WP6 CRAB HWYH

Crisler, Channing L., Reading Romans as lament : Paul’s use of Old Testament lament in his most famous letter, 2016, FN30 CRIS RRAL

Curtis, Edward M., Interpreting the wisdom books : an exegetical handbook, 2017, DM40 CURT ITWB

Detweiler, Craig, Halos and Avatars : playing video games with God, 2010, YT HALO DETW

Dietch, Linda A., Authority and violence in the Gideon and Abimelech narratives : a sociological and literary exploration of Judges 6-9, 2015, DL29.5 DIET AAVI

Dunham, Kyle C., The pious sage in Job : Eliphaz in the context of wisdom theodicy, 2016, DM50 DUNH PSIJ

Elsdon-Dew, Mark, The collection : Christian teaching for today’s church, 1996, WA20 COLL ELSD

Embry, Brad, Megilloth studies : the shape of contemporary scholarship, 2016, DM40 MEGI EMBR

Emery, Gilles, Trinity, church, and the human person  : Thomistic essays, 2007, GQ90 E537 2007

Fesko, J. V., The covenant of redemption : origins, development, and reception, 2016, Perry RS FESK CORE

Fletcher, Michelle, Reading Revelation as pastiche : imitating the past, 2017, FR FLET RRAP

Fried, Lisbeth S., Ezra : a commentary, 2017, DL78 FRIE EZRA

German, Brian T., Psalms of the faithful : Luther’s early reading of the Psalter in canonical context, 2017, GT7 G373 2017

Grayson, Albert Kirk, Assyrian and Babylonian chronicles, 2000, BF71.4 GRAY AABC

Greenslade, Philip, Leadership : reflections on biblical leadership today, 2002, WA28 GREE LEAD

Griffiths, Michael, Christian assurance, 1962, RS45 GRIF CASS

Halbertal, Moshe, The beginning of politics : power in the biblical Book of Samuel, 2017, DL40 HALB BOPO

Ham, Ken, Four views on creation, evolution and Intelligent design, 2017, RF22 HAMK FVOC

Hargreaves, Sam, Whole life worship : empowering disciples for the frontline, 2017, UG HARG WLWO

Harris, William B., 1 and 2 Thessalonians, 1968, FP28 HARR OATT

Hartman, K. Dayton, Church history for modern ministry : why our past matters for everything we do, 2016, IC20 HART CHFM

Harvey, Thomas Alan, Acquainted with grief : Wang Mingdao’s stand for the persecuted church in China, 2002, MR3.2 WANG HARV

Herzog, Frederick, God-walk : liberation shaping dogmatics, 1988, RC65 HERZ GWAL

Higginson, Richard, A voice to be heard : Christian entrepreneurs living out their faith, 2017, SQ37 HIGG VTBH

Hippolytus, Refutation of all heresies, 2016, GM3 H62 PEL

Hough, Joseph C., Christian identity and theological education, 1985, TX33 HOUG CIAT

Houston, Walter, Amos : an introduction and study guide : justice and violence, 2017, DP50 HOUS AMOS

Huizenga, Leroy Andrew, Loosing the lion : proclaiming the Gospel of Mark, 2017, FK68 HUIZ LTLI

Jamir, Lanuwabang, Exclusion and judgment in fellowship meals : the socio-historical background of 1 Corinthians 11:17-34, 2016, FN49 JAMI EAJI

Jarick, John, SOTS at 100 : centennial essays of the Society for Old Testament Study, 2017, DG3 SOTS JARI

Jipp, Joshua W., Saved by faith and hospitality, 2017, FX99 JIPP SBFA

John Chrysostom, Six books on the priesthood, 1977, GM3 C5 RSEN

Johnson, Adam J., The reconciling wisdom of God : reframing the doctrine of the atonement, 2016, RR87 JOHN RWOG

Jones, David W., Every good thing : an introduction to the material world and the common good for Christians, 2016, XW JONE EGTH

Journet, Charles, The church of the Word incarnate : an essay in speculative theology, 1955, UA25 JOUR COTW

Jovanovic, Ljubica, The Joseph of Genesis as Hellenistic scientist, 2013, HP32.7 JOVA JOGA

Julian, Revelations of divine love (short text and long text), 1998, JG4 JULI RODL 1998

Kincaid, William B., Finding voice : how theological field education shapes pastoral identity, 2012, WP3 KINC FVOI

Kleinig, John W., Hebrews, 2017, FP98 KLEI HEBR

Kuyper, Abraham, On the church, 2016, UA23 KUYP OTCH

Laansma, Jon., The handy guide to difficult and irregular Greek verbs : aids for readers of the Greek New Testament, 2017, BR67 LAAN HGTD

Lehner, Ulrich L., The Oxford handbook of early modern theology, 1600-1800, 2016, JF13 OXFO LEHN

Lipscomb, Suzannah, 1536 : the year that changed Henry VIII, 2009, LR38.2 LIPS FTSI

Loftin, R. Keith, Christian physicalism? : philosophical theological criticisms, 2018, RU CHRI LOFT

London, H. B., The heart of a great pastor : how to grow strong and thrive wherever God has planted you, 1994, WP4 LOND HOAG

Magie, David, Roman rule in Asia Minor : to the end of the third century after Christ, Vol. 2, 1950, HT MAGI RRIA

Mangum, Douglas, Social & historical approaches to the Bible, 2017, CF12 SOCI MANG

Maxwell, John C., The 17 essential qualities of a team player : becoming the kind of person every team wants, 2002, PW96 MAXW SEQO

Maxwell, John C., The 21 irrefutable laws of leadership workbook, 2002, PW96 MAXW TOIL WORK

McCosker, Philip, The Cambridge companion to the Summa theologiae, 2016, GQ91 M131 2016

McNinch, Timothy C., Illustrated Exodus in Hebrew, 2017, CB14 2017 IMES

McNinch, Timothy C., Illustrated Ruth, Esther, Jonah in Hebrew, 2017, CB14 2017 MCNI

Mills, Mary E., Jeremiah : an introduction and study guide : prophecy in a time of crisis, 2017, DN45 MILL JERE

Moessner, David P., Luke the historian of Israel’s legacy, theologian of Israel’s ‘Christ’ : a new reading of the ‘Gospel Acts’ of Luke, 2016, FM MOES LTHO

Moltmann-Wendel, Elisabeth, A land flowing with milk and honey : perspectives on feminist theology, 1986, SD87 MOLT LFWM

Morgan, Dewi, The Church in transition : reform in the Church of England, 1970, KM3 MORG CITR

Moseley, Allan, Living well : God’s wisdom from the Book of Proverbs, 2017, DM60 MOSE LWEL

Moss, C. B., The Church of England and the Seventh Council, 1957, UB53.7 MOSS COEA

Nesbitt, Mariana, Jesus for Japan : bridging the cultural gap to Christianity, 2017, MS61 NESB JFJA

Nouwen, Henri J. M., Letters to Marc about Jesus, 1988, XS NOUW LTMA

O’Dowd, Ryan P., Proverbs, 2017, DM68 ODOW PROV

Palma, Anthony D., The Holy Spirit : a Pentecostal perspective, 2001, RT5 PALM HSPI

Paris, Peter J., African American theological ethics : a reader, 2015, SM75 AFRI PARI

Person, Raymond F., Deuteronomy and environmental amnesia, 2014, DK78 PERS DEUT

Peters, John, Colin Urquhart : a biography, 1994, LQ1 URQU PETE

Porter, Stanley E., When Paul met Jesus : how an idea got lost in history, 2016, FT31 PORT WPMJ

Price, Alan, Children in renewal, 1996, WA70 PRIC CIRE

Priest, Robert J., African Christian leadership : realities, opportunities, and impact, 2017, MX14 AFRI PRIE

Quinn, Benjamin T., Every waking hour : an introduction to work and vocation for Christians, 2016, XW55 QUIN EWHO

Raphael, D. D., Moral philosophy, 1994, QY40 RAPH MPHI

Richardson, John, God, sex & marriage : guidance from 1 Corinthians 7, 1998, SD60 RICH GSAM

Roques, Mark, The spy, the rat and the bed of nails : creative ways of talking about Christian faith, 2017, WB23 ROQU STRA

Rothschild, Clare K., New essays on the Apostolic Fathers, 2017, GH R847 2017

Rowland, Stan, Multiplying light and truth through community health evangelism, 1990, NT8 ROWL MLAT

Samson, Danny, Management, 2015, PW96 SAMS MANA

Sanneh, Lamin O., The Wiley Blackwell companion to world Christianity, 2016, IC27 WILE SANN

Sarfati, Jonathan, The greatest hoax on earth? : refuting Dawkins on evolution, 2010, RB49 DAWK XSAR

Sayers, Dorothy L., Letters to a diminished church : passionate arguments for the relevance of Christian doctrine, 2004, RD55 SAYE LTAD

Schellenberg, J. L., The hiddenness argument : philosophy’s new challenge to belief in God, 2015, RB59 SCHE HARG

Schillebeeckx, Edward, God is new each moment, 1983, GS6 S334 LES

Schimmel, Annemarie, My soul is a woman : the feminine in Islam, 1997, OT55 SCHI MSIA

Schofield, J. N., Law, prophets, and writings : the religion of the books of the Old Testament, 1969, DX SCHO LPAW

Scholz, Susanne, Feminist interpretation of the Hebrew Bible in retrospect, Vol. 3, 2013-2017, DG4 FEMI SCHO

Schut, Kevin, Of games and God : a Christian exploration of video games, c2013, YT SCHU OGAG

Scripture Union, Good things come in small groups, 1987, TM36 SCRI GTCI

Sears, P. Chase, Heirs of promise : the church as the new Israel in Romans, 2015, FN30 SEAR HOPR

SEDOS (Organization), Mission in dialogue : the Sedos Research Seminar on the Future of Mission, March 8-19, 1981, Rome, Italy, 1982, NC SEDO MIDI

Smith, Craig A., 2 Timothy, 2016, FP68 SMIT TTIM

Soltau, Henry W., The holy vessels and furniture of the Tabernacle, 1971, CQ42 SOLT HVAF

St. James Anglican Church (Pakenham, Vic.), A history of St James, Pakenham, 1982?, MW66.6 KIDG HOSJ

Stark, David, Growing people through small groups, 2004, TM36 STAR GPTS

Stevens, Gerald L., Acts : a new vision of the people of God, 2016, FM8 STEV ACTS

Storms, C. Samuel, Healing and holiness : a biblical response to the faith-healing phenomenon, 1990, PX57 STOR HAHO

Surls, Austin, Making sense of the divine name in the Book of Exodus : from etymology to literary onomastics, 2017, DK49 SURL MSOT

Thomas, Alan, Tackling mental illness together : a biblical and practical response, 2017, PX23 THOM TMIT

Tonstad, Sigve, The letter to the Romans : Paul among the ecologists, 2016, FN38 TONS LTTR

Treier, Daniel J., Evangelical dictionary of theology, 2017, Ref RC14 EVAN ELWE 2017

Tseng, Shao Kai, Karl Barth’s infralapsarian theology : origins and development, 1920-1953, 2016, GW28 B28 XT88

University of Chicago Press, The Chicago manual of style, 2017, Ref BU9 UNIV CMOS

Van der Merwe, C. H. J., A biblical Hebrew reference grammar, 2017, BJ56 VAND BHRG

Wagner, C. Peter, The church in the workplace, 2006, XW55 WAGN CITW

Wolter, Michael, The Gospel according to Luke, Vol. 2, 2016-2017, FK78 WOLT GATL

Zirschky, Andrew, Teaching outside the box five approaches to opening the bible with youth [ebook], 2017.

Zolondek, Michael Vicko, We have found the Messiah : how the disciples help us answer the Davidic Messianic question, 2016, FS24 ZOLO WHFT




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