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October 2022

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Kateregga, Badru D., A Muslim and a Christian in dialogue [ebook], 2011

Horton, Stanley M., Acts : a Logion Press commentary [ebook], 2014

Brown, Malcolm, Anglican social theology : renewing the vision today [ebook], 2014

Leithart, Peter J., Baptism : a guide to life from death [ebook], 2021

Efird, James M., Biblical books of wisdom : a study of Proverbs, Job, Ecclesiastes, and other wisdom literature in the Bible [ebook], 2001

Thompson, Marjorie J., Courage for caregivers : sustenance for the journey in company with Henri J. M. Nouwen [ebook], 2022

Dixhoorn, Chad B. van, Creeds, confessions, and catechisms : a reader’s edition [ebook], 2022

Gangel, Kenneth O., Daniel [ebook], 2002

Eaton, David., Engaging your teen’s world : understanding what today’s youth are thinking, doing, and watching [ebook], 2020

Guthrie, Nancy, Even better than Eden : nine ways the Bible’s story changes everything about your story [ebook], 2018

Rademaker, Laura, Found in translation : many meanings on a North Australian mission [ebook], 2018

Kuan, Jonathan Wei-Han, Foundations of Anglican Evangelicalism in Victoria : four elements for continuity, 1847-1937 [ebook], 2019

Conder, Tim, Free for all : rediscovering the Bible in community [ebook], 2009

Aarflot, Christine H., God (in) acts : the characterization of God in the acts of the Apostles [ebook], 2020

Richard, Herbert L., Hinduism : a brief look at the theology, history, scriptures, and social system with comments on the gospel in India [ebook], 2007

Bergen, Robert D., I & II Samuel [ebook], 1998

Baker, Esther, I once was a Buddhist nun [ebook], 2009

Horton, Stanley M., Isaiah : a Logion Press commentary [ebook], 2000

Cheung, Luke L., James : a pastoral and contextual commentary [ebook], 2018

Richard, Herbert L., Rethinking Hindu ministry : papers from the Rethinking Forum [ebook], 2011

Accad, Martin, Sacred misinterpretation : reaching across the Christian-Muslim divide [ebook], 2019

Turner, Jessica N., Stretched too thin : how working moms can lose the guilt, work smarter, and thrive [ebook], 2018

Geisler, Norman L., The atheist‘s fatal flaw : exposing conflicting beliefs [ebook], 2014

Leithart, Peter J., The priesthood of the plebs : a theology of baptism [ebook], 2003

Feinberg, Charles Lee, The prophecy of Ezekiel : the glory of the Lord [ebook], 2003

Tozer, A. W., The pursuit of God : the definitive classic [ebook], 2020

Kim, Sean Seongik, The spirituality of following Jesus in John’s gospel : an investigation of akololouthein and correlated motifs [ebook], 2017

Duguid, Iain M., The whole armor of God : how Christ’s victory strengthens us for spiritual warfare [ebook], 2019

Baldwin, Jennifer, Trauma-sensitive theology : thinking theologically in the era of trauma [ebook], 2018

Finkelstein, Israel, The Bible unearthed : archaeology’s new vision of ancient Israel and the origin of its sacred texts, 2002, CP20 FINK BUEA

Goldingay, John, Reading Joshua, 2022, DL10 GOLD RJOS

Simon, Uriel, Four approaches to the Book of Psalms : from Saadiah Gaon to Abraham Ibn Ezra, 1991, DM35 SIMO FATT

Rashi, Rashi’s commentary on Psalms, 2007, DM37 RASHI RCOP

Fairbairn, Patrick, The interpretation of prophecy, 1964, DX20 FAIR IOPR

House, H. Wayne, Charts of Bible prophecy, 2003, DX20 HOUS COBP

VanderKam, James C., The Jewish apocalyptic heritage in early Christianity, 1996, DX43 JEWI VAND

Thompson, J. A., The ancient Near Eastern treaties and the Old Testament, 1964, DX89 THOM ANET

Montefiore, Hugh, On being a Jewish Christian : its blessings and its problems, 1998, EZ30 MONT OBAJ

House, H. Wayne, Chronological and background charts of the New Testament, 1981, FA15 HOUS CABC

Stern, David H., Jewish New Testament commentary : a companion volume to the Jewish New Testament, 1992, FH5 STER JNTC

Schuchard, Bruce G., The word from the beginning : the person and work of Jesus in the Gospel of John, 2022, FL8 SCHU WFTB

Moule, H. C. G., Philippian studies : lessons in faith and love, 1896?, FN98 MOUL PSTU

Bentley, Michael, Living for Christ in a pagan world : 1 and 2 Peter simply explained, 1990, FQ38 BENT LFCI

Green, Gene L., Vox Petri : a theology of Peter, 2020, FT42 GREE VPET

Byrne, Brendan, Inheriting the earth : the Pauline basis of a spirituality for our time, 1990, FX69.5 BYRN ITEA

Benson, Kathleen, A man called Martin Luther, 1980, GT6 B474 1980

Murray, John, Calvin on Scripture and divine sovereignty, 1960, GU3 M981 1960

Richardson, Kurt A., Reading Karl Barth : new directions for North American theology, 2004, GW28 B28 XR52 2004

Pattison, George, Kierkegaard and the crisis of faith : an introduction to his thought, 1997, GX K47 XP32 1997

Duncan, John Ryan, The magic never ends : an oral history of the life and work of C.S. Lewis, 2001, GX58 L673 XD91

Duriez, Colin, C.S. Lewis : a biography of friendship, 2013, GX58 L673 XD96 2013

Hopko, Thomas, All the fulness of God : essays on Orthodoxy, ecumenism and modern society, 1982, KG70 HOPK ATFO

Goertz, Hans-Jürgen, Thomas Müntzer : apocalyptic mystic and revolutionary, 1993, LH36 MUNZ XGOE

Eden, George Rodney, Lightfoot of Durham : memories and appreciations, 1932, LQ1 LIGH EDEN

Davies, G. C. B., The first evangelical bishop : some aspects of the life of Henry Ryder, 1958, LQ1 RYDE DAVI

Spencer, Charles Spencer, Killers of the King : the men who dared to execute Charles I, 2014, LR42 SPEN KOTK

Smith, H. Maynard, Henry VIII and the Reformation, 1962, LS32.1 SMIT HTEA

Browning, Don S., From culture wars to common ground : religion and the American family debate, 1997, MD20 BROW FCWT

Andrew, Light force : the only hope for the Middle East, 2005, MP24 ANDR LFOR

Aly, Waleed, Uncivil wars : how contempt is corroding democracy, 2022, MW60 QUAR QE87

Rayner, Keith, The positive identity of Anglicanism : a paper delivered to the first national conference of Affirming Anglicanism in Australia, Canberra 21-23 May 1993, 1993, MW66 RAYN PIOA

Cole, Keith, A history of the Parish of Bendigo North 1853-2000, 2021, MW66.6 COLE HOTP

Marshall, Brendon, Mining, ministry and miracles : a short history of the Eaglehawk Wesleyan Methodist Church, 1852-1900, 1998, MW67M MARS MMAM

Jones, Bill, The Melbourne Welsh Church : in the beginning 1852-1914, 2017, MW67P JONE MWCH

Charlesworth, M. J., Religious inventions : four essays, 1997, OC6 CHAR RINV

Harkness, Georgia Elma, John Calvin : the man and his ethics, 1931, Perry GU3 H282 1931

Stiller, Brian., Evangelicals around the world : a global handbook for the 21st century, 2015, Perry JH EVAN STIL

Barret, Justin L., Theopsych : a psychological science primer for theologians, 2022, PR80 BARR THEO

Neubert, Mitchell J., Organizational behavior, 2014, PW96 NEUB OBEH

Kronman, Anthony T., Confessions of a born-again pagan, 2016, QQ KRON COAB

Shapiro, Barbara J., Probability and certainty in seventeenth-century England : a study of the relationship between natural science, religion, history, law, and literature, 1983, QT SHAP PACI

Porter, Stanley E., The nature of religious language : a colloquium, 1996, QU38 NATU PORT

Thielicke, Helmut, Modern faith and thought, 1990, RA42 THIE MFAT

Baker, John Austin, The faith of a Christian, 1996, RD55 BAKE FOAC

Bruce, F. F., The International Bible commentary : with the New International Version, 1986, Ref CH5 INTE BRUC

Harwood, Adam., Christian theology : biblical, historical, and systematic, 2022, RK56 HARW CTHE

Ottati, Douglas F., Living belief : a short introduction to Christian faith, 2022, RK56 OTTA LBEL

Mascord, Keith, A restless faith : leaving fundamentalism in a quest for God, 2012, RP32 MASC XMAS

Bobrinskoy, Boris, The mystery of the Trinity : trinitarian experience and vision in the biblical and patristic tradition, 1999, RQ36 BOBR MOTT

Bruce, F. F., Jesus : Lord & saviour, 1986, RR28 BRUC JESU

Kuschel, Karl-Josef, Born before all time? : the dispute over Christ’s origin, 1992, RR52 KUSC BBAT

Cherry, Stephen, The dark side of the soul : an insider’s guide to the web of sin, 2016, RU33 CHER DSOT

Giles, Kevin, A Christian perspective on divorce and remarriage, [Date of publication not identified], SD51 GILE CPOD

Cahill, Lisa Sowle, Between the sexes : foundations for a Christian ethics of sexuality, 1985, SD60 CAHI BTSE

Bullough, Vern L., The subordinated sex :  a history of attitudes toward women, 1988, SD82 BULL SSEX

Grudem, Wayne A., Countering the claims of evangelical feminism, 2006, SD87 GRUD CTCO

Scanzoni, Letha, All we’re meant to be : biblical feminism for today, 1992, SD87 SCAN AWMT

Köstenberger, Margaret Elizabeth, Jesus and the feminists : who do they say that He is?, 2008, SD87.2 KOST JATF

Azkoul, Michael, Order of creation, order of redemption : the ordination of women in the Orthodox Church, 2007, SD87.5 AZKO OOCO

Behr-Sigel, Elisabeth, The ministry of women in the Church, 1991, SD87.5 BEHR MOWI

Boomsma, Clarence, Male and female, one in Christ : New Testament teaching on women in office, 1993, SD87.5 BOOM MAFO

Carter, Douglas, Debating the ordination of women, 1974, SD87.5 CART DTOO

Gaden, John, The ordination of women to the priesthood, 1975-1976?, SD87.5 GADE OOWT

McAdoo, Henry R., Anglicans and tradition and the ordination of women, 1997, SD87.5 MCAD AATA

Phelan, John E., All God’s people : an exploration of the call of women to pastoral ministry, 2005, SD87.5 PHEL AGPE

Scholer, David M., Galatians 3:28 and the ministry of women in the church, 1997, SD87.5 SCHO GTTE

Wijngaards, John, Did Christ rule out women priests?, 1977, SD87.5 WIJN DCRO

Birkey, Del, The fall of patriarchy : its broken legacy judged by Jesus & the apostolic house church communities, 2005, SD97 BIRK FOPA

Christians for Biblical Equality, Biblical gender equality : a summary, 2016, SD97 CHRI BGEQ

Wood, Beulah, Side by side : gender from a Christian perspective, 2007, SD97 SIDE WOOD

Bordwine, James Edward, The Pauline doctrine of male headship : the apostle versus biblical feminists, 1996, SD97.2 BORD PDOM

Saucy, Robert L., Women and men in ministry : a complementary perspective, 2001, SD97.5 WOME SAUC

Tomlin, Graham, Looking through the Cross : the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Lent book 2014, 2013, SH37 TOML LTTC

Wytsma, Ken, Pursuing justice : the call to live & die for bigger things, 2013, SH37 WYTS PJUS

Bateman, Bradley W., Keeping faith, losing faith : religious belief and political economy, 2008, SQ33 KEEP BATE

Hay, Donald A., Christianity and the culture of economics, 2001, SQ37 CHRI HAYD

Oslington, Paul, The Oxford handbook of Christianity and economics, 2014, SQ37 OXFO OSLI

McDaniel, Charles, God & money : the moral challenge of capitalism , 2007, SR20 MCDA GAMO

Tanner, Kathryn E., Economy of grace, 2005, SR20 TANN EOGR

Claar, Victor V., Fair trade? : Its prospects as a poverty solution, 2010, SV50 CLAA FTRA

Giles, Kevin, The community of salvation in the theology of St. Luke, 1974, Thesis FM GILE POTI

Moseley, Anne Margaret, Scriptural reasoning for primary schools : how to share and explore sacred texts and their stories, 2022, TM45.5 MOSE SRFP

Mason, Kenneth, Priesthood and society, 2002, UA70 MASO PASO

Elert, Werner, Eucharist and church fellowship in the first four centuries, 1966, UG30 ELER EACF

Stuhlman, Byron D., A good and joyful thing : the evolution of the Eucharistic prayer, 2000, UG30 STUH GAJT

McGowan, Andrew Brian, Ascetic eucharists : food and drink in early Christian ritual meals, 1999, UG30.2 MCGO AEUC

Tarrant, Ian, Holy Communion at a distance, 2022, UG40 TARR HCAA

Dunnill, John, Is confirmation necessary in Anglican theology? : a study paper, 1997, UG48 DUNN ICNI

Schulenburg, Jane Tibbetts, Forgetful of their sex : female sanctity and society, ca. 500-1100, 1998, UG75 SCHU FOTS

Willis, Geoffrey Grimshaw, Further essays in early Roman liturgy, 1968, UL22 WILL FUIE

Sidney, Philip, The Sidney Psalter : the psalms of Sir Philip and Mary Sidney, 2009, VK23 SIDN SPSA

Hunter, George G., Church for the unchurched, 1996, WA20 HUNT CFTU

Weston, Lyn, Sustaining whole-life disciplemaking church : key ingredients for lasting change, 2022, WA20 WEST SWLD

Brown, Matt, Changing lives, transforming communities, 2022, WA70 BROW CLTC

Keswick Convention (Keswick, England : 1937), The Keswick Convention, 1937, 1937, WH13 KESW KCON 1937

Pembroke, Neil, The art of listening : dialogue, shame, and pastoral care, 2002, WP6 PEMB AOLI

Throup, Marcus, Preaching beyond the pandemic : exploring topical homiletics, 2022, WQ5 THRO PBTP

Howard, Sue, The Christian development model : Spiritual examination, spiritual mentoring and discipleship, 2022, XB58 HOWA CDMO

Ireland, Mark, Surveillance capitalism and the loving gaze of God, 2022, YT IREL SCAT

Harries, Richard, Questions on life and death : Christian faith and medical intervention, 2010, YX24 HARR QOLA

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