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April 2019

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Boice, James Montgomery, Foundations of the Christian faith : a comprehensive and readable theology [ebook], 2019

Hays, J. Daniel, The temple and the tabernacle : a study of God’s dwelling places from Genesis to Revelation [ebook], 2016

Merida, Tony, Exalting Jesus in Exodus [ebook], 2014

Sach, Andrew, Dig even deeper : unearthing Old Testament treasure [ebook], 2010

Goldingay, John, The First Testament : a new translation, 2018, CB94 2018 GOLD

Castelo, Daniel, The usefulness of scripture : essays in honor of Robert W. Wall, 2018, CH USEF CAST

Dever, William G., Beyond the texts : an archaeological portrait of ancient Israel and Judah, 2017, CP41 DEVE BTTE

Glahn, Sandra, Vindicating the vixens : revisiting sexualized, vilified, and marginalized women of the Bible, 2017, CT35 VIND GLAH

Earl, Douglas S., Companion to the Old Testament : introduction, interpretation, application, 2016, DD COMP CLIF

Grabbe, Lester L., The Hebrew Bible and history : critical readings, 2019, DG HEBR GRAB

Allert, Craig D., Early Christian readings of Genesis one : patristic exegesis and literal interpretation, 2018, DK36.3 ALLE ECRO

Scarlata, Mark William, The abiding presence : a theological commentary on Exodus, 2018, DK48 SCAR APRE

Custis James, Carolyn, Finding God in the margins : the Book of Ruth, 2018, DL30 CUST FGIT

Adam, Peter, Esther : for such a time as this, 2018, DL98 ADAM ESTH

Hensley, Adam D., Covenant relationships and the editing of the Hebrew Psalter, 2018, DM35 HENS CRAT

Selderhuis, H. J., Psalms 73-150, 2018, DM38 PSAL SELD

Attard, Stefan M., The implications of Davidic repentance : a synchronic analysis of book 2 of the Psalter (Psalms 42-72), 2016, DM39 ATTA IODR

Williamson, Robert, The forgotten books of the Bible : recovering the Five Scrolls for today, 2018, DM40 WILL FBOT

Kim, Brittany, “Lengthen your tent-cords” : the metaphorical world of Israel’s household in the Book of Isaiah, 2018, DN35 KIMB LYTC

Stulac, Daniel J., History and hope : the agrarian wisdom of Isaiah 28-35, 2018, DN38.5 STUL HAHO

House, Paul R., Daniel : an introduction and commentary, 2018, DN78 HOUS DANI

Banister, Jamie A., The God of thunder and war in Micah, Habakkuk, and Zechariah, 2018, DP BANI GOTA

Reynolds, Benjamin E., The Jewish apocalyptic tradition and the shaping of New Testament thought, 2017, DX43 JEWI REYN

Kuhn, Karl Allen, Insights from cultural anthropology, 2018, DY5 KUHN IFCA

Goranson Jacob, Haley, Conformed to the image of His Son : reconsidering Paul’s theology of glory in Romans, 2018, FN30 GORA CTTI

McKnight, Scot, Preaching Romans : four perspectives, 2019, FN30 PREA MCKN

Schreiner, Thomas R., 1 Corinthians : an introduction and commentary, 2018, FN48 SCHR OCOR

Lakey, Michael J., The ritual world of Paul the Apostle : metaphysics, community and symbol in 1 Corinthians 10-11, 2019, FN49 LAKE RWOP

Lee, Jin, The Lord’s Supper in Corinth in the context of Greco-Roman private associations, 2018, FN49 LEEJ LSIC

Holloway, Paul A., Philippians : a commentary, 2017, FN98 HOLL PHIL

Ribbens, Benjamin J., Levitical sacrifice and heavenly cult in Hebrews, 2016, FP90 RIBB LSAH

Allen, David M., According to the scriptures : the death of Christ in the Old Testament and the New, 2018, FS75 ALLE ATTS

Nasrallah, Laura Salah, Archaeology and the letters of Paul, 2019, FT17 NASR AATL

Oliver, Isaac W., The early reception of Paul the Second Temple Jew : text, narrative and reception history, 2019, FT31 EARL OLIV

Reynolds, Benjamin E., The Son of Man problem : critical readings, 2018, FX12 SONO REYN

Taylor, Nicholas, Paul on baptism : theology, mission and ministry in context, 2016, FX69.5 TAYL POBA

Murphy, Edwina, The bishop and the apostle : Cyprian’s pastoral exegesis of Paul, 2018, GN5 C99 XM97

Bonaventure, Commentary on the Gospel of Luke, Vols. 8.1-3, 2001-2004, GQ B71 E

Bonaventure, Commentary on the Gospel of John, 2007, GQ B71 E V:11

Bonaventure, Itinerarium mentis in deum, 2002, GQ B71 E V:2

Bonaventure, Disputed questions on the knowledge of Christ, 2005, GQ B71 E V:4

Edelman, Diana Vikander, Leadership, social memory, and Judean discourse in the fifth-second centuries BCE, 2016, HP22 LEAD EDEL

Brueggemann, Walter., Tenacious solidarity : biblical provocations on race, religion, climate, and the economy, 2018, IC32 BRUE TSOL

Stiller, Brian, From Jerusalem to Timbuktu : a world tour of the spread of Christianity, 2018, IU STIL FJTT

McGinn, Bernard, Mysticism in the Reformation, 1500-1650, 2016, JG2 MCGI POGO V:6.1

Dreher, Rod, The Benedict option : a strategy for Christians in a post-Christian nation, 2017, MD23 DREH BOPT

Mackay, Hugh, Australia reimagined : towards a more compassionate, less anxious society, 2018, MW61.1 MACK AREI

Mutonono, Dwight S. M., Stewards of power : restoring Africa’s dignity, 2018, MX14 MUTO SOPO

Chan, Miriam, For the joy : 21 Australian missionary mother stories on cross-cultural parenting and life, 2018, NT9 FORT CHAN

Freiberger, Oliver, Considering comparison : a method for religious studies, 2019, OB15 FREI CCOM

Qureshi, Nabeel, Seeking Allah, finding Jesus : a devout Muslim encounters Christianity, 2018, OT55 QURE SAFJ

Hinlicky, Paul R., Luther for Evangelicals : a reintroduction, 2018, Perry GT7 H663 2018

Marty, Martin E., October 31, 1517 : Martin Luther and the day that changed the world, 2016, Perry GT7 M388

Tomlin, Graham, Luther’s gospel : reimagining the world, 2017, Perry GT7 T659

Gamble, Richard C., Calvin’s ecclesiology : sacraments and deacons, 1992, Perry GU3 G191 1992

Jenkins, Gary W., Calvin’s tormentors : understanding the conflicts that shaped the reformer, 2018, Perry GU3 J521 2018

Leslie, Andrew M., The light of grace : John Owen on the authority of scripture and Christian faith, 2015, Perry GX56 O97 XL63

Heitzenrater, Richard P., The elusive Mr. Wesley, 2003, Perry LU64 HEIT EMWE

Fitzmier, John R., New England’s moral legislator : Timothy Dwight, 1752-1817, 1998, Perry MA5 DWIG XFIT

Allison, Lon, Billy Graham : an ordinary man and his extraordinary god, 2018, Perry MA5 GRAH XALL

Finstuen, Andrew S., Billy Graham : American pilgrim, 2017, Perry MA5 GRAH XFIN

Edwards, Jonathan, Sovereignty sermons of Jonathan Edwards, 2017, Perry ML23 EDWA SSOJ

Barshinger, David P., Jonathan Edwards and scripture : biblical exegesis in British North America, 2018, Perry ML23 EDWA XBAR 2018

Crisp, Oliver D., Jonathan Edwards : an introduction to his thought, 2018, Perry ML23 EDWA XCRI 2018

Hamilton, S. Mark, A treatise on Jonathan Edwards, continuous creation and Christology, 2017, Perry ML23 EDWA XHAM

Strachan, Owen, The essential Jonathan Edwards, 2018, Perry ML23 EDWA XSTR 2018

O’Brien, Glen, Wesleyan-Holiness churches in Australia : hallelujah under the Southern Cross, 2018, Perry MW67M OBRI WHCI

Helm, Paul, Human nature from Calvin to Edwards, 2018, Perry RU HELM HNFC

Booth, Catherine Mumford, Settled views : the shorter writings of Catherine Booth, 2017, Perry WD82 BOOT SVIE

Berryman, Jerome, Becoming like a child : the curiosity of maturity beyond the norm, 2017, PW20 BERR BLAC

Bossidy, Larry, Execution : the discipline of getting things done, 2011, PW96 BOSS EXEC

Evans, C. Stephen, A history of Western philosophy : from the pre-Socratics to postmodernism, 2018, QC9 EVAN HOWP

Baggett, David, The morals of the story : good news about a good God, 2018, RD56 BAGG MOTS

Moo, Douglas J., Creation care : a biblical theology of the natural world, 2018, RF30 MOOD CCAR

Kapic, Kelly M., The God who gives : how the Trinity shapes the Christian story, 2018, RQ37 KAPI GWGI

Westhaver, George, A transforming vision : knowing and loving the Triune God, 2018, RQ37 TRAN WEST

Couenhoven, Jesse, Predestination : a guide for the perplexed, 2018, RQ42 COUE PRED

Hiestand, Gerald, Creation and doxology : the beginning and end of God’s good world, 2018, RQ50 CREA HIES

Keen, Karen R., Scripture, ethics, and the possibility of same-sex relationships, 2018, SD61.2 KEEN SEAT

Padilla, Kristen, Now that I’m called : a guide for women discerning a call to ministry, 2018, SD87.5 PADI NTIC

Walton, Steve, Poverty in the early church and today : a conversation, 2019, SH37 POVE WALT

Lindberg, Mary C., Jobs lost, faith found : a spiritual resource for the unemployed, 2018, SS60 LIND JLFF

Bazeley, Pat, Qualitative data analysis with NVIVO, 2013, TU27 BAZE QDAW

Floding, Matthew, Engage : a theological field education toolkit, 2017, TX33 ENGA FLOD

Joiner, Reggie, Think orange : imagine the impact when church and family collide, 2009, UA23 JOIN TORA

Gordley, Matthew E., New Testament Christological hymns : exploring texts, contexts, and significance, 2018, UG12 GORD NTCH

Kalantzis, George, Come, let us eat together : sacraments and Christian unity, 2018, UG15 COME KALA

Rutledge, Fleming, Advent : the once and future coming of Jesus Christ, 2018, UG86.1 RUTL ADVE

Jasper, David, The language of liturgy : a ritual poetics, 2018, UH37 JASP LOLI

Cocksworth, Ashley, Prayer : a guide for the perplexed, 2018, UU5 COCK PRAY

Ketcham, Sharon Galgay, Reciprocal church : becoming a community where faith flourishes beyond high school, 2018, WA20 KETC RCHU

Ott, E. Stanley, Transform your church with ministry teams, 2004, WA28 OTTE TYCW

Olson, Richard P., A guide to ministry self-care : negotiating today’s challenges with resilience and grace, 2018, WP4 OLSO GTMS

Hein, Tim, Understanding sexual abuse : a guide for ministry leaders and survivors, 2018, WP6.6 HEIN USAB

Russell, Jon, A preacher’s tale : explorations in narrative preaching, 2018, WQ5 RUSS PTAL

Harrison Warren, Tish, Liturgy of the ordinary : sacred practices in everyday life, 2016, XB58 HARR LOTO

Loftin, R. Keith, Work : theological foundations and practical implications, 2018, XW55 LOFT WORK

Orme, Nicholas, The history of England’s cathedrals, 2017, YK50 ORME HOEC

Holt-Woehl, Hollie M., They don’t come with instructions : cries, wisdom, and hope for parenting children with developmental challenges, 2018, YX59 HOLT TDCW

Wilke, Sally, Waiting for good news : living with chronic and serious Illness, 2018, YX67 WILK WFGN


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