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Author, Title, Date, Call No.

Allberry, Sam, Why bother with church? : and other questions about why you need it and why it needs you, 2016, WA20 ALLB WBWC

Anderson, Cameron J., The faithful artist : a vision for evangelicalism and the arts, 2016, Perry YF23 ANDE FART

Arnould, Jacques, Space exploration and ET : who goes there?, 2014, PB30 SPAC ARNO

Arnould, Jacques, Space and human culture, 2015, PB30 SPAH ARNO

Augustine, Sermons, Vol. III.8, 1990-1997, GN3 E 1990

Aymer, Margaret P., The Gospels and Acts : Fortress commentary on the Bible study edition, 2016, FJ GOSP AYME

Baker, Matthew, What is the Bible : the patristic doctrine of scripture, 2016, GG1 WHAT BAKE

Bates, Matthew W., Salvation by allegiance alone : rethinking faith, works, and the gospel of Jesus the King, 2017, RS BATE SBAA

Ben-Tor, Amnon, Hazor : Cannanite metropolis, Israelite city : “The head of all those kingdoms” (Joshua 11:10), 2016, CP26 BENT HAZO

Bezzant, Rhys Stewart, Church growth through mentoring, 2017, Q WA20 BEZZ CGTM

Bible in the Life of the Church, Deeper engagement : a tool-box of resources from the Bible in the Life of the Church., 2016?, CD63 BIBL DENG

Biggs, C. R., An ecumenical adventure : a history of the Adelaide College of Divinity, 1979-2009, 2011, TX69 ACDI BIGG

Bishop, Richard W., Preaching after Easter : mid-Pentecost, Ascension, and Pentecost in late antiquity, 2016, WQ5 PREA BISH

Blackburn, Wm. M., Ulrich Zwingli : the patriotic reformer : a history, 2013, Perry GV7 B628

Boccaccini, Gabriele, Paul the Jew : rereading the apostle as a figure of Second Temple Judaism, 2016, FT31 PAUL BOCC

Bock, Darrell L., Jesus according to Scripture : restoring the portrait from the Gospels, 2017, FJ5 BOCK JATS

Brown, Alison, How to see collective worship anew, 2017, UT4 BROW HTSC

Brueggemann, Walter, Money and possessions, 2016, DX89 BRUE MAPO

Bryan, David K., Ascent into heaven in Luke-Acts : new explorations of Luke’s narrative hinge, 2016, FS79 ASCE BRYA

Burns, Charlene Embrey, Christian understandings of evil : the historical trajectory, 2016, RU20 BURN CUOE

Burrows, Roland, John Wesley in the reformation tradition : the Protestant and Puritan nature of Methodism rediscovered, 2008?, Perry LU64 BURR JWIT

Campi, Emidio, Shifting patterns of reformed tradition, 2014, Perry GV90 C196 2014

Cavanaugh, William T., Evolution and the fall, 2017, RF22 EVOL CAVA

Coekin, Richard, Gospel DNA : 21 ministry values for growing churches, 2017, WA20 COEK GDNA

Cooper-Clarke, Denise, Women & men : one in Christ : CBE National Conference “Better Together 2017”, Melbourne, Australia, 2016, SD97 WOME GILE

Crisp, Oliver D., Saving Calvinism expanding the Reformed tradition [ebook], 2016

Cudworth, Troy D., War in Chronicles : temple faithfulness and Israel’s place in the land, 2016, DL60 CUDW WICH

Davies, Eryl W., Numbers : an introduction and study guide : the road to freedom, 2017, DK60 DAVI NUMB

Duffy, Eamon, Reformation divided : Catholics, Protestants and the conversion of England, 2017, LS32 DUFF RDIV

Dumain, Liz, Youth ministry in a digital age : understanding and reaching a generation of digital natives, 2016, WA70 DUMA YMIA

Ferguson, Sinclair B., Devoted to God : blueprints for sanctification, 2016, RS73 FERG DTGO

Finney, Paul Corby, The Eerdmans encyclopedia of early Christian art and archaeology, Vols. 1-3, 2017, Ref IA14 EERD FINN

Flannery, Frances, Bible in political debate : what does it really say?, 2016, DY5 BIBL FLAN

Georges, Jayson, Ministering in honor-shame cultures : biblical foundations and practical essentials, 2016, NR6 GEOR MIHS

Gilmour, Rachelle, Juxtaposition and the Elisha cycle, 2014, DL50 GILM JATE

Gordon, Bruce, John Calvin’s Institutes of the Christian religion : a biography, 2016, Perry GU3 G662 2016

Gowler, David B., The parables after Jesus : their imaginative receptions across two millennia, 2017, FX34 GOWL PAJE

Gray, Brett, Jesus in the theology of Rowan Williams, 2016, LS84 WILL XGRA

Green, Thomas J., Religion for a secular age : Max Müller, Swami Vivekananda and vedānta, 2016, OM65 GREE RFAS

Griffiths, Jonathan I., Preaching in the New Testament : an exegetical and biblical-theological study, 2017, FX99 GRIF PITN

Hays, Christopher M., When the Son of Man didn’t come : a constructive proposal on the delay of the parousia, 2016, RX43 HAYS WTSO

Hendrix, Scott H., Martin Luther : visionary reformer, 2016, Perry GT6 H498 2016

Hodson, Martin J., An introduction to environmental ethics, 2017, RF30 HODS ITEE

Holder, R. Ward, Calvin and Luther : the continuing relationship, 2013, Perry GT6.2 H727 2013

John, Eeva, Context-based learning for discipleship and ministry : introducing the PC3 approach, 2017, XE JOHN CLFD

Jones, Christopher P., Between Pagan and Christian, 2014, IJ24 JONE BPAC

Kersten, Carool, A history of Islam in Indonesia : unity in diversity, 2017, OT24 KERS HOII

Kim, Sebastian C. H., Christianity as a world religion : an introduction, 2016, IC27 KIMS CAAW

Kirkpatrick, Matthew D., Engaging Bonhoeffer : the impact and influence of Bonhoeffer’s life and thought, 2016, GW28 B714 XK59

Larson, Marion H., From bubble to bridge : educating Christians for a multifaith world, 2017, OC7 LARS FBTB

Lawson, Steven J., Philippians for you, 2017, FN98 LAWS PFYO

Legge, Dominic, The trinitarian christology of St Thomas Aquinas, 2017, GQ90 L513 2017

Lessing, R. Reed, Isaiah 56-66, 2014, DN38 LESS ISAI V:3

Leuchter, Mark, The historical writings : introducing Israel’s historical literature, 2016, DL LEUC HWRI

Lim, Swee-Hong, Lovin’ on Jesus : a concise history of contemporary worship, 2017, UG12 LIMS LOJE

Maxwell, John C., The Maxwell leadership Bible, 2014, CB92 2014 NIV

McDermott, Gerald R., The new Christian Zionism : fresh perspectives on Israel & the land, 2016, HP82 NEWC MCDE

Middendorf, Michael Paul, Romans 9-16, 2016, FN38 MIDD ROMA V:2

Middendorf, Michael Paul, Romans, 2013, FN38 MIDD ROMA V:1

Olson, Jeannine E., Calvin and social welfare : deacons and the Bourse française, 1989, Perry LM53 OLSO CASW

Osborne, Graham, Be a better leader : personality type and difference in ministry, 2016, WA28 OSBO BABL

Paul, Ian, Kingdom, hope and the end of the world : the ‘now’ and ‘not yet’ of eschatology :, 2016, FR PAUL KHAT

Percy, Emma, Mothering as a metaphor for ministry [ebook], 2013

Pietsch, Stephen John, Of good comfort : Martin Luther’s letters to the depressed and their significance for pastoral care today, 2016, Perry GT7.9 P626

Prior, Sharon, Effective line management ministry : empowering staff and volunteers to reach their God-given potential, 2017, WA28 PRIO ELMM

Reid, Barbara E., Wisdom’s feast : an invitation to feminist interpretation of the scriptures, 2016, CG4 REID WFEA

Rogland, M. F., Haggai and Zechariah 1-8 : a handbook on the Hebrew text, 2016, DQ70 ROGL HAZO

Russell, Andrea, Richard Hooker, beyond certainty, 2017, GX56 H784 XR96

Sampley, J. Paul, Paul in the Greco-Roman world : a handbook, Vols. 1-2, 2016, FT31 PAUL SAMP

Sanders, John, Theology in the flesh : how embodiment and culture shape the way we think about truth, morality, and God, 2016, QU38 SAND TITF

Schade, Gunter, Kunst der Reformationszeit : Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, Hauptstadt der DDR : Ausstellung im Alten Museum vom 26. August bis 13. November 1983., 1983, YE18 STAA KDRE

Schuchard, Bruce G., 1-3 John, 2012, FQ58 SCHU OTTJ

Shaw, Ian J., Christianity : the biography : two thousand years of the global church, 2016, IC27 SHAW CHRI

Shenk, Wilbert R., Christianity & religious plurality : historical and global perspectives, 2016, OC7 CHRI SHEN

Slocum, Robert Boak, The Anglican imagination : portraits and sketches of modern Anglican theologians, 2015, KM3 SLOC AIMA

Smith, Shively T. J., Strangers to family : diaspora and 1 Peter’s invention of God’s household, 2016, FQ30 SMIT STFA

Stjerna, Kirsi Irmeli, Encounters with Luther : new directions for critical studies, 2016, Perry GT7 S862 2016

Strawn, Brent A., The Old Testament is dying : a diagnosis and recommended treatment, 2017, DH STRA OTID

Sumney, Jerry L., The Bible : an introduction, 2014, CD91 SUMN BIBL

Swafford, Andrew Dean, Nature and grace : a new approach to Thomistic ressourcement [ebook], 2015

Teasdale, Mark R., Evangelism for non-evangelists : sharing the gospel authentically, 2016, WB24 TEAS EFNO

Thompson, Deanna A., The virtual Body of Christ in a suffering world, 2016, YT THOM VBOC

Thorn, Joe, Experiencing the Trinity : the grace of God for the people of God, 2015, RQ37 THOR ETTR

Thorpe, Dorothy, In a dry and thirsty land … : the Anglican Diocese of Willochra 1915-2015, 2015, Q MW66.3 INAD THOR

Treloar, Geoffrey Robert, The disruption of evangelicalism : the age of Torrey, Mott, Mcpherson and Hammond, 2017, JH HIST BEBB V:4

Ussishkin, David, Biblical Lachish : a tale of construction, destruction, excavation and restoration, 2014, CP26 USSI BLAC

Westfall, Cynthia Long, Paul and gender : reclaiming the apostle’s vision for men and women in Christ, 2016, FX69.5 WEST PAGE

Wetter, Anne-Mareike, “On her account” : reconfiguring Israel in Ruth, Esther, and Judith, 2015, DL WETT OHAC

Williams, Rowan, On Augustine, 2016, GN3 XW72

Winger, Thomas M., Ephesians, 2015, FN88 WING EPHE

Winter, Ralph D., Lausanne ’74 : Ralph D. Winter’s writings, with responses, 2015, Perry NC LAUS WINT

Yaghjian, Lucretia B., Writing theology well : a rhetoric for theological and biblical writers, 2015, BT86 YAGH WTWE

Yeo, Ray S., Renewing spiritual perception with Jonathan Edwards : contemporary philosophy and the theological psychology of transforming grace, 2016, Perry ML23 EDWA XYEO

Yoder, John Charles, Power and politics in the book of Judges : men and women of valor, 2015, DL20 YODE PAPI

Young, Francis, Inferior office : a history of deacons in the Church of England, 2015, UA73 YOUN IOFF



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