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April 2021

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Grant Jr., James H., 1-2 Thessalonians : the hope of salvation [ebook], 2015

Weld, Nicki, A practical guide to transformative supervision for the helping professions : amplifying insight [ebook], 2012

Jennings, Willie James, Acts [ebook], 2017

Martindale, Wayne, Beyond the shadowlands [ebook], 2005

Strauch, Alexander, Biblical eldership : an urgent call to restore biblical church leadership [ebook], 1995

Waters, Guy Prentiss, Covenant theology : biblical, theological, and historical perspectives [ebook], 2020

Patton, Matthew H., Deuteronomy : a 12-week study [ebook], 2017

Merida, Tony, Exalting Jesus in Acts [ebook], 2017

Greidanus, Sidney, From chaos to cosmos : creation to new creation [ebook], 2018

Hummel, Charles E., Genesis 1-25 : Part 1: creation & primeval history : 14 studies for individuals or groups :with notes for leaders [ebook], 2000

Samples, Kenneth R., God among sages : why Jesus is not just another religious leader [ebook], 2017

Morgan, Christopher W., Heaven [ebook], 2014

Tripp, Paul David, Lead : 12 gospel principles for leadership in the church [ebook], 2020

Ryle, J. C., Mark (Expository thoughts on the Gospels) [ebook], 1993

Quarles, Charles L., Matthew [ebook], 2017

Henson, Joshua D., Modern metaphors of Christian leadership : exploring Christian leadership in a contemporary organizational context [ebook], 2020

Begg, Alistair, Name above all names [ebook], 2013

Wright, N. T., New Testament prayer for everyone [ebook], 2012

Brown, Michael L., Not afraid of the Antichrist : why we don’t believe in a pre-tribulation rapture [ebook], 2019

Sendjaya, Sen, Personal and organizational excellence through servant leadership : learning to serve, serving to lead, leading to transform [ebook], 2015

Hill, Peter C., Psychology of religion and workplace spirituality [ebook], 2012

Kloppenborg, John S., Q, the earliest Gospel : an introduction to the original stories and sayings of Jesus [ebook], 2008

Langberg, Diane, Redeeming power : understanding authority and abuse in the church [ebook], 2020

Bailey, Justin Ariel, Reimagining apologetics : the beauty of faith in a secular age [ebook], 2020

Cotter-Lynch, Margaret, Saint Perpetua across the Middle Ages : mother, gladiator, saint [ebook], 2016

Stott, John R. W., Sermon on the Mount : 12 studies for individuals or groups [ebook], 1987

Cochrell, Timothy, Slaves of the most high God : a Biblical model of servant leadership in the slave Imagery of Luke-Acts [ebook], 2018

Malphurs, Aubrey, Strategic disciple making : a practical tool for successful ministry [ebook], 2009

Page, Steve, Supervising the counsellor and psychotherapist : a cyclical model [ebook], 2015

Shohet, Robin, Supervision as transformation : a passion for learning [ebook], 2011

Rice, Richard, The future of open theism : from antecedents to opportunities [ebook], 2020

Smith, James Bryan, The good and beautiful life : putting on the character of Christ [ebook], 2009

McKenzie, Alyce M., The parables for today [ebook], 2007

Clinton, Timothy E., The quick-reference guide to marriage & family counseling [ebook], 2009

Trueman, Carl R., The Rise and triumph of the modern self : cultural amnesia, expressive individualism, and the road to sexual revolution [ebook], 2020

Pierce, Chuck D., The worship warrior : ascending in worship, descending in war [ebook], 2014

Gorringe, Timothy, Theology and human flourishing : essays in honor of Timothy J. Gorringe [ebook], 2011

Wright, N. T., What did the cross accomplish? : a conversation about the atonement [ebook], 2021

Noonan, Benjamin J., Advances in the study of biblical Hebrew and Aramaic : new insights for reading the Old Testament, 2020, BJ33 NOON AITS

Matheus, Frank, A biblical Hebrew & Aramaic lexicon : BHAL, 2020, BJ48 MATH BHAA

Levine, Amy-Jill, The Jewish annotated New Testament : new revised standard version Bible translation, 2017, CB97 2017 LEVI

Younger, K. Lawson, A political history of the Arameans : from their origins to the end of their polities, 2016, CM23 YOUN PHOT

Farber, Zev, Archaeology and history of eighth-century Judah, 2018, CP20 ARCH FARB

Currid, John D., The case for archaeology : uncovering the historical record of God’s Old Testament people, 2020, CP20 CURR CFAR

Phillips, Richard D., 2 Samuel, 2018, DL48 PHIL SAMU V:2

Thomas, Derek, Ezra & Nehemiah, 2016, DL78 THOM EANE

Ho, Peter C. W., The design of the Psalter : a macrostructural analysis, 2019, DM35 HOPE DOTP

Gillingham, S. E., Psalms through the centuries, Vol. 2, 2008-2018, DM38 GILL PTTC

Phillips, Richard D., Psalms 42-72, 2019, DM38 PHIL PSAL V:2

Phillips, Richard D., Psalms 73-106, 2020, DM38 PHIL PSAL V:3

Duguid, Iain M., Song of Songs, 2016, DM88 DUGU SOSO

Butts, Aaron Michael, Jews and Syriac Christians : intersections across the first millennium, 2020, EZ30 JEWS MICH

Aune, David Edward., The church and its mission in the New Testament and early Christianity : essays in memory of Hans Kvalbein, 2018, FB CHUR AUNE

Becker, Eve-Marie., The birth of Christian history : memory and time from Mark to Luke-Acts, 2017, FG BECK BOCH

Blount, Brian K., Go preach! : Mark’s kingdom message and the Black church today, 1998, FK60 BLOU GPRE

Hagen Pifer, Jeanette, Faith as participation : an exegetical study of some key Pauline texts, 2019, FN20 HAGE FAPA

Richardson, Philip N., Temple of the living God : the influence of Hellenistic philosophy on Paul’s figurative temple language applied to the Corinthians, 2018, FN40 RICH TOTL

Brookins, Timothy A., Reading 1 Corinthians : a literary and theological commentary, 2020, FN48 BROO ROCO

Bowens, Lisa M., An apostle in battle : Paul and spiritual warfare in 2 Corinthians 12:1-10, 2017, FN49 BOWE AIBA

Frederick, John, The ethics of the enactment and reception of cruciform love : a comparative lexical, conceptual, exegetical, and theological study of Colossians 3:1-17, 2019, FP10 FRED EOTE

Phillips, Richard D., 1 & 2 Thessalonians, 2015, FP28 PHIL OATT

Phillips, Richard D., 2 Timothy & Titus, 2020, FP58 PHIL TTAT

O’Donnell, Douglas Sean, 1-3 John, 2015, FQ58 ODON OTJO

Phillips, Richard D., Revelation, 2017, FR8 PHIL REVE

Bock, Darrell L., Jesus, skepticism & the problem of history : criteria & context in the study of Christian origins, 2019, FS24 JESU BOCK

Ehrensperger, Kathy, Searching Paul : conversations with the Jewish apostle to the nations : collected essays, 2019, FX60 EHRE SPAU

Hafemann, Scott J., Paul, servant of the new covenant : Pauline polarities in eschatological perspective, 2019, FX67 HAFE PAUL

Brannan, Rick., The Apostolic Fathers : a new translation, 2017, GH1.5 B821

González, Eliezer, The fate of the dead in early third century North African Christianity : the Passion of Perpetua and Felicitas and Tertullian, 2014, GK92 P453 XG64

Forness, Philip Michael, Preaching Christology in the Roman Near East : a study of Jacob of Serugh, 2018, GL2 J21 XFOR

Bebbington, David, Patterns in history : a Christian perspective on historical thought, 2018, HH33 BEBB PIHI

Finkel, Alan, Getting to zero : Australia’s energy transition, 2021, MW60 QUAR QE81

McHarg, Travis, Murderers and missionaries : Aboriginals and administrators : Central Australia, 2020, MW64.3 MCHA MAMI

Kaye, Bruce, Colonial religion : conflict and change in Church and state, 2020, MW66 KAYE CREL

Esler, Philip Francis., Ethiopian Christianity : history, theology, practice, 2019, MX56 ESLE ECHR

Chapman, Audrey R., Truth and reconciliation in South Africa : did the TRC deliver?, 2008, MZ51.4 TRUT CHAP

Hawkins, Peter, Supervision in the helping professions, 2020, PP16 HAWK SITH

Watkins, C. Edward, The Wiley international handbook of clinical supervision, 2014, PP16 WILE WATK

Reich, John W., Handbook of adult resilience, 2010, PP73 HAND REIC

Eide, Brock, The dyslexic advantage : unlocking the hidden potential of the dyslexic brain, 2012, PP80 EIDE DADV

Rosenberg, Marshall B., Nonviolent communication : a language of life, 2015, PU23 ROSE NCOM

Clutterbuck, David, Coaching supervision : a practical guide for supervisees, 2016, PW96 CLUT CSUP

Birch, Jo, Coaching supervision : advancing practice, changing landscapes, 2019, PW96 COAC BIRC

Cochrane, Hilary, Supervision and coaching : growth and learning in professional practice, 2018, PW96 COCH SACO

Munro, Veronica, The journey inside : coaching to the core, 2019, PW96 JOUR MUNR

Lawrence, Paul, Coaching in three dimensions : meeting the challenges of a complex world, 2019, PW96 LAWR CITD

Moore, Bobby, Reflexive supervision : a workbook for learning within and across professions, 2016, PW96 MOOR RSUP

Arcadi, James, T&T Clark handbook of analytic theology, 2021, RC63 TAND ARCA

Feder, Frank, The deuterocanonical scriptures, Vols. 2A, 2B, 2C, 2019-2020, Ref ED DEUT FEDE

Anglican Church of Australia, Australian lectionary 2021 : year B : the calendar, etc. with readings and psalms for the Holy Communion and Morning and Evening Prayer : An Australian prayer book with tables …, 2020, Ref UP17 ANGL ALCW 2021

Anglican Church of Australia, An Australian lectionary : 2018 : year B (Mark), 2020, Ref UP17 ANGL ALEC 2021

Ashby, Roland, A reckless God? : currents and challenges in the Christian conversation with science, 2019, RF21 RECK ASHB

Wright, N. T., Broken signposts : how Christianity makes sense of the world, 2020, RK56 WRIG BSIG

Firth, Gillian Claire, Grounded in the body, in time and place, in Scripture : papers by Australian women scholars in the Evangelical tradition, 2021, RK69.1 GROU FIRT

Los Angeles Theology Conference 2019 : Biola University), Divine action and providence : explorations in constructive dogmatics, 2019, RQ50 LOSA DAAP

McNall, Joshua M., The mosaic of atonement : an integrated approach to Christ’s work, 2019, RR87 MCNA MOAT

Höhne, David A., The last things : contours of Christian theology, 2019, RW HOHN LTHI

Muir, Elizabeth Gillan, A women’s history of the Christian church : two thousand years of female leadership, 2019, SD87 MUIR WHOT

Giles, Kevin, The headship of men and the abuse of women : are they related in any way?, 2020, SD97.2 GILE HOMA

Bowens, Lisa M., African American readings of Paul : reception, resistance, and transformation, 2020, SM75 BOWE AARO

Anderson, David W., Toward a theology of special education : integrating faith and practice, 2012, TE8 ANDE TATO

Chiu, Shun Kin, Matthew’s mission to ‘all nations’ in its relation with the Torah, 2020, Thesis FK59 CHIU MMTA

Simons, Mark A., Ephesians as a missional document, 2020, Thesis FN80 SIMO EAAM

Smith, Brandon D., Vision of the triune God : reading Revelation through the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, 2021, Thesis FR SMIT VOTT

Atkinson, Harley., The power of small groups in Christian formation, 2018, TM36 ATKI POSG

Koet, B. J., Deacons and diakonia in early Christianity : the first two centuries, 2018, UA73 DEAC KOET

Csinos, David M., Little theologians : children, culture, and the making of theological meaning, 2020, WA70 CSIN LTHE

Kelly, Paul G., Being young : a biblical theology of youth, 2021, WA70 KELL BYOU

Senior, John, Empower : a guide for supervisor-mentors in theological field education, 2020, WP3 EMPO SENI

Leach, Jane, Pastoral supervision : a handbook, 2015, WP3 LEAC PSUP

Dallaire, Hélène M., 200 devotionals from the Hebrew Bible, 2020, XQ2 DALL THDF

Williams, Daniel K., Defenders of the unborn : the pro-life movement before Roe v. Wade, 2019, YX85 WILL DOTU



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