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March 2017

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Author, Title, Date, Call No.

Adeney, Miriam, Wealth, women, & God : how to flourish spiritually and economically in tough places, 2015, SD87 ADEN WWAG

Allen, O. Wesley, Preaching and the human condition : loving God, self, and others, 2016, WQ5 ALLE PATH

Amos, Clare, The Bible in the life of the church, 2013, CD50 BIBL AMOS

Anderson, Garwood P., Paul’s new perspective : charting a soteriological journey, 2016, FX63 ANDE PNPE

Anderson, Greg, The fourth world in the first world : missiology and Aboriginal churches in the Northern Territory, 2016, Q MW66.8 ANDE FWIT

Anderson, Mark Robert, The Qur’an in context : a Christian exploration, 2016, OT55 ANDE QICO

Anglican Church of Australia, Australian lectionary 2017 : year A : the calendar, etc. with readings and psalms for the Holy Communion and Morning and Evening Prayer : An Australian prayer book with tables … ., 2016, Ref UP17 ANGL ALCW 2017

Anglican Church of Australia, An Australian lectionary : 2017 : year A (Matthew)., 2016, Ref UP17 ANGL ALEC 2017

Anglican Church Southern Queensland (Anglicare SQ), Asylum seekers and refugees : scriptural, theological, and ethical approaches ; study guide, 2014, Q SJ82 ANGL ASAR

Anizor, Uche, Representing Christ : a vision for the priesthood of all believers, 2016, UA77 ANIZ RCHR

Arnold, Bill T., The world around the Old Testament : the people and places of the ancient Near East, 2016, HP35 WORL ARNO

Australian Church Congress 1925 : Melbourne, Vic.), Official report of the ninth Australian Church Congress held at Melbourne 3rd to 13th May, 1925., 1925, MW66 ANGL OROT 1925

Balch, David L., Contested ethnicities and images : studies in Acts and arts, 2015, FM BALC CEAI

Ballantine-Jones, Bruce, Inside Sydney : an insider’s view of the changes and politics in the Anglican Diocese of Sydney, 1966-2013, 2016, MW66.5 BALL ISYD

Banner, Michael C., The ethics of everyday life : moral theology, social anthropology, and the imagination of the human, 2014, QZ6 BANN EOEL

Bauckham, Richard, In the fullness of time : essays on Christology, creation, and eschatology in honor of Richard Bauckham, 2016, RN87 INTH GURT

Beers, Holly, The followers of Jesus as the ‘servant’ : Luke’s model from Isaiah for the disciples in Luke-Acts, 2016, FM BEER FOJA

Blazosky, Bryan, The Law’s universal condemning and enslaving power : a study of the relationship of Gentiles to the Law in Paul, the Old Testament, and the Second Temple Jewish literature, ©2016, Theses FN20 BLAZ LUCA

Blount, Brian K., Invasion of the dead : preaching resurrection, 2014, WQ6 BLOU IOTD

Brenner-Idan, Athalya, Samuel, Kings and Chronicles, I, 2017, DL SAMU BREN

British Council of Churches. Working Party on the Child in the Church, Report of the Working Party on the Child in the Church, 1976, WA70 BRIT ROTW

Brockington, J. L., The sacred thread : Hinduism in its continuity and diversity, 1998, OM23 BROC STHR

Buckley, Michael J., What do you seek? : the questions of Jesus as challenge and promise, 2016, FK BUCK WDYS

Bussey, Peter, Signposts to God : how modern physics and astronomy point the way to belief, 2016, RF21 BUSS STGO

Callaway, Kutter, Watching TV religiously : television and theology in dialogue, 2016, XY85 CALL WTRE

Carroll, John T., Jesus and the gospels : an introduction, 2016, FJ CARR JATG

Carter, Warren, God in the New Testament, 2016, FX91 CART GITN

Case-Winters, Anna, Matthew, 2015, FK58 CASE MATT

Castoriadis, Cornelius, The imaginary institution of society, 1987, SP52 CAST IIOS

Cathey, Robert Andrew, God in postliberal perspective : between realism and non-realism, 2009, RK56 CATH GIPP

Community of the Holy Name (Melbourne, Vic.), Reflections of the Community of the Holy Name, Melbourne, Australia, (1888-1988)., 1988, MW66.6 REFL COMM

Copan, Paul, A little book for new philosophers : why and how to study philosophy, 2016, QA6 COPA LBFN

Crisp, Oliver, The voice of God in the text of scripture : explorations in constructive dogmatics, 2016, RC15 VOIC CRIS

Curtis, Brian A., Rough cuts 2016 : more reflections on the Christian faith, 2016, XA22 CURT RCTT 2016

Dalferth, Ingolf U., Creatures of possibility : the theological basis of human freedom, 2016, RU DALF COPO

D’Ambrosio, Marcellino, Who were the church fathers? : from Clement of Rome to Gregory the Great, 2015, GG D156

Davies, Brian, Thomas Aquinas’s Summa theologiae : a guide and commentary, 2014, GQ91 D255 2014

De Neui, Paul H., Becoming the people of God : creating Christ-centered communities in Buddhist Asia, 2015, ON27 BECO DENE

De Neui, Paul H., Seeking the unseen : spiritual realities in the Buddhist world, 2016, ON27 SEEK DENE

DeBoer, Lisa J., Visual arts in the worshiping church, 2016, UH40 DEBO VAIT

DeHart, Paul J., The trial of the witnesses : the rise and decline of postliberal theology, 2006, RK56 DEHA TOTW

Duesing, Jason G., Seven summits in church history, 2016, IC27 DUES SSIC

Duffy, Eamon, Saints, sacrilege and sedition : religion and conflict in the Tudor Reformations, 2014, LR38 DUFF SSAS

Dyrness, William A., Insider Jesus : theological reflections on new Christian movements, 2016, NR6 DYRN IJES

Eire, Carlos M. N., Reformations : the early modern world, 1450-1650, 2016, IR32 EIRE REFO

Ekström, Bertil, The church in mission : foundations and global case studies, 2016, NR CHUR EKST

Feser, Edward, The last superstition : a refutation of the new atheism, 2010, RB49 FESE LSUP

Gariepy, Henry, Songs in the night : inspiring stories behind 100 hymns born in trial and suffering, 1996, VK42 GARI SITN

Glaser, Ida, Thinking biblically about Islam : Genesis, transfiguration, transformation, 2016, OT55 GLAS TBAI

Goheen, Michael W., Reading the Bible missionally, 2016, NR3 READ GOHE

González, Justo L., The mestizo Augustine : a theologian between two cultures, 2016, GN3 XG64

Goodhew, David, Towards a theology of church growth, 2015, WA20 TOWA GOOD

Gorman, Michael J., Apostle of the crucified Lord : a theological introduction to Paul and his letters, 2017, FX60 GORM AOTC

Grabbe, Lester L., 1 & 2 Kings : an introduction and study guide : history and story in ancient Israel, 2017, DL50 GRAB OATK

Grant, Deena E., Divine anger in the Hebrew Bible, 2014, DX71 GRAN DAIT

Green, Gene L., The Spirit over the earth : pneumatology in the Majority World, 2016, RS70 SPIR GREE

Greenway, William, The challenge of evil : grace and the problem of suffering, 2016, RU20 GREE COEV

Guretzki, David, An explorer’s guide to Karl Barth, 2016, GW28 B28 XG97 2016

Habets, Myk, Theology and the experience of disability : interdisciplinary perspectives from voices down under, 2016, YX59 THEO PICA

Haigh, Elizabeth Anne, Old Testament quotations and allusions in the Pauline and other epistles : data analysis and association with literary structures, 2017, Theses FN20 HAIG OTQA

Hale, Thomas, Authentic lives : overcoming the problem of hidden identity in outreach to restrictive nations, 2016, NR5 HALE ALIV

Harries, Richard, The beauty and the horror, 2016, RU20 HARR BATH

Hays, Richard B., Echoes of Scripture in the gospels, 2016, FJ5 HAYS EOSI

Hedlund, Roger E., The Oxford encyclopaedia of South Asian Christianity, Vol. 1-2, 2012, Ref MP14 OXFO HEDL

Henderson, J. Frank, Liturgies of lament, 1994, UH30 HEND LOLA

Hess, Richard S., The Old Testament : a historical, theological, and critical introduction, 2016, DD HESS OTES

Hibbert, Evelyn, Training missionaries : principles and possibilities, 2016, NS8 HIBB TMIS

Hill, Craig C., Servant of all : status, ambition, and the way of Jesus, 2016, WA28 HILL SOAL

Hoglund, Jonathan, Called by triune grace : divine rhetoric and the effectual call, 2016, RQ42 HOGL CBTG

Hopkins, Denise Dombkowski, Psalms : books 2-3, 2016, DM39 HOPK PSAL

Howard, Thomas A., Remembering the Reformation : an inquiry into the meanings of Protestantism, 2016, KK22 HOWA RTRE

Howard, Thomas A., Protestantism after 500 years, ©2016, KK22 PROT HOWA

Hurtado, Larry W., Destroyer of the gods : early Christian distinctiveness in the Roman world, 2016, IJ71 HURT DOTG

Johnston, Scott Black, Questions preachers ask : essays in honor of Thomas G. Long, 2016, WQ5 QUES JOHN

Johnstone, Patrick, Serving God in today’s cities : facing the challenge of urbanization, 2015, SI55 JOHN SGIT

Joustra, Robert, The church’s social responsibility : reflections on evangelicalism and social justice, 2015, SH37 CHUR BALL

Kelly, Henry Ansgar, The Middle English Bible : a reassessment, 2016, CF80 KELL MEBI

Kirk, J. R. Daniel, A man attested by God : the human Jesus of the synoptic gospels, 2016, FK KIRK MABG

Klink, Edward W., John, 2016, FL8 KLIN JOHN

Kolb, Robert, Martin Luther and the enduring Word of God : the Wittenberg School and its Scripture-centered proclamation, 2016, Perry GT7 K811 2016

Kraft, Charles H., Issues in contextualization, 2016, NR5 KRAF IICO

Lamb, Jonathan, Preaching matters : encountering the living God, 2014, WQ5 LAMB PMAT

Lawson, Steven J., Pulpit aflame : essays in honor of Steven J. Lawson, 2016, WQ5 PULP BEEK

Licona, Mike, Why are there differences in the Gospels? : what we can learn from ancient biography, 2017, FK LICO WATD

Lim, Kar Yong, Jesus the storyteller : hearing the parables afresh today, 2015, FX34 LIMK JTST

Linafelt, Tod, The Hebrew Bible as literature : a very short introduction, 2016, DG5 LINA HBAL

MacCulloch, Diarmaid, All things made new : the Reformation and its legacy, 2016, Perry IR32 MACC ATMN

Martin, Dale B., Biblical truths : the meaning of Scripture in the twenty-first century, 2017, FH MART BTRU

Matenga, Jay, Mission in motion : speaking frankly of mobilization, 2016, NR MATE MIMO

Mathis, David, Habits of grace : growing in Christ, 2016, XB57 MATH HOGR

Mbuvi, Amanda Beckenstein, Belonging in Genesis : biblical Israel and the politics of identity formation, 2016, DK30 MBUV GIGE

McDonald, Lee Martin, The formation of the biblical canon, Vol. 1-2, 2017, CE MCDO FOTB

McGrath, Alister E., The Christian theology reader, 5th edition, 2017, JA2 CHRI MCGR 2017

Meconi, David Vincent, On earth as it is in heaven : cultivating a contemporary theology of creation, 2016, RF30 ONEA MECO

Meneses, Eloise Hiebert, Christian mission & economic systems : a critical survey of the cultural and religious dimensions of economies, 2015, SQ37 CHRI CHEO

Merida, Tony, The Christ-centered expositor : a field guide for word-driven disciple makers, 2016, WQ5 MERI CCEX

Miller, David M., Torah ethics and early Christian identity, 2016, IJ35 TORA WEND

Millet, Robert L., A different Jesus : the Christ of the Latter-day Saints, 2005, MKM74 MILL DJES

Mitchell, David C., The songs of ascents : Psalms 120 to 134 in the worship of Jerusalem’s temples, 2015, DM39 MITC SOAS

Nesbit Sbanotto, Elisabeth A., Skills for effective counseling : a faith-based integration, 2016, PX35 NESB SFEC

Null, Ashley, Reformation Anglicanism : a vision for today’s global communion, 2017, Perry KM3 REFO NULL

O’Collins, Gerald, Revelation : towards a Christian theology of God’s self-revelation, 2016, FR OCOL REVE

Pardee, Nancy, The genre and development of the Didache : a text-linguistic analysis, 2012, UB26 PARD GADO

Park, Andy, Worshiping with the Anaheim vineyard : the emergence of contemporary worship, 2017, UG12 PARK WWTA

Partners in Mission Provincial Consultation, Anglican Province of Victoria : profile, 1984, Q MW66.6 PART APOV

Peckham, John C., Canonical theology : the biblical canon, sola scriptura, and theological method, 2016, CE PECK CTHE

Pecknold, C. C., Transforming postliberal theology : George Lindbeck, pragmatism and scripture, 2005, RK56 PECK TPTH

Pelikan, Jaroslav, Obedient rebels : Catholic substance and Protestant principle in Luther’s Reformation, 1964, GT7.6 P363

Piper, John, A camaraderie of confidence : the fruit of unfailing faith in the lives of Charles Spurgeon, George Müller, and Hudson Taylor, 2016, Perry LQ1 PIPE COCO

Power, Bernie, Engaging Islamic traditions : using the Hadith in Christian ministry to Muslims, 2016, OT55 POWE EITR

Power, Bernie, Challenging Islamic traditions : searching questions about the Hadith from a Christian perspective, 2016, OT55 POWE CITR

Radner, Ephraim, Time and the Word : figural reading of the Christian scriptures, 2016, CG RADN TATW

Rogers, Barry Michael, Septuagintal sources and their interpretative taxonomies : the use of Jewish scripture within the Lukan infancy narratives, Vol. 1-2, 1991, Theses FK70 ROGE SSAT

Rogers, Barry Michael, Loss and grief education for adolescents : a psychoeducational survey of Year 11 students in Melbourne regional schools, 2004, Theses WP8.6 ROGE LAGE

Ross, Allen P., Commentary on the Psalms, Vol. 3, 2011-2016, DM38 ROSS COTP

Runge, Steven, The Greek verb revisited : a fresh approach for biblical exegesis, 2016, BR67 GREE RUNG

Rylaarsdam, David, John Chrysostom on divine pedagogy : the coherence of his theology and preaching, 2014, GM3 C5 XR98

Sanders, Fred, The triune God, 2016, RQ37 SAND TGOD

Schleiermacher, Friedrich, The Christian faith, 2016, GW25 LE M158 2016

Scott-Branagan, Bronwen, The memoirs of Genevieve Cutler, 2016, Perry MW61.7 CUTL SCOT

Seipp, Derek T., Innovation in world mission : a framework for transformational thinking about the future of world mission, 2016, NR SEIP IIWM

Sessoms, Richard W., Leading with story : cultivating Christ-centered leaders in a storycentric generation, 2016, WA28 SESS LWST

Shultz, Timothy, Disciple making among Hindus : making authentic relationships grow, 2016, OM27 SHUL DMAH

Smith, Barry D., The meaning of Jesus’ death : reviewing the New Testament’s interpretations, 2017, FX92 SMIT MOJD

Smither, Edward L., Controversies in mission : theology, people, and practice of mission in the 21st Century, 2016, NR CONT SCHE

Steinmann, Andrew E., 1 Samuel, 2016, DL48 STEI SAMU

Still, Todd D., The Apostolic Fathers and Paul, 2017, GH S857

Stoller, Paul, In sorcery’s shadow : a memoir of apprenticeship among the Songhay of Niger, 1989, MY50 STOL ISSH

Stott, John R. W., Basic introduction to the New Testament, 2017, FD STOT BITT 2017

Strachan, Owen, The grand design : male and female he made them, 2016, SD97 STRA GDES

Swinton, John, Becoming friends of time : disability, timefullness, and gentle discipleship, 2016, YX59 SWIN BFOT

Thiselton, Anthony C., A shorter guide to the Holy Spirit : Bible, doctrine, experience, 2016, RT5 THIS SGTT

Torrance, Thomas F., Royal priesthood : a theology of ordained ministry, 2003, UA70 TORR RPRI

Weima, Jeffrey A. D., Paul the ancient letter writer : an introduction to epistolary analysis, 2016, FN20 WEIM PTAL

Wetherell, David, The Anglican Church of Australia : a future Uniting Church relationship?, 2014, SD87.5 WETH ACOA

Willgren, David, The formation of the “Book” of Psalms reconsidering the transmission and canonization of Psalmody in light of material culture and the poetics of anthologies, 2016, DM34 WILL FOTB

Wilson, Brittany E., Unmanly men : refigurations of masculinity in Luke-Acts, 2015, FM WILS UMEN

Wilson, Todd A., Becoming a pastor theologian : new possibilities for church leadership, 2016, WP3 BECO WILS

Wolter, Michael., The Gospel according to Luke, Vol. 1, 2016-, FK78 WOLT GATL

Wrogemann, Henning, Intercultural theology, 2016-, NR WROG ITHE

Wyszynski, Stefan, All you who labor : work and the sanctification of daily life, 1995, XW55 WYSZ AYWL

Yeh, Allen L., Polycentric missiology : twenty-first-century mission from everyone to everywhere, 2016, NC YEHA POLY

Zacharias, Danny, Matthew’s presentation of the son of David : Davidic tradition and typology in the gospel of Matthew, 2017, FK50 ZACH MPOT

Zuckerman, Phil, The Oxford handbook of secularism  edited by Phil Zuckerman and John R. Shook., 2017, RB42 OXFO ZUCK



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