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December 2018

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Author, Title, Date, Call No.

Anglican Church of Australia, An Australian lectionary : 2019 : year C., 2018, UP17 ANGL ALEC 2019

Arbo, Matthew, Walking through infertility : biblical, theological, and moral counsel for those who are struggling, 2018, YX85 ARBO WTIN

Boal, Dan, Becoming a student leader : leading yourself and others, 2018, WA28 BOAL BASL

Boyd, Jared Patrick, Imaginative prayer : a yearlong guide for your child’s spiritual formation, 2017, UU6.37 BOYD IPRA

Brown, Michael G., Sacred bond : covenant theology explored, 2017, RQ70 BROW SBON

Clark, Chap, Adoptive church : creating an environment where emerging generations belong, 2018, WA70 CLAR ACHU

Creegan, Nicola Hoggard, Creation and hope : reflections on ecological anticipation and action from Aotearoa New Zealand [ebook], 2018

Csinos, David M., Faith forward. Volume 2, Re-imagining children’s and youth ministry, 2015, WA70 FAIT CSIN

Deibert, Richard I., Second Corinthians and Paul’s Gospel of human mortality : how Paul’s experience of death authorizes his apostolic authority in Corinth, 2017, FN40 DEIB SCAP

Donnelly, Kevin, How political correctness is destroying Australia : enemies within and without, 2018, MW61.1 DONN HPCI

Dunne, John Anthony, Persecution and participation in Galatians, 2017, FN70 DUNN PAPI

Estep, James Riley, Christian formation : integrating theology & human development, 2010, RU CHRI ESTE

Fischer, Irmtraud, Women who wrestled with God biblical stories of Israel’s beginning [ebook], 2005

Fontana, David, Psychology, religion, and spirituality, 2004, PR33 FONT PRAS

French, Tom., Weird, crude, funny & nude : the Bible exposed, 2018, CD40 FREN WCFA

Galan, Benjamin, Proverbs, 2010,

Graham, Elaine L., Theological reflection : methods, 2005, RC15 GRAH TREF V:1

Graham, Elaine L., Theological reflection : sources, 2007, RC15 GRAH TREF V:2

Johnston, Kurt, Controlled chaos : making sense of junior high ministry, 2018, WA70 JOHN CCHA

Kageler, Len, Don’t do this : learning from the screw-ups of youth ministry leaders, 2016, WA70 DONT KAGE

Kaye, Bruce Norman, The rise and fall of the English Christendom : theocracy, Christology, order, and power, 2018, LS21 KAYE RAFO

Kircher, Jake, Teaching teenagers in a post-Christian world : cultivating exploration and ownership, 2014, WA70 KIRC TTIA

Kirgiss, Crystal, In search of adolescence : a new look at an old idea, 2015, WA70 KIRG ISOA

Kwon, Danny, A youth worker’s field guide to parents : understanding parents of teenagers, 2015, WA70 KWON YWFG

Los Angeles Theology Conference 2018, The Christian doctrine of humanity : explorations in constructive dogmatics [ebook], 2018

Marshall, Jill E., Women praying and prophesying in Corinth : gender and inspired speech in First Corinthians, 2017, SD87.2 MARS WPAP

Merida, Tony, Exalting Jesus in Ephesians [ebook], 2014

Mininger, Marcus A., Uncovering the theme of revelation in Romans 1:16-3:26 : discovering a new approach to Paul’s argument, 2017, FN39 MINI UTTO

Morgan, Brock, Youth ministry 2027, 2017, WA70 MORG YMTT

Morgan, Brock, Youth ministry in a post-Christian world : a hopeful wake-up call, 2013, WA70 MORG YMIA

Moschella, Mary Clark, Ethnography as a pastoral practice : an introduction, 2008, WP5.2 MOSC EAAP

Moxon, R. L., Peter’s halakhic nightmare : the “animal” vision of Acts 10:9-16 in Jewish and Graeco-Roman perspective, 2017, FM5 MOXO PHNI

Oestreicher, Mark, 4 views on pastoring LGBTQ teenagers : effective ministry to gay, bi, trans, queer and questioning students among us, 2018, SD61 FOUR OEST

Oestreicher, Mark, What’s right about youth ministry : six values great youth ministries embrace, 2018, WA70 OEST WRAY

Peterson, David, Commentary on Romans, 2017, FN38 PETE CORO

Porter, Stanley E., The letter to the Romans : exegesis and application, 2018, FN30 LETT PORT

Rae, Scott B., Moral choices : an introduction to ethics [ebook], 2018

Rea, Michael C., The hiddenness of God, 2018, RB36 REAM HOGO

Robertson, O. Palmer, The Christ of wisdom : a redemptive-historical exploration of the Wisdom books of the Old Testament, 2017, DM40 ROBE COWI

Ross, Kenneth R., Christianity in Sub-Saharan Africa, 2017, MX14 CHRI ROSS

Santrock, John W., Life-span development, 2015, PW SANT LSDE

Schreiner, Thomas R., Romans (2nd ed.), 2018, FN38 SCHR ROMA

Smith, Brandon, They spoke of Me : how Jesus unlocks the Old Testament, 2018, DX55 SMIT TSPM

Stuhlmacher, Peter, Biblical theology of the New Testament, 2018, FX STUH BTOT

Thompson, Alan J., Luke, 2016, FK78 THOM LUKE

Thompson, Katherine, Christ centred mindfulness : connecting to self and God, 2018, XC THOM CCMI

White, Christopher G., Other worlds : spirituality and the search for invisible dimensions, 2018, RA25 WHIT OWOR

Wilson, Andrew, The warning-assurance relationship in 1 Corinthians, 2017, FN48 WILS WARI

Wilson, Todd A., The crucified apostle : essays on Peter and Paul, 2017, FX50 CRUC WILS

Winner, Lauren F., The dangers of Christian practice : on wayward gifts, characteristic damage, and sin, 2018, UA16 WINN DOCP

Wright, N. T., Paul : a biography, 2018, FT34 WRIG PAUL





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