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September 2016

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Author, Title, Date, Call No.

Anyabwile, Thabiti M., Finding faithful elders and deacons [ebook], 2012,

Australian Copyright Council, Libraries & copyright, 2016, Q AK50 AUST LACO

Barker, Ashley, Finding life : reflections from a Bangkok slum, 2003, MU54 BARK FLIF

Barnett, Paul W., A short book about Jesus : man from heave, 2015, FS24 BARN SBAJ

Baynes, Norman Hepburn, Byzantium : an introduction to East Roman civilization, 1961, HW82 BAYN BYZA

Bell, Colin, Creation care and the Gospel : reconsidering the mission of the church, 2016, RF30 CREA BELL

Berger, Peter L., The heretical imperative : contemporary possibilities of religious affirmation, 1980, RB35 BERG HIMP

Bock, Darrell L., Jesus the God-man : the unity and diversity of the gospel portrayals, 2016, FS24 BOCK JTGM

Boersma, Hans, Sacramental preaching : sermons on the hidden presence of Christ, 2016, WW10 BOER SPRE

Booty, John E., The Church in history, 1979, IC27 BOOT CIHI

Brotzman, Ellis R., Old Testament textual criticism : a practical introduction, 2016, DF BROT OTTC

Buechner, Frederick, The magnificent defeat, 1985, WW10 BUEC MDEF

Butler, B. C., The church and unity : an essay, 1979, JR56.6 BUTL CAUN

Butler, Trent C., Isaiah [ebook], 2002,

Cadwallader, Alan H., Colossae in space and time : linking to an ancient city, 2011, IJ24 COLO CADW

Catherwood, H. F. R., The Christian citizen, 1969, SH36.5 CATH CCIT

Cavanaugh, William T., Field hospital : the Church’s engagement with a wounded world, 2016, SH37 CAVA FHOS

Comer, John Mark, Garden city : work, rest, and the art of being human, 2015, XB58 COME GCIT

Cooper, Derek, Introduction to world Christian history, 2016, IC20 COOP ITWC

Cornford, Jonathan, Coming back to earth : essays on the church, climate change, cities, agriculture and eating, 2016, RF30 CORN CBTE

Cranfield, C. E. B., The Gospel according to Saint Mark : an introduction and commentary, 1974, FK68 CRAN GATS

Cutler, Alan, The seashell on the mountaintop : a story of science, sainthood, and the humble genius who discovered a new history of the Earth, 2003, LE82 STEN XCUT

Dawn, Marva J., Talking the walk : letting Christian language live again, 2005, RK56 DAWN TTWA

De Botton, Alain, Status anxiety, 2004, PX31 DEBO SANX

De Saram, Brian, Nile harvest, 1992, MX48 DESA NHAR

Deenick, Karl, A biblical theology of circumcision as a sign of righteousness by faith, 2016, Theses DX85 DEEN BTOC

D’Mello, Arlene Torres-, Being Filipino abroad, 2001, MW61.9 DMEL BFAB

Dowling, Jane N., Child arise! : the courage to stand : a spiritual handbook for survivors of sexual abuse, 2015, SK77.5 DOWL CARI

Easley, Toby K., Jonathan Edwards : beyond the manuscripts, 2016, Perry ML23 EDWA XEAS

Enns, Paul P., Isaiah [ebook], 1998,

Firth, Gillian Claire, The re-presentation of David in Psalms 140-143, 2016, Theses DM39 FIRT RODI

Gelardini, Gabriella, Hebrews in contexts, 2016, FP90 HEBR GELA

Gertz, Jan Christian, T&T Clark handbook of the Old Testament : an introduction to the literature, religion and history of the Old Testament, 2012, DD GERT TATC

Gordon, James R., The Holy One in our midst, 2016, RR46 GORD HOIO

Grieger, Vernon S., Earthly images of the heavenly bride : women and the Church, 1992, SD87 GRIE EIOT

Guarducci, Margherita, Peter, the rock on which the church is built : a visit to the excavations beneath the Vatican Basilica, 1977, IA65 GUAR PTRO

Gumbel, Nicky, The Da Vinci code : a response, 2005, FS95 GUMB DVCO

Gushee, David P., Kingdom ethics : following Jesus in contemporary context, 2016, QZ6 GUSH KETH

Hallam, Steven C., Basics of Classical Syriac : complete grammar, workbook, and lexicon, 2016, BH25 HALL BOCS

Harris, Rex, The vision splendid : children’s and youth ministry in the Anglican Diocese of Sydney, 1943-2003, 2016, MW66.5 HARR VSPL

Hawkin, David J., The word of science : the religious and social thought of C. A. Coulson, 1989, RF20.2 COUL XHAW

Healy, Mary, Hebrews, 2016, FP98 HEAL HEBR

Hill, Jonathan P., Emerging adulthood and faith, 2015, WA70 HILL EAAF

Hinlicky, Paul R., Divine simplicity : Christ the crisis of metaphysics, 2016, RQ20 HINL DSIM

Holmes, Urban T., Christian believing, 1979, RD55 HOLM CBEL

Horne, Maija, My journey into the love of Christ, 2014, Q MW61.7 HORN HORN

Horton, Jacqui, Hosting Mary and Joseph : Posada : an Advent experience for your community, 2016, UG86.1 HORT HMAJ

Hosmer, Rachel, Living in the spirit, 1979, XC HOSM LITS

Hudson, Wayne, Australian religious thought : six explorations, 2016, RK69.1 HUDS ARTH

Hughes, Philip Edgcumbe, Paul’s second epistle to the Corinthians ; the English text with introduction, exposition and notes, 1962, FN48 HUGH PSET

Hughes, Philip J., Charting the faith of Australians : thirty years in the Christian Research Association, 2016, MW64 HUGH CTFO

Immink, Gerrit, The touch of the sacred : the practice, theology, and tradition of Christian worship, 2014, UG IMMI TOTS

Inter-Lutheran Commissions on Worship, Lutheran book of worship : ministers desk edition, 1999, UQ1.1 1999 INTE

John Paul, Post-Synodal apostolic exhortation Christifideles laici of His Holiness John Paul II : on the vocation and the mission of the lay faithful in the Church and in the world., 1989, KH48 JP2 PSAE

Jones, Benjamin T., Atheism for Christians : are there lessons for the religious world from the secular tradition?, 2016, RB49 JONE AFCH

Jones, James William, Filled with new wine : the charismatic renewal of the Church, 1974, Perry WB50 JONE FWNW

Jones, Serene, Trauma and grace : theology in a ruptured world, 2009, PX35 JONE TAGR

Keener, Craig S., The mind of the spirit : Paul’s approach to transformed thinking, 2016, FX65 KEEN MOTS

Keener, Craig S., Spirit hermeneutics : reading scripture in light of Pentecost, 2016, CH KEEN SHER

Kelsey, Morton T., Christo-psychology, 1983, PR80 KELS CPSY

Kelsey, Morton T., Christo-psychology, 1984, PX43 KELS CHRI

Kirsch, Jonathan, King David : the real life of the man who ruled Israel, 2001, HP34.2 KIRS KDAV

Kitamori, Kazoh, Theology of the pain of God, 1966, RQ20 KITA TOTP

Koester, Helmut, Ephesos, metropolis of Asia : an interdisciplinary approach to its archaeology, religion, and culture, 1995, HT2 EPHE KOES

Ledbetter, Bernice M., Reviewing leadership : a Christian evaluation of current approaches, 2016, WA28 BANK RLEA

Levering, Matthew Webb, Engaging the doctrine of the Holy Spirit : love and gift in the Trinity and the church, 2016, RT5 LEVE ETDO

Litfin, Bryan M., Getting to know the church fathers : an evangelical introduction, 2016, GG L776

Lloyd-Jones, D. M., Romans : an exposition of chapters 2:1-3:20 : the righteous judgment of God, 1989, FN39 LLOY ROMA V:2

Lloyd-Jones, D. M., The unsearchable riches of Christ : an exposition of Ephesians 3:1 to 21, 1979, FN88 LLOY EPHE V:3

Lloyd-Jones, D. M., Romans : an exposition of chapter 9 : God’s sovereign purpose, 1991, FN39 LLOY ROMA V:9

Lockyer, Herbert, All the men of the Bible : a portrait gallery and reference library of more than 3000 Biblical characters, 1958, SD97.2 LOCK ATMO

Lockyer, Herbert, All the doctrines of the Bible : a study and analysis of major Bible doctrines, 1964, RN96 LOCK ATDO

Lomax, Tim, Creating missional worship : fusing context and tradition, 2015, UG LOMA CMWO

Longman, Tremper, New Testament : the expanded Bible : study the Bible while you read, 2009, CB97 2009 LONG

MacArthur, John, Charismatic chaos, 1992, Perry WB50 MACA CCHA

Madigan, Kevin, Medieval Christianity : a new history, 2015, LS27 MADI MCHR

Mamic, Vinko, Matthew’s response to an early missionary issue : meaning and function of the Parable of the workers in the vineyard (Matt 20:1-16), 2016, FX34 MAMI MRTA

Mayrl, Damon, Secular conversions : political institutions and religious education in the United States and Australia, 1800-2000, 2016, SC MAYR SCON

McCloughry, Roy, Men and masculinity : from power to love, ©1992, SD91.4 MCCL MAMA

McGrath, Alister E., Apostles’ creed : 6 studies for individuals or groups, 2016, JK45 MCGR ACRE

McGreal, Ian Philip, Great thinkers of the Eastern world : the major thinkers and the philosophical and religious classics of China, India, Japan, Korea, and the world of Islam, 1995, OH GREA MCGR

McIntosh, Gary, Donald A. McGavran : a biography of the twentieth century’s premier missiologist, 2015, Perry NM MCGA XMCI

Melbourne School of Theology. Centre for the Study of Islam and Other Faiths, Faiths in conversation : comparative themes and perspectives across religions, 2015, OB30 MELB FICO

Merkle, Benjamin L., Ephesians, 2016, FN88 MERK EPHE

Milingo, Emmanuel, The demarcations, 1984, MX15 MILI DEMA

Moody, Andrew, The will of him who sent me : an exploration of responsive intra-trinitarian willing, 2016, RQ30 MOOD WOHW

Muck, Terry C., Why study religion? : understanding humanity’s pursuit of the divine, 2016, OA6 MUCK WSRE

Nash, Paul, Chaplaincy with children and young people, 2016, PW20 NASH CWCA

Navarro, Kevin J., The complete worship service : creating a taste of heaven on earth, 2005, UG NAVA CWSE

Neal, Emily Gardiner, The healing ministry : a personal journal, 1982, PX57 NEAL XNEA

Nguyen, Dinh Anh Nhue, The Bible and Asian culture : reading the Word of God in its cultural background and in the Vietnamese context, 2015, MP14 NGUY BAAC

Nimmo, Paul T., The Cambridge companion to Reformed theology, 2016, Perry RN67 CAMB NIMM

Nouwen, Henri J. M., Out of solitude : three meditations on the Christian life, 1974, XS NOUW OOSO

Nouwen, Henri J. M., Making all things new : an invitation to the spiritual life, 1982, XS NOUW MATN

Nouwen, Henri J. M., In memoriam, 1980, WP8.6 NOUW IMEM

Offutt, Stephen, Advocating for justice : an evangelical vision for transforming systems and structures, 2016, SH37 OFFU AFJU

O’Grady, Ron, The hidden shame of the church : sexual abuse of children and the church, 2001, SD61 OGRA HSOT

Paget, James Carleton, The New Cambridge history of the Bible, Vol. 3, 2012-2016, CD50 NEWC MARS

Pawl, Timothy, In defense of conciliar christology : a philosophical essay, 2016, RR29 PAWL IDOC

Peel, Mark, The last Wesleyan : a life of Donald Soper, 2008, LU61.9 SOPE XPEE

Pfatteicher, Philip H., Manual on the liturgy : Lutheran book of worship, 1979, UQ1.1 PFAT MOTL

Pfürtner, Stephan H., Luther and Aquinas, a conversation : our salvation, its certainty and peril, 1964, RS45 PFUR LAAQ

Pietras, Henryk, Council of Nicaea (325) : religious and political context, documents, commentaries, 2016, UB53.1 PIET CONI

Polycarp, Polycarp’s epistle to the Philippians and the martyrdom of Polycarp : introduction, text, and commentary, 2013, GH7 XH33 2013

Porter, Stanley E., The synoptic problem : four views, 2016, FK SYNO PORT

Porter, Stanley E., The Apostle Paul : his life, thought, and letters, 2016, FT31 PORT APAU

Presler, Titus Leonard, Horizons of mission, 2001, NR PRES HOMI

Price, Dave, Turning the world upside down : learning from the Primitive Methodist movement, 2012, Perry LU76 PRIC TTWU

Pummer, Reinhard, The Samaritans : a profile, 2016, CM50 PUMM SAMA

Rah, Soong-Chan, Return to justice : six movements that reignited our contemporary evangelical conscience, 2016, Perry SH37 RAHS RTJU

Riches, Aaron, Ecce Homo : on the divine unity of Christ, 2016, RR29 RICH EHOM

Riddlebarger, Kim, The lion of Princeton : B. B. Warfield as apologist and theologian, 2015, Perry JF62 WARF XRID

Robertson, David, The Dawkins letters : challenging atheist myths, 2007, RB49 ROBE DLET

Robinson, Stuart P., Islam rising : the Middle East and us, 2015, OT55 ROBI IRIS

Rowston, Doug, Things that Jesus said : parables of the kingdom and eternal life, 2016, FX34 ROWS TTJS

Saward, John, Perfect fools : folly for Christ’s sake in Catholic and Orthodox spirituality, 1980, XA22 SAWA PFOO

Sayers, Mark, Disappearing church : from cultural relevance to gospel resilience, 2016, WA20 SAYE DCHU

Searcy, Nelson, Connect : how to double your number of volunteers, 2012, WA40 SEAR CONN

Searcy, Nelson, The renegade pastor : abandoning average in your life and ministry, 2014, WP2.2 SEAR RPAS

Sennott, Charles M., The body and the blood : the Middle East’s vanishing Christians and the possibility for peace, 2001, MP24 SENN BATB

Shilton, Lance Rupert, The Word made flesh, 1963, WV90 SHIL WMFL

Siedentop, Larry, Inventing the individual : the origins of Western liberalism, 2015, SX15 SIED ITIN

Slater, Victoria, Chaplaincy ministry and the mission of the church, 2015, WP2.2 SLAT CMAT

Smith, Mark S., Poetic heroes : literary commemorations of warriors and warrior culture in the early biblical world, 2014, DG SMIT PHER

Smith, Michael Auckland, From Christ to Constantine, 1976, IJ24 SMIT FCTC

Spurgeon, C. H., Twelve sermons on unbelief : delivered at the Metropolitan Tabernacle, 1977, WV10 SPUR TSOU

Spurgeon, C. H., C. H. Spurgeon’s sermons on crises in the life of Jesus, 1966, FS90 SPUR SOCI

Steward, John, From genocide to generosity : hatreds heal on Rwanda’s hills, 2015, MY79 STEW FGTG

Swetnam, James, Hebrews : an interpretation, 2016, FP90 SWET HEBR

Taylor, Simon J., Imitation and scapegoats : pastoral insights from the work of René Girard, 2016, RA43 TAYL IASC

Temple, Sydney, The core of the fourth Gospel, 1975, FL TEMP COTF

Thomas, C. R., Evangelism and the reformed faith : and other essays commemorating the ministry of J. Graham Miller, 1980, Perry RN86 EVAN THOM

Thomson, Andrew, John Owen, 1996, Perry GX56 O97 XT48

Travis, Stephen, End of story, 1999, RX45 TRAV EOST

Tripp, David, Critical incidents in teaching : developing professional judgement, 2012, TG TRIP CIIT

Turnbull, R. D., Reviving the heart : the story of the 18th century revival, 2012, Perry WB35 TURN RTHE

Turner, Andrew Ian, Fruitful church : a manifesto for sending, 2015, WA20 TURN FCHU

Tushnet, Eve, Gay and Catholic : accepting my sexuality, finding community, living my faith, 2014, SD61.8 TUSH GACA

Vardy, Peter, What is truth?, 1999, QT VARD WITR

Voelz, James W., Mark 1:1-8:26, 2013, FK68 VOEL MARK V:1

Volf, Miroslav, Public faith in action : how to think carefully, engage wisely, and vote with integrity, 2016, SX14 VOLF PFIA

Water, Mark, Parallel classic commentary on the New Testament, 2004, FH5 WATE PCCO

Watson, Don, Enemy within : American politics in the time of Trump, 2016, MB95 WATS EWIT

Weinrich, William C., John 1:1-7:1, 2015, FL8 WEIN JOHN V:1

White, Thomas Joseph, Exodus, 2016, DK48 WHIT EXOD

Wiersbe, Warren W., Developing a Christian imagination : an interpretive anthology, 1995, WQ8 DEVE WIER

Wright, Nicholas Thomas, Paul for everyone : 1 Corinthians [ebook], 2003,

Wright, Nicholas Thomas, Paul for everyone : Galatians and Thessalonians [ebook], 2004,

Wynbeek, David, David Brainerd, beloved Yankee, 1961, Perry MA5 BRAI XWYN




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