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June 2018

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Author, Title, Date, Call No.

Abraham, William J., Among the ashes : on death, grief, and hope, 2017, WP8.6 ABRA ATAS

Akin, Daniel L., Exalting Jesus in Mark [ebook], 2014,

Barrett, Frank J., Yes to the mess : surprising leadership lessons from jazz, 2012, PW96 BARR YTTM

Bolt, Peter G., Freedom to libel? : Samuel Marsden v Philo Free : Australia’s first libel case, 2017, MW62 FREE BOLT

Capes, David B., The divine Christ : Paul, the Lord Jesus, and the scriptures of Israel, 2018, RR67 CAPE DCHR

Chan, Sam, Evangelism in a skeptical world : how to make the unbelievable news about Jesus more believable, 2018, WB24 CHAN EIAS

Chapell, Bryan., Christ-centered preaching : redeeming the expository sermon, 2018, WQ5 CHAP CCPR

Cipollone, Chris, Down not out, 2018, PP70 CIPO DNOU

Dell’Olio, Andrew J., Introduction to ethics : a reader, 2010, QY18 INTR DELL

Descombes, Vincent, Puzzling identities, 2016, QU45 DESC PIDE

DeSilva, David Arthur, Introducing the Apocrypha : message, context, and significance, 2018, ED DESI ITAP

Detweiler, Craig, Selfies : searching for the image of God in a digital age, 2018, XB58 DETW SELF

Foxe, John, Foxe’s Book of martyrs : select narratives, 2009, UG78.6 FOXE ACTE 2009

Gibson, Scott M., The worlds of the preacher : navigating biblical, cultural, and personal contexts, 2018, WQ5 WORL GIBS

Gooder, Paula, Only the third heaven? : 2 Corinthians 12:1-10 and heavenly ascent, 2006, FS79 GOOD OTTH

Green, Adam, Hidden divinity and religious belief : new perspectives, 2018, RB59 HIDD GREE

Kärkkäinen, Veli-Matti, Pneumatology : the Holy Spirit in ecumenical, international, and contextual perspective, 2018, RT5 KARK PNEU

Katanacho, Yohanna, Praying through the Psalms, 2018, XQ4 KATA PTTP

La’u, Binyamin, Jeremiah : the fate of a prophet, 2013, DN48 LAUB JERE

Lalleman, Pieter J., Enduring treasure : the lasting value of the Old Testament for Christians, 2017, DD LALL ETRE

Levy, Ian Christopher, Introducing medieval biblical interpretation : the senses of scripture in premodern exegesis, 2018, CH2 LEVY IMBI

MacArthur, John, The Gospel according to God : rediscovering the most remarkable chapter in the Old Testament, 2018, DN39.6 MACA GATG

MacIntyre, Alasdair C., After virtue : a study in moral theory, 2007, QY46 MACI AVIR

Mackinnon, Barbara, Ethics : theory and contemporary issues, 2017, QY MACK ETHI

Martin, Kara, Workship 2 : how to flourish at work, 2018, XW55 MART WORT

McKnight, Scot, The Letter to Philemon, 2017, FN28 MCKN LTPH

Nielson, Kathleen Buswell, Women & God : hard questions. Beautiful truth, 2018, SD87 NIEL WAGO

Rachels, Stuart, The elements of moral philosophy, 2015, QY47 RACH EOMP

Reynaud, Daniel, Anzac spirituality : the first AIF soldiers speak, 2018, HZ85.6 REYN ASPI

Rosenblum, Jordan, Religious competition in the third century CE : Jews, Christians, and the Greco-Roman world, 2014, OC RELI ROSE

Snyder, Howard A., Models of the kingdom, 2001, RQ60 SNYD MOTK

Stanford, Matthew S., Grace for the afflicted : a clinical and biblical perspective on mental illness, 2017, PX23 STAN GFTA

Taylor, Charles, Sources of the self : the making of the modern identity, 1989, SC40 TAYL SOTS

Thomas, L’Ching, Jesus : the path to human flourishing : the gospel for the cultural Chinese, 2018, MR4 THOM JTPT

Thorne, Helen Ruth, Walking with domestic abuse sufferers, 2018, WP6.6 THOR WWDA

Um, Stephen T., Micah for you, 2018, DQ38 UMST MFYO

Walls, Andrew F., Crossing cultural frontiers : studies in the history of world Christianity, 2017, NL WALL CCFR

Wells, Samuel, Incarnational mission : being with the world, 2018, NR WELL IMIS

Wigram, George Vicesimus, The Englishman’s Greek concordance of the New Testament : coded with the numbering system from Strong’s Exhaustive concordance of the Bible, 2017, Ref CD23 WIGR EGCO

Zigon, Jarrett, Disappointment : toward a critical hermeneutics of worldbuilding, 2018, QU42 ZIGO DISA




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