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August 2016

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Author, Title, Date, Call No.

Abernethy, Andrew T., The Book of Isaiah and God’s kingdom : a thematic-theological approach, 2016, DN30 ABER BOIA

Anderson, William, Cathedrals in Britain & Ireland : from early times to the reign of Henry VIII, 1978, YK50 ANDE CIBA

Baasland, Ernst, Parables and rhetoric in the Sermon on the Mount : new approaches to a classical text, 2015, FX34 BAAS PARI

Barker, Paul Anthony, Songs for troubled times : expositions of some Psalms, 2016, DM30 BARK SFTT

Bingham, Geoffrey C., Come let us pray, 1988, UU5 BING CLUP

Bingham, Geoffrey C., Constraining love, 1985, RQ20 BING CLOV

Bingham, Geoffrey C., The everlasting presence, 1990, RQ20 BING EPRE

Bingham, Geoffrey C., The fellowship of suffering, 2001, RU20 BING FOSU

Bingham, Geoffrey C., The authority and submission of love, 1982, PU23 BING AASO

Bingham, Geoffrey C., Christ’s people in today’s world, 1985, UA23 BING CPIT

Bingham, Geoffrey C., The Christian meditator, 1986, XC BING CMED

Bingham, Geoffrey C., Comprehending the resurrection, 2000, FS77 BING CTRE

Bingham, Geoffrey C., Comprehending fruitfulness to God, 2000, XB58 BING CFTG

Bingham, Geoffrey C., Comprehending justification, 2002, RS63 BING CJUS

Bingham, Geoffrey C., Comprehending the Kingdom of God, 1999, RQ60 BING CTKO

Bingham, Geoffrey C., Comprehending the family of God and man, 1999, SD12 BING CTFO

Bingham, Geoffrey C., Comprehending the covenant, 1999, RQ70 BING CTCO

Bingham, Geoffrey C., Beyond the cross, 1988, RS BING BTCR

Bingham, Geoffrey C., Christ the conquering king, 1985, RR73 BING CTCK

Bingham, Geoffrey C., The church, life, and relationships, 1984, UA23 BING CLAR

Bingham, Geoffrey C., The cleansing of the memories, 1998, PP85 BING COTM

Bingham, Geoffrey C., Dear darling idols : lords & gods, piffling & appalling, 1981, OD31 BING DDID

Bingham, Geoffrey C., Dear death or dark devourer?, 1989, RW15 BING DDOD

Bingham, Geoffrey C., The clash of the kingdoms, 1989, RV1 BING COTK

Bingham, Geoffrey C., Discipleship : doom or delight?, 1978, XE BING DISC

Bingham, Geoffrey C., Dry bones dancing!, 2003, WB27 BING DBDA

Bingham, Geoffrey C., Delighting in God’s will, 1984, XW BING DIGW

Bingham, Geoffrey C., The dynamics of creature and creation, 2004, RQ50 BING DOCA

Bingham, Geoffrey C., Everything in beautiful array, 1999, RS73 BING EIBA

Bingham, Geoffrey C., Freely flows forgiveness, 1981, RS53 BING FFFO

Bingham, Geoffrey C., God and man in the mission of the Kingdom, 2003, UA23 BING GAMI

Bingham, Geoffrey C., God and man in signs and wonders, 1988, RS72 BING GAMI

Bingham, Geoffrey C., The fulness of Christ : the epistle to the Colossians, 1987, FP18 BING FOCH

Bingham, Geoffrey C., The God and Father of us all, 1982, RQ25 BING GAFO

Bingham, Geoffrey C., God, man & woman in today’s world : the matters of man, woman, male headship, and the ministry of woman, 1986, SD97 BING RAPO

Blackaby, Henry T., Hearing God’s voice, 2002, XW BLAC HGVO

Bradshaw, F. Maxwell, Basic documents on Presbyterian polity, 1984, KP30 BASI BRAD

Breytenbach, Cilliers, Paul’s Graeco-Roman context, 2015, FT31 PAUL BREY

Bright, William, Ancient collects : a facsimile of the fifth edition 1875, 1993, UU8 BRIG ACOL

Brueggemann, Walter, Sabbath as resistance : saying no to the culture of now, 2014, UG92 BRUE SARE

Buchanan, Mark, The rest of God : restoring your soul by restoring Sabbath, 2006, XB58 BUCH ROGO

Calver, Clive, Thinking clearly about truth, 1995, RK55 CALV TCAT

Carter, Charles W., The Wesleyan Bible commentary, Vol. 1-4, 1966-69, CH5 WESL CART

Chouinard, Larry, Matthew, 1997, FK58 CHOU MATT

Cole, Stewart G., The history of fundamentalism, 2008, Perry RP32 COLE HOFU

Coleman, John A., Roman Catholicism tested by the scriptures, 1986, KJ95.6 COLE RCTB

Coleman, Robert Emerson, The Master’s way of personal evangelism, 1997, WB24 COLE MWOP

Danker, Ryan Nicholas, Wesley and the Anglicans : political division in early evangelicalism, 2016, Perry LU63 DANK WATA

Das, A. Andrew., Baptized into God’s family : the doctrine of infant baptism for today, 1991, UG27 DASA BIGF

Davis, Catherine L., The spirits of Mindoro : the true story of how the Gospel came to a strangely-prepared demon-fearing people, 1998, Perry MW34 DAVI SOMI

Evans, Mary J., Prophets of the Lord, 2001, DN EVAN POTL 2001

Fisher, Barbara Joan., Developing a faith-based education : a teachers manual, 2010, TM35 FISH DAFB

Gangel, Kenneth., Acts [ebook], 1998,

Garrigan, Siobhan., Common worship in theological education, 2010, TX30 COMM GARR

Gould, Dana, Acts [ebook], 1997,

Gritsch, Eric W., Fortress introduction to Lutheranism, 1994, KL22 GRIT FITL

Gritsch, Eric W., Lutheranism : the theological movement and its confessional writings, 1976, KL66 GRIT LUTH

Hoffmeier, James Karl, Did I not bring Israel out of Egypt? : biblical, archaeological, and Egyptological perspectives on the Exodus narratives, 2016, HP33.1 DIDI HOFF

Hovestol, Tom, Extreme righteousness : seeing ourselves in the Pharisees, 2008, XW HOVE ERIG

Howard-Brook, Wes, The church before Christianity, 2001, UA42 HOWA CBCH

Jerome, Commentaries on the twelve prophets, Vol. 1, 2016, DP18 JERO COTT

Johnson, Paul, Cathedrals of England, Scotland and Wales, 1990, YK50 JOHN COES

Kolb, Robert, The Christian faith : a Lutheran exposition, 1993, KL KOLB CFAI

Kruger, Michael J., A biblical-theological introduction to the New Testament : the Gospel realized, 2016, FD BIBL KRUG

Lee, Gregory W., Today when you hear His voice : scripture, the covenants, and the people of God, 2016, DX55 LEEG TWYH

Lintott, A. W., Imperium Romanum : politics and administration, 1993, HX74 LINT IROM

Lockyer, Herbert, All the trades and occupations of the Bible : a fascinating study of ancient arts and crafts, 1969, HP22 or CR50 LOCK ATTA

Lockyer, Herbert, All the promises of the Bible : a unique compilation and exposition of divine promises in Scripture, 1962, DX89 LOCK ATPO

Lockyer, Herbert, All the parables of the Bible : a study and analysis of the more than 250 parables in Scripture, including those in the Old Testament, as well as those of Our Lord, and others, in the New Testament, 1963, FX34 LOCK ATPO

Lockyer, Herbert, All the miracles of the Bible : the supernatural in scripture its scope and significance, 1961, RE68 LOCK ATMO

Lockyer, Herbert., All the kings and queens of the Bible : tragedies and triumphs of royalty in past ages, 1961, SX25 LOCK ATKA

Lockyer, Herbert, All the holy days and holidays : or, Sermons on all national and religious memorial days, 1968, WW10 LOCK ATHD

Lockyer, Herbert, All the women of the Bible : the life and times of all the women in the Bible, 1967?, SD87.2 LOCK ATWO

Lockyer, Herbert, All the prayers of the Bible : a devotional and expositional classic, 1959, DX89 LOCK ATPO

Lockyer, Herbert, All the divine names and titles in the Bible : a unique classification of all scriptural designations of the three persons of the Trinity, 1975, DX71 LOCK ATDN

Lockyer, Herbert, All the children of the Bible, 1970, SD10.2 LOCK ATCO

Lockyer, Herbert, All the books and chapters of the Bible : combination of Bible study and daily meditation plan, 1966, CD90 LOCK ATBA

Lockyer, Herbert, All the apostles of the Bible : studies in the characters of the apostles, the men Jesus chose, and the message they proclaimed, 1972, FT40 LOCK ATAO

Lockyer, Herbert, All the last words of saints and sinners, 1969, LOCK ATLW

Lutheran Church of Australia, Rites & resources, 1998, UQ1.5 1998

Magie, David, Roman rule in Asia Minor : to the end of the third century after Christ, Vol. 1, 1950, HT MAGI RRIA

Mavor, John E., Calling us by name : ministry through small or neighbourhood congregations, 1997, WA20 CALL MAVO

McCain, Paul Timothy, Concordia : the Lutheran confessions : a reader’s edition of the Book of Concord, 2006, KL41 2006 MCCA

McLean, Bradley H., An introduction to Greek epigraphy of the Hellenistic and Roman periods from Alexander the Great down to the reign of Constantine (323 B.C.-A.D. 337), 2011, HW43 MCLE ITGE

Parker, Joseph, Preaching through the Bible, Vol. 1-3, 1881, CH5 PARK PTTB

Peterson, Ryan S., The Imago Dei as human identity : a theological interpretation, 2016, RU PETE IDAH

Renkema, Johan, Lamentations, 1998, DN58 RENK LAME

Rhodes, Ron, Reasoning from the Scriptures with Catholics, 2000, KJ96.7 RHOD RFTS

Sjogren, Steve, The perfectly imperfect church : redefining the “ideal” church, 2002, WA20 SJOG PICH

Susini, G. C., The Roman stonecutter : an introduction to Latin epigraphy, 1973, BS28 SUSI RSTO

Van Pelt, Miles V., A biblical-theological introduction to the Old Testament : the Gospel promised, 2016, DD BIBL VANP

Wagner, C. Peter, Churchquake! : how the New Apostolic Reformation is shaking up the church as we know it, 1999, WA20 WAGN CHUR

Warner, Rob, The Ten Commandments and the decline of the West, 1997, CR42 WARN TCAT

Wiley, H. Orton, Introduction to Christian theology, 1946, RN96 WILE ITCT

Wiley, H. Orton, Christian theology, Vol. 1-3, 1940-1952, RN96 WILE CTHE

Wolter, Michael, Paul : an outline of his theology, 2015, FX60 WOLT PAUL




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