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December 2022

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[Author not identified], The New Room in the Horsefair : the story of John Wesley’s chapel, Bristol, [Date of publication not identified], LU64 NEWR SOJW

Anglican/Roman Catholic International Commission, Documents produced by the Anglican-Roman Catholic International Commission, Date of publication not identified, UA23 ANGL DPBT

Babbage, S. Barton, The age to come : issues facing our ageing population : discussion papers and study guide, 2000, MW61 ANGL ATCO

Barber, Cyril J., Ezra and Esther : a devotional commentary [ebook], 2007

Beed, Clive S., Equity and God’s economic programme : a biblical study, 1990, SQ33 BEED EAGE

Black, Allen, Ephesos as a religious center under the principate, 2022, HT2 EPHE BLAC

Bolt, Peter G., God’s grace inscribed on the human heart : essays in honour of James R. Harrison, 2022, FB GODG BOLT

Bolt, Peter G., Romans and the legacy of St Paul : historical, theological, and social perspectives, 2019, FN30 ROMA BOLT

Boren, M. Scott, Leading small groups in the way of Jesus [ebook], 2015

Braga, Stuart, A century preaching Christ : Katoomba Christian Convention, 1903-2003, 2003, WH13 BRAG CPCH

Braun, Willi, Rhetoric and reality in early Christianities, 2005, IJ24 RHET BRAU

Brueggemann, Walter, An on-going imagination : a conversation about scripture, faith, and the thickness of relationship [ebook], 2019

Brueggemann, Walter, Returning from the abyss : pivotal moments in the book of Jeremiah [ebook], 2022

Casey, Anthony F., Peoples on the move : community research for ministry and missions [ebook], 2020

Clarke, Greg, The new atheism taking it seriously [DVD], 2009?, RB49 NEWA CLAR

Clifton, Shane, Crippled grace : disability, virtue ethics, and the good life [ebook], 2018

Dalrymple, Rob, Follow the Lamb : a guide to reading, understanding, and applying the book of Revelation [ebook], 2018

Davis, Paul, George Beverly Shea : tell me the story, 2009, MA5 SHEA DAVI

DelHousaye, John, The fourfold gospel Volume 1, From the beginning to the Baptist : a formational commentary on Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John [ebook], 2020

DeSilva, David Arthur, Hebrews : grace and gratitude [ebook], 2020

Diamond, A. R. Pete, Eerdmans commentary on the Bible : Jeremiah and Lamentations [ebook], 2003

Dodson, Jonathan K., 1-2 Peter and Jude : a 12-week study [ebook], 2017

Dykstra, Robert C., Images of pastoral care : classic readings [ebook], 2005

Easley, Kendell H., Harmony of the Gospels : Holman Christian Standard Bible [ebook], 2007

Elliot, Elisabeth, The mark of a man : following Christ’s example of masculinity [ebook], 2007

Fries, Micah., Exalting Jesus in Zephaniah, Haggai, Zechariah, and Malachi [ebook], 2015

Fudge, Edward, Hell : a final word : the surprising truths I found in the Bible [ebook], 2012

Fudge, Edward, The fire that consumes : a biblical and historical study of the doctrine of the final punishment [ebook], 2011

George, Sam, Reflections of Asian diaspora : mapping theologies and ministries [ebook], 2022

Goetting, Paul F., Members are ministers : the vocation of all believers [ebook], 2012

Graham, Ruth, Transforming loneliness : deepening our relationships with God and others when we feel alone [ebook], 2021

Green, Chris E. W., All things beautiful : an aesthetic christology [ebook], 2021

Gundry, Robert H., Commentary on Revelation [ebook], 2010

Hartke, Austen, Transforming : the Bible and the lives of transgender Christians [ebook], 2018

Hughes, Kyle R., How the Spirit became God : the mosaic of early Christian pneumatology [ebook], 2020

Inter-Anglican Standing Commission on Ecumenical Relations 2000-2008, The vision before us : the Kyoto report of the Inter Anglican Standing Commission on Ecumenical Relations 2000-2008, 2009, KM2 INTE 2008

Jennings, Willie James, After whiteness : an education in belonging [ebook], 2020

Judge, E. A., Engaging Rome and Jerusalem : historical essays for our time, 2014=, CD91 JUDG ERAJ

Kellum, L. Scott, Acts [ebook], 2020

Keltz, B. Kyle, Answering the music man : Dan Barker’s arguments against Christianity [ebook], 2020

Kennedy, Jared, Keeping your children’s ministry on mission : practical strategies for discipling the next generation [ebook], 2022

Kenny, Amy., My body is not a prayer request : disability justice in the church [ebook], 2022

Kilcrease, Jack D., Justification by the word : restoring sola fide, 2022, RS60 KILC JBTW

Kinzig, Wolfram, Christian Persecution in Antiquity [ebook], 2021

Kleinig, John W., Wonderfully made : a Protestant theology of the body, 2021, RU KLEI WMAD

Köstenberger, Andreas J., Signs of the Messiah : an introduction to John’s gospel [ebook], 2021

Last, Helen, Public face, private pain : the Anglican report about violence against women and the abuse of power within the church community, 1994, SD59 PUBL LAST

Lintzenich, Robert., Ruth and Esther [ebook], 1998

Maté, Gabor, When the body says no : the cost of hidden stress [ebook], 2019

McCormack, Bruce L., The humility of the eternal son : “reformed” kenoticism and the repair of Chalcedon, 2021, RR52 MCCO HOTE

McDowell, Josh., The new evidence that demands a verdict, 1999, RD56 MCDO NETD

McKnight, Scot., Perspectives on Paul : five views [ebook], 2020

Moorhead, James H., Princeton Seminary in American religion and culture, 2012, TX67 PRIN MOOR

Morgan, David T., Southern Baptist sisters : in search of status, 1845-2000, 2003, ME22 MORG SPSI

Negus, George, The world from Islam : a journey of discovery through the Muslim heartland, 2004, OT55 NEGU WFIL

Nelson, Peter K., Spiritual formation : ever forming, never formed [ebook], 2010

Nielson, Kathleen Buswell, Ezra and Nehemiah : a 12-week study [ebook], 2016

Noll, Mark A., Turning points : decisive moments in the history of Christianity [ebook], 2022

Ogden, Graham S., A handbook on Judges, 2019, DL28 OGDE HOJU

Ortlund, Dane Calvin, In the Lord I take refuge : 150 daily devotions through the Psalms [ebook], 2021

Ortlund, Gavin, Retrieving Augustine’s doctrine of creation : ancient wisdom for current controversy [ebook], 2020

Osborne, Grant R., John : verse by verse [ebook], 2018

Phillips, Thomas, The Welsh revival : its origins and development, 1989, LW94 PHIL WREV

Platt, David, Exalting Jesus in 1 and 2 Timothy and Titus [ebook], 2013

Rah, Soong-Chan, Many colors : cultural intelligence for a changing church [ebook], 2010

Raynor, Jordan, Called to create : a biblical invitation to create, innovate, and risk [ebook], 2017

Rogerson, J. W., Eerdmans commentary on the Bible : Haggai, Zechariah, Malachi [ebook], 2019

Schmidt, Bettina E., Spirituality and wellbeing : interdisciplinary approaches to the study of religious experience and health, 2020, YX10 SPIR SCHM

Schreiner, Thomas R., 1-2 Peter and Jude [ebook], 2020

Searle, Walter, David Brainerd’s personal testimony : selected from his journal and diary, 1978, MA5 BRAI SEAR

Sechrest, Love L., Can “white” people be saved? : triangulating race, theology, and mission [ebook], 2018

Shauf, Scott., The divine in Acts and in ancient historiography [ebook], 2015

Smith, Basil A., Dean Church : the Anglican response to Newman, 1958, LQ1 CHUR SMIT

Stevenson, Kenneth W., Jerusalem revisited : the liturgical meaning of Holy Week, 1988, UG86.5 STEV JREV

Stortz, Rodney D., Daniel : the triumph of God’s kingdom [ebook], 2016

Stott, John R. W., Acts : seeing the spirit at work : 18 studies with commentary for individuals or groups [ebook], 1998

Strauch, Alexander, Men and women, equal yet different : a brief study of the biblical passages on gender, 1999, SD97 STRA MAWO

Streat, Donald, The historical tablets of the New Room, 1960, LU64 NEWR HTOT

Tisby, Jemar, The color of compromise : the truth about the American church’s complicity in racism [ebook], 2019

Wagner, C. Peter, Wrestling with alligators, prophets, and theologians : lessons from a lifetime in the church : a memoir, 2010, MA5 WAGN WAGN

Wallis, Ian G., The Galilean wonderworker : reassessing Jesus’ reputation for healing and exorcism [ebook], 2020

Wenham, Gordon J., Jesus, divorce, and remarriage : in their historical setting [ebook], 2020

Whisker, Dan, Nurturing healthy diversity in church schools, 2020, TM30 WHIS NHDI

Williams, Jarvis J., Galatians [ebook], 2020

Williams, Jarvis J., Redemptive kingdom diversity : a biblical theology of the people of God [ebook], 2021

Witmer, Stephen, Revelation : a 12-week study [ebook], 2015

Yarbrough, Robert W., John [ebook], 2011

Yinger, Kent L., God and human wholeness : perfection in biblical and theological tradition [ebook], 2019

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