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October 2023

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Stevens, R. Paul, 1 Corinthians : the challenges of life together : 13 studies for individuals or groups [ebook], 2001,

Campbell, Charles L., 1 Corinthians [ebook], 2018,

Spencer, Aída Besançon, 1 Timothy : a new covenant commentary [ebook], 2013,

Tench, Watkin, 1788 [ebook], 2012,

Thiselton, Anthony C., 2 Corinthians : a short exegetical and pastoral commentary [ebook], 2019,

Park, Song-Mi Suzie, 2 Kings [ebook], 2019,

Tibbs, Eve, A basic guide to Eastern Orthodox theology : introducing beliefs and practices [ebook], 2021,

Kennard, Douglas Welker, A biblical theology of the book of Isaiah [ebook], 2020,

Schermerhorn, Hannah, A single life to live : stop waiting for your life to begin and thrive where God has you today [ebook], 2023,

Skinner, Matthew L., Acts : catching up with the Spirit [ebook], 2020,

Schreiner, Patrick, Acts [ebook], 2022,

Price, Robert M., Bart Ehrman interpreted : how one radical New Testament scholar understands another [ebook], 2018,

Imes, Carmen Joy, Being God’s image : why creation still matters [ebook], 2023,

Johnston, Jeremiah J., Body of proof : the 7 best reasons to believe in the resurrection of Jesus–and why it matters today [ebook], 2023,

Gerstenberger, Erhard S., Charting the course of Psalms research : essays on the Psalms [ebook], 2022,

Smith, Mitzi J., Chloe and her people : a womanist critical dialogue with First Corinthians [ebook], 2023,

Thompson, James W., Christ and culture in the New Testament [ebook], 2023,

Alfsvag, Knut, Christology as critique : on the relationship between Christ, creation, and epistemology [ebook], 2018,

Knopf, Rudolf, Commentary on the Didache and on 1-2 Clement [ebook], 2023,

Wells, Samuel, Crafting prayers for public worship : the art of intercession [ebook], 2013,

Laurence, Trevor, Cursing with God : the imprecatory psalms and the ethics of Christian prayer [ebook], 2022,

Reichenbach, Bruce R., Diving into the Gospel of John : life through believing [ebook], 2023,

Blazer, Dan G., Ecclesiastes : searching for the silver linings [ebook], 2005,

Jarick, John, Eerdmans commentary on the Bible : Ecclesiastes and Song of Songs [ebook], 2003,

Crawford, Sidnie White, Eerdmans commentary on the Bible : Esther [ebook], 2019,

Goldingay, John, Eerdmans commentary on the Bible : Ezekiel [ebook] , 2019,

Barton, Stephen C., Eerdmans commentary on the Bible : First Corinthians [ebook], 2021,

Saldarini, Anthony J., Eerdmans commentary on the Bible : Matthew [ebook], 2019,

Lynch, Matthew J., Flood and fury : Old Testament violence and the shalom of God [ebook], 2023,

Keener, Craig S.,  For all peoples : a biblical theology of missions in the Gospels and Acts [ebook], 2020,

Ngien, Dennis, Grace and law in Galatians : justification in Luther and Calvin [ebook], 2023,

Hrichi, Shadia, Hagar : rediscovering the God who sees me [ebook], 2017,

Fu, Qiang, How God forms Abraham to be a blessing : using formative narrative approach and narrative discourse analysis [ebook], 2023,

Smith, James K. A., How to inhabit time : understanding the past, facing the future, living faithfully now [ebook], 2022,

Abernethy, Andrew T., Isaiah and imperial context : the Book of Isaiah in the times of empire [ebook], 2013,

Walker, Williston, John Calvin : the organiser of reformed Protestantism, 1509-1564 [ebook], 2004,

Foster, Richard J., Learning humility : a year of searching for a vanishing virtue [ebook], 2022,

Bowsher, Clive, Life in the Son : exploring participation and union with Christ in John’s Gospel and letters [ebook], 2023,

Youngs, Samuel J., Making Christ real : the peril and promise of kenosis [ebook], 2022,

Stovell, Beth M., Making sense of motherhood : biblical and theological perspectives [ebook], 2016,

Witt, William G., Mapping atonement : the doctrine of reconciliation in Christian history and theology [ebook], 2022,

McKim, Donald K., Martin Bucer : an introduction to his life and theology [ebook], 2023,

Davison, James E., Matthew [ebook], 2018,

Murray, Andrew, Ministry of intercessory prayer [ebook], 2012,

Carnes, Natalie, Motherhood : a confession [ebook], 2020,

Church, Philip Arthur Frederick, Never give up! : the message of Hebrews [ebook], 2023,

Witherington, Ben, New Testament rhetoric : an introductory guide to the art of persuasion in and of the New Testament [ebook], 2022,

Stuart, Douglas K., Old Testament exegesis : a handbook for students and pastors [ebook] , 2022,

McLaughlin, John L., Parables of Jesus [ebook], 2020,

Kim, Yung Suk, Paul’s gospel, empire, race, and ethnicity : through the lens of minoritized scholarship [ebook], 2023,

Hughes, R. Kent, Philippians, Colossians, and Philemon : the fellowship of the gospel and the supremacy of Christ [ebook], 2013,

Stump, Eleonore, Philosophical theology and the knowledge of persons [ebook], 2023,

Veith, Gene Edward, Post-Christian : a guide to contemporary thought and culture [ebook], 2020,

Jones, Beth Felker, Practicing Christian doctrine : an introduction to thinking and living theologically [ebook], 2023,

Goldsworthy, Graeme, Preaching the whole Bible as Christian Scripture : the application of biblical theology to expository preaching [ebook], 2000,

Crenshaw, James, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Song of Songs : leader guide [ebook] , 2017,

Adams, Victoria, Redefining Job and the conundrum of suffering [ebook], 2020,

Hall, Todd W., Relational spirituality : a psychological-theological paradigm for transformation [ebook], 2021,

Goode, Scott, Salvific intentionality in 1 Corinthians : how Paul cultivatesthe missional imagination of the Corinthian community [ebook], 2023,

Rossi, Melody, Sharing Christ with the dying : bringing hope to those near the end of life [ebook], 2014,

Idestrom, Rebecca G. S., Show me your glory : the glory of God in the Old Testament [ebook], 2023,

Wharton, Kate, Single-minded : being single, whole and living life to the full [ebook], 2013,

Gould, Paul M., Stand firm : apologetics and the brilliance of the gospel [ebook], 2018,

Hart, D. G., Still protesting : why the Reformation matters [ebook], 2018,

Barclay, William, The Acts of the Apostles [ebook], 2003,

Kalas, J. Ellsworth, The beatitudes from the back side [ebook], 2008,

Garrard, David J., The Epistle of Paul to the Ephesians [ebook], 2023,

Fahey, William Edmund, The foundations of Western monasticism :  The life of Saint Anthony of the Desert. The holy rule of Saint Benedict, and The twelve degrees of humility and pride [ebook], 2013,

Nothwehr, Dawn M., The Franciscan view of the human person : some central elements [ebook], 2005,

Barclay, William, The Gospel of John Vol. 1-2[ebook], 2001,

Heil, John Paul, The Gospel of Matthew : worship in the kingdom of heaven [ebook], 2017,

Volf, Miroslav, The home of God : a brief story of everything [ebook], 2022,

Treweek, Danielle, The meaning of singleness : retrieving an eschatological vision for the contemporary church [ebook], 2023,

Olley, John W., The message of 1 & 2 Kings : God is present [ebook], 2022,

Evans, Mary J., The message of 1 & 2 Samuel : personalities, potential, politics, and power [ebook], 2022,

Wilcock, Michael, The message of Chronicles : one church, one faith, one Lord [ebook], 2022,

Lee, Dorothy A., The ministry of women in the New Testament : reclaiming the biblical vision for church leadership [ebook], 2021,

Duke, Paul Simpson, The parables : a preaching commentary [ebook], 2005,

Barclay, William, The parables of Jesus [ebook], 1999,

Hitchcock, Christina, The significance of singleness : a theological vision for the future of the church [ebook], 2018,

Gupta, Nijay K., The writer : a guide to research, writing, and publishing in biblical studies [ebook], 2022,

Hahnenberg, Edward P., Theology for ministry : an introduction for lay ministers [ebook], 2014,

Barrett, Justin L., Thriving with Stone Age minds : evolutionary psychology, Christian faith, and the quest for human flourishing [ebook], 2021,

Shead, Andrew G., Walk his way : following Christ through the book of Psalms [ebook], 2023,

Anderson, Fred R., Why did Jesus die and what does that have to do with me? : a biblical and sacramental understanding of atonement [ebook], 2022,

Binz, Stephen J., Women of the Gospels : friends and disciples of Jesus [ebook], 2011,

Binz, Stephen J., Women of the Torah : matriarchs and heroes of Israel [ebook], 2012,

Dickson, John, Worship as it is in heaven : worship that engages every believer and establishes God’s kingdom on earth [ebook], 2014,

Abusch, I. Tzvi, Lingering over words : studies in ancient Near Eastern literature in honor of William L. Moran, 1990, BE34 LING ABUS

Huehnergard, John, The Akkadian of Ugarit, 1989, BF57 HEUH AOUG

Dearman, J. Andrew, Studies in the Mesha inscription and Moab, 1989, BI3 STUD DEAR

Parker, Simon B., The pre-biblical narrative tradition : essays on the Ugaritic poems Keret and Aqhat, 1989, BI3.5 PARK PNTR

Smith, Mark S., The origins and development of the waw-consecutive : Northwest Semitic evidence from Ugarit to Qumran, 1991, BJ60 SMIT OADO

Perelman, Chaïm, The new rhetoric : a treatise on argumentation, 1971, BU5 PERE NRHE

Curtis, Brian A., Exile and restoration, 2023, CB92 2013 CURT V:4

, Africa study Bible :  New living translation, 2016, CB92 2016 AFRI

International Organization for Septuagint and Cognate Studies. Congress (1989 : Louvain, Belgium), VII Congress of the International Organization for Septuagint and Cognate Studies, Leuven, 1989, 1991, CD12 IOSC 1989

Barton, John, A history of the Bible : the book and its faiths, 2020, CD50 BART HOTB

Laughery, Gregory J., Living hermeneutics in motion : an analysis and evaluation of Paul Ricoeur’s contribution to biblical hermeneutics, 2002, CH LAUG LHIM

Whitaker, Robyn J., Even the Devil quotes Scripture : reading the Bible on its own terms, 2023, CH WHIT ETDQ

Dawson, David Allan, Text-linguistics and biblical Hebrew, 1994, DG DAWS TLAB

Thompson, J. A., Genesis 1-3 : science? history? theology?, 2007, DK36.3 THOM GOTT

Doak, Brian R., The preacher’s Hebrew companion to Genesis 1-11 : a selective commentary for meditation and sermon preparation, 2023, DK39 DOAK PHCT

Wevers, John William, Notes on the Greek text of Exodus, 1990, DK44 WEVE NOTG

Shaver, Judson Rayford, Torah and the Chronicler’s history work : an inquiry into the Chronicler’s references to laws, festivals, and cultic institutions in relationship to pentateuchal legislation, 1989, DL SHAV TATC

Boda, Mark J., Judges : longing for a leader, faltering in faithfulness, 2022, DL28 BODA JUDG

Atkinson, David John, The message of Ruth : the wings of refuge, 2022, DL38 ATKI MORU

Jenkins, Steffen G., Imprecations in the Psalms : love for enemies in hard places, 2022, DM30 JENK IITP

Smith, Gary V., Isaiah 1-39, 2021, DN38 SMIT ISAI V:1

Lundbom, Jack R., Amos, Hosea, and Micah : Hebrew prophets of the eighth century, 2021, DP LUND AHAM

Stovell, Beth M., The Book of the Twelve, 2022, DP STOV BOTT

Hamborg, Graham R., Hosea, Joel, and Amos, 2022, DP18 HAMB HJAA

Hinksman, Miriam Bier, Reading Hosea : a beginner’s guide, 2023, DP30 HINK RHOS

Hardwick, Michael E., Josephus as an historical source in patristic literature through Eusebius, 1989, EG HARD JAAH

Neusner, Jacob, Formative Judaism : religious, historical, and literary studies. Sixth series, 1989, EK22 NEUS FJUD

Neusner, Jacob, Comparative midrash : the plan and program of Genesis rabbah and Leviticus rabbah, 1986, EM NEUS CMID

Neusner, Jacob, Society and symbol in political crisis, 1983, EX NEUS SASI

Neusner, Jacob, From description to conviction : essays on the history and theology of Judaism, 1987, EX2 NEUS FDTC

Notre Dame Symposium on the Dead Sea Scrolls (1993 : University of Notre Dame), The Community of the renewed covenant : the Notre Dame Symposium on the Dead Sea Scrolls, 1994, EY50 NOTR COTR

Haynes, Stephen R., Prospects for post-Holocaust theology, 1991, EZ30 HAYN PFPH

Skinner, Matthew L., A companion to the New Testament Vol 1-3, 2018, FH6 SKIN CTTN

Derrenbacker, Robert A., The enduring impact of the Gospel of John : interdisciplinary studies, 2022, FL5 EIOT DERR

Lee, Tat Yan, Reading Johanine dramatic irony through ancient dramatic devices, 2021, FL5 LEET RJDI

Okode, Enoch O., Christ the gift and the giver : Paul’s portrait of Jesus as the supreme royal benefactor in Romans 5:1-11, 2022, FN39 OKOD CTGA

Ellis, E. Earle, 1 Corinthians : a commentary, 2022, FN48 ELLI OCOR

Palmer, Earl F., Called to be a people of the gospel : St. Paul’s New Testament Letter to the Ephesians, 2022, FN88 PALM CTBA

Cockerill, Gareth Lee, Yesterday, today, and forever : listening to Hebrews in the twenty-first century, 2022, FP98 COCK YTAF

Mathewson, David., Uncovering the treasures of the Apocalypse : keys to unlocking the mysteries of the Book of Revelation, 2022, FR MATH UTTO

Barnett, Paul W., Jerusalem to Illyricum : earliest Christianity through the eyes of Paul, 2022, FT31 BARN JTIL

Harris, Murray J., Paul, his life, letters, and teaching : convenient summaries, 2022, FT31 HARR PHLL

Bird, Michael F., Paul within Judaism : perspectives on Paul and Jewish identity, 2023, FT31 PAUL BIRD 2023

Bell, Richard H., The theology of Paul in three dimensions : dogmatics, experience, relevance, 2022, FX60 BELL TOPI

Perriman, Andrew, In the form of a God : the pre-existence of the exalted Christ in Paul, 2022, FX62 PERR ITFO

Davies, Jamie, The apocalyptic Paul : retrospect and prospect, 2022, FX67.5 DAVI APAU

Irenaeus, Contre les hérésies  Vol. 1.1–5.2, 1965-1982, GM3 I66 J 1965

Irenaeus, Contre les hérésies : Dénonciation et réfutation de la gnose au nom menteur, 1984, GM3 I66 J 1984

Origen, Origen : On first principles : a reader’s edition , 2019, GM3 O69 PEB 2019

Hanson, R. P. C., Allegory and event : a study of the sources and significance of Origen’s interpretation of Scripture, 2002, GM3 O69 XH25

Barnes, Michel Rene, Augustine and Nicene theology : essays on Augustine and the Latin argument for Nicaea, 2023, GN3 XB26 2023

Wyman, Walter E., The concept of Glaubenslehre : Ernst Troeltsch and the theological heritage of Schleiermacher, 1983, GW27 T843 XW98

Dorrien, Gary J., The Barthian revolt in modern theology : theology without weapons, 2000, GW28 B28 XD71

Colombo, Joseph A., An essay on theology and history : studies in Pannenberg, Metz, and the Frankfurt School, 1990, HH33 COLO EOTA

Neusner, Jacob, Ancient Judaism : debates and disputes, 1984, HP22 NEUS AJUD

Wise, Michael Owen, Thunder in Gemini  and other essays on the history, language and literature of Second Temple Palestine, 1994, HP37 WISE TIGE

Neusner, Jacob, The Christian and Judaic invention of history, 1990, ID CHRI NEUS

Woolford, T. A., God’s church for God’s world : faithful perspectives on mission and ministry, 2022, KM3 WOOL GCFG

Waller, Ralph, John Wesley : a personal portrait, 2003, LU64 WALL JWES

Hansen, Collin, Timothy Keller : his spiritual and intellectual formation, 2023, MA5 KELL HANS

Kurti, Peter, Beyond belief : rethinking the Voice to parliament, 2022, MW61.4 KURT BBEL

Woolrich, Malcolm, Shedding light : a history of St. Columb’s Anglican Church, Hawthorn through its stained glass windows, 2023, MW66.6 WOOL SLIG

Ludwig, Theodore M., The sacred paths : understanding the religions of the world, 2006, OC LUDW SPAT

Prior, Karen Swallow, The evangelical imagination : how stories, images, and metaphors created a culture in crisis, 2023, Perry JH PRIO EIMA

Stuart, Clara H., John Wycliffe’s lengthening shadow : roots of the English evangelical heritage (1385-1536), 2004, Perry LS29 STUA JWLS

Stuart, Clara H., The man with the long shadow, 1997, Perry LS29.3 STUA MWTL

Westminster Conference (2022 : London), Wrestling with our past : papers read at the 2022 Westminster Conference, 2022?, Perry LT42 WEST WWOP

Price, David J., Live in tents,  build only altars : Gilbert Mcarthur : his story, 2019, Perry MW27.4 MCAR XPRI

Mansfield, David, The class of Chappo : stoking our burning hearts to keep preaching Christ, 2022, Perry MW61.7 CHAP MANS 2022

Taylor, William G., The life-story of an Australian evangelist : with an account of the origin and growth of the Sydney Central Methodist Mission, 1920, Perry MW66.5M TAYL XTAY

Mackay, Hugh, What makes us tick : making sense of who we are and the desires that drive us, 2019, PP72 MACK WMUT

Price, David, Ageing faithfully, 2023, PW90 PRIC AFAI

Morgan, K. L., Like a boss : the process and privilege of supervising people, 2022, PW96 MORG LABO

Greenspahn, Frederick E., Nourished with peace : studies in Hellenistic Judaism in memory of Samuel Sandmel, 1984, QE90 NOUR GREE

Kaufman, Gordon D., An essay on theological method, 1995, RC15 KAUF EOTM

Chatraw, Joshua D., Surprised by doubt : how disillusionment can invite us into a deeper faith, 2023, RD56 CHAT SBDO

Keener, Craig S., Miracles today : the supernatural work of God in the modern world, 2021, RE68 KEEN MTOD

Clines, David J. A., The dictionary of classical Hebrew Vol. 1-2, 2018-, Ref BJ48 DICT CLIN

Kim, J. D., Constructing a mediating theology : affirming the impassibility and the passibility of the triune God, 2022, RQ20 KIMJ CAMT

Milbank, John, Theological perspectives on God and beauty, 2003, RQ20 MILB TPOG

Rice, Scott P., Trinity and history : the God-world relation in the theology of Dorner, Barth, Pannenberg, and Jenson, 2022, RQ30 RICE TAHI

Dalferth, Ingolf U., Malum : a theological hermeneutics of evil, 2022, RU20 DALF MALU

Swinton, John, Deliver us from evil : a call for Christians to take evil seriously, 2022, RU20 SWIN DUFE

Wu, Siu Fung, Finding God in suffering : journeying with Jesus and scriptures, 2023, RU20 WUSI XWUS

Forsyth, Peter Taylor, Marriage : its ethic and religion, 1999, SD21 FORS MARR

Durgin, Celina, The biblical world of gender : the daily lives of ancient women and men, 2022, SD97.2 BIBL DURG

Kanagaratnam, Anjali, Beyond tokenism : a Christian vision for embracing racial diversity in our schools, 2023, SM20 KANA BTOK

Association of Christian Schools International, Leading insights : mental health and well-being, 2022, TF3 ASSO LINS

Creedon, Anna, Growing disciples in small groups : a resource for leaders, 2023, TM36 CREE GDIS

Bolt, Peter G., Testing us testing God : assessment and theological competency, 2022, TX30 TEST BOLT

Billings, Bradly S., Truly called? : vocation in the Anglican Church, 2023, UA66 BILL TCAL

Bradshaw, Paul F., Eucharistic origins, 2023, UG30.2 BRAD EORI

Earey, Mark, Church of England worship : a basic guide for those who need to know, 2023, UP12 EARE COEW

Bassett, Brendan, A whole church discipleship adventure : Jesus-shaped people, 2023, WA20 BASS WCDA

Frost, Michael, The shaping of things to come : innovation and mission for the 21st-century church, 2013, WA20 FROS SOTT

Selvaratnam, Christian, Why plant churches? : theological and practical reasons, 2023, WA20 SELV WPCH

Hybels, Bill, Courageous leadership, 2009, WA28 HYBE CLEA

Barna Group, Children’s ministry in a new reality : building church communities that cultivate lasting faith : a Barna report produced in partnership with Awana, 2022, WA70 BARN CMIA

May, Becky, Toddler groups in church : the foundation for flourishing youth work, 2023, WA70 MAYB TGIC

Randall, Ian M., Revival : learning from history, 2023, WB35 RAND REVI Edwards, William R., Theology for ministry : how doctrine affects pastoral life and practice, 2022, WP THEO EDWA

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