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May 2022

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Greenway, William, A reasonable belief : why God and faith make sense, 2015

Nicoll, Jeff, Augustine’s problem : impotence and grace [ebook], 2016

Plummer, Robert L., Charts for beginning Greek grammar and syntax : Beginning with New Testament Greek [ebook], 2021

Gundry, Robert H., Commentary on Colossians and Philemon [ebook], 2011

Gundry, Robert H., Commentary on First and Second Timothy, Titus [ebook], 2010

Burridge, Richard A., Confronting religious violence : a counternarrative [ebook], 2018

Gabra, Gawdat, Coptic monasteries : Egypt’s monastic art and architecture [ebook], 2002

Wenham, Gordon J., Eerdmans commentary on the Bible : Genesis [ebook], 2019

Scott, J. Martin C., Eerdmans commentary on the Bible : John [ebook], 2021

Evans, Craig A., Eerdmans commentary on the Bible : Mark [ebook], 2021

Stott, John R. W., Ephesians : building a community in Christ : 12 studies with commentaries for individuals or groups [ebook], 2020

Benn, Wallace., Ezra, Nehemiah, and Esther : restoring the Church [ebook], 2021

Oden, Thomas C., First and Second Timothy and Titus [ebook], 1989

Johnson, Jeffrey D., First Words : Genesis 1-2:7 : exploring scripture through ancient eyes [ebook], 2016

Williams, Peter S., Getting at Jesus : a comprehensive critique of neo-atheist nonsense about the Jesus of history [ebook], 2019

Lindsay, Mark R., God has chosen : the doctrine of election through Christian history [ebook], 2020

Abernethy, Andrew T., God’s messiah in the Old Testament : expectations of a coming king [ebook], 2020

Adler, Mortimer Jerome, How to prove there is a God : Mortimer J. Adler’s writings and thoughts about God [ebook], 2011

Keown, Mark J., Jesus in a world of colliding empires Volume two, Mark 8:30-16:8 and implications : Mark’s Jesus from the perspective of power and expectations [ebook], 2018

Collins, John J., Joel, Obadiah, Haggai, Zechariah, Malachi [ebook], 2013

Hall, Christopher A., Living wisely with the church fathers [ebook], 2017

Black, C. Clifton, Mark [ebook], 2011

Porter, Stanley E., Paul and ancient rhetoric : theory and practice in the Hellenistic context [ebook], 2016

Hunsinger, George, Philippians [ebook], 2020

Kreeft, Peter, Pocket handbook of Christian apologetics [ebook], 2003

Bridges, Charles, Proverbs [ebook], 2001

Bird, Michael F., Religious freedom in a secular age : a Christian case for liberty, equality, and secular government [ebook], 2022

Carson, D. A., Resurrection life in a world of suffering : 1 Peter [ebook], 2018

Habermas, Gary R., Risen indeed : a historical investigation into the resurrection of Jesus [ebook], 2021

Krispenz, Jutta, Scribes as sages and prophets : scribal traditions in biblical wisdom literature and in the Book of the Twelve [ebook], 2021

Hillman, George M., Smart church finances : a pastor’s guide to budgets, spreadsheets, and other things you didn’t learn in seminary [ebook], 2020

Jefford, Clayton N., The Apostolic Fathers : an essential guide [ebook], 2005

Bass, Justin, The bedrock of Christianity : the unalterable facts of Jesus’ death and resurrection [ebook], 2020

Kravitz, Leonard S., The Book of Job : a modern translation and commentary [ebook], 2017

Callahan, Robert B., Walking wisely : an expository commentary based upon Paul’s letter to the Ephesians (chapter five verses 1-33) [ebook], 2013

Jongkind, Dirk, The Greek New Testament : reader’s edition, 2018, CB37 2018 JONG

Nicklas, Tobias, Authoritative writings in early Judaism and early Christianity : their origin, collection, and meaning, 2020, CE AUTH NICK

Schniedewind, William M., The finger of the scribe : how scribes learned to write the Bible, 2019, CQ30 SCHN FOTS

Deutschmann, Barbara Constance, Creating gender in the garden : the inconstant partnership of Eve and Adam, 2022, DK36.3 DEUT CGIT

Frevel, Christian, Desert transformations : studies in the Book of Numbers, 2020, DK60 FREV DTRA

Cocco, Francesco, Women in the wilderness : the “female legislation” of the Book of Numbers (Num 5,11-31; 27,1-11; 30,2-17), 2020, DK69 COCC WITW

Arena, Francesco, Prophetic conflicts in Jeremiah, Ezekiel, and Micah : how post-exilic ideologies created the false (and the true) prophets, 2020, DN AREN PCIJ

Lyons, Michael A., Isaiah’s servants in early Judaism and Christianity : the Isaian servant and the exegetical formation of community identity, 2021, DN30 ISAI LYON

Cole, Daniel M. I., Isaiah’s servant in Paul : the hermeneutics and ethics of Paul’s use of Isaiah 49-54, 2021, DN39.6 COLE ISIP

Fischer, Georg, Jeremiah studies : from text and contexts to theology, 2020, DN40 FISC JSTU

Kemp, Joel B., Ezekiel, law and Judahite identity : a case for identity in Ezekiel 1-33, 2020, DN60 KEMP ELAJ

Tanner, J. Paul, Daniel, 2020, DN78 TANN DANI

Ward-Lev, Nahum, The liberating path of the Hebrew prophets : then and now, 2019, DX20 WARD LPOT

Brett, Mark G., Locations of God : political theology in the Hebrew Bible, 2019, DY5 BRET LOGO

Nicklas, Tobias, Karl-Wilhelm Niebuhr, and Mikhail Seleznev, History and theology in the gospels : seventh International East-West Symposium of New Testament Scholars, Moscow, September 26 to October 1, 2016, 2020, FJ5 HIST NICK

Seleznev, Mikhail, The Gospel of Matthew in its historical and theological context : papers from the international conference in Moscow, September 24 to 28, 2018, 2021, FK50 GOSP SELE

Culpepper, R. Alan, Designs for the church in the Gospel of John : collected essays, 1980-2020, 2021, FL CULP DFTC

Seglenieks, Chris, Johannine belief and Graeco-Roman devotion : reshaping devotion for John’s Graeco-Roman audience, 2020, FL SEGL JBAG

Vistar, Deolito V., The cross-and-resurrection : the supreme sign in John’s gospel, 2019, FL VIST CARE

Wassell, Blake, John 18:28-19:22 and the paradox of judgement, 2021, FL9 WASS JETT

Wyckoff, Eric John, John 4:1-42 among the biblical well encounters : Pentateuchal and Johannine narrative reconsidered, 2020, FL9 WYCK JFOT

Green, Joel B., Luke as narrative theologian : texts and topics, 2020, FM GREE LANT

Heijer, Arco den, Portraits of Paul’s performance in the Book of Acts : Luke’s apologetic strategy in the depiction of Paul as messenger of God, 2021, FM2 HEIJ POPP

Schreiner, Patrick, The mission of the triune God : a theology of Acts, 2022, FM2 SCHR MOTT

Kim, Seon Yong, Curse motifs in Galatians : an investigation into Paul’s rhetorical strategies, 2020, FN70 KIMS CMIG

Harmon, Matthew S., Galatians, 2021, FN78 HARM GALA

Verheyden, Joseph, Markus Öhler, and Thomas Corsten, Epigraphical evidence illustrating Paul’s letter to the Colossians, 2018, FP10 EPIG VERH

Moffitt, David M., Son, sacrifice, and great shepherd : studies on the Epistle to the Hebrews, 2020, FP90 SONS MOFF

Schreiner, Thomas R., The joy of hearing : a theology of the book of Revelation, 2021, FR SCHR JOHE

Atkins, Peter, Ascension now : implications of Christ’s Ascension for today’s church, 2001, FS79 ATKI ANOW

Harrison, James R., Paul and the ancient celebrity circuit : the cross and moral transformation, 2019, FT34 HARR PATA

Hirsch-Luipold, Rainer, The origins of New Testament theology : a dialogue with Hans Dieter Betz, 2020, FX ORIG HIRS

Morgan, Teresa, Being ‘in Christ’ in the letters of Paul : saved through Christ and in his hands, 2020, FX60 MORG BICI

Hewitt, J. Thomas, Messiah and Scripture : Paul’s “in Christ” idiom in its ancient Jewish context, 2020, FX62 HEWI MASC

Armstrong, John H., The glory of Christ, 2002, FX92 GLOR ARMS

Augustine, Homilies on the Gospel of John 41-124, 2020, GN3 E 1990

Dubovský, Peter, Stones, tablets, and scrolls : periods of the formation of the Bible, 2020, HP35 STON DUBO

Radner, Ephraim, All thy lights combine : figural reading in the Anglican tradition, 2022, KM3 ALLT RADN

Keller, Timothy J., Uncommon ground : living faithfully in a world of difference, 2020, MD20 KELL UGRO

Carter, Paul Allen, The spiritual crisis of the gilded age, 1971, MD20 CART SCOT

Nicholls, Ruth, Ayesha’s sisters : some perspectives on women in Islam, 2020, OT55 AYES NICH

Green, Samuel, Where to start with Islam : a new approach to engaging with Muslim friends, 2019, OT55 GREE WTSW

Raiter, Michael, Contending for God in Islam and Christianity, 2002, OT55 RAIT CFGI

Henry, Carl F. H., Architect of evangelicalism : essential essays of Carl F. H. Henry, 2019, Perry JH HENR AOEV

Cranmer, Thomas, Cranmer’s selected writings, 1961, Perry LS32.3 CRAN CSWR

Sweeney, Douglas A., The Oxford handbook of Jonathan Edwards, 2021, Perry ML23 EDWA XSWE 2021

Piggin, Stuart., Harry Goodhew : archbishop, godly radical, dynamic Anglican, 2021, Perry MW61.7 GOOD XPIG

McGever, Sean, Born again : the evangelical theology of conversion in John Wesley and George Whitefield, 2020, Perry RS50 MCGE BAGA

Elmer, Robert, Piercing heaven : prayers of the Puritans, 2019, Perry UU5 PIER ELME

LaPine, Matthew A., The logic of the body : retrieving theological psychology, 2020, PP70 LAPI LOTB

Christianity Today, Inc., Stewards of the earth : Christianity and creation care, 2022, RF30 CHRI SOTE

Babie, Paul, Ethics in climate change : choosing the future, 2021, RF30 ETHI BABI

Stott, John R. W., Christ the cornerstone, 2019, RK56 STOT CTCO

Bintsarovskyi, Dmytro, Hidden & revealed : the doctrine of God in the Reformed and Eastern Orthodox traditions, 2021, RQ20 BINT HARE

Vardy, Peter., The puzzle of God, 1999, RQ20 VARD POGO

Johnson, Elizabeth A., The strength of her witness : Jesus Christ in the global voices of women, 2016, RR29 STRE JOHN

Bennett, Jana Marguerite, Singleness and the church : a new theology of the single life, 2017, SD38 BENN SATC

Loader, William R. G., The Dead Sea scrolls on sexuality : attitudes towards sexuality in sectarian and related literature at Qumran, 2009, SD60 LOAD DSSO

Loader, William R. G., Enoch, Levi, and Jubilees on sexuality : attitudes towards sexuality in the early Enoch literature, the Aramaic Levi document, and the Book of Jubilees, 2007, SD60 LOAD ELAJ

Loader, William R. G., Sexuality and gender : collected essays, 2021, SD60 LOAD SAGE

Loader, William R. G., The Septuagint, sexuality, and the New Testament : case studies on the impact of the LXX in Philo and the New Testament, 2004, SD60.4 LOAD SSAT

Keller, Timothy J., Ministries of mercy : the call of the Jericho road, 2015, SH37 KELL MOME

Heinrichs, Steve, Unsettling the word : biblical experiments in decolonization, 2019, SX93 UNSE HEIN

Riessman, Catherine Kohler, Narrative methods for the human sciences, 2008, TU27 RIES NMFT

Johnson, Jeffrey D., The church : her nature, authority, purpose and worship, 2020, UA23 JOHN CHUR

Burridge, Richard A., Holy communion in contagious times : celebrating the eucharist in the everyday and online worlds, 2022, UG40 BURR HCIC

Jagelman, Ian, The L factor : identifying and developing Christian leaders, 2010, WA28 JAGE LFAC

Stone, Bryan P., Compassionate ministry : theological foundations, 1996, WP STON CMIN

Bennett, Michael, Do you feel called by God? : rethinking the call to ministry, 2012, WP3 BENN DYFC

Merrington, Bill, Pastoral care : a practical guide, 2012, WP6 MERR PCAR

Pennington, Jonathan T., Small preaching : 25 little things you can do now to make you a better preacher, 2021, WQ5 PENN SPRE

Sheldrake, Philip, The spiritual way : classic traditions and contemporary practice, 2019, XC SHEL SWAY

Stevens, Bruce, Before belief : discovering first spiritual awareness, 2020, XC STEV BBEL

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