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June 2019

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Aaron, David H., Genesis ideology : essays on the use and meanings of stories [ebook], 2017

Barrs, Jerram, Echoes of Eden : reflections on Christianity, literature, and the arts [ebook], 2013

Bignon, Guillaume, Excusing sinners and blaming God : a Calvinist assessment of determinism, moral responsibility, and divine involvement in evil [ebook], 2018

Blount, Brian K., Can I get a witness? : reading Revelation through African American culture [ebook], 2005

Cahalan, Kathleen A., Introducing the practice of ministry [ebook], 2010

Campbell, Bradley Keith, The rise of victimhood culture : microaggressions, safe spaces, and the new culture wars [ebook], 2018

Dever, Mark, Understanding church leadership [ebook], 2016

DeYmaz, Mark, Leading a healthy multi-ethnic church : seven common challenges and how to overcome them [ebook], 2013

DiMattei, Steven, Genesis 1 and the creationism debate : being honest to the text, its author, and his beliefs [ebook], 2016

Gould, Dana, Shepherd’s Notes : John [ebook], 1998

Groothuis, Douglas R., Walking through twilight : a wife’s illness–a philosopher’s lament [ebook], 2017

Hagen, Kenneth, The word does everything : key concepts of Luther on testament, scripture, vocation, cross, and worm : also on method and on Catholicism : collection of essays [ebook], 2016

Henry, Matthew, Revelation [ebook], 1999

House, Brad, Community : taking your small group off life support [ebook], 2011

Hughes, R. Kent, John (ESV edition) : that you may believe [ebook], 2014

McDowell, Josh, Evidence for the resurrection : what it means for your relationship with God [ebook], 2014

Miethe, Terry L., C. S. Lewis’s mere Christianity [ebook], 2000

Nowell, Irene, Numbers [ebook], 2011

O’Connor, Kathleen M., Job [ebook], 2012

Satterlee, Craig Alan, Preaching and stewardship : proclaiming God’s invitation to grow [ebook], 2011

Shelly, Rubel, Divorce & remarriage a redemptive theology [ebook], 2007

Smith, Mark S., Exodus [ebook], 2005

Kelley, Page H., Biblical Hebrew : an introductory grammar, 2018, BJ56 KELL BHEB

Kelley, Page H., A handbook to Biblical Hebrew : an introductory grammar, 2018, BJ56 KELL HTBH

Zacharias, Danny, Biblical Greek made simple : all the basics in one semester, 2018, BR65 ZACH BGMS

Estes, Douglas, Questions and rhetoric in the Greek New Testament : an essential reference resource for exegesis, 2017, BR68 ESTE QARI

Sidwell, Keith C., Reading medieval Latin, 1995, BS65 SIDW RMLA

Mewburn, Inger, How to fix your academic writing trouble : a practical guide, 2019, BT86 MEWB HTFY

Lanier, Gregory R., Septuaginta : a reader’s edition, Vol. 1-2, 2018, CB34 2018 LANI

Hunter, Trent, Christ from beginning to end : how the full story of scripture reveals the full glory of Christ, 2018, CD91 HUNT CFBT

Anderson, Amy S., Textual criticism of the Bible, 2018, CF12 ANDE TCOT

Blue, Debbie, Consider the women : a provocative guide to three matriarchs of the Bible, 2019, CT35 BLUE CTWO

Brenner-Idan, Athalya, The Five Scrolls, 2018, DM40 FIVE BREN

Riley, Paul C. J., The Lord of the Gospel of John : narrative theory, textual criticism, and the semantics of Kyrios, 2019, FL4 RILE LOTG

Knust, Jennifer Wright, To cast the first stone : the transmission of a Gospel story, 2019, FL9 KNUS TCTF

Grimshaw, James P., Luke-Acts, 2019, FM LUKE GRIM

Mullins, Michael, Acts of the Apostles : a commentary, 2013, FM8 MULL AOTA

Cheng, Belinda, An exegetical summary of Acts 1-14, 2017, FM8 SILE ACTS V:1

Abernathy, C. David, An exegetical summary of Acts 15-28, 2018, FM8 SILE ACTS V:2

Nikki, Nina, Opponents and identity in Philippians, 2019, FN90 NIKK OAII

Laansma, Jon, The Letter to the Hebrews : a commentary for preaching, teaching, and Bible study, 2017, FP98 LAAN LTTH

Hengstenberg, Ernst Wilhelm, The Revelation of St. John : understanding the Revelation with the Old and New Testament, 1852, FR8 HENG ROSJ

Edsall, Benjamin A., The reception of Paul and early Christian initiation : history and hermeneutics, 2019, FT31 EDSA ROPA

Stutzman, Linford, Sailing Acts : following an ancient voyage, 2006, FT34 STUT SACT

Dunne, John Anthony, One God, one people, one future :  essays in honour of N.T. Wright, 2018, FX ONEG DUNN

Witherington, Ben, The indelible image : the theological and ethical thought world of the New Testament, 2009-2010, FX WITH IIMA

Friedlander, Gerald, The Jewish Sources of the Sermon on the Mount, 2008, FX30 FRIE JSOT

Lioy, Dan, The decalogue in the Sermon on the Mount, 2004, FX30 LIOY DITS

Becker, Hans-Jürgen, The sermon on the mount and its Jewish setting, 2005, FX30 SERM BECK

Ortlund, Dane Calvin, Zeal without knowledge : the concept of zeal in Romans 10, Galatians 1 and Philippians 3, 2012, FX60 ORTL ZWKN

Porter, Stanley E., Paul and Gnosis, 2016, FX69.5 PAUL PORT

Lewis, C. S., The problem of pain, 1940, GX58 L673 Q 1940

Fairchild, Mark R., Christian origins in Ephesus and Asia Minor, 2017, HT2 FAIR COIE

Schjørring, Jens Holger, History of global Christianity, Vol. 1-3, 2017-2018, IC27 HIST SCHJ

MacCulloch, Diarmaid, Silence : a Christian history, 2014, IC32 MACC SILE

Al-Suadi, Soham, T&T Clark handbook to early Christian meals in the Greco-Roman world, 2019, IJ32 TAND ALSU

Provan, Iain W., The Reformation and the right reading of scripture, 2017, IR32 PROV RATR

Reeves, Michael, Why the reformation still matters, 2016, IR32 REEV WTRS

Birkett, Kirsten, And the light shineth in darkness : faith, reason and knowledge in the reformation, 2017, JF13 BIRK ATLS

Jones, Mark, A new divinity : transatlantic reformed evangelical debates during the long eighteenth century, 2018, JF13 NEWD JONE

Pattengale, Jerry A., The state of the Evangelical mind : reflections on the past, prospects for the future, 2018, JH STAT REAM

Swamy, Muthuraj, Walking together : global Anglican perspectives on reconciliation, 2019, KM2 LAMB 2020 PREP V:1

Swamy, Muthuraj, Witnessing together : global Anglican perspectives on evangelism and witness, 2019, KM2 LAMB 2020 PREP V:2

Bignon, Guillaume, Excusing sinners and blaming God : a Calvinist assessment of determinism, moral responsibility, and divine involvement in evil, 2018, KN16 BIGN ESAB

Jenkins, Gary W., John Jewel and the English national church : the dilemmas of an Erastian reformer, 2006, LQ1 JEWE JENK

Dean, Jonathan, To gain at harvest : portraits from the English reformation, 2018, LS32 DEAN TGAH

Lewis-Anthony, Justin, If you meet George Herbert on the road … kill him! : radically rethinking priestly ministry, 2009, LS38 HERB XLEW

Ovey, Michael, The Goldilocks zone : collected writings of Michael J. Ovey, 2018, LS74 OVEY XGRE

Wolterstorff, Nicholas, In this world of wonders : memoir of a life in learning, 2019, MA5 WOLT WOLT

Balmer, Randall Herbert, Evangelicalism in America, 2016, MKE2 BALM EIAM

Edwards, Jonathan, Jonathan Edwards : spiritual writings, 2019, ML23 EDWA JEDW 2019

Huntley, Rebecca J., Australia fair : listening to the nation, 2019, MW60 QUAR QE73

Sharp, Andrew, The world, the flesh & the Devil : the life and opinions of Samuel Marsden in England and the Antipodes, 1765-1838, 2016, MW61.7 MARS SHAR

Guillebaud, Meg, Rwanda : the land God forgot? : revival, genocide and hope, 2002, MY79 GUIL RWAN

Fernando, Ajith, Discipling in a multicultural world, 2019, NR6 FERN DIAM

Hibbert, Evelyn, Walking together on the Jesus road : discipling in intercultural contexts, 2018, NR6 HIBB WTOT

Clooney, Francis X., How to do comparative theology, 2018, OB15 HOWT CLOO

Rex, Richard, The making of Martin Luther, 2017, Perry GT6 R455

Rivera, Eric, Christ is yours : the assurance of salvation in the Puritan theology of William Gouge, 2019, Perry GX56 G691 XR62

Balserak, Jon, From Zwingli to Amyraut : exploring the growth of European reformed traditions, 2017, Perry IR32 FROM BALS

Rublack, Ulinka, The Oxford handbook of the Protestant Reformations, 2017, Perry IR32 OXFO RUBL

, German pietism and the problem of conversion, 2018, Perry KK34 STRO GPAT

Phillpott, Matthew, The Reformation of England’s past : John Foxe and the revision of history in the late sixteenth century, 2018, Perry LS32 FOXE XPHI

Coffey, John, Heart religion : evangelical piety in England and Ireland, 1690-1850, 2016, Perry LS60 HEAR COFF

Artman, Amy Collier, The miracle lady : Kathryn Kuhlman and the transformation of charismatic Christianity, 2019, Perry MKP4 KUHL XART

Fisk, Philip J., Jonathan Edwards’s turn from the classic-reformed tradition of freedom of the will, 2016, Perry ML23 EDWA XFIS

Martin, Ryan, Understanding affections in the theology of Jonathan Edwards : “the high exercises of divine love”, 2019, Perry ML23 EDWA XMAR 2019

Neele, Adriaan Cornelis, Before Jonathan Edwards : sources of New England theology, 2019, Perry ML23 EDWA XNEE

Banks, Linda, They shall see his face : the story of Amy Oxley Wilkinson and her visionary blind school in China, 2017, Perry MR6.6 WILK XBAN

Minett, Sally, 100 years the story of the Belgrave Heights Convention, 2017, Perry MW64.3 MINE OHYT

Naselli, Andrew David, No quick fix : where higher life theology came from, what it is, and why it’s harmful, 2017, Perry WH13 NASE NQFI

Van der Kolk, Bessel A., The body keeps the score : mind, brain and body in the transformation of trauma, 2015, PP70 VAND BKTS

Ting-Toomey, Stella., Understanding intercultural communication, 2012, PU23 TING UICO

Meyer, Erin, The culture map : decoding how people think, lead, and get things done across cultures, 2014, PW96 MEYE CMAP

Vohra, Sarah, Mental health in children and young people : spotting symptoms and seeking help early, 2018, PX23 VOHR MHIC

Heuertz, Christopher L., The sacred enneagram : finding your unique path to spiritual growth, ©2017, PX31.4 HEUE SENN

Barker, Paul Anthony, Tackling trauma : global, biblical, and pastoral perspectives, 2019, PX35 TACK BARK

Hannon, Michael, What’s the point of knowledge? : a function-first epistemology, 2019, QT HANN WTPO

Benton, Matthew A., Knowledge, belief, and God : new insights in religious epistemology, 2018, QT KNOW BENT

Birch, Bruce C., Bible & ethics in the Christian life, 1989, QZ5 BIRC BAEI

Graham, Elaine L., Theological reflection : methods, 2019, RC15 THEO GRAH V:1

Bird, Michael F., Trinity without hierarchy : reclaiming Nicene orthodoxy in evangelical theology, 2019, RQ37 TRIN BIRD

Allen, Garrick V., Son of God : divine sonship in Jewish and Christian antiquity, 2019, RR22 SONO ALLE

Barrett, Matthew, The doctrine on which the church stands or falls : justification in biblical, theological, historical, and pastoral perspective, 2019, RS63 DOCT BARR

Kim, Seyoon, Justification and God’s kingdom, 2018, RS63 KIMS JAGK

Harrower, Scott D., God of all comfort : a Trinitarian response to the horrors of this world, 2019, RU20 HARR GOAC

Campbell, Bradley Keith, The rise of victimhood culture : microaggressions, safe spaces, and the new culture wars, 2018, SC62 CAMP ROVC

Christian, Jayakumar, God of the empty-handed : poverty, power and the kingdom of God, 2011, SK25 CHRI GOTE

Myers, Bryant L., Walking with the poor : principles and practices of transformational development, 2011, SK25 MYER WWTP

Dieterich, Johannes, Tony Rinaudo : the forest maker, 2018, SQ77 RINA XDIE

Witte, John, Religion and human rights : an introduction, 2012, SX15 RELI WITT

DeYmaz, Mark, Leading a healthy multi-ethnic church : seven common challenges and how to overcome them, 2013, WA20 DEYM LAHM

McIntosh, Gary, Being the church in a multi-ethnic community : why it matters and how it works, 2012, WA20 MCIN BTCI

Ferguson, Dave, Hero maker : five essential practices for leaders to multiply leaders, 2018, WA28 FERG HMAK

West, John Lee, Emotional intelligence for religious leaders, 2018, WA28 WEST EIFR

DeVries, Mark, Sustainable children’s ministry : from last-minute scrambling to long-term solutions, 2018, WA70 DEVR SCMI

Conkin, Paul Keith., Cane Ridge : America’s Pentecost, 1990, WB40 CONK CRID

Groothuis, Douglas R., Walking through twilight : a wife’s illness–a philosopher’s lament, 2017, WP8.5 GROO WTTW

Barker, Paul Anthony, 1 Kings : walk before me faithfully, 2019, XQ2 BARK OKIN


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