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February 2017

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Author, Title, Date, Call No.

Praise down under 27 new songs of praise, 1981?, VP40 1981 PRAI

Abrams, Richard I., An illustrated life of Jesus : from the National Gallery of Art collection, 1994, YF70 ABRA ILOJ

Adair, John Eric, Develop your leadership skills, 2007, PW96 ADAI DYLS

Adam, David, Prayers for Anglicans, 2008, UU8 ADAM PFAN

Alexander, David E., Calvinism & the problem of evil, 2016, Perry RU20 CALV ALEX

Allison, Gregg R., The unfinished Reformation : what unites and divides Catholics and Protestants after 500 years, 2016, JR33.7 ALLI UREF

Anglican Church of Australia. Diocese of Melbourne. Profile Committee, Partners in mission : the continuing report of the program in the Diocese of Melbourne, 1984, Q MW66.6 PIMI MELB CONT

Applegate, Kathryn, How I changed my mind about evolution : evangelicals reflect on faith and science, 2016, RF22 HOWI APPL

Arnold, Matthieu, John Calvin : the Strasbourg years (1538-1541), 2016, Perry GU3.9 A757

Atkinson, William P., Jesus before Pentecost, 2016, FX12 ATKI JBPE

Baab, Lynne M., Personality type in congregations : how to work with others more effectively, 1998, PX31.4 BAAB PTIC

Backhouse, Stephen, Kierkegaard : a single life, 2016, GX K47 XB12

Baker, Hunter, The system has a soul : essays on Christianity, liberty, and political life, 2014, SX14 BAKE SHAS

Bar, Shaul, Nation is born : the Jacob story, 2016, DK39 BARS NIBO

Bardy, Susan, Choosing end of life nursing, 2016, YX50 BARD CEOL

Bardy, Susan, Caring vs curing : embodied engagement : I am not alone, 2016, YX50 BARD CVCU

Barrett, Matthew, God’s word alone : the authority of scripture : what the reformers taught … and why it still matters, 2016, Perry RE60 BARR GWAL

Bass, Dorothy C., Receiving the day : Christian practices for opening the gift of time, 2001, XB58 BASS RTDA

Batterton, Fred, Making property serve mission : rethinking the church’s buildings for the 21st century, 2016, YK23 BATT MPSM

Bellamy, John, Outward signs : a guide to using the 1996 National Church Life Survey church and community printouts, 1998, Q MW64 BELL OSIG

Benner, David G., The gift of being yourself : the sacred call to self-discovery, 2015, XB58 BENN GOBY

Bennett, Colin, Growing upwards : the faith journey of Christian young people, 2016, WA70 BENN GUPW

Berthier, Jacques, Chants de Taizé  = Gesänge aus Taizé = Spevy z Taizé = Cânturi din Taizé = Pjesme iz Taizé = Énekek Taizé = Liederen uit Taizé = Cantos de Taizé = Pesmi iz Taizé = Songs from Taizé = Spiewy z Taizé = Canti di Taizé = Zpevy z Taizé =, 1994, VQXt 1994 BERT

Berthier, Jacques, Music from Taize, Vol. 1-2, 1985-86, VQXt 1982 PEOP

Berzon, Todd S., Classifying Christians : ethnography, heresiology, and the limits of knowledge in Late Antiquity, 2016, JC40 BERZ CCHI

Bilindabagabo, Alexis, Rescued by angels : the story of miracles during the Rwandan genocide, 2001, MY79 BILI RBAN

Bobertz, Charles A., The Gospel of Mark : a liturgical reading, 2016, FK68 BOBE GOMA

Bogle, Joanna, Caroline Chisholm : the emigrant’s friend, 1993, MW61.7 CHIS BOGL

Boin, Douglas, Coming out Christian in the Roman world : how the followers of Jesus made a place in Caesar’s empire, 2015, IJ24 BOIN COCI

Boyd-MacMillan, Eolene M., Conflict transformation amongst senior church leaders with different theological stances : Lambeth Conference 2008 abridged report and recommendations, 2008, WA32 BOYD CTAS

Bradstreet, David, Star struck : seeing the creator in the wonders of our cosmos, 2016, RF25 BRAD SSTR

Briggs, Melody, Interpreting Bible stories with children and young teens, 2016, TM35 BRIG IBSW

Brookins, Timothy A., 1 Corinthians 1-9 : a handbook on the Greek text, 2016, FN48 BROO OCOR V:1

Brookins, Timothy A., 1 Corinthians 10-16 : a handbook on the Greek text, 2016, FN48 BROO OCOR V:2

Buchanan, Colin O., Worship in the letter to the Hebrews, 2016, UH83 BUCH WITL

Bucknell, Trevor, Jesus, the prophets, and the end of the world : an introduction to biblical eschatology, 2016, DX87 BUCK JTPA

Cairney, Trevor, New perspectives in Anglican education : reconsidering purpose and plotting a future direction, 2011, TF3 CAIR NPIA

Cambridge, Ada, Thirty years in Australia, 1989, MW61.7 CAMB CAMB

Cameron, Marcia Helen, Phenomenal Sydney : Anglicans in a time of change, 1945-2013, 2016, Perry MW66.5 CAME PSYD

Capper, John, Economic ecotheological responses to Laudato Si’, 2015, RF30 ECON CAPP

Chalamet, Christophe, The wisdom and foolishness of God : First Corinthians 1-2 in theological exploration, 2015, FN40 WISD CHAL

Chan, Sam, Preaching as the word of God : answering an old question with speech-act theory, 2016, WQ5 CHAN PATW

Clarke, D. B., William Hutchins : the first Archdeacon of Van Diemen’s Land, 1792-1841, 1986, MW61.7 HUTC CLAR

Clyne, Irene Donohoue, The Dinka diaspora : an examination of church-based communities in Melbourne, 2008, Q MZ11 CLYN DDIS

Collins, Alan W., Making ministry work : a guide to serving together, 1996, WP2.2 COLL MMWO

Congdon, David W., The God who saves : a dogmatic sketch, 2016, RS CONG GWSA

Cooper, Rodney L., Mark [ebook], 2000,

Coutts, Jon, A shared mercy : Karl Barth on forgiveness and the church, 2016, GW28 B28 XC87

Cozart, Richard M., This present triumph : an investigation into the significance of the promise of a new exodus of Israel in the Letter to the Ephesians, 2013, FN88 COZA TPTR

Crowe, Brandon D., The last Adam : a theology of the obedient life of Jesus in the Gospels, 2017, FX12 CROW LADA

Crumlin, Rosemary, Beyond belief : modern art and the religious imagination, 1998, Q YF23 CRUM BBEL

Curnow, Andrew, Being a Christian in a secular world, 2001, FM2 CURN BACI

Dale, Moyra, Shifting allegiances : networks of kinship and of faith : the women’s program in a Syrian mosque, 2016, OT61 DALE SALL

Dallaire, Hélène M., Biblical Hebrew : a living language, 2016, BJ57 DALL BHEB

Daniel-Rops, Henri, The Catholic Reformation, 1962, KH36 DANI CREF

Dann, Robert William, The fortieth Synod of the Diocese of Melbourne, St Paul’s Cathedral, October 1978, 1978, MW66.6 DANN FORT

Daughtry, Philip, Spirituality for youth-work : new vocabulary, concepts and practices, 2016, PW48 SPIR DAUG

Davis, Richard P., Bishop John Edward Mercer : a Christian socialist in Tasmania, 1982, MW61.7 MERC DAVI

DeFranza, Megan K., Two views on homosexuality, the Bible, and the church, 2016, SD61.5 DEFR TVOH

Demond, Allan, Following Jesus : finding and fostering hope on a cosmic scale, 2016, XB58 DEMO FJES

Detzler, Wayne A., Cross-cultural apologetics : bridging culture to defend the faith, 2011, NR6 DETZ CCAP

Dowley, Tim, Introduction to the history of Christianity, 2013, IC27 HIST DOWL

Draycott, Pamela, British values in church schools : making them count, 2016, TF2.5 DRAY BVIC

Duesing, Jason G., First freedom : the beginning and end of religious liberty, 2016, KX3 DUES FFRE

Durance, Jillian, A shrine on the mountain : the story of St. Peter’s Memorial Church Kinglake, 2016, MW66.6 DURA SOTM

Engen, Charles Edward van, The state of missiology today : global innovations in Christian witness, 2016, NR STAT ENGE

Fountain, J. Richard, Eschatological relationships and Jesus in Ben F. Meyer, N. T. Wright, and progressive dispensationalism, 2016, DX87 FOUN ERAJ

Fowler, Paul B., The structure of Romans : the argument of Paul’s letter, 2016, FN30 FOWL SORO

Freyne, Gail Grossman, The curious case of inequality : a journey for justice with Dorothy L Sayers, 2017, SD91 FREY CCOI

Fuhr, Richard Alan, The message of the twelve : hearing the voice of the minor prophets, 2016, DP FUHR MOTT

Gibson, David, Destiny : learning to live by preparing to die, 2016, DM70 GIBS DEST

Goldingay, John, Biblical theology : the God of the Christian scriptures, 2016, DW30 GOLD BTHE

Goosen, Gideon C., Religion in Australian culture : an anthropological view, 1997, MW64 GOOS RIAC

Greear, J. D., Gaining by losing : why the future belongs to churches that send, 2015, WA20 GREE GBLO

Gregg, Brian Han, What does the Bible say about suffering?, 2016, RU20 GREG WDTB

Greidanus, Sidney, Preaching Christ from Psalms : foundations for expository sermons in the Christian year, 2016, DM30 GREI PCFP

Hawkins, Greg L., Focus :  the top ten things people want and need from you and your church, 2009, WA20 HAWK FOCU

Haydock, Nicholas, Old Testament theology and the rest of God, 2016, DX89 HAYD OTTA

Hays, Christopher M., Renouncing everything : money and discipleship in Luke, 2016, FM HAYS REVE

Herman, Morton, The Blackets : an era of Australian architecture, 1977, MW61.7 BLAC HERM

Hirsch, Alan, The forgotten ways : reactivating apostolic movements, 2016, UA16 HIRS FWAY

Holt, Margaret, Like living stones : a history of St Matthew’s Ashburton, 1997, MW66.6 HOLT LLST

Hook, Dan, Effective preaching, 1991, WQ5 HOOK EPRE

Hooper, Graham, A better way to live : 52 studies in Proverbs and Psalms, 2016, DM41 HOOP BWTL

Hughes, Philip J., Shaping Australia’s spirituality : a review of Christian ministry in the Australian context, 2010, MW64 HUGH SASP

Irons, Charles Lee, A syntax guide for readers of the Greek New Testament, 2016, BR67 IRON SGFR

Jackson, Bob, Hope for the church : contemporary strategies for growth, 2002, WA27 JACK HFTC

Jackson, Peter, Faith confirmed : preparing for confirmation, 2013, UG48 JACK FCON

Jacobs, Andrew S., Epiphanius of Cyprus : a cultural biography of late antiquity, 2016, GM3 E64 XJ17

Jipp, Joshua W., Christ is king : Paul’s royal ideology [ebook], 2015,

John Paul, The many faces of Christ, 2000, Q YF70 MANY HOHI

Jordan, James B., Crisis, opportunity, and the Christian future, 2002, IC32 JORD COAT

Kaufmann, Thomas, A short life of Martin Luther, 2016, Perry GT6 K214

Kirkpatrick, Matthew D., How to live a good death, 2016, WP8.5 KIRK HTLA

Knurek, Margaret, Firbank hymn book, 1994, VR65E 1994 FIRB

Köstenberger, Andreas J., The cradle, the cross, and the crown : an introduction to the New Testament, 2016, FD KOST CTCA

Lambeth Conference (2008), Lambeth reader, 2008, Q KM2 LAMB 2008 LREA

Lane, Adrian G., Face to face, 2016, VT40 LANE FTFA

Lau, Peter H. W., Unceasing kindness : a biblical theology of Ruth, 2016, DL30 LAUP UKIN

Leatham, Diana, They built on rock : stories of the Celtic saints, 2000, LS25 LEAT TBOR

Leithart, Peter J., The end of Protestantism : pursuing unity in a fragmented Church, 2016, JR22 LEIT EOPR

Lewis, Hurtle John, The self-supporting ministry in the Diocese of North Queensland, 1978-1995, 2011, MW66.4 LEWI SSMI

Linhart, Terry, Teaching the next generations : a comprehensive guide for teaching Christian formation, 2016, TM30 TEAC LINH

Luther, Martin, Martin Luther’s basic theological writings, 2012, Perry GT3.5 L955 2012

MacBride, Tim, Catching the wave : preaching the New Testament as rhetoric, 2016, WR1 MACB CTWA

Mackay, Hugh, Little lies, 1996, BZ8.5 MACK LLIE

Malloy, Patrick, Celebrating the Eucharist : a practical ceremonial guide for clergy and other liturgical ministers, 2007, UP88.39 MALL CTEU

Malphurs, Aubrey, Re:vision : the key to transforming your church, 2014, WA20 MALP REVI

Markschies, Christoph, Christian theology and its institutions in the early Roman Empire : prolegomena to a history of early Christian theology, 2015, IJ32 MARK CTAI

Masri, Fouad, Connecting with Muslims : a guide to communicating effectively, 2014, OT55 MASR CWMU

Mathewson, David, Intermediate Greek grammar : syntax for students of the New Testament, 2016, BR65 MATH IGGR

McConville, J. G., Being human in God’s world : an Old Testament theology of humanity, 2016, DX85 MCCO BHIG

McGrath, Alister E., Mere theology : Christian faith and the discipleship of the mind, 2010, RK56 MCGR MTHE

McGrath, Alister E., Glimpsing the face of God : the search for meaning in the universe, 2003, RB23 MCGR GTFO

McGrath, Alister E., Christian theology : an introduction, 2017, RK56 MCGR CTHE

McKie, J. D., Four archbishops of Melbourne : a lecture, 1983, MW66.6 MCKI FAOM

McRay, Barrett W., Modern psychopathologies : a comprehensive Christian appraisal, 2016, PX23 MCRA MPSY

Mellor, Andrew, From rhetoric to reality : an investigation of the stated intentional process and outcomes of mobilising church members for gift-enabled ministry in selected evangelical churches in Melbourne, 2011, Theses WA20 MELL FRTR

Mitchell, Doris M., Workers together : the story of the Women’s Auxiliary to the Australian Board of Missions, 1910-1985, 1985, MW66.1 ABMI XMIT

Mobsby, Ian, Emerging and fresh expressions of church : how are they authentically church and Anglican?, 2007, KM3 MOBS EAFE

Moloney, Francis J., Woman in the New Testament, 1981, SD87.2 MOLO WITN

Moore, Michael S., What is this babbler trying to say? : essays on biblical interpretation, 2016, DB14 MOOR WITB

Mothers’ Union, We are created by God : exploring our identity and relationships : a Mothers’ Union discussion booklet : participants guide., 2008, Q SD12 WEAR PART

Mothers’ Union, We are created by God : exploring our identity and relationships : a Mothers’ Union discussion booklet : facilitators guide., 2008, Q SD12 WEAR FACI

Mountain, Vivienne, Responding to need : a study of selected church-based counselling services in Melbourne, 2009, PX34 MOUN RTNE

Mouw, Richard J., Adventures in evangelical civility : a lifelong quest for common ground, 2016, Perry JH MOUW AIEC

Munday, John S., Surviving the death of a child, 1995, XR MUND STDO

Myers, Alison, Managing change : practical tools for good change in churches, 2016, WA20 MYER MCHA

Naish, Tim, Mission and evangelism : a theological introduction, 2016, WB23 NAIS MAEV

National Church Life Survey (Australia), Denominational church life profile : Anglican Church, 2012, Q MW66 DENO NCLS

O’Leary, Zina, Reaction, introspection and exploration : diversity in journeys out of faith, 1999, Q MW64 OLEA RIAE

Oppy, Graham, Four views on Christianity and philosophy, 2016, RA43 OPPY FVOC

Oropeza, B. J., Exploring intertextuality : diverse strategies for New Testament interpretation of texts, 2016, FF EXPL OROP

Parker, Russ, Healing and evangelism, 1996, PX57 PARK HAEV

Persaud, Aran J. E., Praying the language of enmity in the Psalter : a study of Psalms 110, 119, 129, 137, 139, and 149, 2016, DM39 PERS PTLO

Pilch, John J., The cultural life setting of the Proverbs, 2016, DM68 PILC CLSO

Porter, Jean, Justice as a virtue : a Thomistic perspective, 2016, SZ23 PORT JUST

Porter, Stanley E., Pillars in the history of biblical interpretation, Vol. 1-2, 2016, CH2 PILL PORT

Powell, Ruth, Enriching church life : a guide to results from National Life Surveys for local churches, 2012, MW64 POWE ECLI

Rae, Scott B., Introducing Christian ethics : a short guide to making moral choices, 2016, QZ6 RAES ICET

Rathgen, David, Doing the right thing : pastoral issues for celebrating the birth of a child and Christian baptism, 1996, Q UG27 RATH DTRT

Rebeiro, Joyce, Springvale : many faiths, one people, 1994, Q MW69.6 SPRI INTE

Reddrop, Mary, Leatherwood honey for Gall : a convict marries an immigrant girl, 2000, MW61.7 GALL REDD

Reisacher, Evelyne A., Joyful witness in the Muslim world : sharing the gospel in everyday encounters, 2016, OT55 REIS JWIT

Renan, Ernest, Christ in art, 2010, Q YF70 RENA CIAR

Richards, Bernadette, The ethics of ethics, 2013, QY67 ETHI RICH

Roberts, Mark D., Ephesians, 2016, FN88 ROBE EPHE

Roper, Lyndal, Martin Luther : renegade and prophet, 2016, Perry GT6 R784

Ryle, J. C., Bishop J. C. Ryle’s autobiography : the early years, 2016, Perry LQ1 RYLE RYLE

Sancken, Joni S., Stumbling over the cross : preaching the cross and resurrection today, 2016, WQ5 SANC SOTC

Santrac, Aleksandar S., Witness to life worth living : reflections on Miroslav Volf’s ethics of embrace, 2016, RK56 VOLF XSAN

Schwenk, James L., George Whitefield : a guided tour of his life and thought, 2015, Perry LU92 WHIT XSCH

Seiffert, Murray Wilfred, First generation out : a report of a research project on Anglicans in their 30s and 40s in the Diocese of Melbourne, 2000, MW66.6 SEIF FGOU

Seiffert, Murray Wilfred, Creating the future : a handbook for restructuring parishes, 1999, Q MW66.6 SEIF CTFU

Sinkinson, Christopher, John Hick and the universe of faiths : a critical evaluation of the life and thought of John Hick, 2016, RA43 HICK XSIN 2016

Slipper, Callan, Enriched by the other : a spiritual guide to receptive ecumenism, 2016, JR22 SLIP EBTO

Smith, Elizabeth J., Prayers and plays for Christmas and Holy Week, 2007, XY76 SMIT PAPF

Smith, Martyn John, Divine violence and the christus victor atonement model : God’s reluctant use of violence to achieve soteriological ends, 2016, DY SMIT DVIT

Sparks, Paul, The new parish : how neighborhood churches are transforming mission, discipleship and community, 2014, WA20 SPAR NPAR

Sproul, R. C., The legacy of Luther, 2016, Perry GT7 S771

Stetzer, Ed, Planting missional churches : your guide to starting churches that multiply, 2016, WA20 STET PMCH

Sutton, Geoffrey W., Christian morality : an interdisciplinary framework for thinking about contemporary moral issues, 2016, QZ6 CHRI SUTT

Taylor, Barbara Brown, Speaking of sin : the lost language of salvation, 2000, RU33 TAYL SOSI

Thompson, Michael E. W., Greatly to be praised : the Old Testament and worship, 2016, DX89 THOM GTBP

Tidball, Derek, The voices of the New Testament :  a conversational approach to the message of good news, 2016, FX TIDB VOTN

Turley, Bruce, Being there for others : a pastoral resource for lay people, 1978, WP6.1 TURL BTFO

Van Eck, Ernest, The parables of Jesus the Galilean : stories of a social prophet, 2016, FX34 VANE POJT

Vanhoozer, Kevin J., Biblical authority after Babel : retrieving the solas in the spirit of mere Protestant Christianity, 2016, RK57 VANH BAAB

Vercoe, Elizabeth, The grief book : strategies for young people, 2004, PW17 VERC GBOO

Victorian Council of Churches. Commission on Living Faiths, Dialogue and Community, Interfaith marriage some pastoral guidelines, 2010, SD31 VICT IMSP

Volf, Miroslav, Flourishing : why we need religion in a globalized world, 2015, SF11 VOLF FLOU

Wallingford, David, The Decalogue in the Reformation liturgies, 2016, UH20 WALL DITR

Walsh, Carey, Biblical theology : past, present, and future, 2016, DW30 BIBL WALS

Watty, William W., The Nathan narrative in 2 Samuel 7 : 1-17, 2016, DL49 WATT NNIT

Wellum, Stephen J., Progressive covenantalism : charting a course between dispensational and covenant theologies, 2016, RQ70 PROG WELL

Wentworth, W. C., Statistical, historical, and political description of the Colony of New South Wales, and its dependent settlements in Van Diemen’s Land with a particular enumeration of the advantages which these colonies offer for emigration, and their superiority i, 1978, MW62.2 WENT SHAP

Whitenton, Michael R., Hearing Kyriotic sonship : a cognitive and rhetorical approach to the characterization of Mark’s Jesus, 2017, FK65 WHIT HKSO

Widder, Wendy, Daniel, 2016, DN78 WIDD DANI

Williams, Brian A., The potter’s rib : mentoring for pastoral formation, 2005, WP6 WILL PRIB

Williams, Leslie, Emblem of faith untouched : a short life of Thomas Cranmer, 2016, Perry LS32.3 WILL EOFU

Wilson, Andrew L., Here I walk : a thousand miles on foot to Rome with Martin Luther, 2016, Perry GT7 W746

Wood, Fred M., Jeremiah, Lamentations [ebook], 2006,

Wordsworth, Helen Anne, Nursing and the mission of the church, 2016, YX93 WORD NATM

Wright, Beth, A study companion to introduction to the history of Christianity, 2013, IC27 HIST DOWL STUD

Wright, Shawn D., Theodore Beza : the man and the myth, 2015, Perry GU4 B57 XW95 2015

Yancey, Philip, Soul survivor : how my faith survived the church, 2001, HA16 YANC SSUR



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