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May 2018

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Author, Title, Date, Call No.

Akin, Daniel L., Christ- centered exposition exalting Jesus in revelation [ebook], 2016

Arthur, J. Philip, Patience of hope : 1 and 2 Thessalonians simply explained, 1996, FP28 ARTH POHO

Atkinson, Rich, Target : leading missional communities for students and youth, 2013, WA70 ATKI TARG

Brown, Amelia Robertson, Corinth in late antiquity : a Greek, Roman and Christian city, 2018, HW56 BROW CILA

Brown, Joanne Carlson, Christianity, patriarchy and abuse : a feminist critique, 1989, SD97 CHRI BROW

Bullock, C. Hassell, Psalms, Vol. 1, 2015-2017, DM38 BULL PSAL

Calvin, Jean, Genesis [ebook], 2001

Caperon, John, A Christian theology of chaplaincy [ebook], 2018

Carter, Craig A., Interpreting Scripture with the great tradition : recovering the genius of premodern exegesis, 2018, CH2 CART ISWT

Coakley, Sarah, God, sexuality and the self : an essay ‘on the Trinity’, 2013, SD60 COAK GSAT

Cooper, Greg, A church music director’s handbook : volume 1 : theology, vision and team building, Vol. 1, 2016, VG40 COOP CMDH

Craig, William Lane, God over all : divine aseity and the challenge of Platonism, 2016, RQ20 CRAI GOAL

Czachesz, Istvan, Mind, morality and magic : cognitive science approaches in biblical studies, 2013, PR33 MIND CZAC

Dallaire, Hélène, Where shall wisdom be found? : a grammatical tribute to Professor Stephen A. Kaufman, 2017, BJ56 WHER DALL

Diamond, Michael A. (Michael Alan), Discovering organizational identity : dynamics of relational attachment [ebook], 2017

Diamond, Michael A. (Michael Alan), Discovering organizational identity : dynamics of relational attachment, 2017, PW96 DIAM DOID

Dockery, David S., Theology, church and ministry : a handbook for theological education, 2017, TX33 THEO DOCK

Embry, Brad, Early Jewish literature : an anthology, Vols. 1-2, 2018, EC55 EARL EMBR

Fisher, Andrew, Metaethics : an introduction, 2014, QY FISH META

Forti, Tova., Like a lone bird on a roof : animal imagery and the structure of Psalms, 2018, DM30 FORT LALB

Frow, John, Genre, 2015, BU1 FROW GENR

Grudem, Wayne A., Translating truth the case for essentially literal Bible translation [ebook], 2005

Guinness, Os., Prophetic untimeliness : a challenge to the idol of relevance, 2003, OD31 GUIN PUNT

Harline, Craig., A world ablaze the rise of Martin Luther and the birth of the Reformation [ebook], 2017

Henten, Jan Willem van, Martyrdom and noble death : selected texts from Graeco-Roman, Jewish, and Christian antiquity, 2002, IY20 HENT MAND

Hindmarsh, D. Bruce, The spirit of early evangelicalism : true religion in a modern world, 2018, Perry JH HIND SOEE

Holroyd, Kristofer D., A (s)word against Babylon : an examination of the multiple speech act layers within Jeremiah 50-51, 2017, DN44 HOLR SABA

Hurka, Thomas, The best things in life : a guide to what really matters, 2015, XW HURK BTIL

Hyde, Jacqui, We welcome you : baptism preparation with families, 2016, UG27 HYDE WWYO

Imes, Carmen Joy, Bearing YHWH’s name at Sinai : a reexamination of the name command of the Decalogue, 2017, CR42 IMES BYNA

Leas, Speed B., Leadership & conflict, 1982, PU23 LEAS LACO

Loke, Andrew Ter Ern, The origin of divine Christology, 2017, RR22 LOKE OODC

Losch, Richard R., The uttermost part of the earth : a guide to places in the Bible, 2005, CL15 LOSC UPOT

Macleod, Donald, Jesus is Lord : christology yesterday and today, 2000, RR22 MACL JILO

MacNutt, Francis, The nearly perfect crime : how the church almost killed the ministry of healing, 2005, PX57 MACN NPCR

Marino, Gordon Daniel, Ethics : the essential writings, 2010, QY18 ETHI MARI

McDonough, Sean M., Creation and new creation understanding God’s creation project [ebook], 2016

Millar, Sandra, Life events : mission and ministry at Baptisms, weddings and funerals, 2018, WP6 MILL LEVE

Noth, Martin, Numbers a commentary [ebook], 1968

Rae, Murray, History and hermeneutics, 2005, CH RAEM HAHE

Rigby, Cynthia L., Holding faith : a practical introduction to Christian doctrine, 2018, RK56 RIGB HFAI

Rollston, Chris A., Enemies and friends of the state : ancient prophecy in context, 2017, DX20 EAFO ROLL

Shelton, W. Brian, Quest for the historical Apostles : tracing their lives and legacies, 2018, FT40 SHEL QFTH

Van Roojen, Mark Steven, Metaethics : a contemporary introduction, 2015, QY VANR META

Villanueva, Federico G., Lamentations, 2016, DN58 VILL LAME

Wiersbe, Warren W., Be comforted, 1992, DN38 WIER BCOM

Wiersbe, Warren W., Be hopeful, 1982, FQ38 WIER BHOP

Witte, Markus, The development of God in the Old Testament : three case studies in biblical theology, 2017, DX71 WITT DOGI




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