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Author, Title, Date, Call No.

Adam-Smith, Patsy, The Anzacs, 1991, HZ85.6 ADAM ANZA

Alfred, Elizabeth, Elizabeth, called to serve : the spiritual journey of Elizabeth Alfred., 2001, MW66.6 ALFR XALF

Amos, Clare., Apostolic women, apostolic authority : transfiguring leadership in today’s church, 2010, SD87.5 AMOS AWAA

Anglican Church of Australia, Services for Ash Wednesday, Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, the Easter Vigil., 2000, UP62 ANGL SFAW

Anglican Church of Australia. Diocese of Melbourne, Synod papers, October 1988, 1988, MW66.6 ANGL SPAP 1988

Anglican Church of Australia. Diocese of Melbourne, Synod papers, October 1995, 1995, MW66.6 ANGL SPAP 1995

Anglican Church of Australia. Diocese of Melbourne, 1989 divisional reports : Anglican Diocese of Melbourne, 1990, MW66.6 ANGL DIVI 1989

Anglican Church of Australia. Diocese of Melbourne, Synod papers, October 1989, 1989, MW66.6 ANGL SPAP 1989

Appelman, Hyman J., The Saviour’s invitation : and other evangelistic sermons, 1944, WW10 APPE SINV

Asano, Atsuhiro, Community-identity construction in Galatians : exegetical, social-anthropological, and socio-historical studies, 2005, FN70 ASAN CICI

Ashby, Roland, A faith to live by : what an intelligent, compassionate and authentic Christian faith looks like :, 2012, RS46 ASHB FTLB

Athas, George, Deuteronomy : one nation under God, 2016, DK78 ATHA DEUT

Australian Catholic Social Justice Council, I am a stranger, will you welcome me? : the immigration debate, 1991, SM39 IAMA AUST

Blackwood, Andrew Watterson, Preaching from the Bible, 1941, WQ5 BLAC PFTB

Blackwood, Andrew Watterson, Preaching from Samuel, 1946, DL48 BLAC PFSA

Bolton, G. C., John Ramsden Wollaston : the making of a pioneer priest, 1985, MW66.2 WOLL XBOL

Bolton, Robert, People skills : how to assert yourself, listen to others, and resolve conflicts, 1987, PU23.7 BOLT PSKI

Brady, Veronica, Caught in the draught, 1994, MW61.1 BRAD CITD

Browning, Ron, What do you seek? : the catechumenate for Australia, 2004, TL53 BROW WDYS

Buntine, William Murray, The principles and aim of the Church Missionary Society, 19XX?, MW66.6 BUNT PAAO

Burridge, Richard A., John, 2008, FL8 BURR JOHN

Capey, Ernest F. H., Erasmus, 1902, GR8 C241

Caraman, Philip, Henry Morse : priest of the plague, 1962, LQ1 MORS CARA

Carré, E. G., Praying Hyde ; or, A present day challenge to prayer : glimpses of the amazing prayer-life of John Hyde, a missionary in India, whose intercession “changed things”, 19–, Perry MT35 HYDE CARR

Chafer, Lewis Sperry, Systematic theology, Vol. 1-8, 1947-1948, RN96 CHAF STHE

Chambers, Bertha, Oswald Chambers : his life and work, 1947, Perry LQ1 CHAM CHAM

Chapman, Gary D., Anger : handling a powerful emotion in a healthy way, 2007, PP90 CHAP ANGE

Church of England, Celebrating common prayer : a version of the Daily Office, SSF., 1992, UP33 1992 CHUR

Collins, Paul, God’s earth : religion as if matter really mattered, 1995, RF30 COLL GEAR

Colson, Charles W., How now shall we live?, 1999, XB57 COLS HNSW

Comfort, Philip Wesley, A commentary on the manuscripts and text of the New Testament, 2015, FF COMF COTM

Confetti.co.uk, Wedding readings and vows : for church and civil ceremonies, 2003, UT2.4 WEDD CONF

Cotter, Jim, Pleasure, pain & passion : some perspectives on sexuality and spirituality, 1993, SD60 COTT PPAP

Coulton, G. G., Roman Catholic truth : an open discussion between G.G. Coulton and L.J. Walker., 1924, KJ95.6 COUL RCTR

Cowman, Charles E., Charles E. Cowman, missionary warrior, 1947, Perry MS61 COWM COWM

Craddock, Fred B., Preaching through the Christian year : a comprehensive commentary on the lectionary, Vol. 1-3, 1992-1994, WQ8.4 CRAD PTTC

Crenshaw, David A., Bereavement : counseling the grieving throughout the life cycle, 1990, PW17 CREN BERE

Crisp, Oliver D., The word enfleshed : exploring the person and work of Christ, 2016, RR29 CRIS WENF

Cundiff, Margaret, The cost of living : a personal journey in St. John’s Gospel chapters 11-21, 1987, FL9 CUND COLI

Dakin, Arthur, William Carey : shoemaker, linguist, missionary, 1942, Perry NK9 CARE DAKI

Dale, Robert D., Leadership for a changing church : charting the shape of the river, 1998, WA28 DALE LFAC

Davie, Peter, Pastoral care and the parish, 1983, WP6 DAVI PCAT

Davis, Walter Bruce, William Carey : father of modern missions, 1963, Perry NK9 CARE DAVI

Dawn, Marva J., Joy in our weakness : a gift of hope from the book of Revelation, 2002, FR8 DAWN JIOW

Dawn, Marva J., How shall we worship? : biblical guidelines for the worship wars, 2003, UG DAWN HSWW

Dennett, Jo Anne, Thriving in another culture : a handbook for cross-cultural missions, 1998, NS8 DENN TIAC

Dimock, Nathaniel, Ritual : its use and misuse considered especially in view of the Church’s debt to the lost world, and three papers on some curiosities of patristic and mediæval literature, 1910, UH30 DIMO RITU

Doe, Norman, The principles of canon law common to the churches of the Anglican Communion, 2008, UE17 PRIN ANGL

Dudley, Carl S., Energizing the congregation : images that shape your church’s ministry, 1993, WA20 DUDL ETCO

Dupré, Judith, Full of grace : encountering Mary in faith, art, and life, 2010, FT70.5 DUPR FOGR

Earnshaw, Beverley, Fanned into flame : the spread of the Sunday School in Australia, 1980, TM27 EARN FIFL

Ellis, M. H., Francis Greenway, 1978, MW61.7 GREE ELLI

Ellsberg, Robert, Blessed among all women : women saints, prophets, and witnesses for our time, 2006, HA16 ELLS BAAW

Epp, Theodore H., Studies in the general Epistle of John, 1957, FQ50 EPPT SITG

Ferder, Fran, Enter the story : biblical metaphors for our lives, 2010, XQ5 FERD ETST

Ferguson, Ron, George MacLeod : founder of the Iona Community, 1990, LX43.6 MACL XFER

Firth, David G., Exploring Old Testament wisdom : literature and themes, 2016, DM40 EXPL FIRT

Francis, Leslie Roose, His spirit is with us : a project approach to Christian nurture based on the Anglican Communion service, 1981, UG40.5 FRAN HSIW

Freeman, David Hugh, Tillich, 1962, GW28 T577 XF85

Fuller, Andrew, Tricky people : how to deal with horrible types before they ruin your life, 2009, PU23.7 FULL TPEO

Garrett, Graeme, The habit of freedom : fifty years of St Mark’s review, 2011, MW64 HABI GARR

Gascoigne, Bamber, The Christians, 1977, IC27 GASC CHRI

Gaventa, Beverly Roberts, When in Romans : an invitation to linger with the Gospel according to Paul, 2016, FN30 GAVE WIRO

Giles, Richard, Times and seasons : creating transformative worship throughout the year, 2008, UG80 GILE TASE

Giles, Richard, Creating uncommon worship : transforming the liturgy of the Eucharist, 2004, UG38 GILE CUWO

Gilmour, Robert, Samuel Rutherford : a study : biographical and somewhat critical, in the history of the Scottish Covenant, 1904, Perry LX49.2 RUTH XGIL

Goldsworthy, Philip, All Saints, Newtown, 1862-1987, 1987, MW66.6 GOLD ALLS

Good, Nan, Just anybody : the journey of a lifetime, 2013, MW61.7 GOOD GOOD

Gore, Charles, Dissertations on subjects connected with the incarnation, 1907, RR46 GORE DOSC

Grant, James Alexander, Bishop Field Flowers Goe, 1832-1902, 1982, MW66.6 GOEF XGRA

Grant, James, The Melbourne scene, 1803-1956, 1978, MW69.6 MELB GRAN

Grant, Stan, The Australian Dream : blood, history and becoming, 2016, MW60 QUAR QE64

Griffin, Graeme M., They came to care : pastoral ministry in colonial Australia, 1993, MW64.1 GRIF TCTC

Grubb, Norman P., Alfred Buxton of Abyssinia and Congo, 1942, Perry MX13 BUXT GRUB

Gruen, Dietrich, Who’s who in the Bible : an illustrated biographical dictionary, 1998, CT32 WHOS GRUE

Gumbel, Nicky, The heart of revival, 1997, WB31 GUMB HORE

Gurney, S. Gamzu, Children of the wilderness : eight tales of Bible lands, 1937, HP25.6 GURN COTW

Guyon, Jeanne Marie Bouvier de La Motte, Experiencing the depths of Jesus Christ, 1975, JG7 G98 M

Hague, Dyson, The Protestantism of the Prayer book, 1893?, UP27 HAGU POTP

Harris, Dorothy, God’s patience, 1990, MW61.7 HARR HARR

Hodge, Errol, The seed of the Church : the story of the Anglican martyrs of Papua New Guinea, 1992, MW51 HODG SOTC

Holmer, Paul L., C. S. Lewis : the shape of his faith and thought, 1977, GX58 L673 XH74

Hooker, Morna D., The message of Mark, 1983, FK60 HOOK MOMA

Howell, Jennifer Bronwyn, Life-lines : the story of the Christian Radio Missionary Fellowship, a jubilee history, 1997, MW51 HOWE LLIN

Hubbard, Nigel, Almost a martyr’s fire : Everard Digges La Touche (1883-1915), 1984, LQ1 DIGG HUBB

Huegel, F. J., The cross of Christ, the throne of God, 1956, RR86 HUEG COCT

Huggett, Joyce, Two into one : relating in Christian marriage, 1981, SD21 HUGG TION

Huggett, Joyce, Marriage matters, 1991, SD21 HUGG MMAT

Hughes, Philip J., The Pentecostals in Australia, 1996, MW64 HUGH PIAU

Jayasuriya, Laksiri, The Asianisation of Australia? : some facts about the myths, 1999, MW61.9 JAYA AOAU

Jensen, Irving L., Joshua : rest-land won, 1966, DL18 JENS JOSH

Johnson, Andy, 1 and 2 Thessalonians, 2016, FP28 JOHN OATT

Jones, Hywel R., Philippians, 1993, FN98 JONE PHIL

Kaldor, Peter, Lead with your strengths : making a difference wherever you are, 2009, WA28 KALD LWYS

Kaldor, Peter, Lead with your strengths : booklet, 2009, WA28 KALD LWYS BOOK

Katoppo, Marianne, Compassionate and free : an Asian woman’s theology, 1979, SD86 KATO CAFR

Keener, Craig S., NIV cultural backgrounds study Bible : bringing to life the ancient world of scripture., 2016, CB92 2016 NIVC

Kerr, Rosemary, St. Mark’s in time, 1992, MW66.6 KERR SMIT

Knopwood, Robert, “If they hear not …” : a sermon on Luke 16, verse 31, 1982, FK79 KNOP ITHN

Kyme, Brian, Grit &  grace : the story of the Anglican Board of Mission, Australia, 2013, MW66.2 KYME GAGR

Law, Henry, Christ is all : the Gospel in Exodus, 1967, DK40 LAWH CIAL

Lee, Nicky, The marriage book, 2002, SD21 LEEN MBOO

Lehman, Edward C., Women in ministry : receptivity and resistance, 1994, SD87.5 LEHM WIMI

Lewis, C. S., Compelling reason : essays on ethics and theology, 1996, GX58 L673 IH

Lines, William J., Taming the great south land : a history of the conquest of nature in Australia, 1999, MW60.7 LINE TTGS

Lloyd-Jones, D. M., Roman Catholicism, 1966?, KJ95.6 LLOY RCAT

Lockyer, Herbert, God’s book of faith : meditations from Job, 1984, DM50 LOCK GBOF

Lowenstein, Wendy, Weevils in the flour : an oral record of the 1930s depression in Australia, 1979, SV58 LOWE WITF

Luke, Helen M., The inner story : myth and symbol in the Bible and literature, 1982, BV53 LUKE ISTO

Mackay, Hugh, What makes us tick? : the ten desires that drive us, 2010, PP72 MACK WMUT

Mackay, Hugh, Ways of escape, 2009, BZ8.5 MACK WOES

Martin, Joan, The ladies aren’t for silence : (gentlemen are you listening?), 1991, SD87 MART LAFS

Martin, Kevin E., The myth of the 200 barrier : how to lead through transitional growth, 2005, WA20 MART MOTT

Martin, Ralph P., Mark, 1981, FK68 MART MARK

Mayne, Michael, The enduring melody, 2006, YX67 MAYN EMEL

McCall, David, The ministry of reconciliation, 2009, UG54 MCCA MORE

McIntyre, John Charles, Set free : by God’s grace, 20??, XQ8.5 MCIN SFRE

McKinley, Mike, Luke 1-12 for you, 2016, FK78 MCKI LUKE V:1

Milgate, Wesley, A companion to Together in song : Australian hymn book II, 2006, VP40 1999 XTOG

Morgan, G. Campbell, The answers of Jesus to Job, 1964, DM50 MORG AOJT

Movement for the Ordination of Women (Australia). National Conference (2006 : Melbourne, Vic.), Women in the wings : waiting for purple : proceedings : MOWatch Conference 21st-24th August 2006., 2008, SD87.5 MOVE WITW

Movement for the Ordination of Women (Australia). National Conference (2010 : Kincumber, N.S.W.), Women of faith : imaging God in the world : proceedings : MOWatch 2010 Conference 24th-27th August 2010., 2011, SD87.5 MOVE WOFA

Muggeridge, Malcolm, A third testament, 1977, HA16 MUGG TTES

Murray, Andrew, The blood of the Cross, 1935, FX92 MURR BOTC

Nairne, Penny, Women priests : which way will you vote?, 1990, SD87.5 WOME NAIR

Neuer, Werner, Man and woman in Christian perspective, 1990, SD97 NEUE MAWI

Nichols, Alan, From every nation : stories of faith and culture struggles by Melbourne Anglicans who have been refugees, 2012, MW61.9 FROM NICH

Nicholson, Wm. R., The six miracles of Calvary, 1928, FS75 NICH SMOC

Nobbs, Raymond, George Hunn Nobbs, 1799-1884 : chaplain on Pitcairn and Norfolk Island, 1984, MW58 NOBB XNOB

Oben, Freda Mary, Edith Stein : scholar, feminist, saint, 1988, LG19.1 STEI OBEN

Ockenga, Harold John, Protestant preaching in Lent, 1957, WW10 OCKE PPIL

Oehler, Gust. Fr., Theology of the Old Testament., 1883, DX OEHL TOTO

O’Hare, Jeff, Brotherhood : stories of courage and resilience, 2009, MW66.7 OHAR BROT

Payne, Tony, Islam in our backyard : a novel argument, 2002, OT55 PAYN IIOB

Penfold, Susan, Women in ministry, 1991, SD87.5 WOME PENF

Penrose, Mary, Roots, deep and strong : great men and women of the church, 1995, HA16 PENR RDAS

Philip, Sunny, Footprints in water : facing up to pain and making sense of suffering, 2002, RU20 PHIL FIWA

Pickard, Stephen K., The Anglican Way : signposts on a common journey, 2008, KM3 PICK AWAY

Piper, John, Seeing and savoring Jesus Christ, 2004, RR29 PIPE SASJ

Plowden, Alison, Elizabeth Regina : the age of triumph, 1588-1603, 1980, LR38.5 PLOW EREG

Porter, Muriel, Women in purple : women bishops in Australia, 2008, SD87.5 PORT WIPU

Porter, Muriel, Leading the prayers of the people : a guide for the intercessors at the parish Eucharist, 1996, UU1 PORT LTPO

Porter, Muriel, Sex, power & the clergy, 2003, WP4 PORT SPAT

Porter, Muriel, Sex, marriage, and the church : patterns of change, 1996, SD60 PORT SMAT

Power, Rosemary, The story of Iona : Columban and medieval sites and spirituality, 2013, LX43.6 POWE SOIO

Proverbs, Bruce, A history of the Parish of St. Leonards, 1969, MW66.7 PROV HOTP

Rattenbury, J. Ernest, The seven windows of Calvary, 1953, XQ6.7 RATT SWOC

Reiher, Jim, We’ve been fed a lie! : a Christian’s guide to understanding the equal place of women in the church and home in the 21st century, 2002, SD87 REIH WBFA

Religious Tract Society (Great Britain), Biographical sketches of eminent Christians : first series., 18??, HA16 BIOG RELI

Roseville Meeting. Steering Committee, Wither the church?!, 1992, SD87.5 ROSE WTCH

Rupp, E. Gordon, Prophetic preaching : being the eighth Joseph Smith memorial lecture, 1954, WQ5 RUPP PPRE

Rutherford, Graeme S., Joy in the Lord, 1979, XB57 RUTH JITL

Rutherford, Graeme S., The church and homosexuality : papers from the ‘strangers and friends’ symposium, 1996, SD61.5 RUTH CAHO

Rutledge, Fleming, The seven last words from the cross, 2005, XQ6.7 RUTL SLWF

Santamaria, B. A., Archbishop Mannix : his contribution to the art of public leadership in Australia, 1978, MW65.6 MANN XSANT 1978

Schaeffer, Edith, The tapestry : the life and times of Francis and Edith Schaeffer, 1981, MA5 SCHA SCHA

Selway, Deborah, Women of spirit : contemporary religious leaders in Australia, 1995, SD86 SELW WOSP

Smith, Elizabeth J., Songs for saints and sinners : 22 new texts for 21st Century worship with 8 new tunes by Roslyn Carolane and Alexander Scutt, 2008, VP40 2008 SMIT

Smith, Elizabeth J., Songs for a hopeful church : words for inclusive worship, 1997, VP40 1997 SMIT

Smith, Jane Stuart, Favorite women hymn writers, 1990, VK20 SMIT FWHW

Starling, David Ian, Hermeneutics as apprenticeship : how the Bible shapes our interpretive habits and practices, 2016, CH STAR HAAP

Stevens, A. T., The resurrection of Jesus Christ : fact or fiction?, 1999, FS77 STEV ROJC

Stewart, Alexander, Roman dogma and Scripture truth, 1951, KJ95.6 STEW RDAS

Storkey, Elaine, Origins of difference : the gender debate revisited, 2001, SD97 STOR OODI

Stott, John R. W., Following Christ in the seventies, 1971, XB57 STOT FCIT

Thompson, James, Philippians and Philemon, 2016, FN28 THOM PAPH

Tress, Nora, Caught for life : a story of the Anglican deaconess order in Australia, 1993, MW66.1 TRES CFLI

Tulip, Marie, Women in a man’s church : changes in the status of women in the Uniting Church in Australia, 1977-1983, 1983, SD87 TULI WIAM

Turnbull, Ralph G., The Book of Nehemiah : a study manual, 1968, DL88 TURN BONE

Twopeny, R. E. N., Town life in Australia, 1973, MW62.3 TWOP TLIA

Uhr, Marie Louise, Changing women, changing church : festschrift to Patricia Brennan, Foundation President of the Movement for the Ordination of Women, 1992, SD87 CHAN UHRM

Vinten, Bill, A biblical guide to stewardship, 1994, UF30 VINT BGTS

Volf, Miroslav, Flourishing : why we need religion in a globalized world [ebook], 2015,

Walker, Thomas, The Acts of the Apostles, 1965, FM8 WALK AOTA

Wansbrough, Henry, The Gospel of Luke, 1998, FK78 WANS GOLU

Ward, Russel, Australia, 1965, MW62 WARD AUST

Webb, Val, Why we’re equal : introducing feminist theology, 1999, SD87 WEBB WWEQ

Webster, Margaret, A new strength, a new song : the journey to women’s priesthood, 1994, SD87.5 WEBS NSAN

Weems, Lovett H., Church leadership : vision, team, culture, and integrity, 1993, WA28 WEEM CLEA

Westcott, Brooke Foss, Gifts for ministry : addresses to candidates for ordination, 1889, WV70 WEST GFMI

Wetherell, David, ‘God’s kindergarten’ : women priests and bishops in the Anglican Church of Australia, 2009, SD87.5 WETH GKIN

White, Nancy H., Sharing the climb, 1991, MW51 WHIT XWHI

Wright, Nicholas Thomas, Lent for everyone : Luke : Year C, 2009, XQ8.5 WRIG LLUK

Wright, Nicholas Thomas, The day the revolution began : reconsidering the meaning of Jesus’s crucifixion, 2016, FS74 WRIG DTRB

Wyndham, Susan, My mother, my father : on losing a parent, 2013, SD11 MYMO WYND



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