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September 2021

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Stevens, R. Paul, 2 Corinthians : finding strength in weakness [ebook], 2011

Allison, Gregg R., 50 core truths of the Christian faith : a guide to understanding and teaching theology, 2018

Torrance, Thomas F., A passion for Christ : the vision that ignites ministry, 2010

Akin, Daniel L., Christ-centered exposition : exalting Jesus in Proverbs [ebook], 2017

Aaron, Daryl, Christian theology for people in a hurry, 2019

Bodenhamer, David J., Deep maps and spatial narratives [ebook], 2015

Peckham, John C., Divine attributes : knowing the covenantal God of scripture [ebook], 2021

Oakes, Peter, Empire, economics, and the New Testament [ebook], 2020

Bock, Darrell L., Ephesians : an introduction and commentary, 2019

Akin, Daniel L., Exalting Jesus in Daniel [ebook], 2017

Anyabwile, Thabiti M., Exalting Jesus in Luke [ebook], 2018

Wenham, David, Exploring the New Testament : Volume 1. A guide to the Gospels & Acts, 2021

Marshall, I. Howard, Exploring the New Testament : Volume 2. A guide to the letters & Revelation, 2021

Dowland, Seth, Family values and the rise of the Christian right [ebook], 2015

Allender, Dan B., God loves sex : an honest conversation about sexual desire and holiness [ebook], 2014

Oliphint, K. Scott, God with us : divine condescension and the attributes of God [ebook], 2011

Peterson, David, Hebrews : an introduction and commentary, 2020

Wingren, Gustaf, Luther on vocation, 1957

Wallace, Bronwyn, Memory and the English reformation, 2020

Pue, Carson, Mentoring leaders : wisdom for developing character, calling, and competency [ebook], 2005

Judge, E. A., On this rock : when culture disrupted the roman community [ebook], 2020

Byrd, Charles Hannon, Pentecostal aspects of early sixteenth century Anabaptism [ebook], 2019

Gombis, Timothy G., Power in weakness : Paul’s transformed vision for ministry [ebook], 2021

Hernández, Dominick, Proverbs : pathways to wisdom [ebook], 2020

Wright, Paul., Shepherd’s notes : Genesis [ebook], 1997

Barrett, Matthew, Simply Trinity : The unmanipulated Father, Son, and Spirit [ebook], 2021

Dallas, Joe, Speaking of homosexuality : discussing the issues with kindness and clarity [ebook], 2016

Rambo, Shelly, Spirit and trauma : a theology of remaining [ebook], 2010

Bray, Gerald Lewis, The attributes of God : an introduction [ebook], 2021

Allison, Gregg R., The Baker compact dictionary of theological terms [ebook], 2016

Allison, Gregg R., The church : an introduction [ebook], 2021

Alexander, T. Desmond, The city of God and the goal of creation [ebook], 2018

Chae, Daniel Jong-Sang, The historical Paul in Acts [ebook], 2019

Jones, Serene, Trauma + grace : theology in a ruptured world [ebook], 2019

Rundus, Lance, Wisdom is a woman : the canonical metaphor of Lady Wisdom of Proverbs 1-9 understood in light of theological aesthetics, 2019

Balentine, Samuel E., Wisdom literature [ebook], 2018

Vande Kappelle, Robert P., Wisdom revealed : the message of Biblical wisdom literature, then and now [ebook], 2014

Park, Sung Jin, The fundamentals of Hebrew accents : divisions and exegetical roles beyond syntax, 2020, BJ42 PARK FOHA

Brown, Jeannine K., Scripture as communication : introducing biblical hermeneutics, 2021, CH BROW SACO

Hays, Richard B., Reading with the grain of Scripture, 2020, CH HAYS RWTG

Wright, N. T., Interpreting scripture : essays on the bible and hermeneutics, 2020, CH WRIG ISCR

Visotzky, Burton L., The Genesis of ethics, 1996, DK35 VISO GOET

Greidanus, Sidney, Preaching Christ from Leviticus : foundations for expository sermons, 2021, DK50 GREI PCFL

Auld, A. Graeme., Joshua : Jesus, son of Nau{0113}, in Codex Vaticanus, 2005, DL18 AULD JOSH

Van Wijk-Bos, Johanna W. H., The road to kingship : 1-2 Samuel, 2020, DL48 VANW RTKI

Daley, Brian E., The harp of prophecy : early Christian interpretation of the Psalms, 2015, DM35 HARP DALE

Vaillancourt, Ian J., The multifaceted saviour of Psalms 110 and 118 : a canonical exegesis, 2019, DM39 VAIL MSOP

Le Donne, Anthony, Sacred dissonance : the blessing of difference in Jewish-Christian dialogue, 2017, EZ30 LEDO SDIS

Riches, John, A century of New Testament study, 1993, FF92 RICH CONT

Edwards, James R., The Hebrew Gospel and the development of the synoptic tradition, 2009, FK EDWA HGAT

Cohick, Lynn H., The letter to the Ephesians, 2020, FN88 COHI LTTE

Carey, Greg, Sinners : Jesus and his earliest followers, 2009, FS90 CARE SINN

Papaioannou, Kim., Israel, covenant, law : a third perspective on Paul, 2017, FX63 PAPA ICLA

Bird, Michael F., The Cambridge companion to the Apostolic Fathers, 2021, GH B618 2021

Needham, Nicholas R., The triumph of grace : Augustine’s writings on salvation, 2000, GN3 XN28

McCormack, Bruce L., Thomas Aquinas and Karl Barth : an unofficial Catholic-Protestant  dialogue, 2013, GQ90 M459

Walsh, Milton T., Second friends : C.S Lewis and Ronald Knox in conversation, 2008, GX58 L673 XW16

Garroway, Kristine Henriksen, Growing up in ancient Israel : children in material culture and biblical texts, 2018, HK5 GARR GUIA

Leatherbury, Sean Villareal, Inscribing faith in late antiquity : between reading and seeing, 2020, IK LEAT IFIL

Smith, Geoffrey S., Valentinian Christianity : texts and translations, 2020, JC62 VALE SMIT

Heaney, Robert Stewart, The promise of Anglicanism, 2019, KM3 HEAN POAN

Ross, Alexander., A still more excellent way : authority and polity in the Anglican communion, 2020, KM3 ROSS SMEW

Spencer, Stephen, Theology reforming society : revisiting Anglican social theology, 2017, KM3 SPEN TRSO

Andrews, Jonathan, The missiology behind the story : voices from the Arab world, 2019, MP24 MISS ANDR

Reid, Duncan, Time we started listening : theological questions put to us by recent indigenous writing, 2020, MW61.42 REID TWSL

Loughrey, Glenn, On being blackfella’s young fella : is being Aboriginal enough?, 2020, MW61.7 LOUG OBBY

Collard, John., Leadership, gender and culture in education : male and female perspectives, 2005, PV40 LEAD COLL

Polgar, Nenad, The concept of intrinsic evil and Catholic theological ethics, 2019, QZ95 CONC POLG

Avis, Paul D. L., Incarnating authority : a critical account of authority in the church, 2019, RC85 INCA AVIS

Kimball, Dan, How (not) to read the Bible : making sense of the anti-women, anti-science, pro-violence, pro-slavery, and other crazy sounding parts of Scripture, 2020, RE63 KIMB HNTR

Grudem, Wayne A., Systematic theology : an introduction to biblical doctrine, 2020, RN97 GRUD STHE

Wenkel, David H., Shining like the sun : a biblical theology of meeting God face to face, 2016, RQ20 WENK SLTS

Kinlaw, Dennis F., Let’s start with Jesus : a new way of doing theology, 2005, RR28 KINL LSWJ

Park, Andrew Sung, Triune atonement : Christ’s healing for sinners, victims, and the whole creation, 2009, RR86 PARK TATO

Woodall, Chris, Atonement : God’s means of effecting man’s reconciliation, 2015, RR87 WOOD ATON

Strawbridge, Jennifer R., Love makes no sense : an invitation to Christian theology, 2019, RS85 STRA LMNS

Turnau, Ted, The pop culture parent : helping kids engage their world for Christ, 2020, SD12 TURN PCPA

Astin, Helen S., Women of influence, women of vision : a cross-generational study of leaders and social change, 1991, SD85 ASTI WOIW

Helgesen, Sally, The female advantage : women’s ways of leadership, 1990, SD85 HELG FADV

Chin, Jean Lau, Women and leadership : transforming visions and diverse voices, 2007, SD85 WOME CHIN

Dzubinski, Leanne M., Women in the mission of the church : their opportunities and obstacles throughout Christian history, 2021, SD87.5 DZUB WITM

Thompson, Joseph Milburn, Introducing Catholic social thought, 2010, SH43 THOM ICST

Ah Nee-Benham, Maenette K. P., Let my spirit soar! : narratives of diverse women in school leadership, 1998, TE AHNE LMSS

Oxenham, Marvin, Character and virtue in theological education : an academic epistolary novel, 2019, TX33 OXEN CAVI

Forrest, Benjamin K., Biblical worship : theology for God’s glory, 2021, UG BIBL FORR

Hicks, Zac, The worship pastor : a call to ministry for worship leaders and teams, 2016, UG HICK WPAS

King, Fergus John, More than a Passover : inculturation in the Supper Narratives of the New Testament, 2007, UG30.2 KING MTAP

Burns, Stephen, When we pray : the future of common prayer, 2020, UU5 WHEN BURN

Seibel, Cory, Engage all generations : a strategic toolkit for creating intergenerational faith communities, 2021, WA20 ENGA SEIB

Torry, Malcolm, The parish : people, place and ministry : a theological and practical exploration, 2004, WA20 PARI TORR

Spencer, Stephen, Growing and flourishing : the ecology of church growth, 2019, WA20 SPEN GAFL

Baker, Alan T., Foundations of chaplaincy : a practical guide, 2021, WP2.2 BAKE FOCH

Paterson, Michael, Between a rock and a hard place : pastoral supervision revisited & revisioned, Date of publication not identified, WP3 PATE BARA

McKnight, Scot, A church called Tov : forming a goodness culture that resists abuses of power and promotes healing, 2020, WP4 MCKN CCTO

Swinton, John, Finding Jesus in the storm : the spiritual lives of Christians with mental health challenges, 2020, WP8.4 SWIN FJIT

Mathewson, Steven D., The art of preaching Old Testament narrative, 2021, WQ5 MATH AOPO




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