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June 2021

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Gatiss, Lee, 1-2 Thessalonians, 1-2 Timothy, Titus, Philemon [ebook], 2019

Meier, John P., A marginal Jew : rethinking the historical Jesus. Volume five, Probing the authenticity of the parables [ebook], 2016

Broughton, Geoff, A practical Christology for pastoral supervision [ebook], 2021

Magonet, Jonathan, A rabbi reads the Torah [ebook], 2013

Holcomb, Justin S., Acts : a 12-week study [ebook], 2014

Calvin, Jean, Acts [ebook], 1995

Payne, Don J., Already sanctified : a theology of the Christian life in light of God’s completed work [ebook], 2020

Watson, Francis, An apostolic gospel : the ‘Epistula Apostolorum’ in literary context [ebook], 2020

Roberts, Mark D., Can we trust the Gospels? : investigating the reliability of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John [ebook], 2007

Lightfoot, J. B., Colossians and Philemon [ebook], 1997

Augustine, Confessions [ebook], 2019

Sun, Chloe Tse, Conspicuous in his absence : studies in the Song of Songs and Esther [ebook], 2021

Murphy, Gannon, Consuming glory : a classical defense of Divine-human relationality against open theism [ebook], 2006

Douglass, Katherine M., Cultivating teen faith : insights from the confirmation project [ebook], 2018

Hughes, R. Kent, Disciplines of a godly man [ebook], 2019

Wyatt, John, Dying well [ebook], 2018

Yarhouse, Mark A., Emerging gender identities : understanding the diverse experiences of today’s youth [ebook], 2020

Crossway Books, ESV study bible : English standard version [ebook], 2016

Baker, Vaughn Willard, Evangelism and the openness of God : the implications of relational theism for evangelism and missions [ebook], 2013

Davis, Andrew M., Exalting Jesus in Isaiah [ebook], 2017

Moseley, Allan, Exalting Jesus in Leviticus [ebook], 2015

Helm, David R., Expositional preaching : how we speak God’s word today [ebook], 2014

Sproul, R. C., Faith alone : the evangelical doctrine of justification [ebook], 2013

Chandler, Matt, Family discipleship : leading your home through time, moments, and milestones, 2020

Hocking, Jeffrey S., Freedom unlimited : liberty, autonomy, and response-ability in the open theism of Clark Pinnock [ebook], 2010

Kibbe, Michael, From research to teaching : a guide to beginning your classroom career [ebook], 2021

Hasker, William, God in an open universe : science, metaphysics, and open theism [ebook], 2011

Staff, Holman Bible Editorial, Holman Concise Bible Dictionary., 2014

Lightfoot, Neil R., How we got the Bible [ebook], 2003

Tubbs Tisdale, Leonora, How women transform preaching [ebook], 2021

Schuck, Caroline, Inspiring creative supervision [ebook], 2011

Aune, David Edward, Jesus in memory : traditions in oral and scribal perspectives [ebook], 2009

Vermès, Géza, Jesus in the Jewish world [ebook], 2010

Busenitz, Nathan, Long before Luther : tracing the heart of the Gospel from Christ to the Reformation [ebook], 2017

Arendt, Hannah, Love and Saint Augustine [ebook], 1996

Ryle, J. C., Luke [ebook], 1997

McKenzie, Alyce M., Matthew [ebook], 1998

Jones, L. Gregory, Navigating the future : traditioned innovation for wilder seas [ebook], 2021

Cottrell, Jack, Perspectives on election : five views [ebook], 2006

White, Heath, Postmodernism 101 : a first course for the curious Christian [ebook], 2006

Rose, Jessica, Psychology for pastoral contexts : a handbook [ebook], 2013

Winn, Adam, Reading Mark’s Christology under Caesar : Jesus the Messiah and Roman Imperial ideology [ebook], 2018

Cohen, Adam B., Religion and human flourishing [ebook], 2020

Storms, C. Samuel, Restoration of all things [ebook], 2011

Levine, Amy-Jill, Sermon on the Mount : a beginner’s guide to the Kingdom of Heaven [ebook], 2020

Getty, Keith, Sing! : how worship transforms your life, family, and church [ebook], 2017

De Neui, Paul H., Suffering : Christian reflections on the Buddhist dukkha [ebook], 2011

Thomas, Summa theologica Part I (“Prima Pars”), St. Thomas Aquinas [ebook], 2012

Cameron, Helen, Talking about God in practice : theological action research and practical theology [ebook], 2010

Guyer, Benjamin, The beauty of holiness : the Caroline divines and their writings [ebook], 2012

Butterfield, Rosaria Champagne, The Gospel comes with a house key : practicing radically ordinary hospitality in our post-Christian world [ebook], 2018

Allison, Gregg R., The Holy Spirit [ebook], 2020

Helyer, Larry R., The life and witness of Jeremiah : a prophet for today [ebook], 2019

McHugh, Adam S., The listening life : embracing attentiveness in a world of distraction [ebook], 2015

Horsley, Richard A., The prophet Jesus and the renewal of Israel : moving beyond a diversionary debate [ebook], 2012

Rooker, Mark F., The Ten Commandments : ethics for the twenty-first century [ebook], 2010

Nielsen, Anders E., Until it is fulfilled : Lukan eschatology according to Luke 22 and Acts 20 [ebook], 2000

Grudem, Wayne A., What the Bible says about birth control, infertility, reproductive technology, and adoption [ebook], 2021

Noll, Sonja, The semantics of silence in biblical Hebrew, 2020, BJ43 NOLL SOSI

Lieb, Michael, The Oxford handbook of the reception history of the Bible, 2013, CD50 OXFO LIEB

Kim, Kyu Seop, The firstborn son in ancient Judaism and early Christianity : a study of primogeniture and Christology, 2019, CR50 KIMK FSIA

Williamson, Paul R., The seed of promise : the sufferings and glory of the Messiah : essays in honor of T. Desmond Alexander, 2020, DK36.3 SEED WILL

Doedens, Jaap, The sons of God in Genesis 6:1-4 : analysis and history of exegesis, 2019, DK39 DOED SOGI

Burnett, D. Clint, Christ’s enthronement at God’s right hand and its Greco-Roman cultural context, 2021, DM39 BURN CEAG

Goldingay, John, The theology of Jeremiah : the book, the man, the message, 2021, DN40 GOLD TOJE

Najman, Hindy, Jeremiah’s scriptures production, reception, interaction, and transformation, 2017, DN40 JERE NAJM

O’Brien, Mark A., Discerning the dynamics of Jeremiah 1-25 (MT), 2017, DN48 OBRI DTDO

Abernethy, Andrew T., God’s messiah in the Old Testament : expectations of a coming king, 2020, DX30 ABER GMIT

Norwegian Summer Academy for Biblical Studies Conference (2018 : Kristiansand, Norway), The Bible and money : economy and socioeconomic ethics in the Bible, 2020, DX89 NORW BAMO

Provan, Iain W., Seeking what is right : the Old Testament and the good life, 2020, DY5 PROV SWIS

Gurtner, Daniel M., Jesus, Matthew’s gospel and early Christianity : studies in memory of Graham N. Stanton, 2013, FK50 STAN XGUR

Novakovic, Lidija, John 1-10 : a handbook on the Greek text, 2020, FL8 NOVA JOHN V:1

Novakovic, Lidija, John 11-21 : a handbook on the Greek text, 2020, FL8 NOVA JOHN V:2

Belleville, Linda L., Scripture, texts, and tracings in Romans, 2021, FN30 SCRI BELL

Charlesworth, James H., Jesus’ Jewishness : exploring the place of Jesus within early Judaism, 1991, FS24 JESU CHAR

Flusser, David, The sage from Galilee : rediscovering Jesus’ genius, 2007, FS55 FLUS SFGA

Johnson, E. Elizabeth, Ecclesiology in the New Testament, 2020, FT17 JOHN EITN

Levine, Amy-Jill, Short stories by Jesus : the enigmatic parables of a controversial rabbi, 2014, FX34 LEVI SSBJ

Frey, Jörg, The glory of the crucified one : christology and theology in the Gospel of John, 2018, FX70 FREY GOTC

Miller, Ike, Seeing by the light : illumination in Augustine’s and Barth’s readings of John, 2020, FX70 MILL SBTL

Walsh, Robyn Faith, The origins of early Christian literature : contextualizing the New Testament within Greco-Roman literary culture, 2021, GG4 W223 2021

Dickson, John P., Bullies and saints : an honest look at the good and evil of Christian history, 2021, IC27 DICK BASA

Spencer, Stephen, SCM studyguide to Anglicanism, 2021, KM2.2 SPEN SCMS

Bevins, Winfield, Simply Anglican : an ancient faith for today’s world, 2020, KM3 BEVI SANG

Ganter, Regina, The contest for Aboriginal souls : European missionary agendas in Australia, 2018, MW64.3 GANT CFAS

Westminster Conference (2019 : London), The Puritan experiment : papers read at the 2019 Westminster Conference, 2019?, Perry LT42 WEST PEXP

Twenge, Jean M., iGen : why today’s super-connected kids are growing up less rebellious, more tolerant, less happy–and completely unprepared for adulthood : and what that means for the rest of us, 2018, PW40 TWEN IGEN

Daft, Richard L., The leadership experience, 2018, PW96 DAFT LEXP

DuBrin, Andrew J., Leadership : research findings, practice, and skills, 2016, PW96 DUBR LEAD

Hughes, Richard L., Leadership : enhancing the lessons of experience, 2019, PW96 HUGH LEAD

Leach, Jane, A charge to keep : reflective supervision and the renewal of Christian leadership, 2020, PW96 LEAC CTKE

Yukl, Gary A., Leadership in organizations, 2020, PW96 YUKL LIOR

Cook, Chris, The Bible and mental health : towards a biblical theology of mental health, 2020, PX23 BIBL COOK

Tan, Carolyn E. L., The Spirit at the cross : exploring a cruciform pneumatology : an investigation into the Holy Spirit’s role at the cross, 2019, RT5 TANC SATC

Hill, Jess, See what you made me do : power, control and domestic abuse, 2019, SD59 HILL SWYM

Snyder, Rachel Louise, No visible bruises : what we don’t know about domestic violence can kill us, 2020, SD59 SNYD NVBR

Swanson, R. N., Gender and Christian religion : papers read at the 1996 Summer Meeting and the 1997 Winter Meeting of the Ecclesiastical History Society, 1998, SD97 GEND SWAN

Augustine, Daniela Christova, The Spirit and the common good : shared flourishing in the image of God, 2019, SH37 AUGU SATC

Kamler, Barbara, Helping doctoral students write : pedagogies for supervision, 2014, TU28 KAML HDSW

Ferguson, Sinclair B., Devoted to God’s church : core values for Christian fellowship, 2020, UA23 FERG DTGC

Bradshaw, Paul F., The Apostolic Tradition reconstructed : a text for students, 2021, UB27 BRAD ATRE

Lings, George, Messy Church theology : exploring the significance of Messy Church for the wider church, 2013, WA20 MESS LING

Smith, Mark, The church leader’s MBA : what business school instructors wish church leaders knew about management, 2011, WA28 CHUR SMIT

Hull, Bill, The Christian leader : rehabilitating our addiction to secular leadership, 2016, WA28 HULL CLEA

Crank, Warren, Unofficial chaplain : a handbook for everyday service to the people around you, 2017, WP2.2 CRAN UCHA

Piper, John, Brothers, we are not professionals : a plea to pastors for radical ministry, 2013, WP2.2 PIPE BWAN

Patton, John, Pastor as counselor : wise presence, sacred conversation, 2015, WP6 PATT PACO

Olyott, Stuart, Ministering like the master : three messages for today’s preachers, 2003, WQ5 OLYO MLTM

Hussey, Ian, Preaching with an accent : biblical genres for Australian congregations, 2019, WQ5 PREA HUSS

Moore, Lucy, Messy discipleship : messy church perspectives on growing faith, 2021, XB MESS MOOR

Dodds, Adam, Resilient : spiritual formation for mind and heart, 2020, XB58 DODD RESI

Kranowitz, Carol Stock, The out-of-sync child : recognizing and coping with sensory processing disorder, 2005, YX59 KRAN TOOS

Kranowitz, Carol Stock, The out-of-sync child has fun : activities for kids with sensory processing disorder, 2006, YX59 KRAN TOOS 2006

Lavoie, Richard D., It’s so much work to be your friend : helping the child with learning disabilities find social success, 2005, YX59 LAVO ISMW






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