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November 2019

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Galli, Mark, 131 Christians everyone should know [ebook], 2000

Bell, David N., A cloud of witnesses : an introduction to the development of Christian doctrine to AD 500 [ebook], 2007

DeVries, Mark, Calvin’s Institutes of the Christian religion [ebook], 1998

Gundry, Robert H., Commentary on the New Testament : verse-by-verse explanations with a literal translation [ebook], 2011

Augustine, Confessions [ebook], 2006

Davis, Andrew M., Creation [ebook], 2011

Benner, David G., Desiring God’s will : aligning our hearts with the heart of God [ebook], 2015

Noble, Alan, Disruptive witness : speaking truth in a distracted age [ebook], 2018

Platt, David, Exalting Jesus in Matthew [ebook], 2013

Gould, Dana, Hebrews [ebook], 1998

Weber, Stu, Holman New Testament Commentary – Matthew  [ebook], 2000

Butler, Trent C., Hosea, Joel, Amos, Obadiah, Jonah, Micah [ebook], 2005

Cunningham, Richard, Serving the church, reaching the world : essays in honour of Don Carson [ebook], 2017

Benner, David G., Surrender to love : discovering the heart of Christian spirituality [ebook], 2015

Pratico, Gary Davis, Basics of Biblical Hebrew grammar, 2019, BJ57 PRAT BOBH

Pratico, Gary Davis, Basics of Biblical Hebrew workbook, 2019, BJ57 PRAT BOBW

Wheelock, Frederic M., Wheelock’s Latin, 2011, BS56 WHEE WLAT

Slotkin, Joel Elliot, Sinister aesthetics : the appeal of evil in early modern English literature, 2017, BZ2.4 SLOT SAES

Castelo, Daniel, The marks of Scripture : rethinking the nature of the Bible, 2019, CD40 CAST MOSC

Mburu, Elizabeth W., African hermeneutics, 2019, CH MBUR AHER

Abernethy, Andrew T., Interpreting the Old Testament theologically : essays in honor of Willem A. VanGemeren, 2018, DB INTE ABER

Hamilton, Mark W., A theological introduction to the Old Testament, 2018, DD HAMI TITT

Alter, Robert, The Hebrew Bible : a translation with commentary, Vols. 1-3, 2019, DH5 2019 ALTE

Ko, Ming Him, Leviticus, 2018, DK58 KOMI LEVI

Gorospe, Athena E., Judges, 2016, DL28 GORO JUDG

Kim, Koowon, 1 Samuel, 2018, DL48 KIMK OSAM

Lamb, Jonathan, Faith in the face of danger : an introduction to the Book of Nehemiah, 2018, DL88 LAMB FITF

Gentry, Peter John., How to read and understand the biblical prophets, 2017, DN GENT HTRA

Prokhorov, Alexander V., The Isaianic denkschrift and a socio-cultural crisis in Yehud : a rereading of Isaiah 6:1-9:6[7], 2015, DN38.5 PROK IDAA

Tiemeyer, Lena-Sofia, Continuity and discontinuity : chronological and thematic development in Isaiah 40-66, 2014, DN39 CONT TIEM

Duguid, Iain M., Zephaniah, Haggai, Malachi, 2018, DP18 DUGU ZHMA

Carter, Anthony J., Running from mercy : Jonah and the surprising story of God’s unstoppable Grace, 2018, DQ28 CART RFME

Cruz, Juan, “Who is like Yahweh?” a study of divine metaphors in the book of Micah, 2016, DQ30 CRUZ WILY

Ferreira, Johan, Micah, 2017, DQ38 FERR MICA

Lamb, Jonathan, From why to worship : an introduction to the Book of Habakkuk, 2018, DQ58 LAMB FWTW

Thomas, Heath A., Habakkuk, 2018, DQ58 THOM HABA

Deenick, Karl, Righteous by promise : a biblical theology of circumcision, 2018, DX85 DEEN RBPR

Vroegop, Mark, Dark clouds, deep mercy : discovering the grace of lament, 2019, DX86 VROE DCDM

Hawk, L. Daniel, The violence of the biblical God : canonical narrative and Christian faith, 2019, DY HAWK VOTB

Evans, Craig A., A handbook on the Jewish roots of the Christian faith, 2019, EZ30 HAND EVAN

Young, Frances M., Ways of reading scripture : collected papers, 2018, FB14 YOUN WORS

Blomberg, Craig L., The historical reliability of the New Testament : countering the challenges to evangelical Christian beliefs, 2016, FG BLOM HROT

Uytanlet, Samson, Matthew : a pastoral and contextual commentary, 2017, FK58 UYTA MATT

Carson, D. A., Christ has set us free : preaching and teaching Galatians, 2019, FN78 CHRI CARS

DeSilva, David Arthur, The letter to the Galatians, 2018, FN78 DESI LTTG

Yarbrough, Robert W., The letters to Timothy and Titus, 2018, FP58 YARB LTTA

Soo Hoo, Gilbert, 1, 2, 3 John, 2016, FQ58 SOOH OTTJ

Augustine, The Donatist controversy, Vol. I.21, 2019-, GN3 E 1990

Wilson, Kenneth M., Augustine’s conversion from traditional free choice to “non-free free will” : a comprehensive methodology, 2018, GN3 XW74 2018

Pinker, Steven, Enlightenment now : the case for reason, science, humanism and progress, 2019, HH45 PINK ENOW

Mendenhall, George E., The cultural and religious creativity of ancient Israel : the collected essays of George E. Mendenhall, 2018, HP30 MEND CARC

Hannah, John D., Invitation to church history, Vol. 1, 2018, IC27 HANN ITCH

McGuckin, John Anthony, The path of Christianity : the first thousand years, 2017, IC27 MCGU POCH

Stetzer, Ed., Christians in the age of outrage : how to bring our best when the world is at its worst, 2018, IC32 STET CITA

Cooper, Derek, Sinners and saints : the real story of early Christianity, 2018, IJ24 COOP SASA

Matus, Zachary A., Franciscans and the elixir of life : religion and science in the later Middle Ages, 2017, IX55 MATU FATE

Arab Baptist Theological Seminary (ABTS), The church in disorienting times : leading prophetically through adversity, 2018, MP20 ARAB CIDO

Crabb, Annabel, Men at work : Australia’s parenthood trap, 2019, MW60 QUAR QE75

Reed, Rodney L., African contextual realities, 2018, MX14 AFRI REED

Allen, Roland, Roland Allen’s the ministry of expansion : the priesthood of the laity, 2017, NR ALLE MOEX

Wilson, David J., Pipeline : engaging the church in missionary mobilization, 2018, NR WILS PIPE

Wrogemann, Henning, Intercultural theology, Vols. 2-3, 2016-2019, NR WROG ITHE

Engen, Charles Edward van., Transforming mission theology, 2017, NR3 ENGE TMTH

Bowman, Carla, Building bridges to oral cultures : journeys among the least-reached, 2017, NR6 BOWM BBTO

Amalraj, John, Spirituality in mission : embracing the lifelong journey, 2018, NR6 SPIR AMAL

Gilbert, Marvin, Missiological research : interdisciplinary foundations, methods, and integration, 2018, NS6 MISS GILB

Mouw, Richard J., Restless faith : holding evangelical beliefs in a world of contested labels, 2019, Perry JH MOUW RFAI

Kuan, Jonathan Wei-Han, Foundations of Anglican evangelicalism in Victoria : four elements for continuity, 1847-1937, 2019, Perry MW66.6 KUAN FOAE

Beeke, Joel R., Reformed preaching : proclaiming God’s word from the heart of the preacher to the heart of his people, 2018, Perry WQ5 BEEK RPRE

Frame, T. R., Moral injury : unseen wounds in an age of barbarism, 2015, PP70 MORA FRAM

Habermas, Tilmann, Emotion and narrative : perspectives in autobiographical storytelling, 2019, PP80 HABE EANA

Groves, J. Alasdair, Untangling emotions, 2019, PP90 GROV UEMO

Parks, Sharon Daloz, The critical years : young adults and the search for meaning, faith, and commitment, ©1986, PR38 PARK CYEA

Crisp, Thomas M., Psychology and spiritual formation in dialogue : moral and spiritual change in Christian perspective, 2019, PR38 PSYC CRIS

Blanton, P. Gregg, Contemplation & counseling : an integrative model for practitioners, 2019, PX34 BLAN CACO

Greggo, Stephen P., Assessment for counseling in Christian perspective, 2019, PX34 GREG AFCI

Dew, James K., Philosophy : a Christian introduction, 2019, QQ DEWJ PHIL

Pugh, Ben., SCM studyguide to philosophy and Christian faith, 2018, QQ PUGH SCMS

Murphy, Nancey C., A philosophy of the Christian religion, 2018, RA43 MURP POTC

O’Neill, Gary, Straw for the bricks : theological reflection in practice, 2018, RC15 STRA ONEI

Yong, Amos, Learning theology : tracking the spirit of Christian faith, 2018, RC15 YONG LTHE

Boice, James Montgomery, Foundations of the Christian faith : a comprehensive and readable theology, 2019, RC33 BOIC FOTC

MacGregor, Kirk R., Contemporary theology : an introduction : classical, evangelical, philosophical, and global perspectives, 2019, RC33 MACG CTHE

Helm, Paul, Just words? : special revelation and the Bible, 2019, RE60 HELM JWOR

House, H. Wayne, The Evangelical dictionary of world religions, 2018, Ref OA4 EVAN HOUS

Murray, Stuart, Post-Christendom : church and mission in a strange new world, 2018, RK56 MURR POST

Pugh, Ben, SCM studyguide to theology in the contemporary world, 2017, RK56 PUGH SCMS

Olofinjana, Israel, African voices : towards African British theologies, 2017, RK80 AFRI OLOF

Beeke, Joel R., Reformed systematic theology, Vol. 1, 2019, RN97 BEEK RSTH

Johnson, Terry L., The identity and attributes of God, 2019, RQ20 JOHN IAAO

Mann, William E., God, modality, and morality, 2015, RQ20 MANN GMAM

Haykin, Michael A. G., Giving glory to the consubstantial trinity : an essay on the quintessence of the Christian faith, 2018, RQ30 HAYK GGTT

Shehadeh, Imad N., God with us and without us, 2018-, RQ37 SHEH GWUA

Cortez, Marc, Being saved : explorations in human salvation, 2018, RS BEIN CORT

Arblaster, John, Theosis/deification : Christian doctrines of divinization, East and West, 2018, RU THEO ARBL

Reed, Rodney L., Christianity and suffering : African perspectives, 2017, RU20 CHRI REED

Witt, Rush, Diehard sins : how to fight wisely against destructive daily habits, 2018, RU33 WITT DSIN

Johnson, Elliott E., A dispensational biblical theology, 2016, RX43 JOHN DBTH

Connor, Harriet, Big picture parents : ancient wisdom for modern life, 2017, SD12 CONN BPPA

Allberry, Sam, 7 myths about singleness, 2019, SD38 ALLB SMAS

Rajagopal, Rachel R., Unashamed servant-leadership, 2017, SD87.5 RAJA USLE

Moe-Lobeda, Cynthia D., Resisting structural evil : love as ecological-economic vocation, 2013, SH37 MOEL RSEV

George, Sam, Refugee diaspora : missions amid the greatest humanitarian crisis of our times, 2018, SJ82 REFU GEOR

Bradbury, Steve, Where spirituality & justice meet : spiritual formation & integral mission, 2018, SK25 WHER BRAD

Barram, Michael D., Missional economics : biblical justice and Christian formation, 2018, SQ33 BARR MECO

Harper, I. R. L., Confessions of a meddlesome economist, 2018, SV83 HARP COAM

Reimer, Johannes, Missio politica : the mission of church and politics, 2017, SX14 REIM MPOL

Murray, Douglas, The madness of crowds : gender, race and identity, 2019, SX15 MURR MOCR

Moschella, Mary Clark, Qualitative research in theological education : pedagogy in practice, 2018, TU27 QUAL MOSC

Ferris, Robert W., Ministry education that transforms : modeling and teaching the transformed life, 2018, TX33 FERR METT

Waters, Guy Prentiss, The Lord’s Supper as the sign and meal of the new covenant, 2019, UG37 WATE LSAT

Burns, Bob, The politics of ministry : navigating power dynamics and negotiating interests, 2019, WA20 BURN POMI

Rumsey, Andrew, Parish : an Anglican theology of place, 2017, WA20 RUMS PARI

Harwood, Adam., Infants and children in the church : five views on theology and ministry, 2017, WA70 INFA HARW

Hansen, Collin, Faithful endurance : the joy of shepherding people for a lifetime, 2019, WP2.2 FAIT HANS

Hoyle, David, The pattern of our calling : ministry yesterday, today and tomorrow, 2016, WP2.2 HOYL POOC

Meynell, Mark, When darkness seems my closest friend : reflections on life and ministry with depression, 2018, WP4 MEYN WDSM

Bloem, Steve, The pastoral handbook of mental illness : a guide for training and reference, 2018, WP8.4 BLOE PHOM

Carey, Lindsay B., Spiritual care and allied health practice, 2018, WP8.5 SPIR CARE

Forrest, Benjamin K., A legacy of preaching : the life, theology, and method of history’s greatest preachers, Vol. 1, 2018-, WQ3 LEGA FORR

Vines, Jerry, Passion in the pulpit : how to exegete the emotion of scripture, 2018, WQ5 VINE PITP

Masarik, Albín, Grieving with hope : selected aspects of funeral sermons, 2017, WQ6 MASA GWHO

Wright, Brian J., The rhythm of the Christian life : recapturing the joy of life together, 2019, XB52 WRIG ROTC

Weems, Ann, Psalms of lament, 2010, XQ4 WEEM POLA




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