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July 2016

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Author, Title, Date, Call No.

Adamthwaite, Murray R., Through the Christian year with Charles Wesley : 101 psalms and hymns, 2016, Perry VK44M ADAM TTCY

Adeney, Frances S., Women and Christian mission : ways of knowing and doing theology, 2015, NT9 ADEN WACM

Allen, Michael, Christian dogmatics : reformed theology for the church Catholic, 2016, RK56 CHRI ALLE

Ambrose, Kimberly, Jew among Jews : rehabilitating Paul, 2015, FT31 AMBR JAJE

An, Keon-Sang, An Ethiopian reading of the Bible : biblical interpretation of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church, 2015, CH2 ANKE EROT

Anthony, Michelle D., 7 family ministry essentials : a strategy for culture change in children’s and student ministries, 2015, SD12 ANTH SFME

Arens, Johannes, The Richard III reinterment liturgies : an account of the planning and execution of the ceremonies and liturgical reburial of the bones of King Richard III in Leicester Cathedral in Passion Week 2015, 2016, UP55.44 AREN RTRL

Armstrong, Chris R., Medieval wisdom for modern Christians : finding authentic faith in a forgotten age with C. S. Lewis, 2016, IN2 ARMS MWFM

Ascough, Richard S., 1 and 2 Thessalonians : encountering the Christ group at Thessalonike, 2014, FP20 ASCO OATT

Ash, Christopher, Zeal without burnout : seven keys to a lifelong ministry of sustainable sacrifice, 2016, WP4 ASHC ZWBU

Ayars, Matthew I., Salvation in fresh perspective : covenant, cross, and kingdom, 2015, RS AYAR SIFP

Aymer, Margaret P., James : diaspora rhetoric of a friend of God, 2015, FQ20 AYME JAME

Baker, David W., Obadiah, Jonah and Micah : an introduction and commentary, 2009, DP18 BAKE OBAD 2009

Baker, Matthew, T. F. Torrance and eastern Orthodoxy : theology in reconciliation, 2015, KG70 TFTO BAKE

Barrett-Lennard, R. J. S., Christian healing after the New Testament : some approaches to illness in the second, third, and fourth centuries, 1994, PX57 BARR CHAT

Barth, Karl, God in action : theological addresses, 1937, GW28 B28 TEE 1937

Bartholomew, Craig G., A manifesto for theological interpretation, 2016, CH MANI BART

Barton, John, Isaiah 1-39, 2003, DN30 BART IOTT 2003

Barton, Stephen C., Resurrection : essays in honour of Leslie Houlden, 1994, FS77 RESU BART

Batchelor, Mary, The Lion literature collection : on the human and the divine, 2003, BV18 LION BATC

Baudinette, Corey, Boundless salvation a four part exploration of Salvationist history, theology, culture and mission, Vol. 1-2  [DVD], 2008, Video WD82 BOUN RADI

Bausch, William J., Storytelling the Word : homilies & how to write them, 1996, WQ6 BAUS STWO

Beckham, William A., The second reformation : reshaping the church for the twenty-first century, 1997, WA20 BECK SREF

Bell, Rob, Velvet Elvis : repainting the Christian faith, 2005, XB58 BELL VELV

Bentley-Taylor, David, Augustine, wayward genius, 1980, GN3 XB47

Benton, John, How can a God of love send people to hell?, 1985, RW75 BENT HCAG

Berkouwer, G. C., The Second Vatican Council and the new Catholicism, 1965, UB56.1 BERK SVCA

Bible Study Fellowship, Leader’s hymnal, 1990, VQX BSFE 1990

Biggar, Nigel, In defence of war, 2014, SY52 J8 BIGG IDOW

Bilezikian, Gilbert G., Community 101 : reclaiming the church as community of oneness, 1997, UA23 BILE COOO

Bingham, Geoffrey C., Ah, strong, strong love!, 1993, RS85 BING ASSL

Bingham, Geoffrey C., All things are yours, 1996, RU BING ATAY

Bingham, Geoffrey C., Christ and the triune glory, 2001, RR29 BING CATT

Bingham, Geoffrey C., The baptism in the Holy Spirit : Christ pouring out his Spirit in the last days, 2003, RS70 BING BITH

Bird, Michael F., What Christians ought to believe : an introduction to Christian doctrine through the Apostles’ Creed, 2016, JK45 BIRD WCOT

Block, Daniel Isaac, Bind up the testimony : explorations in the genesis of the Book of Isaiah, 2015, DN30 BIND BLOC

Boda, Mark J., The Book of the Twelve and the new form criticism, 2015, DP BOOK BODA

Bolt, John, Bavinck on the Christian life : following Jesus in faithful service, 2015, Perry JF28 BOLT BOTC

Bond, Helen K., Peter in early Christianity, 2015, FT42 PETE BOND

Boring, M. Eugene, I & II Thessalonians : a commentary, 2015, FP28 BORI OATT

Bourgeois, Henri, On becoming Christian : Christian initiation and its sacraments, 1984, UG22 BOUR OBCH

Bouwman, Clarence, Leadership for growing churches : Paul’s recipe for prospering the Church in Crete, 2016, FX69.5 BOUW LFGC

Brand, Chad, Perspectives on Israel and the church : 4 views, 2015, DX55 BRAN POIA

Bredin, Eamonn, Disturbing the peace : the way of disciples, 1993, XS BRED DTPE

Brown, James, Firing line : Australia’s path to war, 2016, MW63 BROW FLIN

Brueggemann, Walter, Awed to heaven, rooted in earth : prayers of Walter Brueggemann, 2003, UU8 BRUE ATHR

Bullock, C. Hassell, An introduction to the Old Testament prophetic books, 2007, DN BULL ITTO

Butterfield, Rosaria Champagne, Openness unhindered : further thoughts of an unlikely convert on sexual identity and unions with Christ, 2015, SD61.5 BUTT OUNH

Butterfield, Rosaria Champagne, The secret thoughts of an unlikely convert : an English professor’s journey into Christian faith, 2014, WB26 BUTT XBUT

Cadwallader, Robyn, We are better than this, 2015, MW61.9 WEAR CADW

Calvocoressi, Elfrida, Spirituality of peacemaking : putting Biblical principles into action, 2015, MZ22 CALV SOPE

Campolo, Anthony, The God of intimacy and action : reconnecting ancient spiritual practices, evangelism, and justice, 2007, XC CAMP GOIA

Cathedral Films and Video, The story of Anglicanism a video companion to the catechism  [DVD], 1990?, Video LS22 STOR CATH

Chapman, John C., Giving the talk a training video on biblical preaching featuring John Chapman  [DVD], 2015, Video WQ5 GIVI EVAN

Choinski, Michal, The rhetoric of the revival : the language of the Great Awakening preachers, 2016, Perry WQ2.7 CHOI ROTR

Church of England. Doctrine Commission, The mystery of salvation : the story of God’s gift, 1996, RS CHUR MOSA

Church of Scotland, Book of common order of the Church of Scotland., 1994, UR77 1994 BOCO

Cobbin, Sandra, Leadership resilience in conflict, 2015, WA28 COBB LRIC

Cocksworth, Christopher J., Head teachers as community pastors, 2015, TF2.5 COCK HTAC

Cohen, David J., Praying lament Psalms : the psychodynamics of distress, 2016, DM30 COHE PLPS

Collins, James, Reinventing church : stories of hope from four Anglican parishes, 2016, WA20 COLL RCHU

Collins, John J., The apocalyptic imagination : an introduction to Jewish apocalyptic literature, 2016, ED COLL AIMA

Copleston, Frederick C., On the history of philosophy : and other essays, 1979, QC3 COPL OTHO

Crossan, John Dominic, Excavating Jesus : beneath the stones, behind the texts, 2001, FT17 CROS EJES

Curtis, Brian A., A day in the life of a pair of trousers and other stories : 48 stories for use in Christian worship and on other occasions, 2016, WX2 CURT DITL

Dallas, Joe, When homosexuality hits home, 2015, SD61 DALL WHHH

Davie, Martin, A new dictionary of Christian theology : historical and systematic, 2016, Ref RC14 NEWD DAVI

de Gruchy, John W., Liberating Reformed theology : a South African contribution to an ecumenical debate, 1991, MZ58R DEGR LRTH

De la Torre, Edicio, Touching ground, taking root : theological and political reflections on the Philippine struggle, 1986, MW34 DELA TGTR

Denholm, Carey J., Doctorates downunder : keys to successful doctoral study in Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand, 2012, TU27 DOCT DENH

Dennison, William D., In defense of the eschaton : essays in Reformed apologetics, 2015, RD56 VANT XDEN

Deppe, Dean B., Theological intentions of Mark’s literary devices : Markan intercalations, frames, allusionary repetitions, narrative surprises, and three types of mirroring, 2015, FK65 DEPP TIOM

Dickson, John P., A doubter’s guide to the Ten Commandments : how, for better or worse, our ideas about the good life come from Moses and Jesus, 2016, CR42 DICK DGTT

Dixon, C. Scott, The church in the early modern age, 2016, IR32 DIXO CITE

Dowler, Edward, Inclusive Gospel?, 2015, UA23 DOWL IGOS

Dudley, Martin, The Oil of gladness : anointing in the Christian tradition, 1993, UG59 OILO DUDL

Earey, Mark, Evaluating worship : how do we know it is any good?, 2016, UG EARE EWOR

Easum, William M., Dancing with dinosaurs : ministry in a hostile and hurting world, 1993, UA23 EASU DWDI

Easum, William M., Unfreezing moves : following Jesus into the mission field, 2001, NR EASU UMOV

Eberstadt, Mary, It’s dangerous to believe : religious freedom and its enemies, 2016, MD20 EBER IDTB

Edwards, Jonathan, The religious affections, 1986, ML23 EDWA TCRE 1986

Fawcett, Nick, Celebrating the Seder : a resource for a Christian interpretation of the Passover meal, 2004, ER63 FAWC CTSE

Filtvedt, Ole Jakob, The identity of God’s people and the paradox of Hebrews, 2015, FP90 FILT IOGP

Finlay, Timothy D., The genre of biblical commentary : essays in honor of John E. Hartley on the occasion of his 75th birthday, 2015, CD30 GENR FINL

Fowl, Stephen E., Ephesians : being a Christian, at home and in the cosmos, 2014, FN80 FOWL EPHE

Frei, Hans W., Reading faithfully : writings from the archives, 2015, RK55 FREI RFAI

Freyne, Seán, The Jesus movement and its expansion : meaning and mission, 2014, IJ35 FREY JMAI

Fulton, Brent, China’s urban Christians : a light that cannot be hidden, 2015, MR5 FULT CUCH

Georges, Jayson, The 3D gospel : ministry in guilt, shame, and fear cultures, 2014, NR6 GEOR TDGO

Gerrish, B. A., Christian faith : dogmatics in outline, 2015, RK56 GERR CFAI

Gibbs, Jane, Praying with your temperament : four prayer toolkits for quiet days and retreats, 2016, UU GIBB PWYT

Gillion, Janine, The no-rehearsal nativity : a church nativity resource with a difference, 2015,   Q UG86.2 GILL NRNA

Goddard, Andrew, The EU referendum : how should we decide?, 2016, LR83 GODD EREF

Griffin, David, The Word became flesh : a rapprochement of Christian natural law and radical christological ethics, 2016, QZ6 GRIF WBFL

Ha, Tung Chiew, Biblical narrative learning : teaching adequate faith in the Gospel of John, 2015, FL5 HATU BNLE

Hammond, Geordan, George Whitefield : life, context, and legacy, 2016, Perry LU92 WHIT XHAM

Hansen, David, The power of loving your church, 1998, WA20 HANS POLY

Hansen, Richard P., Paradox lost : rediscovering the mystery of God, 2016, RQ20 HANS PLOS

Hardy, Andrew, Power and the powers : the use and abuse of power in its missional context, 2015, NR6 HARD PATP

Harmon, Matthew S., Philippians : a Mentor commentary, 2015, FN90 HARM PHIL

Harvey, Barry, Taking hold of the real : Dietrich Bonhoeffer and the profound worldliness of Christianity, 2015, GW28 B714 XH34

Haughey, John C., Converting nine to five : bringing spirituality to your daily work, 1994, XW55 HAUG CNTF

Hawkins, Peter S., Dante’s testaments : essays in scriptural imagination, 1999, BY83 XH39

Heil, John Paul, Gospel of John : worship for divine life eternal, 2015, FL8 HEIL GOJO

Hexham, Irving, The Christian travelers guide to Great Britain, 2001, LQ91 HEXH CTGT

Hirsch, Debra, Redeeming sex : naked conversations about sexuality and spirituality, 2015, SD60 HIRS RSEX

Holm, Jean, Women in religion, 1994, SD86 WOME HOLM

Horseman, Penny, Using the Jesus deck : unfolding the story of Jesus through playing cards, 2016, WB24 HORS UTJD

Horton, Michael Scott, Core Christianity : finding yourself in God’s story, 2016, RN97 HORT CCHR

Huebner, Harry John, An introduction to Christian ethics : history, movements, people, 2012, QZ2 HUEB ITCE

International Congress on New Testament Studies 1973, Studia evangelica, Vol. VII : papers presented to the Fifth International Congress on Biblical Studies held at Oxford, 1973, Vol. 7, 1982, FA12 INTE SEVA

Johnstone, Patrick, Serving God in a migrant crisis : ministry to people on the move, 2016, SJ82 JOHN SGIA

Joustra, Jan, The Anglican Parish of St Andrew, Brighton : a history in celebration of one hundred and seventy years of ministry and fifty years of rebuilding, 2013,   Q MW66.6 JOUS APOS

Kaye, Elaine, Daughters of dissent, 2004, LVU KAYE DODI

Keller, Timothy J., Shaped by the Gospel : doing balanced, Gospel-centered ministry in your city, 2016, WD30 KELL SBTG

Kidd, Thomas S., American colonial history : clashing cultures and faiths, 2016, MB32 KIDD ACHI

Klein, William W. (William Wade), The new chosen people : a corporate view of election, 2015, RQ42 KLEI NCPE

Leighton, Janet, Lift high the cross : a history of the Trinity Episcopal School for Ministry, 2014, TX67 TRIN LEIG 2014

Levering, Matthew Webb, Proofs of God : classical arguments from Tertullian to Barth, 2016, RB34 LEVE POGO

Lewers, Rick, Australia for Christ : the Bush Church Aid Society Victorian Region annual meeting & dinner 2016 : following Christ in a different country ; guest speaker Rick Lewers ; special guest Dale Barclay., 2016, MW64.3 AUST BUSH

Lischer, Richard, Reading the parables, 2014, FX34 LISC RTPA

Loconte, Joe, God, Locke, and liberty : the struggle for religious freedom in the west, 2014, QM4 L81 XLOC

Long, Michael G., Resist! : Christian dissent for the 21st century, 2008, SH37 RESI LONG

Longenecker, Bruce W., The lost letters of Pergamum : a story from the New Testament world, 2016, FT22 LONG LLOP

Lumb, Anne, Spirituality in a church school within a performance-driven culture, 2016, TF2.5 LUMB SIAC

Luther, Martin, Luther’s prayers, 1994, Perry GT3.5 B867

Mackey, James P., The Christian experience of God as Trinity, 1983, RQ30 MACK CEOG

MacKinlay, Elizabeth, Ageing, disability, and spirituality : addressing the challenge of disability in later life, 2008, WA49 AGEI MACK

Marchal, Joseph A., Philippians : historical problems, hierarchical visions, hysterical anxieties, 2014, FN90 MARC PHIL

Marsh, Penny, Pioneer ministry in new housing areas : personal reflections and a practical guide, 2016, WA20 MARS PMIN

Marvin, Ernest, Shaping up : re-forming reformed worship, 2005, LVU MARV SUPR

Mason, Rex, Micah, Nahum, Obadiah, 1991, DP MASO MNOB 2004

Mason, Steve, Early Christian reader : Christian texts from the first and second centuries in contemporary English translations, including the New Revised Standard version of the New Testament, 2013, GE75 EARL MASO

Mbuvi, Andrew M., Jude and 2 Peter : a new covenant commentary, 2015, FQ18 MBUV JATP

McLeish, Tom, Faith and wisdom in science, 2016, RF21 MCLE FAWI

Migliore, Daniel L., Philippians and Philemon, 2014, FN28 MIGL PAPH

Mohan, T. N., The Apostles’ creed a look at its origin and its relevance to our lives today [DVD], 2007?, Video JK45 APOS CHRI

Moltmann, Jürgen, Experiences in theology : ways and forms of Christian theology, 2000, RK25 MOLT EITH

Moltmann, Jürgen, The living God and the fullness of life, 2015, RK25 MOLT LGAT

Montgomery, John Warwick, Tough-minded Christianity : honoring the legacy of John Warwick Montgomery, 2008, RC62 TOUG DEMB

Mothers’ Union in Australia, A worship and prayer book for MU Australia, 2009, WA63 MOTH WAPB

Mothers’ Union in Australia, Woven in prayer, 2005, WA63 MOTH WIPR

Muddiman, John, The New Testament and the church : essays in honour of John Muddiman, 2016, UA23 NEWT BART

Murray, Iain Hamish, J.C. Ryle : prepared to stand alone, 2016, Perry LQ1 RYLE XMUR

Nazir-Ali, Michael, Faith, freedom, and the future :  challenges for the 21st century, 2016, IC32 NAZI FFAT

Nellor, Daniel, Under the pump : the pressures on young Australians, 2015,   Q PW40 UNDE NELL

Newman, Barry C., Gospel, freedom, and the sacraments : did the reformers go far enough?, 2015, UG15 NEWM GFAT

Niles, D. Preman, The lotus and the sun : Asian theological engagement with plurality and power, 2013, RK75 NILE LOTS

Noel, Bradley Truman, Pentecostalism, secularism, and post Christendom :, 2015, Perry IC32 NOEL PSAP

Noone, Ronald, Opening hearts and minds : reflections on school chaplaincy, 2015, TF3 NOON OHAM

Oakman, Douglas E., Jesus, debt, and the lord’s prayer : first-century debt and Jesus’ intentions, c2014, FX20 OAKM JDAT

O’Brien, Peter Thomas, God has spoken in his Son : a biblical theology of Hebrews, 2016, FP90 OBRI GHSI

Owens, Mark D., As it was in the beginning : an intertextual analysis of new creation in Galatians, 2 Corinthians, and Ephesians, 2015, FN20 OWEN AIWI

Page, Ruth, The incarnation of freedom and love, ©1991, RR28 PAGE IOFA

Peppiatt, Lucy, Women and worship at Corinth : Paul’s rhetorical arguments in 1 Corinthians, 2015, FN49 PEPP WAWA

Porter, Wendy, Rediscovering worship : past, present, and future, 2015, UG REDI PORT

Power, Rosemary, Challenging bullying in churches, 2016, SC64 POWE CBIC

Poythress, Vern Sheridan, Reading the word of God in the presence of God : a handbook for biblical interpretation, 2016, CH POYT RTWO

Poythress, Vern Sheridan, The miracles of Jesus : how the Savior’s mighty acts serve as signs of redemption, 2016, FX35 POYT MOJE

Quay, Mark Allen, Minister’s manual for spiritual warfare, 2015, WB55 QUAY MMFS

Qureshi, Nabeel, Answering Jihad : a better way forward, 2016, OT55 QURE AJIH

Raith, Charles, Aquinas and Calvin on Romans : God’s justification and our participation, 2014, FN30 RAIT AACO

Ralph, Kenneth F., Your final choice : hastening your death when terminally ill – eight questions to ask yourself, 2015, WP8.5 RALP YFCH

Rathbone Bradley, Anne, For the least of these : a biblical answer to poverty, 2014, SK25 FORT RATH

Riggs, John W., The Lord’s Supper in the Reformed tradition : an essay on the mystical true presence, 2015, UG37 RIGG LSIT

Rolls, Robin, Challenging images of young people : towards a biblical understanding of the young, 2014, WA70 ROLL CIOY

Schluter, Michael, Christianity in a changing world : biblical insight on contemporary issues, 2000, XB58 CHRI SCHL

Schreiner, Thomas R., Commentary on Hebrews, 2015, FP98 SCHR COHE

Schroeder, Joy A., The book of Genesis, 2015, DK35 BOOK SCHR

Schüssler Fiorenza, Elisabeth, 1 Peter : reading against the grain, 2015, FQ30 SCHU OPET

Schwanda, Tom, The emergence of evangelical spirituality : the age of Edwards, Newton, and Whitefield, 2016, Perry JH EMER SCHW

Selby, Peter, An idol unmasked : faith perspective on money, 2014, SQ37 SELB IUNM

Selby, Peter, Grace and mortgage : the language of faith and the debt of the world, 1997, SQ37 SELB GAMO

Selman, Martin J., 1 Chronicles : an introduction and commentary, 2008, DL68 SELM CHRO 2008 V:1

Selman, Martin J., 2 Chronicles : an introduction and commentary, 2008, DL68 SELM CHRO 2008 V:2

Sewell, Keith C., The crisis of evangelical Christianity : roots, consequences, and resolutions, 2016, Perry JH SEWE COEC

Shelp, Earl E., The Pastor as priest, 1987, WP2.2 PAST SHEL

Shively, Elizabeth E., Communication, pedagogy, and the Gospel of Mark, 2016, FK60 COMM SHIV

Shmeman, Aleksandr, Introduction to liturgical theology, 1986, UG16 SCHM ITLT

Smart, Robert Davis, Pentecostal outpourings : revival and the reformed tradition, 2016, Perry WB32 PENT SMAR

Smith, Abraham, Mark : shaping the life and legacy of Jesus, 2015, FK60 SMIT MARK

Smith, M. A., From Christ to Constantine, 1971, IJ32 SMIT FCTC

Speagle, H. L., Pools of peace : reflecting on the collects of the Book of Common Prayer, 2015, UP36.9 SPEA POPE

Spong, John Shelby, Liberating the gospels : reading the Bible with Jewish eyes : freeing Jesus from 2,000 years of misunderstanding, 1996, FJ SPON LTGO

Sprinkle, Preston M., Four views on hell, 2016, RW75 FVHE SPRI

Stocks, Simon P., Popular idols : a biblical view on gods, desire and idolatry, 2016, OD31 STOC PIDO

Stratford, Tim, Accessible baptisms : a commentary on the alternative common worship texts, 2016, UG21.5 STRA ABAP

Streett, R. Alan, Subversive meals : an analysis of the Lord’s Super under Roman domination during the first century, 2013, UG30.2 STRE SMEA

Stump, Eleonore, The God of the Bible and the God of the philosophers, 2016, RB36 STUM GOTB

Sugirtharajah, R. S., The Bible and the Third World : precolonial, colonial, and postcolonial encounters, 2001, CF16 SUGI BATT

Sugirtharajah, R. S., The postcolonial Bible, 1998, CG POST SUGI 1998

Sykes, Emma, Vulnerability in leadership, 2016, WA28 SYKE VILE

Talbot, Wayne, Creation : steps to sustainability : tackling environmental issues with young people, 2016, RF30 TALB CREA

Tarrant, Ian, How to plan your own funeral service, 2015, UT2.5 TARR HTPY

Thiede, Carsten Peter, The heritage of the first Christians, 1992, IJ24 THIE HOTF

Thompson, Thomas L., The Bible in history : how writers create a past, ©1999, CD50 THOM BIHI

Tresmontant, Claude, Saint Paul and the mystery of Christ, 1957, FT34 TRES SPAT

Twelftree, Graham H., Jesus the miracle worker : a historical & theological study, 1999, FX35 TWEL JTMW

Van Elderen, Marlin, Introducing the World Council of Churches, 1992, JR12.1 VANE ITWC

Van Reken, Calvin Paul, Principia meta-ethica, 2015, QY40 VANR PMET

Varner, William C., Philippians : a handbook on the Greek text, 2016, FN98 VARN PHIL

Vermès, Géza, Jesus in his Jewish context, 2003, FS21 VERM JIHJ

Vermès, Géza, Jesus the Jew : a historian’s reading of the Gospels, 2006, FS21 VERM JTJE

Vermès, Géza, The Authentic gospel of Jesus, 2004, FS24 VERM AGOJ

Vermès, Géza, The Nativity : history & legend, 2006, FS62 VERM NATI

Vermès, Géza, The Passion, 2005, FS75 VERM PASS

Vermès, Géza, Who’s who in the age of Jesus, 2006, FT VERM WWIT

Wagner, C. Peter, Churches that pray : how prayer can help revitalize your church and break down the walls between you and your community, 1993, WA82 WAGN CTPR

Wainwright, Elaine Mary, The Gospel according to Matthew : the basileia of the heavens is near at hand, 2014, FK50 WAIN GATM

Walzer, Michael, The paradox of liberation : secular revolutions and religious counterrevolutions, 2015, SX27 WALZ POLI

Ward, J. Neville, Friday afternoon, 1977, XQ6.7 WARD FAFT

Watson, David L., Contagious disciple-making, 2014, WA20 WATS CDMA

Westminster Conference (2015 : London), The power of God : papers read at the 2015 Westminster Conference., 2015?, Perry LT42 WEST POGO

Whalen, Brett Edward, The medieval papacy, 2014, KH34 WHAL MPAP

Willimon, William H., Preaching and worship in the small church, 1982, WA20 WILL PAWI

Woods, Rachel, Into the garden : cultivation as a tool for spiritual formation and community renewal, 2016, XB58 WOOD ITGA

Wright, Brian J., Communal reading events in the first century of the common era, 2016, Theses IA55 WRIG CREI

Yarhouse, Mark A., Homosexuality and the Christian : a guide for parents, pastors, and friends, 2010, SD61 YARH HATC

Yarnell, Malcolm B., God the Trinity : biblical portraits, 2016, RQ37 YARN GTTR

Young, Robert William, This wonderfully strange country : Rev. W. B. Clarke, colonial scientist, 2015, MW61.7 CLAR XYOU

Zimmermann, Ruben, Puzzling the parables of Jesus : methods and interpretation, 2015, FX34 ZIMM PTPO




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