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December 2020

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Ortlund, Dane Calvin., 2 Corinthians : A 12-Week Study [ebook], 2016

Caperon, John, A vital ministry : chaplaincy in schools in the post-Christian era [ebook], 2015

Levison, Jack, An unconventional God : the Spirit according to Jesus [ebook], 2020

Chatraw, Josh, Apologetics at the cross : an introduction for Christian witness [ebook], 2018

Fletcher, Jean, Chaplaincy and spiritual care in mental health settings [ebook], 2019

Kelly, Ewan, Chaplaincy and the soul of health and social care : fostering spiritual wellbeing in emerging paradigms of care [ebook], 2020

Welch, Robert H., Church administration : creating efficiency for effective ministry [ebook], 2011

Leigh, Andrew, Disconnected [ebook], 2010

Ashton, John, Discovering John : essays by John Ashton [ebook], 2020

Rader, Paul, Do not cast me away : dementia in the congregation [ebook], 2020

Hitchens, Christopher, God is not great : how religion poisons everything [ebook], 2008

Hoppe, Leslie J., Isaiah [ebook], 2012

Thiessen, Matthew, Jesus and the forces of death : the gospels’ portrayal of ritual impurity within first-century Judaism [ebook], 2020

Payne, Leanne, Listening prayer : learning to hear God’s voice and keep a prayer journal [ebook], 2012

Schoon Tanis, Gretchen, Making Jesus attractive : the ministry and message of Young Life [ebook], 2016

Smith, David I., On Christian teaching : practicing faith in the classroom [ebook], 2018

Boer, Martinus C. de, Paul, theologian of God’s apocalypse : essays on Paul and apocalyptic [ebook], 2020

Rhodes, Michael, Practicing the King’s economy : honoring Jesus in how we work, earn, spend, save, and give [ebook], 2018

Chun, Chris., Regeneration, revival, and creation : religious experience and the purposes of God in the thought of Jonathan Edwards [ebook], 2020

Köstenberger, Andreas J., Salvation to the ends of the earth : a biblical theology of mission [ebook], 2020

Varner, William C., Second Clement : an introductory commentary [ebook], 2020

Gupta, Nijay K., Sin and its remedy in Paul [ebook], 2020

Crouch, Andy., Strong and weak : embracing a life of love, risk & true flourishing [ebook], 2016

Allen, David Lewis, The atonement : a biblical, theological and historical study of the Cross of Christ [ebook], 2019

Davy, Tim J., The Book of Job and the mission of God : a missional reading [ebook], 2020

Furse-Roberts, David., The making of a Tory evangelical : Lord Shaftesbury and the evolving character of Victorian evangelicalism [ebook], 2019

Bargerhuff, Eric J., Why is that in the Bible? : the most perplexing verses and stories–and what they teach us [ebook], 2020

Stackhouse, John G., Why you’re here : ethics for the real world [ebook], 2018

Hockenbery, Jennifer., Wisdom’s friendly heart : Augustinian hope for skeptics and conspiracy theorists [ebook], 2020

Allen, David Lewis, 1-3 John : fellowship in God’s family [ebook], 2013

Schaper, Joachim, Media and monotheism : presence, representation, and abstraction in ancient Judah, 2019, CP40 SCHA MAMO

Keady, Jessica M., Scripture as social discourse : social-scientific perspectives on early Jewish and Christian writings, 2018, CP85 SCRI KEAD

Greenberg, James, A new look at atonement in Leviticus : the meaning and purpose of kipper revisited, 2019, DK50 GREE NLAA

Conway, Mary L., Judging the Judges : a narrative appraisal analysis, 2020, DL20 CONW JTJU

Evans, John F., You shall know that I am Yahweh : an inner-biblical interpretation of Ezekiel’s recognition formula, 2019, DN60 EVAN YSKT

Levison, John R., A boundless God : the Spirit according to the Old Testament, 2020, DX71 LEVI BGOD

Endo, Masanobu, Creation and Christology : a study on the Johannine prologue in the light of early Jewish creation accounts, 2002, DX83 ENDO CACH

Zehnder, Markus Philipp, Biblical ethics : tensions between justice and mercy, law and love, 2019, DY BIBL ZEHN

Paynter, Helen, God of violence yesterday, God of love today? : wrestling honestly with the Old Testament, 2019, DY PAYN GOVY

Sweeney, Marvin A., Jewish mysticism : from ancient times through today, 2020, EY40 SWEE JMYS

Güting, Eberhard W., Textual criticism and the New Testament text : theory, practice, and editorial technique, 2020, FF GUTI TCAT

Thiessen, Matthew, Jesus and the forces of death : the gospels’ portrayal of ritual impurity within first-century Judaism, 2020, FJ THIE JATF

Reinhartz, Adele, The Gospel of John and Jewish-Christian relations, 2018, FL5 GOSP REIN

Reinhartz, Adele, The word in the world : the cosmological tale in the fourth Gospel, 1992, FL5 REIN WITW

Porter, Stanley E., Paul and Scripture, 2019, FN20 PAUL PORT 2019

Crowe, Brandon D., The hope of Israel : the resurrection of Christ in the Acts of the Apostles, 2020, FS77 CROW HOIS

Blazosky, Bryan, The law’s universal condemning and enslaving power : reading Paul, the Old Testament, and Second Temple Jewish literature, 2019, FX61.7 BLAZ LUCA

Novenson, Matthew V., Christ among the messiahs : Christ language in Paul and messiah language in ancient Judaism, 2016, FX62 NOVE CATM

Morden, Peter J., The message of discipleship : authentic followers of Jesus in today’s world, 2018, FX99 MORD MODI

Graves, Michael, Biblical interpretation in the early church, 2017, GE75 G776

Gilliam, Paul R., Ignatius of Antioch and the Arian controversy, 2017, GH5 XG48

Stark, Rodney, How the West won : the neglected story of the triumph of modernity, 2015, HH45 STAR HTWW

Brody, Lisa R., Dura-europos : crossroads of antiquity, 2011, HM7 DURA BROD

Holland, Tom, Dominion : the making of the Western mind, 2020, HZ23 HOLL DOMI

Mitchell, Stephen, Early Christianity in Asia Minor and Cyprus : from the margins to the mainstream, 2019, IA67 EARL MITC

Novenson, Matthew V., Monotheism and Christology in Greco-Roman antiquity, 2020, IJ71 MONO NOVE

Murphy, Katharine, The end of certainty : Scott Morrison and pandemic politics, 2020, MW60 QUAR QE79

Cruickshank, Joanna, White women, Aboriginal missions, and Australian settler governments : maternal contradictions, 2019, MW64.3 CRUI WWAM

Köstenberger, Andreas J., Salvation to the ends of the earth : a biblical theology of mission, 2020, NR3 KOST STTE

Ott, Craig, The church on mission : a biblical vision for transformation among all people, 2019, NR3 OTTC COMI

Salter, Martin, Mission in action : a biblical description of missional ethics, 2019, NR3 SALT MIAC

Bolman, Lee G., Reframing organizations : artistry, choice and leadership, 2017, PW96 BOLM RORG

Collins, James C., Built to last : successful habits of visionary companies, 2004, PW96 COLL BTLA

Robbins, Stephen P., Management, 2020, PW96 ROBB MANA

Haidt, Jonathan, The righteous mind : why good people are divided by politics and religion, 2013, QY40 HAID RMIN

De Botton, Alain., Religion for atheists : a non-believer’s guide to the uses of religion, 2012, RA43 DEBO RFAT

Dawkins, Richard, The God delusion, 2016, RB59 DAWK GDEL

Blackwell, Ben C., Engaging theology : a biblical, historical, and practical introduction, 2019, RC33 BLAC ETHE

Pettersen, Alvyn, The second-century apologists, 2020, RC62 PETT SCAP

Blomberg, Craig L., Can we still believe in God? : answering ten contemporary challenges to Christianity, 2020, RD56 BLOM CWSB

McLaughlin, Rebecca, Confronting Christianity : 12 hard questions for the world’s largest religion, 2019, RD56 MCLA CCHR

Moore, Natasha, For the love of God +- : how the church is better + worse than you ever imagined, 2019, RD56 MOOR FTLO

Toorn, K. van der, Dictionary of deities and demons in the Bible, DDD, 1999, Ref RV1 DICT TOOR

Boa, Kenneth, Faith has its reasons : an integrative approach to defending Christianity : an apologetics handbook, 2005, RF21 BOAK FHIR

McGrath, Alister E., Science & religion : a new introduction, 2020, RF21 MCGR SARE

Mitchel, Patrick, The message of love : the only thing that counts, 2019, RS85 MITC MOLO

Jensen, Michael P., Theological anthropology and the great literary genres : understanding the human story, 2019, RU JENS TAAT

Williams, Craig A., Roman homosexuality, 2010, SD61 WILL RHOM

Kearns, Hugh, Supervising PhD students : a practical guide and toolkit, 2017, TU27 KEAR SPST

Small, Joseph D., Flawed church, faithful God : a reformed ecclesiology for the real world, 2018, UA23 SMAL FCFG

Korner, Ralph J., The origin and meaning of Ekklesia in the early Jesus movement, 2017, UA42 KORN OAMO

Harrison, Joel Thomas, Post-liberal religious liberty : forming communities of charity, 2020, UD18 HARR PLRL

Rondolino, Massimo A., Comparative hagiology : issues in theory and method, 2020, UG75 COMP ROND

Metzger, Will, Tell the truth : the whole Gospel wholly by grace communicated truthfully and lovingly : an evangelism training manual for group and individual use, 2012, WB24 METZ TTTR

Jacobsen, Eric O., Three pieces of glass : why we feel lonely in a world mediated by screens, 2020, XB57 JACO TPOG

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