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Author, Title, Date, Call No.

Academy of Homiletics. (2009 : Washington, D.C.), [Papers of the] 2009 annual meeting : theme : preaching and the news, 2009, WQ5 ACAD 2009

Academy of Homiletics. Annual Meeting 1999 : Denver, Colorado), Papers of the annual meeting : theme : preaching the parables : performance and persuasion, 1999, WQ5 ACAD 1999

Allen, Michael, Sanctification, 2017, RS73 ALLE SANC

Arbinger Institute, The anatomy of peace : resolving the heart of conflict, 2015, PU23 ANAT ARBI

Argyris, Chris, Organizational traps : leadership, culture, organizational design, 2013, PW96 ARGY OTRA

Arrington, French L., Unconditional eternal security : myth or truth?, 1981, FN40 ARRI UESE

Ashbrook, James B., Minding the soul : pastoral counseling as remembering, 1996, WP6 ASHB MTSO

Augsburger, David W., When caring is not enough : resolving conflicts through fair fighting, 1983, PU23 AUGS WCIN

Back, Peter, A threat to biblical Christianity : the mysticism and ‘spirituality’ of Margaret Silf invades evangelicalism, 2004, JG6 SILF XBAC

Badger, Edwin, Early history of the Church of England in Euroa, 1854-1885 : compiled for the seventy-fifth anniversary celebrations on 12th April, 1960, 1960, MW66.6 BADG EHOT

Baines, John, Atlas of ancient Egypt, 1991, HS39 BAIN AOAE

Balchin, John F., What the Bible teaches about the church, 1979, UA23 BALC WTBT

Barclay, Oliver R., Reasons for faith, 1974, RC63 BARC RFFA

Bate, Paul, Strategies for cultural change [ebook], 1994,

Bell, G. K. A., Documents on Christian unity, Vol. 4, 1924-1958, JR86 DOCU BELL

Benson, Edward White, The apocalypse : an introductory study of the Revelation of St. John the Divine : being a presentment of the structure of the book and of the fundamental principles of its interpretation, 1900, FR BENS APOC

Berney, Catherine, The enlightened organization executive tools and techniques from the world of organizational psychology [ebook], 2014,

Bion, Wilfred R., Experiences in groups : and other papers, 1989, PU16 BION EIGR

Boa, Kenneth, Wisdom at work : a biblical approach to the workplace, 2000, XW55 BOAK WAWO

Bock, Darrell L., Mark, 2015, FK68 BOCK MARK

Branson, Mark Lau, Memories, hopes, and conversations : appreciative inquiry, missional engagement and congregational change, 2016, WA20 BRAN MHAC

Butler, Rex D., The new prophecy & “new visions” : evidence of Montanism in The passion of Perpetua and Felicitas, 2014, GK92 P453 XB98

Cameron, Kim S., Diagnosing and changing organizational culture based on the competing values framework [ebook], 2011,

Cantore, Stefan, Top business psychology models : 50 transforming ideas for leaders, consultants, and coaches, 2012, PW96 CANT TBPM

Carpenter, Edward, Westminster Abbey, 1971, LW46 CARP WABB

Carroll, Michael, On being a supervisee : creating learning partnerships, 2011, PP16 CARR OBAS

Church of England. General Synod., The Church and the bomb : report by the Board for Social Responsibility, 1983, SY45.5 CHUR CATB 1983

Cloud, Henry, Making small groups work : what every small group leader needs to know, 2003, TM36 CLOU MSGW

Comfort, Ray, The world’s greatest preachers, 2003, WQ5 COMF WGPR

Cosgrove, Charles H., Church conflict : the hidden systems behind the fights, 1994, WA32 COSG CCON

Dale, Robert D., Pastoral leadership : a handbook of resources for effective congregational leadership, 1986, WP2.2 DALE PLEA

Davys, Allyson, Best practice in professional supervision : a guide for the helping professions, 2010, PP16 DAVY BPIP

Derusha, Michelle, Katharina and Martin Luther : the radical marriage of a runaway nun and a renegade monk, 2017, Perry GT6.1 D438

Duff, Paul Brooks, Jesus followers in the Roman Empire, 2017, IJ41 DUFF JFIT

Ellul, Jacques, What I believe, 1989, RK44 ELLU WIBE

Evans, James H., We shall all be changed : social problems and theological renewal, 1997, SM76 EVANS WSAB

Finn, Nathan A., A reader’s guide to the major writings of Jonathan Edwards, 2017, Perry ML23 EDWA XFIN

Gable, Lee J., Church and world encounter : the evangelical academies in Germany and their meaning for the ecumenical church, 1964, TX40 GABL CAWE

Gabriel, Yiannis, Organizations in depth : the psychoanalysis of organizations, 1999, PW96 GABR OIDE

Galadza, Daniel, Liturgy and Byzantinization in Jerusalem, 2017, UJ10 GALA LABI

Garland, David E., Acts, 2017, FM8 GARL ACTS

Green, Chris E. W., Pentecostal ecclesiology : a reader [ebook], 2016,

Harrison, Jamie, Clergy in a complex age responses to the guidelines for the professional conduct of the clergy [ebook], 2016,

Hawkins, Peter, Supervision in the helping professions, 2012, PP16 HAWK SITH

Hillebert, Jordan, T&T Clark companion to Henri de Lubac, 2017, GS6 L92 XH65

Howard, Evan B., A guide to Christian spiritual formation : how scripture, spirit, community, and mission shape our souls, 2018, XB58 HOWA GTCS

Hybels, Bill., Christians in the marketplace : making your faith work in the secular world, 1993, XW55 HYBE CITM

Jones, Alastair, Exploring spirituality in video games : encountering meaning in digital spaces, 2017, YT JONE ESIV

Jouili, Jeanette Selma, Pious practice and secular constraints women in the Islamic revival in Europe [ebook], 2015,

Kelly, Claire, Youth mental health first aid : a manual for adults assisting young people, 2017, PX23 KELL YMHF

Kets de Vries, Manfred F. R., The hedgehog effect executive coaching and the secrets of building high performance teams [ebook], 2011,

Kets de Vries, Manfred F. R., Lessons on leadership by terror : finding Shaka Zulu in the attic, 2004, PW96 KETS LOLB

Kets de Vries, Manfred F. R., Leaders, fools, and impostors : essays on the psychology of leadership, 2003, PW96 KETS LFAI

Kitchener, Betty Ann, Mental health first aid manual, 2017, PX23 KITC MHFA

Kline, Meredith G., Genesis : a new commentary, 2016, DK38 KLIN GENE

Kline, Meredith G., Images of the Spirit, 1999, RU KLIN IOTS

Levine, Amy-Jill, The misunderstood Jew : the Church and the scandal of the Jewish Jesus, 2006, FS24 LEVI MJEW

Lewis, Donald M., With heart, mind & strength : the best of Crux, 1979-1989 : volume one, 1990, RK55 WITH LEWI

Lister, Rob, God is impassible and impassioned : toward a theology of divine emotion, 2013, RQ20 LIST GIIA

Lockyer, Herbert, Dark threads the weaver needs, 1979, RU20 LOCK DTTW

Los Angeles Theology Conference 2017 : Biola University), The task of dogmatics : explorations in theological method, 2017, RK56 LOSA TASK

Malcolm, Kate, Pastorale : being part of the life of James Begg, 2011, LX52.5 BEGG XMAL

Mangum, Douglas, Linguistics & biblical exegesis, 2017, CF16 LING MANG

Mauck, John W., Paul on trial : the Book of Acts as a defense of Christianity, 2001, FM5 MAUC POTR

McDowell, Sean., A new kind of apologist, 2016, RD56 NEWK MCDO

McKenna, Mark, Moment of truth : history and Australia’s future, 2018, MW60 QUAR QE69

McKnight, Scot, The letter to the Colossians, 2018, FP18 MCKN LTTC

Mead, Loren B., More than numbers : the ways churches grow, 1999, WA20 MEAD MTNU

Moffatt, James, Handbook to the Church hymnary : with supplement, 1935, VQPr 1935 HAND

Mohler, R. Albert, Acts 1-12 for you, 2018, FM8 MOHL AFYO V:1

Moloney, Francis J., The Word became flesh, 1977, FL MOLO WBFL

Morgan, Gareth, Images of organization, 2006, PW96 MORG IOOR

Morgan, Ken, Pathways : local mission for all kinds of churches, 2017, NR2 MORG PATH

Mourkogiannis, Nikos, Purpose : the starting point of great companies, 2006, SQ37 MOUR PURP

Murphree, Jon Tal, Divine paradoxes : a finite view of an infinite God : a response to process and openness theologies, 1998, RK55 MURP DPAR

Myers, Jacob M., The world of the restoration, 1968, HP36 MYER WOTR

Nicholls, Bruce J., Mission as witness and justice : an India perspective, 1991, MT70 NICH MAWA

Nichols, Terence L., The sacred cosmos : Christian faith and the challenge of naturalism, 2003, RD56 NICH SCOS

Nienhuis, David R., A concise guide to reading the New Testament : a canonical introduction, 2018, FE NIEN CGTR

Olsen, David C., Saying no to say yes : everyday boundaries and pastoral excellence [ebook], 2015,

Origen., On first principles, 2013, GM3 O69 PEB

Packer, J. I., God has spoken, 2016, RE60 PACK GHSP

Paul, Ian., How to interpret the Bible : four essential questions, 2017, CH PAUL HTIT

Perman, Matt, What’s best next : how the gospel transforms the way you get things done, 2014, XW55 PERM WBNE

Rasmussen, Michael D., Conceptualizing distress in the Psalms : a form-critical and cognitive semantic study of the Tsrr1 word group, 2018, DM33 RASM CDIT

Ravenhill, Leonard., Why revival tarries, 1959, WA20 RAVE WRTA

Richardson, Ronald W., Polarization and the healthier church : applying Bowen Family Systems Theory to conflict and change in society and congregational life, ©2012, SD11 RICH PATH

Routley, Erik, Hymns and human life, 1952, VK22 ROUT HAHL

Saklatvala, Beram, The Christian island, 1969, LS24 SAKL CISL

Schneider, Johannes, Church and world in the New Testament, 1983, UA42 SCHN CAWI

Scroggie, W. Graham, What about heaven? : comfort for Christians : a meditation, 1940, RW60 SCRO WAHE

Smith, Michael Auckland, The Church under siege, 1976, IJ22 SMIT CUSI

Sproul, R. C., Willing to believe : the controversy over free will, 1997, RQ45 SPRO WTBE

Stalker, James, The ethic of Jesus : according to the synoptic Gospels, 1909, FK STAL EOJE

Stanford, Naomi, Organizational health : an integrated approach to building optimum performance, 2013, PW96 STAN OHEA

Stanley, Andy, When work & family collide : keeping your job from cheating your family, 2011, XW55 STAN WWAF

Stapley, Lionel, The personality of the organisation : a psycho-dynamic explanation of culture and change, 1996, PW96 STAP POTO

Steinke, Peter L., A door set open grounding change in mission and hope [ebook], 2010,

Stout, Harry S., The Jonathan Edwards encyclopedia, 2017, Ref ML23 EDWA XSTO

Strange, Alan D., The doctrine of the spirituality of the Church in the ecclesiology of Charles Hodge, 2017, Perry UA22 HODG XSTR

Sykes, Norman, Winchester Cathedral : Cathedral Church of the Holy Trinity, St. Peter, St. Paul and St. Swithun, 1972, LW68 W759 SYKE

Taylor, Carolyn, Walking the talk : building a culture for success, 2015, PW96 TAYL WTTA

Thwaites, James, The church beyond the congregation, 1999, UA23 THWA CBTC

Veeneman, Mary M., Introducing theological method : a survey of contemporary theologians and approaches, 2017, RC15 VEEN ITME

Ward, Rowland S., Presbyterians in Australia : origins, conflicts and progress 1803-2018, 2018, Perry MW67P WARD PIAU

Williams, David Alun, Relocating holism : a theology of care for the poor in conversation with Sydney Anglicanism, 2017, Theses MW66.5 WILL RHOL

Williamson, Paul R., Death and the afterlife : biblical perspectives on ultimate questions, 2017, RW WILL DATA

Wimber, Carol, John Wimber : the way it was, 1999, Perry MA5 WIMB XWIM



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