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July 2019

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Anders, Max E., Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians [ebook], 1999

Bellinzoni, Arthur J., The New Testament : an introduction to Biblical scholarship [ebook], 2016

Bergen, Robert D., 1, 2 Samuel [ebook], 2009

Boyce, James K., Born bad : original sin and the making of the Western mind [ebook], 2016

DeYoung, Kevin, What does the Bible really teach about homosexuality? [ebook], 2015

Greer, Jonathan S., Behind the scenes of the Old Testament : cultural, social, and historical contexts [ebook],  2018

Hamilton, Adam, Creed : what Christians believe and why [ebook], 2016

Katongole, Emmanuel, Born from lament : the theology and politics of hope in Africa [ebook], 2017

Lubeck, Ray, Read the Bible for a change : understanding and responding to God’s word, 2005, CH LUBE RTBF

Malcolm, Matthew R., From hermeneutics to exegesis : the trajectory of biblical interpretation, 2018, CH MALC FHTE

Yolaçan, Burak, Smyrna/Izmir excavation and research II, 2017, CP26 SMYR YOLA

Kaminski, Carol M., Casket empty : Old Testament study guide, 2012, DD KAMI CEMP

Carmichael, Calum M., The sacrificial laws of Leviticus and the Joseph story, 2017, DK50 CARM SLOL

Fletcher, Daniel H., Psalms of Christ : the messiah in non-messianic Psalms, 2018, DM39 FLET POCH

Dryden, J. de Waal, A hermeneutic of wisdom : recovering the formative agency of scripture, 2018, DM46 DRYD HOWI

Möller, Karl, The Song of Songs : beautiful bodies, erotic desire and intoxicating pleasure, 2018, DM80 MOLL SOSO

Tucker, W. Dennis., Jonah : a handbook on the Hebrew text, 2018, DQ28 TUCK JONA

Chapman, Colin, Prophecy fulfilled today? : does Ezekiel have anything to say about the modern state of Israel?, 2018, DX20 CHAP PFTO

Hagner, Donald Alfred, How new is the New Testament? : first-century Judaism and the emergence of Christianity, 2018, EZ30 HAGN HNIT

Moo, Douglas J., The letter to the Romans, 2018, FN38 MOOD ETTR

Proctor, John, Ephesians in context : a practical reading, 2018, FN80 PROC EICO

Laansma, Jon, So great a salvation: a dialogue on the atonement in Hebrews, 2019, FP90 SOGR LAAN

Rodríguez, Rafael, Jesus darkly : remembering Jesus with the New Testament, 2018, FS24 RODR JDAR

Read, Charles, Celebrating the ascension : reclaiming the missional focus of ascensiontide, 2018, FS79 READ CTAS

Collins, Helen, Mary the worshipping mother : reclaiming Mary’s motherhood for contemporary mums, 2018, FT70.5 COLL MTWM

Gorman, Michael J., Participation : Paul’s vision of life in Christ, 2018, FX69.5 GORM PART

Augustine, On the happy life : St. Augustine’s cassiciacum dialogues, Volume II, 2019, GN3 PB36 2019

Donaldson, Will, The servant heart : exploring the life and legacy of St Edmond of Abingdon, 2018, GX54 E242 XD67

Pachuau, Lalsangkima, World Christianity : a historical and theological introduction, 2018, IT PACH WCHR

Arnold II (of Villers), Alice the leper : life of St Alice of Schaerbeek, 2000, IX51 ALIC XARN

Evenden, Elizabeth, Religion and the book in early modern England : the making of Foxe’s ‘Book of Martyrs’, 2011, LS32 EVEN RATB

Highley, Christopher, John Foxe and his world, 2002, LS32 FOXE XHIG

Monta, Susannah Brietz, Martyrdom and literature in early modern England, 2009, LS32 MONT MALI

Smee, Sebastian, Net loss : the inner life in the digital age, 2018, MW60 QUAR QE72

Jensen, Erik, The prosperity gospel : how Scott Morrison won and Bill Shorten lost, 2019, MW60 QUAR QE74

Barnabas Fund, Turn the tide : reclaiming religious freedom in Australia, 2018, MW64 TURN BARN

Goheen, Michael W., The church and its vocation : Lesslie Newbigin’s missionary ecclesiology, 2018, NR NEWB XGOH

Moreau, A. Scott, Contextualizing the faith : a holistic approach, 2018, NR5 MORE CTFA

Patrick, Tim, Anglican foundations : a handbook to the source documents of the English reformation, 2018, Perry IR17 PATR AFOU

Boyd, Craig A., Christian ethics and moral philosophy : an introduction to issues and approaches, 2018, QZ6 BOYD CEAM

McDermott, Gerald R., Everyday glory : the revelation of God in all of reality, 2018, RE23 MCDE EGLO

Brown, Adrian, Thinking about science and Christianity in schools, 2019, RF21 BROW TASA

Jeans, David, How to talk science and God : Biblical perspectives on the big questions of life and the universe, 2019, RF21 JEAN HTTS

Howles, Timothy, Responding faithfully to the environmental crisis : Christianity at the time of the Anthropocene, 2019, RF30 HOWL RFTT

Grindheim, Sigurd, Living in the kingdom of God : a biblical theology for the life of the church, 2018, RQ60 GRIN LITK

Peckham, John, Theodicy of love : cosmic conflict and the problem of evil, 2018, RU20 PECK TOLO

Harris, Kate, Wonder women : navigating the challenges of motherhood, career, and identity, 2013, SD85 HARR WWOM

Hockey, Katherine M., Ethnicity, race, religion : identities and ideologies in early Jewish and Christian texts, and in modern biblical interpretation, 2018, SM20 ETHN HOCK

Andrews, William, Government as judgement : a biblical theory of government, 2018, SX14 ANDR GAJU

Fleming, Daniel J., Ethics and religion in public and political life, 2016, SX17 ETHI FLEM

Barrs, Luke A., Armed drones : a Christian response, 2018, SY52 J8 BARR ADRO

Farnell, Alison, Grow your own school leaders : learning from experience in church schools, 2018, TF3 FARN GYOS

Lee, HeeKap, Faith-based education that constructs : a creative dialogue between constructivism and faith-based education, 2010, TF3 FBET LEEH

Humphreys, Huw, Towards a personal theology of education : reflections from a head teacher, 2018, TM30 HUMP TAPT

Horrocks, Judie, Church in school : from separate buildings to shared premises, 2018, TM33 HORR CISC

Coutts, Jon, The marks of a church : shaped by the main things, 2018, UA23 COUT MOAC

Shercliff, Liz, Exploring missional reader ministry : a personal vision with suggestions and questions, 2018, UA76 SHER EMRM

Okholm, Dennis L., Learning theology through the church’s worship : an introduction to Christian belief, 2018, UG OKLH LTTT

Root, John, Worship in a multi-ethnic society, 2018, UG ROOT WIAM

Tarrant, Ian, How to celebrate creation, 2019, UG TARR HTCC

Shaver, Stephen R., Eucharistic sacrifice as a contested category : a cognitive linguistics approach, 2018, UG38 SHAV ESAA

Buchanan, Colin, The Church of England Eucharist, 1958-2012, 2019, UG40 BUCH COEE

Hayes, Andrew, Embodying the good : introducing James K. A. Smith’s Cultural Liturgies project, 2018, UH23 SMIT XHAY

McLean, Thomas (Thomas Paul), The Spirit in liturgy and doctrine : a liturgical-systematic dialogue in the fourth century Church in Egypt and Cappadocia, 2018, UH90 MCLE SILA

Long, Kimberly Bracken, From this day forward : rethinking the Christian wedding, 2016, UR72 LONG FTDF

Marsh, Kathy, Writing prayer poetry : how to deepen your prayer life, 2018, UU5 MARS WPPO

Begbie, Jeremy, A peculiar orthodoxy : reflections on theology and the arts, 2018, VG40 BEGB PORT

Bing, Alan, Reimagining resourcing churches : a minster model, 2018, WA20 BING RRCH

Sanders, Brian, Underground church : a living example of the church in its most potent form, 2018, WA20 SAND UCHU

Schuman, Andrew, Appreciative inquiry : strategically discerning a church’s future, 2018, WA20 SCHU AINQ

Morris, Steve, Hospitality, mission and Café Church, 2018, WA24 MORR HMAC

Jackson, Bob, Leading one church at a time : from multi-church ministers to focal ministers, 2018, WA28 JACK LOCA

Morris, Steve, Leading a suburban church : good news from the edge of things, 2018, WA28 MORR LASC

Shaw, Peter, The mindful leader : embodying Christian wisdom, 2018, WA28 SHAW MLEA

Tupling, Katie, Worship and disability : a kingdom for all, 2018, WA49 TUPL WADI

Abbas, Gina, A woman in youth ministry : honest insight and leadership wisdom for real people, 2014, WA70 ABBA WIYM

Boyd, John, Football and faith : a game of two halves, 2018, WA70 BOYD FAFA

Lovaglia, Dan, Relational children’s ministry : turning kid-influencers into lifelong disciple makers, 2016, WA70 LOVA RCMI

Nash, Sally, The vulnerable youth worker : how to engage with vulnerability in ministry, 2018, WA70 NASH VYWO

Roberts, Nigel, Growing fruitful disciples : using a Jesus model for spiritual development, 2018, WA70 ROBE GFDI

Vaughton, James, Shaping church to disciple young people : intentionally fostering relationship-based discipleship, 2018, WA70 VAUG SCTD

Stronstad, Roger, Spirit, Scripture and theology : a Pentecostal perspective, 2018, WB50 STRO SSAT

Morris, Steve, The power of interim ministry : strategic opportunities for transitional leadership, 2019, WP2.2 MORR POIM

Adams, Trevor, Developing dementia-friendly churches, 2018, WP8.5 ADAM DDFC

Harrower, Scott D., A time for sorrow : recovering the practice of lament in the life of the church, 2019, WP8.6 TIME HARR

McCullough, Peter, Sermons at court : politics and religion in Elizabethan and Jacobean preaching, 2011, WQ2.5 MCCU SACO

Beamish, Robert, Preaching in times of crisis, 2018, WQ5 BEAM PITO

Gibson, Scott M., Homiletics and hermeneutics : four views on preaching today, 2018, WQ5 HOMI GIBS

Satterlee, Craig Alan, Preaching and stewardship : proclaiming God’s invitation to grow, 2011, WQ5 SATT PAST

Page, Scott R., Preaching by the book : developing and delivering test-driven sermons, 2018, WQ6 PAGE PBTB

Wilson, Paul Scott, The four pages of the sermon : a guide to biblical preaching, 2018, WQ6 WILS FPOT

Chester, Tim, The everyday gospel : a theology of washing the dishes, 2013, XB58 CHES EGOS

Marshall, Helen, Solitude and community :  open to God, open to others, 2019, XB58 MARS SACO

Mackenzie, Ali, Finding God at home : a sacramental approach to spirituality in the home, 2018, XB68 MACK FGAH


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