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June 2023

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Jeon, Paul S., 1 Timothy Volume 1 : a charge to God’s missional household [ebook], 2017

Garland, David E., 2 Corinthians [ebook], 2021

Wright, Shawn D., 40 questions about Calvinism [ebook], 2019

Gaudet, Stephen J., A Christian utopia : Paul’s community of equality and justice [ebook], 2017

Tira, Sadiri Joy, A hybrid world : diaspora, hybridity, and missio dei [ebook], 2020

Thomas, Douglas E., African traditional religion in the modern world [ebook], 2015

Smith, James K. A., All things hold together in Christ : a conversation on faith, science, and virtue [ebook], 2018

Byassee, Jason, An introduction to the desert fathers [ebook], 2007

Fagerstrom, Douglas L., Baker handbook of single adult ministry [ebook], 1997

Davison, Andrew., Blessing [ebook], 2014

Griffiths, Mark, Changing lives : the essential guide to ministry with children and families [ebook], 2017

Flannery, Sarah, Children and family ministry handbook : practical, tested, backed by research [ebook], 2020

Miller, Samantha L., Chrysostom’s devil : demons, the will, and virtue in patristic soteriology [ebook], 2020

Anthony, Neal James, Cross narratives : Martin Luther’s Christology and the location of redemption [ebook], 2010

Dutton, Edward, Culture shock and multiculturalism : reclaiming a useful model from the religious realm [ebook], 2012

Ortlund, Dane Calvin, Deeper : real change for real sinners [ebook], 2021

Ogden, Greg, Discipleship essentials : a guide to building your life in Christ [ebook], 2018

Allotta, Joseph, Discipleship in education : a plan for creating true followers of Christ in Christian schools [ebook], 2018

Grebe, Matthias, Election, atonement, and the Holy Spirit : through and beyond Barth’s theological interpretation of Scripture [ebook], 2014

Orrick, Jim, Encountering God through expository preaching : connecting God’s people to God’s presence through God’s word [ebook], 2017

Sproul, R. C., Enjoying God : finding hope in the attributes of God [ebook], 2017

Thomas, Heath A., Exalting Jesus in 1 & 2 Samuel [ebook], 2016

Kavanagh, Preston, Ezekiel to Jesus : son of man to suffering servant [ebook], 2017

Ortlund, Gavin, Finding the right hills to die on : the case for theological triage [ebook], 2020

Kass, Leon, Founding God’s nation : reading Exodus [ebook], 2021

Japinga, Lynn, From daughters to disciples : women’s stories from the New Testament [ebook], 2021

Poulton, Paul, Genesis for ordinary people : unwrapping the first book of the Bible [ebook], 2017

Allen, Michael, Grounded in heaven : recentering Christian hope and life on God [ebook], 2018

Loewenstein, David, Heresy, literature, and politics in early modern English culture [ebook], 2006

Hill, Graham Joseph, Holding up half the sky : a biblical case for women leading and teaching in the church [ebook], 2020

Brownback, Lydia., Hosea : a 12-week study [ebook], 2016

Goldingay, John, Hosea-Micah : Baker commentary on the Old Testament [ebook], 2021

Burnhope, Stephen, How to read the Bible well How to Read the Bible Well : what it is, what it isn’t, and how to love (again) [ebook], 2021

Light, Gary W., Isaiah [ebook], 2001

Smith, Gary V., Isaiah 1-39 [ebook], 2022

Shumack, Richard, Jesus through Muslim eyes [ebook], 2020

Collins Winn, Christian T., Jesus, jubilee, and the politics of God’s reign [ebook], 2023

Calvin, Jean, John Calvin : commentary on Romans [ebook], 2022

McConville, J. G., Joshua [ebook], 2010

Beldman, David J. H., Judges [ebook], 2020

Anderson, James, Ladies of the Reformation : memoirs of distinguished female characters, belonging to the period of the Reformation in the sixteenth century : England, Scotland, and the Netherlands [ebook], 2014

Mancia, Lauren, Meditation and prayer in the eleventh- and twelfth-century monastery : struggling towards God [ebook], 2023

Schlager, Bernard Sloan, Ministry among God’s queer folk : LGBT pastoral care [ebook], 2019

Hibbert, Evelyn, Multiplying leaders in intercultural contexts : recognizing and developing grassroots potential [ebook], 2023

Brueggemann, Walter, Our hearts wait : worshiping through praise and lament in the Psalms [ebook], 2022

Ridderbos, Herman N., Paul : an outline of his theology [ebook], 1975

Licona, Mike, Paul meets Muhammad : a Christian-Muslim debate on the resurrection [ebook], 2006

Overstreet, R. Larry, Persuasive preaching : a biblical and practical guide to the effective use of persuasion [ebook], 2001

Kroll, Woodrow, Philippians : maturing in the Christian life [ebook], 2008

Melcher, Sarah J., Prophetic disability : divine sovereignty and human bodies in the Hebrew Bible [ebook], 2022

Byassee, Jason, Reading Augustine : a guide to the confessions [ebook], 2006

Sellars, J. T., Reasoning beyond reason : imagination as a theological source in the work of CS Lewis [ebook], 2011

Sandnes, Karl Olav, Resurrection : texts and interpretation, experience and theology [ebook], 2020

Edwards, C., Re-thinking children’s work in churches : a practical guide [ebook], 2019

Rook, Russell, Rhyming hope and history : theology and culture in the work of Robert Jenson [ebook], 2012

Goring, Ruth, Singleness : a life grounded in love : 10 studies for individuals or groups [ebook], 2012

Smith, Gary Scott, Suffer the children : how we can improve the lives of the world’s impoverished children [ebook], 2017

Thomas, Aquinas, Saint, Summa theologica Part II-II, (“Secunda Secundae”)  [ebook], 2012

Thomas, Aquinas, Saint, Summa theologica. Part III, (“Tertia Pars”)  [ebook], 2012

Bray, Samuel L., The 1662 Book of Common Prayer [ebook], 2021

González, Justo L., The Apostles’ Creed for today [ebook], 2007

Willhite, Keith, The big idea of biblical preaching : connecting the Bible to people : in honor of Haddon W. Robinson [ebook], 1998

Luther, Martin, The essential Luther [ebook], 2018

Schreiner, Patrick, The kingdom of God and the glory of the cross [ebook], 2018

Smith, Mitzi J., The literary construction of the other in the Acts of the Apostles : charismatics, the Jews, and women [ebook], 2011

Mettes, Susan, The loneliness epidemic : why so many of us feel alone–and how leaders can respond [ebook], 2021

Peters, Greg, The monkhood of all believers : the monastic foundation of Christian spirituality [ebook], 2018

Erickson, Millard J., The postmodern world : discerning the times and the spirit of our age [ebook], 2002

Bennett, Matthew Aaron, The Qur’an and the Christian : an in-depth look into the book of Islam for followers of Jesus [ebook], 2022

Nash, John F., The sacramental church : the story of Anglo-Catholicism [ebook], 2011

Eskola, Timo, Theodicy and predestination in Pauline soteriology [ebook], 2017

Collins, Travis, What does it mean to be welcoming? : navigating LGBT questions in your church [ebook], 2018

Sproul, R. C., What is Reformed theology? : understanding the basics [ebook], 2005

Chapell, Bryan, What Is the Gospel? [ebook], 2011

Bochanski, Philip, Wisdom of the desert fathers and mothers : ancient advice for the modern world [ebook], 2019

Thornhill, A. Chadwick, Greek for everyone : introductory Greek for Bible study and application, 2016, BR65 THOR GFEV

Wright, Richard A., A reader in biblical Greek, 2022, BR65 WRIG RIBG

Curtis, Brian A., Prophets and kings, 2023, CB92 2013 CURT V:3

Boersma, Hans, Pierced by love : divine reading with the Christian tradition, 2023, CD63 BOER PBLO

Pennington, Jonathan T., Come and see : the journey of knowing God through Scripture, 2023, CD63 PENN CASE

Bigger, Stephen., Creating the Old Testament : the emergence of the Hebrew Bible, 1989, DF CREA BIGG

Witherington, Ben, Torah old and new : exegesis, intertextuality, and hermeneutics, 2018, DK WITH TOAN

Smith, Ralph Allan, Hear, my son : an examination of the fatherhood of Yahweh in Deuteronomy, 2011, DK70 SMIT HMSO

Lau, Peter H. W., The Book of Ruth, 2023, DL38 LAUP BORU

Vayntrub, Jacqueline, Beyond orality : biblical poetry on its own terms, 2020, DM VAYN BORA

Ward, Nathan, Our eyes are on you : a study of biblical prayer, 2023, DX89 WARD OEAO

Alexander, Estrelda, The Spirit of the Lord : renewal spirituality, biblical justice and the prophetic witness of the church, 2022, DY5 ALEX SOTL

Hachlili, Rachel, Ancient synagogues-archaeology and art : new discoveries and current research, 2013, ES22 HACH ASAA

White, L. Michael, From Jesus to Christianity, 2005, FG WHIT FJTC

Strauss, Mark L., Four portraits, one Jesus : a survey of Jesus and the Gospels, 2020, FJ STRA FPOJ

Daley, Daniel, God’s will and testament : inheritance in the Gospel of Matthew and Jewish tradition, 2021, FK50 DALE GWAT

Marcus, Joel, The way of the Lord : Christological exegesis of the Old Testament in the Gospel of Mark, 1993, FK60 MARC WOTL

Lee, John J. R., A ransom for many : Mark 10:45 as a key to the gospel, 2023, FK69 LEEJ RFMA

Gladd, Benjamin L., From the manger to the throne : a theology of Luke, 2022, FK70 GLAD FTMT

Finger, Reta Halteman, Of widows and meals : communal meals in the Book of Acts, 2007, FM5 FING OWAM

Harvey, John D., Acts : a commentary for biblical preaching and teaching, 2023, FM8 HARV ACTS

Campbell, William S., Romans : a social identity commentary, 2023, FN38 CAMP ROMA

Erwin, Philip, Paul and image : reading First Corinthians in visual terms, 2020, FN40 ERWI PAIM

Banks, Robert, The versatility of Paul : artisan missioner, community developer, pastoral educator, 2022, FT31 BANK VOPA

Pathipati, Victor Paul, Exploring socio-cultural aspects of Pauline ecclesiology : a study of Paul’s term “in Christ”, 2018, FX69.5 PATH ESCA

Porter, Stanley E., Origins of New Testament Christology : an introduction to the traditions and titles applied to Jesus, 2023, FX92 PORT OONT

Croke, Brian, Engaging with the past, c.250-c.650, 2023, HH25 CROK EWTP

Cary, Phillip, The Nicene Creed : an introduction, 2023, JK50 CARY NCRE

Booty, John E., This sacred history : Anglican reflections for John Booty, 1990, KM2.2 THIS ARME

Tucker, Jack, Innocents return abroad, 2012-2013, MP31 TUCK IRAB

Schultz, Julianne, The idea of Australia : a search for the soul of the nation, 2022, MW61.1 SCHU IOAU

Possamai, Adam, Religion and change in Australia, 2022, MW64 POSS RACI

Wright, Christopher J. H., The great story and the Great Commission : participating in the biblical drama of mission, 2023, NR3 WRIG GSAT

Hicks, Zac, Worship by faith alone : Thomas Cranmer, the Book of common prayer, and the reformation of liturgy, 2023, Perry LS32.3 HICK WBFA

Armour, Corrinne, Leaders who ask : building fearless cultures by telling less and asking more, 2018, PW96 ARMO LWAS

Waldinger, Robert, The good life : lessons from the world’s longest scientific study of happiness, 2023, PX31 WALD GLIF

Cameron, Andrew J. B., The logic of love : Christian ethics and moral psychology, 2023, QZ6 CAME LOLO

Craig, William Lane, On guard : defending your faith with reason and precision, 2010, RD56 CRAI OGUA

Köstenberger, Andreas J., Truth in a culture of doubt : engaging skeptical challenges to the Bible, 2014, RD56 KOST TIAC

Watkin, Christopher, Biblical critical theory : how the Bible’s unfolding story makes sense of modern life and culture, 2022, RD56 WATK BCTH

McKnight, Scot, Dictionary of Paul and his letters : a compendium of contemporary biblical scholarship, 2023, Ref FN20 DICT PAUL 2023

Schmutzer, Andrew J., Divine suffering : theology, history, and church mission, 2023, RQ20 SCHM DSUF

Black, A. Bryden, Lion, the dove, & the lamb : an exploration into the nature of the Christian God as Trinity, 2018, RQ37 BLAC LTDA

Schreiner, Thomas R., Justification : an introduction, 2023, RS60 SCHR JUST

Sollereder, Bethany N., God, evolution, and animal suffering : theodicy without a fall, 2020, RU20 SOLL GEAA

Park, Andrew Sung, The wounded heart of God : the Asian concept of han and the Christian doctrine of sin, 1993, RU33 PARK WHOG

Corney, Peter, Hire right, first time : a practical guide for staffing Christian organisations, 2023, SR80 CORN HRFT

Gorman, Julie A., Community that is Christian : a handbook on small groups, 2002, TM36 GORM CTIC

Vagle, Mark D., Crafting phenomenological research, 2018, TU27 VAGL CPRE

Coleman, Wendy, Muddy church : an introductory guide, 2023, UA16 COLE MUDD

Chadwick, Charles,  Re-visioning confirmation for mission and discipleship, 2023, UG48 CHAD RCFM

Bonem, Mike, Leading from the second chair : serving your church, fulfilling your role, and realizing your dreams, 2005, WA28 BONE LFTS

McConnell, Douglas, Understanding God’s heart for children : toward a biblical framework, 2007, WA70 UNDE MCCO

Gray, John, Staying on the leading edge : without killing yourself, 2015, WP2.2 GRAY SOTL

Knight, Rhona, Unforced rhythms of grace : rest, recovery and flourishing in ministry, 2022, WP4 KNIG UROG

Clapp, Rodney, Tortured wonders : Christian spirituality for people, not angels, 2004, XB58 CLAP TWON

Taylor, Simon J., Post-truth and the false self : finding identity in God through centering prayer, 2022, XC TAYL PTAT

White, James Emery, Hybrid church : rethinking the church for a post-Christian digital age, 2023, YT WHIT HCHU

Charry, Ellen T., God and the art of happiness, 2010, XW CHAR GATA

Banks, Robert, Transforming daily work into a divine vocation, 2022, XW55 BANK TDWI

Laughlin, Corrina, Redeem all : how digital life is changing evangelical culture, 2022, YT LAUG RALL

Dunster, Ruth, The autism of Gxd : an atheological love story, 2022, YX59 DUNS AOGX

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