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August 2020

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Burgess, John P., A pastoral rule for today : reviving an ancient practice [ebook], 2019

Witherington, Ben, A week in the fall of Jerusalem [ebook], 2017

DeSilva, David Arthur, A week in the life of Ephesus [ebook], 2020

Swinton, John, Becoming friends of time : disability, timefullness, and gentle discipleship [ebook], 2016

Richter, Rick, Comparing the Qur’an and the Bible : what they really say about Jesus, Jihad, and more [ebook], 2011,

Bergen, Martha., Ezra & Nehemiah [ebook], 1999

Cook, Joan E., Genesis [ebook], 2011

Gentry, Peter John, God’s kingdom through God’s covenants : a concise biblical theology [ebook], 2015

Moo, Jonathan A., Hope in an age of despair : the gospel and the future of life on earth [ebook], 2013

Searcy, Nelson, Ignite : how to spark immediate growth in your church [ebook], 2009

Salzman, Todd A., Introduction to Catholic theological ethics : foundations and applications [ebook], 2019

Greenstein, Edward L., Job : a new translation [ebook], 2019

Barker, Ashley, Make poverty personal : taking the poor as seriously as the Bible does [ebook], 2009

Armstrong, Thomas, Neurodiversity in the classroom : strength-based strategies to help students with special needs succeed in school and life [ebook], 2012

Silberman, Steve, NeuroTribes : the legacy of autism and how to think smarter about people who think differently [ebook], 2015

Williams, Ronald C., Serving God with style : unleashing servant potential [ebook], 2002

Hart, David Bentley, That all shall be saved : heaven, hell, and universal salvation [ebook], 2019

Cory, Catherine A., The book of Revelation [ebook], 2006

Root, Andrew, The end of youth ministry? : why parents don’t really care about youth groups and what youth workers should do about it [ebook], 2020

Harrison, James R., The first urban churches, Vol. 4-5 [ebook], 2015-2019

White, James R., The forgotten Trinity : recovering the heart of Christian belief [ebook], 2019

Schreiner, Thomas R., The Lord’s Supper : remembering and proclaiming Christ until He comes [ebook], 2010

Riddlebarger, Kim, The man of sin : uncovering the truth about the Antichrist [ebook], 2006

Wiersbe, Warren W., The names of Jesus [ebook], 2013

Hart, David Bentley, The New Testament : a translation [ebook], 2017

Khorchide, Mouhanad, The other prophet : Jesus in the Qur’an [ebook], 2019

Cron, Ian Morgan, The road back to you : an Enneagram journey to self-discovery [ebook], 2016

Beale, G. K., The story retold : a biblical-theological introduction to the New Testament [ebook], 2020

Shatzer, Jacob., Transhumanism and the image of God : today’s technology and the future of Christian discipleship [ebook], 2019

Aslan, Reza, Zealot : the life and times of Jesus of Nazareth [ebook], 2013

Kutz, Karl V., Learning biblical Hebrew : reading for comprehension : an introductory grammar, 2018, BJ57 KUTZ LBHE

Kutz, Karl V., Learning Biblical Hebrew workbook : a graded reader with exercises, 2019, BJ57 KUTZ LBHW

Menander, of Laodicea, active 3rd century, Ars rhetorica, 2019, BR21 LOEB MENA ARHE

Crossway, Literary study Bible : English Standard Version, 2019, CB92 2019 ESVE

Alter, Robert, The art of biblical narrative, 2011, DG5 ALTE AOBN

Dharamraj, Havilah, Ruth, 2019, DL38 DHAR RUTH

Lau, Peter H. W., Esther, 2018, DL98 LAUP ESTH

Bellinger, W. H., Psalms as a grammar for faith : prayer and praise, 2019, DM30 BELL PAAG

Hoyt, JoAnna M., Amos, Jonah, & Micah, 2019, DP18 HOYT AJAM

Bruno, Christopher R., Biblical theology according to the Apostles : how the earliest Christians told the story of Israel, 2020, DX55 BRUN BTAT

Horbury, William, Jewish messianism and the cult of Christ, 1998, EZ30 HORB JMAT

Horbury, William, Messianism among Jews and Christians : biblical and historical studies, 2016, EZ31 HORB MAJA

Gupta, Nijay K., A beginner’s guide to New Testament studies : understanding key debates, 2020, FD GUPT BGTN

Burnett, D. Clint, Studying the New Testament through inscriptions : an introduction, 2020, FG BURN STNT

Garroway, Joshua D., The beginning of the Gospel : Paul, Philippi, and the origins of Christianity, 2018, FG5 GARR BOTG

Ferda, Tucker S., Jesus, the gospels, and the Galilean crisis, 2020, FK FERD JTGA

Schreiner, Thomas R., Handbook on Acts and Paul’s Letters, 2019, FM8 SCHR HOAA

Ascough, Richard S., Paul’s Macedonian associations : the social context of Philippians and 1 Thessalonians, 2003, FN ASCO PMAS

Macaskill, Grant, Living in union with Christ : Paul’s gospel and Christian moral identity, 2019, FN20 MACA LIUW

Thompson, James, Apostle of persuasion : theology and rhetoric in the Pauline letters, 2020, FN20 THOM AOPE

Arnold, Bradley, Christ as the Telos of life : moral philosophy, athletic imagery, and the aim of Philippians, 2014, FN98 ARNO CATT

Jennings, Mark A., The price of partnership in the letter of Paul to the Philippians : “make my joy complete”, 2019, FN98 JENN POPI

Ip, Alex Hon Ho, A socio-rhetorical interpretation of the Letter to Philemon in light of the new institutional economics : an exhortation to transform a master-slave economic relationship into a brotherly loving relationship, 2017, FP40 IPAL SRIO

Collins, Adela Yarbro, New perspectives on the Book of Revelation, 2017, FR NEWP COLL

Fanning, Buist M., Revelation, 2020, FR8 FANN REVE

Bass, Justin, The bedrock of Christianity : the unalterable facts of Jesus’ death and resurrection, 2020, FS75 BASS BOCH

Johnson, Luke Timothy, Constructing Paul, Vol. 1, 2020-, FT31 JOHN CPAU

Ware, James P., Paul’s theology in context : creation, incarnation, covenant, and kingdom, 2019, FX60 WARE PTIC

Wasserman, Emma, Apocalypse as holy war : divine politics and polemics in the Letters of Paul, 2018, FX67.5 WASS AAHW

O’Reilly, Matt, Paul and the resurrected body : social identity and ethical practice, 2020, FX69.5 OREI PATR

Hagg, Henny Fiska, Clement of Alexandria and the beginnings of Christian apophaticism : knowing the unknowable, 2006, GM3 C6 2006

Justin, Martyr, Saint, Apologies, 2009, GM3 J9 JE

Augustine, Confessions, 2018, GN3 MER 2018

Howell, Brian M., Introducing cultural anthropology : a Christian perspective, 2019, IC32 HOWE ICAN

Sittser, Gerald Lawson, Resilient faith : how the early Christian “third way” changed the world, 2019, IJ32 SITT RFAI

Beers, Holly, A week in the life of a Greco-Roman woman, 2019, IJ42 BEER WITL

Byron, John, A week in the life of a slave, 2019, IJ42 BYRO WITL

Papandrea, James L., A week in the life of Rome, 2019, IJ42 PAPA WITL

MacAloon, John J., Muscular Christianity in colonial and post-colonial worlds, 2008, JF15 MUSC MACA

Treier, Daniel J., Introducing Evangelical theology, 2019, JH TREI IETH

Harned, David Baily, Creed and personal identity : the meaning of the Apostles’ Creed, 2020, JK45 HARN CAPI

Cobb, L. Stephanie, Divine deliverance : pain and painlessness in early Christian martyr texts, 2017, LS32 COBB DDEL

Brett, Judith, The coal curse : resources, climate and Australia’s future, 2020, MW60 QUAR QE78

Thomas, Derek, John Calvin : for a new Reformation, 2019, Perry GU3 T454 2019

Vlastuin, W. van, John Owen between orthodoxy and modernity, 2019, Perry GX56 O97 XV86

Noll, Mark A., Evangelicals : who they have been, are now, and could be, 2019, Perry JH EVAN NOLL

Bray, Gerald Lewis, Doing theology with the reformers, 2019, Perry KN52 BRAY DTWT

Kloes, Andrew, The German awakening : Protestant renewal after the Enlightenment, 1815-1848, 2019, Perry LG45.5 KLOE GAWA

Winship, Michael P., Hot Protestants : a history of Puritanism in England and America, 2018, Perry LT43 WINS HPRO

Barbeau, Jeffrey W., The spirit of Methodism : from the Wesleys to a global communion, 2019, Perry LU62 BARB SOME

Kidd, Thomas S., Who is an evangelical? : the history of a movement in crisis, 2019, Perry MKE2 KIDD WIAE

Long, Kathryn, God in the rainforest : a tale of martyrdom and redemption in Amazonian Ecuador, 2019, Perry MN90 LONG GITR

Chilton, Hugh, Evangelicals and the end of Christendom : religion, Australia, and the crises of the 1960s, 2020, Perry MW64 CHIL EATE

Piggin, Stuart., Attending to the national soul : evangelical Christians in Australian history 1914-2014, 2020, Perry MW64 PIGG ATTN

Cannon, Mae Elise, Evangelical theologies of liberation and justice, 2019, Perry RC65 EVAN CANN

Manetsch, Scott M., The Reformation and the irrepressible word of God : interpretation, theology, and practice, 2019, Perry RK57 REFO MANE

Bowler, Kate, The preacher’s wife : the precarious power of Evangelical women celebrities, 2019, Perry SD87.5 BOWL PWIF

Brown, Brené, Dare to lead : brave work, tough conversations, whole hearts, 2018, PW96 BROW DTLE

Proctor, Brigid., Group supervision : a guide to creative practice, 2008, PW96 PROC GSUP

O’Brien, Carl Sean, The demiurge in ancient thought : secondary gods and divine mediators, 2018, QE58 OBRI DIAT

Eberl, Jason T., The nature of human persons : metaphysics and bioethics, 2020, QS EBER NOHP

Instone-Brewer, David, Moral questions of the Bible : timeless truth in a changing world, 2019, QZ5 INST MQOT

Anglican Church of Australia, Australian lectionary 2020 : year A : the calendar, etc. with readings and psalms for the Holy Communion and Morning and Evening Prayer : An Australian prayer book with tables … ., 2019, Ref UP17 ANGL ALCW 2020

Anglican Church of Australia, An Australian lectionary : 2020: year A, 2019, Ref UP17 ANGL ALEC 2020

Mastricht, Peter van, Theoretical-practical theology, Vol. 1-2, 2018-, RK56 MAST TPTH

Ortlund, Dane Calvin, Gentle and lowly : the heart of Christ for sinners and sufferers, 2020, RR29 ORTL GALO

Cortez, Marc, Resourcing theological anthropology : a constructive account of humanity in the light of Christ, 2017, RU CORT RTAN

Bretherton, Luke, Christ and the common life : political theology and the case for democracy, 2019, SX14 BRET CATC

Nichols, Mark, Transforming universities with digital distance education : the future of formal learning, 2020, TU10 NICH TUWD

Radner, Ephraim, Church, 2017, UA23 RADN CHUR

DeGroat, Chuck, When narcissism comes to church : healing your community from emotional and spiritual abuse, 2020, WA20 DEGR WNCT

Dudley, Carl S., Congregations in transition : a guide for analyzing, assessing, and adapting in changing communities, 2002, WA20 DUDL CITR

McKnight, Scot, Pastor Paul : nurturing a culture of Christoformity in the church, 2019, WA20 MCKN PPAU

Herrington, Jim, The leader’s journey : accepting the call to personal and congregational transformation, 2020, WA28 HERR LJOU

Sendjaya, Sen, Leadership reformed : why leaders need the gospel to change the world, 2020, WA28 SEND LREF

O’Neill, Lucas, Preaching to be heard : delivering sermons that command attention, 2019, WQ6 ONEI PTBH

Stott, John R. W., Pages from a preacher’s notebook : wisdom and prayers from the pen of John Stott, 2020, WQ6 STOT PFAP

Coe, John H., Embracing contemplation : reclaiming a Christian spiritual practice, 2019, XC EMBR COEJ

Palmer, Parker J., A hidden wholeness : the journey toward an undivided life, 2008, XC PALM HWHO

Baur, Ferdinand Christian, Paul the Apostle of Jesus Christ : his life and works, his Epistles and teachings, 2003, XX BAUR PTAO

Kinnaman, David, Faith for exiles : 5 ways for a new generation to follow Jesus in digital Babylon, 2019, YT KINN FFEX

Prouser, Ora Horn., Esau’s blessing : how the Bible embraces those with special needs, 2011, YX59 PROU EBLE

Brueggemann, Walter, Virus as a summons to faith : biblical reflections in a time of loss, grief, and uncertainty, 2020, YX63 BRUE VAAS




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