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September 2019

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Helm, David R., 1 and 2 Peter and Jude : sharing Christ’s sufferings [ebook], 2008

Cloud, Henry, Boundaries : when to say yes, how to say no to take control of your life [ebook], 2017

Hubbard, Moyer V., Christianity in the Greco-Roman world : a narrative introduction [ebook], 2010

Dowden, Landon, Exalting Jesus in Ezekiel [ebook], 2015

Rittgers, Ronald K., Hebrews, James [ebook], 2017

Anders, Max E., Proverbs [ebook], 2005

Spurgeon, Charles H., Psalms (Vol. 1) [ebook], 1993

Stott, John R. W., Reading the Sermon on the Mount with John Stott : with questions for groups or individuals [ebook], 2016

Traeger, Sebastian, The gospel at work : how working for King Jesus gives purpose and meaning to our jobs [ebook], 2018

Linhart, Terry, The self-aware leader : discovering your blind spots to reach your ministry potential [ebook], 2017

Crabb, Larry, When God’s ways make no sense [ebook], 2018

Corbett, Steve, When helping hurts : how to alleviate poverty without hurting the poor . . . and yourself [ebook], 2012

Jones, Ethan C., The unfolding of your words gives light : studies on Biblical Hebrew in honor of George L. Klein, 2018, BJ33 UNFO JONE

Wright, William M., Encountering the living God in Scripture : theological and philosophical principles for interpretation, 2019, CH WRIG ETLG

Gafney, Wilda, Womanist Midrash : a reintroduction to the women of the Torah and the throne, 2017, CT35 GAFN WMID

Boda, Mark J., Riddles and revelations : explorations into the relationship between wisdom and prophecy in the Hebrew Bible, 2018, DB RIDD BODA

Nelson, Richard D., The Old Testament : canon, history, and literature, 2019, DD NELS OTES

Grossman, Jonathan, Abram to Abraham : a literary analysis of the Abraham narrative, 2016, DK39 GROS ATAB

Estes, Daniel J., Psalms 73-150, 2019, DM38 ESTE PSAL V:2

Anderson, David R., The king-priest of Psalm 110 in Hebrews, 2001, DM39 ANDE KPOP

McLaughlin, John L., An introduction to Israel’s wisdom traditions, 2018, DM40 MCLA ITIW

Boda, Mark J., Inner biblical allusion in the poetry of wisdom and Psalms, 2019, DM41 INNE BODA

Belcher, Richard Paul, Job : the mystery of suffering and God’s sovereignty, 2017, DM58 BELC JOBF

Dell, Katharine J., Reading Proverbs intertextually, 2019, DM60 READ DELL

Dharamraj, Havilah., Altogether lovely : a thematic and intertextual reading of the Song of Songs, 2018, DM80 DHAR ALOV

Zakovitch, Yair, The Song of Songs : riddle of riddles, 2019, DM80 ZAKO SOSO

Blenkinsopp, Joseph, The beauty of holiness : re-reading Isaiah in the light of the Psalms, 2019, DN35 BLEN BOHO

Eidevall, Göran, Amos : a new translation with introduction and commentary, 2017, DP58 EIDE AMOS

Kline, Meredith G., Glory in our midst : a biblical-theological reading of Zechariah’s night visions, 2001, DQ88 KLIN GIOM

Longman, Tremper, Confronting Old Testament controversies : pressing questions about evolution, sexuality, history, and violence, 2019, DX89 LONG COTC

Olyan, Saul M., Friendship in the Hebrew Bible, 2017, DX89 OLYA FITH

Brand, Miryam T., Evil within and without : the source of sin and its nature as portrayed in Second Temple literature, 2013, EB BRAN EWAW

Robinson, D. W. B., Donald Robinson : selected works, Vol. 3–4, 2008-2018, FB14 ROBI SWOR

Layang, Seng Ja, The Pharisees in Matthew 23 reconsidered, 2018, FK59 LAYA PIMT

Anshiso, Bekele Deboch, Jesus’s identification with the marginalized and the liminal : the messianic identity in Mark, 2018, FK60 ANSH JIWT

Gao, Ming, Heaven and earth in Luke-acts, 2017, FM GAOM HAEI

McKnight, Scot, Reading Romans backwards : a gospel of peace in the midst of empire, 2019, FN30 MCKN RRBA

Wu, Jackson, Reading Romans with Eastern eyes : honor and shame in Paul’s message and mission, 2019, FN30 WUJA RRWE

Harvey, John D., Romans, 2017, FN38 HARV ROMA

Thielman, Frank, Romans, 2018, FN38 THIE ROMA

Patte, Daniel, Romans : three exegetical interpretations and the history of reception, 2018-, FN39 PATT ROMA

Anderson, Janice Capel, Colossians : an introduction and study guide : authorship, rhetoric, and code, 2019, FP10 ANDE COLO

Gupta, Nijay K., 1 & 2 Thessalonians, 2019, FP20 GUPT OATT

Harris, Dana M., Hebrews, 2019, FP98 HARR HEBR

Tamfu, Dieudonné, 2 Peter and Jude, 2018, FQ18 TAMF TPAJ

Blomberg, Craig L., A New Testament theology, 2018, FX BLOM NTTH

Work, Telford, Jesus–the end and the beginning : tracing the Christ-shaped nature of everything, 2019, FX92 WORK JTEA

Regev, Eyal, The Temple in early Christianity : experiencing the sacred, 2019, FX99 REGE TIEC

Arnold, Brian J., Cyprian of Carthage : his life & impact, 2017, GN5 C99 XA75

Ngien, Dennis, Fruit for the soul : Luther on the lament Psalms, 2015, GT7 N576

Greer, Jonathan S., Behind the scenes of the Old Testament : cultural, social, and historical contexts, 2018, HP30 BEHI GREE

Molloy, Michael, The Christian experience : an introduction to Christianity, 2017, IC27 MOLL CEXP

Noll, Stephen F., The global Anglican Communion : contending for Anglicanism 1993-2018, 2018, KM3 NOLL GACO

Gushee, David P., Still Christian : following Jesus out of American evangelicalism, 2017, MA5 GUSH GUSH

McBride, Spencer W., Pulpit and nation : clergymen and the politics of revolutionary America, 2018, MD20 MCBR PANA

Lygunda li-M, Fohle, Transforming missiology : an alternative approach to missiological education, 2018, MX14 LYGU TMIS

Johnson, Jean, We are not the hero : a missionary’s guide for sharing Christ, not a culture of dependency, 2012, NR JOHN WANT

Ross, Cathy, Missional conversations : a dialogue between theory and praxis in world mission, 2018, NR MISS ROSS

Clarke, Matthew, Mission and development : God’s work or good works?, 2012, NR6 MISS CLAR

Bezzant, Rhys Stewart, Edwards the mentor, 2019, Perry ML23 EDWA XBEZ 2019

David, Susan A., The Oxford handbook of happiness, 2013, PP37 OXFO DAVI

Newton, John, Coaching in depth : the organizational role analysis approach, 2006, PW96 COAC NEWT

Hirsh, Sandra Krebs, Introduction to type and coaching : a developmental resource, 2011, PX31.4 ITTS HIRS

Killen, Damian, Introduction to type and conflict, 2003, PX31.4 ITTS KILL

Quenk, Naomi L., In the grip : understanding type, stress, and the inferior function, 2000, PX31.4 ITTS QUEN

Hirsh, Sandra Krebs, Looking at type and spirituality, 1997, PX31.4 LATS HIRS

Martin, Charles R., Looking at type : the fundamentals, 2010, PX31.4 LATS MART

Myers, Isabel Briggs, Introduction to Myers-Briggs type : a guide to understanding your results on the MBTI assessment, 2015, PX31.4 MYER ITMB

Hirsh, Elizabeth, Introduction to Myers-Briggs type and teams, 2016, PX31.4 MYER TEAM

Thomas, John C., Counseling techniques : a comprehensive resource for Christian counselors, 2018, PX34 COUN THOM

Crisp, Oliver D., Analyzing doctrine : toward a systematic theology, 2019, RK56 CRIS ADOC

Murray, Abdu, Saving truth : finding meaning & clarity in a post-truth world, 2018, RK56 MURR STRU

Hazony, Yoram, The question of God’s perfection : Jewish and Christian essays on the God of the Bible and Talmud, 2019, RQ20 QUES HAZO

Gaine, Simon, Did the Saviour see the Father? : Christ, salvation and the vision of God, 2018, RR67 GAIN DTSS

Hughes, Kyle R., The Trinitarian testimony of the Spirit : prosopological exegesis and the development of pre-Nicene pneumatology, 2018, RT5 HUGH TTOT

Delbanco, Andrew, The death of Satan : how Americans have lost the sense of evil, 1995, RU20 DELB DOSA

Richardson, Ronald W., Family ties that bind : a self-help guide to change through family of origin therapy, 2011, SD11 RICH FTTB

Lederleitner, Mary T., Women in God’s mission : accepting the invitation to serve and lead, 2018, SD87.5 LEDE WIGM

Das, Rupen, Strangers in the kingdom : ministering to refugees, migrants and the stateless, 2017, SF18 DASR SITK

Post, Stephen Garrard, Christian love and self-denial : an historical and normative study of Jonathan Edwards, Samuel Hopkins, and American theological ethics, 1987, SH32 POST CLAS

Chatraw, Josh, Cultural engagement : a crash course in contemporary issues, 2019, SH37 CHAT CENG

Barker, Ashley, Slum life rising : how to enflesh hope within a new urban world, 2012, SK25 BARK SLRI

Waters, Sonia E., Addiction and pastoral care, 2019, SL41 WATE AAPC

Maggay, Melba Padilla, Global kingdom, global people : living faithfully in a multicultural world, 2017, SM20 MAGG GKGP

Chambers, Robert, Provocations for development, 2012, SQ90 CHAM PFDE

Sen, Amartya, Development as freedom, 2001, SQ90 SENA DAFR

Gaay Fortman, Bastiaan de, Political economy of human rights : rights, realities, and realization, 2011, SX15 GAAY PEOH

Oh, DongWoo, The name, the temple, and the people of the Lord : the connection between the name of the Lord and the Temple of the Lord, 2019, Thesis DX75 OHDO NTTA

Porter, Christopher, ‘His disciples recalled what He had said’ : Johannine social identity formation after the fall of the Jerusalem Temple, 2019, Thesis FL PORT HDRW

Belford, Brent, Paul’s use of fused citations of Scripture : literary features, hermeneutics, and theology, 2018, Thesis FX69.5 BELF PUOF

Leedy, Paul D., Practical research : planning and design, 2019, TU27 LEED PRES

Mamo, Ermias G., The maturing church : an integrated approach to contextualization, discipleship and mission, 2017, WA20 MAMO MCHU

Short, Monica, Anglican churches engaging with people living with disabilities, 2018, WA49 SHOR ACEW

Whipp, Margaret, SCM studyguide to pastoral theology, 2013, WP WHIP SCMS

Creech, R. Robert, Family systems and congregational life : a map for ministry, 2019, WP2.2 CREE FSAC

Low, Maggie, Preaching that comes alive : delivering a word from the Lord, 2017, WQ5 LOWM PTCA

Mbewe, Conrad, Pastoral preaching : building a people for God, 2017, WQ5 MBEW PPRE

Scazzero, Peter, Emotionally healthy spirituality : it’s impossible to be spiritually mature, while remaining emotionally immature, 2017, XB58 SCAZ EHSP

Litchfield, Randy G., Roots & routes : calling, ministry, and the power of place, 2019, XW55 LITC RARO

Traeger, Sebastian, The gospel at work : how working for King Jesus gives purpose and meaning to our jobs, 2018, XW55 TRAE GAWO


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