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September 2018

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Author, Title, Date, Call No.

Ager, Alastair, Faith, secularism, and humanitarian engagement finding the place of religion in the support of displaced communities [ebook], 2015

Aland, Kurt, Vollständige konkordanz zum Griechischen Neuen Testament, Vol. 1-2, 1975-1980, Ref CD23 ALAN VKZG

Anizor, Uche, How to read theology : engaging doctrine critically and charitably, 2018, RC15 ANIZ HTRT

Ateek, Naim Stifan, A Palestinian theology of liberation : the Bible, justice, and the Palestine-Israel conflict, 2018, RC65 ATEE PTOL

Avis, Paul D. L., The Lambeth Conference : theology, history, polity and purpose, 2017, KM2 LAMB AVIS

Balentine, Samuel E., Wisdom literature, 2018, DM40 BALE WLIT

Barnes, Kenneth J., 1957-, Redeeming capitalism, 2018, SR20 BARN RCAP

Barnett, Michael N., Sacred aid : faith and humanitarianism, 2012, SJ80 SACR BARN

Bauckham, Richard, The Christian world around the New Testament, 2017, IJ24 BAUC CWAT

Billings, Bradly S., A pastoral handbook for Anglicans : guidelines and resources for pastoral ministry, 2018, UP62 PAST BILL

Biwul, Joel K. T., Preaching the Scriptures, 2018, WQ8 BIWU PTSC

Blackwell, Ben C., Reading Mark in context : Jesus and Second Temple Judaism, 2018, FK60 READ BLAC

Blyth, Caroline, Bible and art : perspectives from Oceania, 2017, YF67 BIBL BLYT

Bowles, Andrew, The mystical anthropology of Gregory Palamas for a postsecular context, 2018, Thesis GM6 G82 XB78

Breytenbach, Cilliers, Early Christianity in Lycaonia and adjacent areas : from Paul to Amphilochius of Iconium, 2018, IJ24 BREY ECIL

Brownlee, Annette, Preaching Jesus Christ today : six questions for moving from scripture to sermon, 2018, WQ5 BROW PJCT

Burroughs, Presian R., Practicing with Paul : reflections on Paul and the practices of ministry in honor of Susan G. Eastman, 2018, FX60 PRAC BURR

Bynum, Caroline Walker, The Resurrection of the body in Western Christianity, 200-1336, 1995, RW50 BYNU ROTB

Byrd, James P., Sacred scripture, sacred war : the Bible and the American Revolution, 2017, MB53 BYRD SSSW

Campbell, Iain D., Engaging with Keller : thinking through the theology of an influential evangelical, 2013, Perry


Carroll, John T., The Holy Spirit in the New Testament, 2018, FX94 CARR HSIT

Carter, Terry G., Preaching God’s word : a hands-on approach to preparing, developing, and delivering the sermon, 2018, WQ6 CART PGWO

Chester, Tim, You can pray finding grace to pray every day [ebook], 2014

Christerson, Brad, The rise of network Christianity : how independent leaders are changing the religious landscape, 2017, WB50 BRAD RONC

Clark, Kelly James, Readings in the philosophy of religion, 2017, RA42 READ CLAR

Cochran, Elizabeth Agnew, Protestant virtue and Stoic ethics, 2018, QZ6 COCH PVAS

Cooperrider, David L., Appreciative inquiry : a positive revolution in change, 2005, PW96 COOP AINQ

Cornwall, Susannah, Unfamiliar theology : reconceiving sex, reproduction and generativity, 2017, SD60.6 CORN UTHE

Cortez, Marc, T & T Clark reader in theological anthropology, 2018, RU TATC CORT

Davidson, Benjamin, The analytical Hebrew and Chaldee lexicon : every word and inflection of the Hebrew Old Testament arranged alphabetically and with grammatical analyses : a complete series of Hebrew and Chaldee paradigms, with grammatical remarks and explanations, 2017, Ref BJ48 DAVI AHAC

Davie, Martin, The Gospel and the Anglican tradition, 2018, KM3 DAVI GATA

DeVries, Mark, Building your volunteer team a 30-day change project for youth ministry [ebook], 2015

Dodson, Joseph R., Paul and the Greco-Roman philosophical tradition, 2017, FT31 PAUL DODS

Doehring, Carrie, The practice of pastoral care : a postmodern approach, 2015, WP6 DOEH POPC

Earngey, Mark, Reformation worship : liturgies from the past for the present, 2018, IR32 REFO GIBS

Ensign-George, Barry A., Between congregation and church : denomination and Christian life together, 2018, UA23 ENSI BCAC

Gallagher, Edmon L., The biblical canon lists from early Christianity : texts and analysis, 2017, CE GALL BCLF

Gooder, Paula, Heaven, 2011, RW60 GOOD HEAV

Green, Gene L., The church from every tribe and tongue : ecclesiology in the majority world, ©2018, UA23 CHUR GREE

Hamm, M. Dennis, The Acts of the Apostles [ebook], 2005

Hansen, Collin, Our secular age : ten years of reading and applying Charles Taylor, 2017, RB42 TAYL XHAN

Hauerwas, Stanley, The character of virtue : letters to a godson, 2018, XB58 HAUE COVI

Heil, John Paul., Luke – Acts : foundations for Christian worship, 2018, FM HEIL LACT

Hellerman, Joseph H., Reconstructing honor in Roman Philippi : Carmen Christi as cursus pudorum, 2005, FN90 HELL RHIR

Hine, Cathy, When women speak…, 2018, OT55 WHEN DALE

Hockey, Katherine M., Muted voices of the New Testament : readings in the catholic Epistles and Hebrews, 2017, FN MUTE HOCK

Hornik, Heidi J., Interpreting Christian art : reflections on Christian art, 2004, YF23 INTE HORN

Horsley, G. H. R., New documents illustrating early Christianity, Vol. 10, 1981-, ID1 NEWD MACQ

Houston, J. M., Sources of the Christian self : a cultural history of Christian identity, 2018, RU SOUR HOUS

Hoyland, Robert G., The Oxford illustrated history of the Holy Land, 2018, CM22 OXFO HOYL

Hubbard, Robert L., Introducing the Old Testament, 2018, DD HUBB ITOT

Hurtado, Larry W., Texts and artefacts : selected essays on textual criticism and early Christian manuscripts, 2018, FF HURT TAAR

Iozzio, Mary Jo, Sex & gender : Christian ethical reflections, 2017, SD60 SEXG IOZZ

Jacober, Amy, Redefining perfect : the interplay between theology & disability, 2017, WA49 JACO RPER

Jensen, Robin Margaret, The Routledge handbook of early Christian art, 2018, YF30 ROUT JENS

Jensen, Robin Margaret, Understanding early Christian art, 2000, YF30 JENS UECA

Kapic, Kelly M., Reading Christian theology in the Protestant tradition, 2018, JA2 READ KAPI

Keener, Craig S., Galatians, 2018, FN78 KEEN GALA

Kelly, Henry Ansgar, Satan in the Bible, God’s minister of justice, 2017, RV2 KELL SITB

Kim, Sebastian C. H., A companion to public theology, 2017, SH37 PUBL KIMS

Kugel, James L., The great shift : encountering God in biblical times, 2017, DX71 KUGE GSHI

Last, Richard, The Pauline church and the Corinthian Ekklesia : Greco-Roman associations in comparative context, 2016, FN40 LAST PCAT

Lee, John A. L., Basics of Greek accents : eight lessons with exercises, 2005, BR65 LEEJ BOGA

Leithart, Peter J., Revelation 1-11, 2018, FR8 LEIT REVE V:1

Leithart, Peter J., Revelation 12-22, 2018, FR8 LEIT REVE V:2

London School of Theology, Be set free : the top 10 sermons of sermon of the year 2018, 2018, WV BESE LOND

Maddock, Ian J., Wesley and Whitefield? Wesley versus Whitefield?, 2018, Perry


Malina, Bruce J., The New Testament world : insights from cultural anthropology, 2001, FT17 MALI NTWO

McClymond, Michael James, The devil’s redemption : a new history and interpretation of Christian universalism, Vol. 1-2, 2018, RS MCCL DRED

McKenna, Mark, Dead right : how neoliberalism ate itself and what comes next, 2018, MW60 QUAR QE70

Messer, Neil., Theological neuroethics : Christian ethics meets the science of the human brain, 2017, YX24 MESS TNEU

Nogalski, James D., Introduction to the Hebrew prophets, 2008, DN30 NOGA ITTH

Penner, Jeremy, Functions of psalms and prayers in the late Second Temple period, 2017, HP35 FUNC PAJU

Perry, David, Spirit baptism : the Pentecostal experience in theological focus, 2017, RS72 PERR SBAP

Phillip, William, Why we pray [ebook], 2015

Piggin, Stuart, The fountain of public prosperity : evangelical Christians in Australian history 1740 – 1914, 2018, MW64.1 PIGG FOPP

Poulton, Paul, Exodus for ordinary people unwrapping the second book of the Bible [ebook], 2016

Powell, Mark Allan, Introducing the New Testament : a historical, literary, and theological survey, 2018, FD POWE ITNT

Raheb, Mitri, The cross in contexts : suffering and redemption in Palestine, 2017, FS74 RAHE CICO

Saucy, Mark, The kingdom of God in the teaching of Jesus : in 20th century theology, 1997, FX42 SAUC KOGI

Scholz, Susanne, Introducing the women’s Hebrew Bible : feminism, gender justice, and the study of the Old Testament, 2017, DG4 SCHO ITWH

Schork, R. J., Sacred song from the Byzantine pulpit : Romanos the melodist, 1995, VK65 SCHO SSFT

Segal, Benjamin J., Kohelet’s pursuit of truth : a new reading of Ecclesiastes, 2016, DM78 SEGA KPOT

Raheb, Mitri, Shifting identities : changes in the social, political, and religious structures in the Middle East, 2016, MP20 SHIF SIDE

Simmons, Frederick V., Love and Christian ethics : tradition, theory, and society, 2016, RS85 LOVE SIMM

Sosa, Ernest, Metaethics, 2009, QY47 META SOSA

Spinks, Bryan D., The rise and fall of the incomparable liturgy : the Book of common prayer, 1559-1906, 2017, UP27 SPIN RAFO

Still, Todd D., God and Israel providence and purpose in Romans 9-11 [ebook], 2017

Still, Todd D., Philippians & Philemon, 2011, FN28 STIL PAPH

Stone, Bryan P., Evangelism after pluralism : the ethics of Christian witness, 2018, WB23 STON EAPL

Stott, John R. W., Basic Christianity :, 2013, RK55 STOT BCHR

Stott, John R. W., Evangelical truth a personal plea for unity, integrity and faithfulness [ebook], 2015

Taliaferro, Charles, A dictionary of philosophy of religion, 2018, RA43 DICT TALI

Theology Connect Conference (2016), Revelation and reason in Christian theology : proceedings of the 2016 Theology Connect Conference, 2018, RE23 THEO RARI

Thiessen, Elmer John, The scandal of evangelism : a biblical study of the ethics of evangelism, 2018, WB23 THEI SOEV

Thompson, Dean K., Mentoring : biblical, theological, and practical perspectives, 2018, WP6 MENT THOM

Tingle, Laura., Follow the leader : democracy and the rise of the strongman, 2018, MW60 QUAR QE71

Tucker, W. Dennis, Psalms, volume 2 [ebook], 2018

Turner, Marie, Ecclesiastes : an earth Bible commentary : Qoheleth’s eternal earth, 2017, DM78 TURN ECCL

Vainio, Olli-Pekka, Cosmology in theological perspective : understanding our place in the universe, 2018, RF26 VAIN CITP

Vondey, Wolfgang, Pentecostal theology : living the full gospel, 2017, KZP VOND PTHE

Walton, John H., Ancient Near Eastern thought and the Old Testament : introducing the conceptual world of the Hebrew Bible, 2018, CP85 WALT ANET

Ward, Pete, Liquid ecclesiology : the gospel and the church, 2017, UA23 WARD LECC

Watson, Terri S., Developing clinicians of character : a Christian integrative approach to clinical supervision, 2018, PP16 WATS DCOC

Weinandy, Thomas G., Jesus becoming Jesus : a theological interpretation of the Synoptic Gospels, 2018, FK WEIN JBJE

Westminster Conference (2017 : London), God with us and for us : papers read at the 2017 Westminster Conference., 2017?, LT42 WEST GWUA

Williamson, H. G. M., A critical and exegetical commentary on Isaiah 1-27, Vol. 1.2, 2006-, DN38 INTE ISAI 2006

Windsor, Lionel J., Reading Ephesians and Colossians after supersessionism Christ’s mission through Israel to the nations [ebook], 2017

Wright, N. T., The meal Jesus gave us understanding holy communion [ebook], 2015




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