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Luther as Pastor

2017 Ridley Theology Conference

Friday 19 May
9:30 am - 5:30 pm

Speakers: Rev Dr Mark Thompson (Moore College), Dr Ron Rittgers (Valparasio University, USA), Rev Dr Rhys Bezzant (Ridley College)

Much has been said about the causes and the consequences of the Protestant Reformation of the 16th century, but not enough has been written about Luther’s ministry as a pastor. He was of course an academic, but in his own day it was Luther’s pamphlets on consolation and pastoral care which sold the most of any of his writings. This year’s Ridley Theology Conference makes Luther’s pastoral ministry the focus to fill the gap and to encourage us in our service. We will be looking at questions of suffering, evil, hermeneutics, worship, mentoring, greed, prayer and translation
of the Scriptures. Come and join us for this important event.


 9:30 am  Keynote: Mark Thompson
Luther as Father of the Reformation
 11 am  Morning Tea
 11:30 am  Parallel 1: Luther and the Bible
Jill Firth, Charlie Fletcher, Mike Bird
 12:15 pm  Parallel 2: Luther and Ethics
Brian Rosner, Andrew Laird, Scott Harrower
 1 pm  Lunch
 2 pm  Parallel 3: Luther in his Context
Michael Bräutigam, Paul Barnett, Andreas Loewe
 2:45 pm  Keynote: Ron Rittgers (via video)
Luther and Suffering
 3: 30 pm  Afternoon Tea
 4 pm  Video: Volker Leppin (Tübingen) on Luther today
Rhys Bezzant
Luther the Man and the Table Talk.
 5:30 pm  Conclusion of Conference


Parallel Sessions

Parallel 1: Luther and the Bible

Jill Firth: Luther and Psalms
Charlie Fletcher: Luther and translation
Mike Bird: What if Martin Luther Read the Dead Sea Scrolls? Lutheran Theology meets the Study of Antiquity

Parallel 2: Luther and Ethics

Brian Rosner: Luther and greed
Andrew Laird: Luther and work
Scott Harrower: Luther on the experience of evil

Parallel 3: Luther in his Context

Michael Bräutigam: Heidelberg Disputation 1518
Paul Barnett: Luther as publicist
Andreas Loewe: Luther and Music: Singing the Gospel

Dr. Ron Rittgers (PhD, Harvard University) taught at Yale University for seven years before arriving at his current position as Erich Markel Chair in German Reformation Studies at Valparaiso University. Professor Rittgers has received numerous research grants for his work, and was recently elected president of the American Society of Church History. His most recent publication, The Reformation of Suffering: Pastoral Theology and Lay Piety in Late Medieval and Early Modern Germany (Oxford University Press, 2012), argues that the Reformation significantly altered the way we suffer and the way we console those who are suffering. He is also the author of The Reformation of the Keys: Confession, Conscience, and Authority in Sixteenth-Century Germany (Harvard University Press, 2004), which investigates the impact of the Lutheran practice of private confession on German politics and religion. In 2017 he plans to release The Reformation Commentary on Scripture: Hebrews and James (Intervarsity Press, 2017).


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