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Why did Jesus spend so much time in the Marketplace?

Posted: 09/08/14

As we reflect on the Gospels I think we sometimes view them through the prism of the sacred: a stained-glass window, chubby cherub view of Jesus surrounded by angels

The Ascension: The Messiah Takes His Throne

Posted: 24/07/14

By Mike Bird
Question: Why does God the Father always have to use his left hand? Answer: Jesus because is sitting on his right hand!

An Easter Reflection

Posted: 17/04/14

Ian Harper, Partner at Deloitte Access Economics and member of the Ridley Melbourne Board reflects. There’s nothing like the death of a close friend to remind you of what really matters.  Last week, on successive days, I attended the funerals of an old friend and a young colleague, and gave the eulogy at one of Read more

Hope Beyond A Fragmented World

Posted: 07/04/14

Dr Rhys Bezzant We regularly recognise that our world is highly fragmented. Our work, study, friendships, leisure pursuits, and church involvement see us gathering in different places around the city. We hear media sound-bites which attempt to break complicated narratives or arguments down into easily digestible portions, which in turn loose coherence through loss of Read more

MA Gold 2014

Posted: 09/03/14

June 10-13
Four Day residential intensive in the Yarra Valley.
Ridley Melbourne’s MA Gold Program promotes longevity, freshness and fruitfulness in ministry.

Paul and Pastoral Mediator: Romans 14:1-15:12

Posted: 17/10/13

Everybody loves Romans! It is the meat and potatoes of biblical doctrine. It is gospel and Christian living rolled into one. It is the summit of theology and the canopy of Christian hope. Preaching, teaching, reading, and studying Romans is hard work, but it is a labour of love, for the reward of a deeper Read more

Evangelical Theology by Mike Bird

Posted: 11/09/13

Mike Bird talks about his book Evangelical Theology. A booklaunch for Evangelical Theology and Jonathan Edwards and the Church by Rhys S. Bezzant will be held in November.  

Wilberforce and the Abolition of Slavery: What can Evangelicals Learn?

Posted: 15/05/13

Slavery hasn’t gone away. In many impoverished countries in the world today some estimate that millions of children and adults are in bondage to masters who use them for sexual or industrial profit. Even in places where slavery has been made illegal residual racism may persist, denying rights to human beings who have a just Read more

Book Review: Interpreting Deuteronomy

Posted: 04/03/13

INTERPRETING DEUTERONOMY: ISSUES AND APPROACHES, Ed David G. Firth And Philip S. Johnston, Nottingham: Apollos, 2012. This is the third volume on interpreting specific OT books (after Psalms and Isaiah) which have emerged from annual meetings of the Tyndale Old Testament Study Group in Cambridge. Why should we be interested in such a book? First, Read more

An Educational Fiction

Posted: 06/02/13

Andrew Malone writes My kids love The Roman Mysteries. They spent the holidays rereading the series. Freshly released electronically, the seventeen novels fit the ‘young tween sleuths’ genre, much like the Famous Five. But instead of exploring the moors and crags of twentieth-century Britain, our intrepid investigators solve the minor and major puzzles besetting the Read more

Jonathan Edwards and Justification

Posted: 09/08/12

By Josh Moody Contirbutors: Douglas A. Sweeney, Samuel T. Logan Jr., Kyle Strobel, and Ridley Melbourne Faculty Member Rhys Bezzant Josh Moody has assembled a team of internationally reputed Edwards scholars to ask and answer the question: What is Jonathan Edwards’s doctrine of justification? The contributors also examine the extent to which Edwards’s view was Read more

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