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Ridley College is an affiliated college of the Australian College of Theology (ACT). The tuition fees are set by ACT on an annual basis. More information about tuition fees is available on the ACT Website. The cost of individual subjects varies by the credit points for the subject. Standard subjects are worth 12 credit points (from 2020 onwards). Fees are adjusted each year and are not set for the duration of the qualification.

Course fees are invoiced at the beginning of each semester (Semester One: February, Semester Two: July, Semester Three: November) and are due and payable in full within 30 days of the invoice date. Fees for units which continue for the whole year are payable in Semester Two.

Ridley College offers various methods of account payment, which are detailed on the back of the invoices. For information regarding our refund policy please refer to the Ridley College Variation of Unit Enrolment Policy available from the Current Students/Forms section of this website, or from the Registrar’s office.

Ridley may use the services of its accredited mercantile agency for collection of any overdue fees; however, in particular cases, the Principal may exercise discretion for the fee collection to be handled internally.

2022 Student Fees for Domestic students

You can still access 2021 Student Fees here

Degree level Cost
Level 5-7 Units $2,580 per subject
$20,640 full time, one year
(includes a $309.60 ACT administration fee per standard subject)
Level 8-9 Units $2,640 per subject
$21,120 full time, one year
(includes a $316.80 ACT administration fee per subject)
Postgraduate coursework (Master of Theological Studies, Doctor of Ministry) $2,640 per subject (12cps)
(includes a $316.80 ACT administration fee per subject for 12 credit point subjects)
Postgraduate research part-time (Master of Theology, Doctor of Ministry, PhD, ThD) $4,656 part-time mode per semester
$9,312 part-time mode per year
(includes an $931 ACT administration fee per semester)
Postgraduate research full-time (Master of Theology, Doctor of Ministry, PhD, ThD) $9,312 full-time mode per semester
$18,624 full-time mode per year
(includes a $1,862 ACT administration fee per semester)
Study Tour (all students) Up to $8,200
(includes a $264 ACT administration fee for domestic students per subject)

2022 Fees for Overseas Students

Degree level Cost
Level 5-7 Units $2,973 per subject
$23,784 full time, one year
(includes a $465 ACT administration fee per standard subject)
Level 8-9 Units $3,042 per subject
$24,336 full time, one year
(includes a $475.80 ACT administration fee per subject)
Postgraduate research full-time (Master of Theology, PhD or ThD) $11,124 full-time mode per semester
$22,248 per year
(includes a $2,392.80 ACT administration fee per semester)

Other fees

  • Ridley Online students
    Online students are responsible for their own internet connection, and for return postage of any books borrowed from the library. The library pays for postage to students.
  • Audit students
    Students auditing a unit/s (participating in learning but not submitting assessment or receiving academic credit) pay 80% of the tuition fee. This mode of study is available for both on-campus and online students. Please note that FEE-HELP is not available to auditing students.
  • Anglican Institute Training Fee
    Candidates for ordination for dioceses other than those in the Diocese of Melbourne will pay an annual ordination training fee of $1,600 ($800 per semester).
  • Variation of Unit Enrolment Fees
    Students making alterations to their unit enrolments may be charged administration fees if these alterations occur after administrative deadlines throughout the semester – these fees are set annually by the ACT. For full details, please see the Variation of Unit Enrolment policy, which is distributed each semester with your tax invoice and enrolment summary and is available from our website.


Ridley College students may be eligible to access financial help from the Commonwealth Government to help pay their tuition fees.

FEE-HELP provides students with a loan of up to $108,232 in 2021 (indexed each year) over their lifetime towards their tuition fees. The fees are paid by the Government to the ACT (the Higher Education Provider). The student may make voluntary repayments at any time. The student must start repaying the debt when their taxable income reaches $46,620 (2020-21 tax year).

There is usually a 25% loan fee each time a loan is taken out for undergraduate units of study, such as the diploma and bachelor degrees; this fee has been waived by the Government until December 2021. From January 2022 the rate of this fee will decrease to 20%. There is no loan fee for units of study in a post/graduate course, such as the Graduate Diploma, Master of Divinity, and research awards.

To be eligible for FEE-HELP a student must:

  • Be an Australian citizen or the holder of a permanent humanitarian visa or the holder of a permanent visa who is undertaking bridging study for overseas-trained professionals. If you fall into the last two categories you must also be resident in Australia for the duration of the unit
  • Have completed Ridley’s application and enrolment procedures by the appropriate deadline
  • Have completed the eCAF (electronic Commonwealth Assistance Form) through the ACT’s Education Management System (PARADIGM) on or before the appropriate census date

2021/2022 Census dates

Semester Three
8 December 2021
Semester One
15 March 2022
Semester Two 4 August 2022
Semester Three 5 December 2022

Please note that no FEE-HELP applications can be accepted after these dates. For further information on FEE-HELP, including any proposed changes, visit the government website by clicking here or the ACT website.


Our scholarships are awarded by semester. Applications close on 7 February 2022 for Semester One 2022 consideration, and 4 July 2022 for Semester Two 2022 consideration. All scholarships are means tested. Application forms are available from the Registrar or can be downloaded by clicking here:

2021 Scholarship Application

2021 Youth Ministry Support Package Application

  • Hunter Scott Scholarships
    Available for ordination candidates and ordained ministers enrolled in study.
  • Leon Morris Scholarship for Indigenous Students
    Available for students of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander descent who are eligible for (but not necessarily claiming) Centrelink’s Abstudy allowance.
  • Frederick Roper Scholarship and Sarah Pendlebury Bursary
    Available in situations of financial hardship or financial difficulties or insufficient means.
  • Youth Ministry Support Package 2021
    Available for students undertaking study in youth ministry to support youth ministry placement in a local church.

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