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New Items List 2014 Number 3

March 2014


Author, Title, Date, Call No.

Ahn, Yong-Sung, The reign of God and Rome in Luke's Passion narrative : an East Asian global perspective  , 2006 , FK79 AHNY ROGA

Anderson, Gary A., The call of Abraham : essays on the election of Israel in honor of Jon D. Levenson  ,  2013 , RQ42 CALL ANDE

Barker, Paul Anthony, Teaching Deuteronomy : talk outlines for the book of Deuteronomy  ,  2014 , DK70 BARK TDEU

Bergant, Dianne, Genesis : in the beginning  ,  2013 , DK38 BERG GENE

Blocher, Jacques A., The evangelization of the world : a history of Christian mission   ,  2013 , NL BLOC EOTW

Brodd, Jeffrey, Rome and religion : a cross-disciplinary dialogue on the imperial cult  ,  2011 , OX58 ROME BROD

Bryan, Christopher, Listening to the Bible : the art of faithful Biblical interpretation  , 2014 , CH BRYA LTTB

Butler, Phillip, Well connected : releasing power and restoring hope through kingdom partnerships  , 2006 , JR22 BUTL WCON

Cate, Patrick O., Through God's eyes : a Bible study of God's motivations for missions  ,  2012 , NR3 CATE TGEY

Cuss, Dominique, Imperial cult and honorary terms in the New Testament  , 1974 , OX58 CUSS ICAH

Dalferth, Ingolf U., Conversion : Claremont Studies in the Philosophy of Religion, Conference 2011  ,  2013 , RS33 CONV DALF

De Neui, Paul H., Developing indigenous leaders : lessons in mission from Buddhist Asia  ,  2013 , NT DEVE NEUI

Deines, Roland, Acts of God in history : studies towards recovering a theological historiography  ,  2013 , HH33 DEIN AOGI

Doole, J. Andrew, What was Mark for Matthew? : an examination of Matthew's relationship and attitude to his primary source  ,  2013 , FK50 DOOL WWMF

Downs, David J., The unrelenting God : God's action in scripture : essays in honor of Beverly Roberts Gaventa  , 2013 , FX91 UNRE DOWN

Ezigbo, Victor I., Introducing Christian theologies : voices from global Christian communities  ,  2013 , RK56 EZIG ICTH

Gibson, David, From heaven he came and sought her : definite atonement in historical, biblical, theological, and pastoral perspective  ,  2013 , RR80 FROM GIBS

Hall, Douglas John, What Christianity is not : an exercise in "negative"theology  ,  2013 , RK56 HALL WCIN

Hancock, Angela Dienhart, Karl Barth's emergency homiletic, 1932-1933 : a summons to prophetic witness at the dawn of the third Reich  , 2013 , GW28 B28 XH23

Heim, Knut M., Poetic imagination in Proverbs : variant repetitions and the nature of poetry  , 2013 , DM60 HEIM PIIP

House, H. Wayne, Charts on open theism and orthodoxy  ,  2003 , RQ20 HOUS COOT

House, H. Wayne, Charts on systematic theology  ,  2006-, RC33 HOUS COST

Hughes, Philip Edgcumbe, Theology of the English reformers , 2009 , LS32 HUGH TOTE 2009

Hunt, Steven A., Character studies in the Fourth Gospel : narrative approaches to seventy figures in John  ,  2013 , FL5 CHAR HUNT

Jeon, Jaeyoung, The call of Moses and the Exodus story : a redactional-critical study in Exodus 3-4 and 5-13  ,  2013 , DK49 JEON COMA

Joosten, Jan, The verbal system of Biblical Hebrew : a new synthesis elaborated on the basis of classical prose  , 2012 , BJ63 JOOS VSOB

Kretzmann, Norman, The metaphysics of theism : Aquinas's natural theology in Summa contra gentiles I  , 2001 , GQ90 K92

Law, T. M., When God spoke Greek : the Septuagint and the making of the Christian Bible  , 2013 , DF34 LAWT WGSG

Lee, Aquila H. I., From Messiah to preexistent son : Jesus' self-consciousness and early Christian exegesis of Messianic Psalms  , 2009 , RR52 LEEA FMTP

Lose, David J., Preaching at the crossroads : how the world and our preaching is changing  ,  2013 , WQ5 LOSE PATC

Lowery, Daniel DeWitt, Toward a poetics of Genesis 1-11 : reading Genesis 4:17-22 in its Near Eastern context  , 2013 , DK39 LOWE TAPO

Lundbom, Jack R., Deuteronomy : a commentary  , 2013 , DK78 LUND DEUT

MacDonald, Nathan, Divine presence and absence in exilic and post-exilic Judaism  ,  2013 , DX71 DIVI MACD

Male, David, Church unplugged : remodelling church without losing your soul  , 2008 , WA20 MALE CUNP

Male, David, Pioneers 4 life : explorations in theology and wisdom for pioneering leaders  , 2011 , WA20 PION MALE

Male, David, The word's out : speaking the gospel today  , 2013 , WB23 MALE WOUT

McGlasson, Paul C., Church doctrine : the faith and practice of the Christian community  ,  2013 , RK56 MCGL CDOC

McKenzie, Steven L., The Oxford encyclopedia of biblical interpretation  ,  2013 , Ref. AR55 OXFO MCKE V:1

Meyers, Eric M., Archaeology, Bible, politics, and the media : proceedings of the Duke University conference, April 23-24, 2009  , 2012 , CP20 ARCH MEYE

Moloney, Francis J., The resurrection of the Messiah : a narrative commentary on the Resurrection accounts in the four gospels  ,  2013 , FS77 MOLO ROTM

Morrison, Craig E., 2 Samuel  ,  2013 , DL48 MORR SSAM

Myers, Ched, Say to this mountain : Mark's story of discipleship  ,  1996 , FK60 SAYT LATT

Nienhuis, David R., Reading the epistles of James, Peter, John, and Jude as scripture : the shaping and shape of a canonical collection  , 2013 , FQ NIEN RTEO

Olson, Roger E., The journey of modern theology : from reconstruction to deconstruction  ,  2013 , JF16 OLSO JOMT

Pearce, Sarah J. K., The words of Moses : studies in the reception of Deuteronomy in the Second Temple period  ,  2013 , DK75 PEAR WOMO

Phelan, John, Essential eschatology : our present and future hope  ,  2013 , RW26 PHEL EESC

Plantinga, Cornelius, Reading for preaching : the preacher in conversation with storytellers, biographers, poets, and journalists  , 2013 , WQ5 PLAN RFPR

Porter, Stanley E., The future of biblical interpretation : responsible plurality in biblical hermeneutics  ,  2013 , CH FUTU PORT

Princeton-Prague Symposium on Jesus Research 2007 : Princeton, N.J., Jesus research : new methodologies and perceptions : the second Princeton-Prague Symposium on Jesus Research, Princeton 2007  ,  2014 , FS24 PRIN JRES V:2

Quarles, Charles L., A theology of Matthew : Jesus revealed as deliverer, king, and incarnate creator  ,  2013 , FK50 QUAR TOMA

Reasoner, Mark, Roman imperial texts : a sourcebook  ,  2013 , HX74 REAS RITE

Rofé, Alexander, Introduction to the literature of the Hebrew Bible  , 2009 , DD ROFE ITTL

Schwáb, Zoltán S., Toward an interpretation of the book of Proverbs : selfishness and secularity reconsidered  , 2013 , DM60 SCHW TAIO

Seevers, Boyd, Warfare in the Old Testament : the organization, weapons, and tactics of Ancient Near East armies  ,  2013 , DX89 SEEV WITO

Seow, C. L., Job 1-21 : interpretation and commentary  ,  2013 , DM58 SEOW JOBO

Shively, Elizabeth E., Apocalyptic imagination in the Gospel of Mark : the literary and theological role of Mark 3:22-30  ,  2012 , FK69 SHIV AIIT

Smith, Gordon T., Called to be saints : an invitation to Christian maturity  ,  2014 , XB58 SMIT CTBS

Stone, Timothy J., The compilational history of the Megilloth : canon, contoured intertextuality and meaning in the writings  ,  2013 , DM40 STON CHOT

Stott, John R. W., Challenges of Christian leadership  , 2014 , WA28 STOT COCL

Talmon, Shemaryahu, Literary motifs and patterns in the Hebrew Bible : collected studies  , 2013 , DG5 TALM LMAP

Taylor, Laurel W. Koepf, Give me children or I shall die : children and communal survival in biblical literature  ,  2013 , SD10.2 TAYL GMCO

Vander Schel, Kevin, Embedded grace : Christ, history, and the reign of God in Schleiermacher's dogmatics  ,  2013 , GW25 XV22

Velarde, Robert, Visual defense :  the case for and against Christianity  ,  2013 , RD56 VELA VDEF

Waltke, Bruce K., The dance between God and humanity : reading the Bible today as the people of God  , 2013 , CH WALT DBGA

Walton, John H., The lost world of Scripture : ancient literary culture and biblical authority  ,  2013 , RE60 WALT LWOS

Wazana, Nili, All the boundaries of the land : the Promised Land in Biblical thought in light of the ancient Near East  , 2013 , DX89 WAZA ATBO

White, David F., Dreamcare : a theology of youth, Spirit, and vocation  ,  2013 , WA70 WHIT DREA

Whitney, William B., Problem and promise in Colin E. Gunton's doctrine of creation  , 2013 , GX58 G977 XW62

Woodard, Marsha, To Timbuktu &  beyond : a guide to getting started in missions  ,  2009 , NS8 WOOD TTAB

Yamamori, Tetsunao, Serving with the poor in Asia  ,  1995 , MP14 SERV YAMA

Yoder, John Howard, Theology of mission : a believers church perspective  ,  2014 , NR3 YODE TOMI