What to do when Christians differ




Published Date: 11 Jan 2013

Presentation Date: 11 Jan 2013

The below is a summary for Brian’s talk at Summer Under the Son (CMS) 2013. This is also the topic for a Pastoral Seminar to be held at Ridley on 2nd September 2013.

Disputable Matters

(Romans 14:1-15:7)

  1. Some matters are disputable (14:1)
  2. Disputable matters must be distinguished from matters that are beyond dispute (16:17)
  3. Disputable matters may involve biblical interpretation
  4. Different backgrounds may lead to different positions
  5. In view of the lordship of Christ we are not to judge or despise, but rather welcome one another (14:1-9; 15:7)
  6. Some of us should come to a firm view on such matters (14:5b, 22-23)
  7. We may teach on disputable matters, but not insistently (14:14)
  8. We may need to vary our practice in certain settings, following the example of Christ who did not please himself (15:1–7)
  9. The goal is peace and mutual edification (14:23)
  10. Righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit are of paramount importance (14:17)

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