Trauma and Christian Recovery
God’s response to the horrors of this world

When: 26/07/21, 7:30pm

Speaker: Scott Harrower

In the aftermath of the pandemic and a new awareness of horrors such as domestic violence, the need for comfort and restoration is now greater than ever. In this webinar, Scott Harrower will discuss how God may help us experience a new sense of safety, identity, and community in the wake of trauma. Scott will discuss his work God of All Comfort: A Trinitarian Response to the Horrors of the World, and then have an open discussion time for questions and reflections by seminar attendees.

About Scott

Scott worked in trauma and emergency departments in Melbourne’s major hospitals before studying at Ridley College and becoming an Anglican minister. He was brought up by missionary parents in Argentina and has wide-ranging ministry experience in several countries. Scott has a Ph.D. in theology and teaches theology, ethics, and history at Ridley.

About the book, God of All Comfort

How does God respond to trauma in a world full of horrors? Beyond their physical and emotional toll, the horrors of this world raise difficult theological and existential questions. Where is God in the darkest moments of the human experience? Is there any hope for recovery from the trauma generated by these horrors? There are no easy answers to these questions. In God of All Comfort, Scott Harrower addresses these questions head-on. Using the Gospel of Matthew as a backdrop, he argues for a Trinitarian approach to horrors, showing how God–in his triune nature–reveals himself to those who have experienced trauma.

He explores the many ways God relates restoratively with humanity, showing how God’s light shines through the darkness of trauma.

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