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jec_bannerRidley College has established the Jonathan Edwards Center—Australia in affiliation with the Jonathan Edwards Center at Yale University. A network of JECs can be found in South Africa, Germany, Poland, the Netherlands, Belgium and Brazil, alongside another US Center in Chicago.

Our strategic partnership exemplifies the vision of Ridley to be an internationally renowned theological and training school.

The Jonathan Edwards Center at Ridley will serve as a research, education and publications hub for study of Edwards and evangelical history and develop links with the international academic community. Ridley provides dedicated study space, a specialist collection of books and articles on Edwards’s world and legacy within the library’s Charles Perry Collection, and generous Faculty support.

Jonathan Edwards (1703–1758), pastor, revivalist, Christian philosopher, missionary, and president of Princeton University, is widely regarded as North America’s greatest theologian. He is the subject of intense scholarly interest because of his significance as an historical figure and the profound legacy he left on America’s religious, political and intellectual landscapes.

The Jonathan Edwards Center at Yale hosts a website which offers access to the complete Works of Jonathan Edwards Online, along with helpful editorial materials that allow the reader to examine Edwards’s thought in powerful ways. Visit the website at edwards.yale.edu.

Check out the recently launched online journal Jonathan Edwards Studies—an initiative of the JEC at Yale with collaboration from scholars around the world: jestudies.yale.edu/index.php/journal

A Facebook page for the international network of JECs can be found at ‘Jonathan Edwards Center’.

The Jonathan Edwards Center at Ridley is coordinated by Rhys Bezzant. Contact him on jec@ridley.edu.au.

ResourcesResources published by the Jonathan Edwards Center are published in the resources section of this site.First edition of Edwards's sermon True Saints preached at Brainerd's funeral

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