MA (Theology) and MA (Ministry) Course Information

The Master of Arts (Theology) and Master of Arts (Ministry) are offered in either standard or accelerated pathways, depending upon the applicant’s prior theological qualifications.

Admission to the MA Gold program is open to those who have completed a three-year undergraduate or graduate theological degree and are currently in ministry.

Standard Pathway [MA48]
Graduates of the Bachelor of Theology or Bachelor of Ministry

Take 8 x 6cps units and exit with a Master of Arts (Theology/Ministry)
Eighteen months full-time; up to six years part-time.

  • Take 3 x 6cps units and exit with a Graduate Certificate of Theology/Ministry
  • Take 6 x 6cps units and exit with a Graduate Diploma of Theology/Ministry

Accelerated Pathway [MA32]
Graduates of a Bachelor of Theology (Hons) or Bachelor of Ministry (Hons); Bachelor of Theology or Ministry plus a Graduate Diploma of Divinity; Master of Divinity

  • Take 8 x 4cps units and exit with a Master of Arts (Theology/Ministry)
    One year full-time, up to four years part-time.

There are no early exit points from the accelerated pathway.

Master of Arts (Theology)
5 Bible & Languages (BB, LA, NT, OT) and/or Christian Thought (CH, TH, PE) subjects, including the compulsory capstone or project; plus 3 electives from any field of study.

Master of Arts (Ministry)
5 Ministry and Practice (DM, EM, PC) units, including the cumpulsory capstone or project; plus 3 electives from any field of study.

You may choose to revise your original enrolment from one degree to the other as your course progresses.

Fees are set each year by the ACT and will depend on whether you are enrolled in the standard or accelerated pathway; in 2019 fees for standard pathway units will be $3,420 and for accelerated pathway units, $2,280.

FEE-HELP is available to eligible students (Australian citizens and those on certain humanitarian visas). Units held at the Yarra Valley Estate require payment of a $600 surcharge which is a little over half the cost of accommodation and meals at the venue. Ridley subsidises the balance of these costs as a way to support this cohort, offers a travel reimbursement of up to $500 for interstate participants, and provides transport from Ridley to the Yarra Valley Estate at no charge. Please note that surcharge and travel costs cannot be covered by FEE-HELP, and the travel reimbursement does not apply to any teaching blocks conducted at Ridley.or at our Annual Preachers’ Conference.

Pre-reading of 400-500 pages and completion of a short assignment is required as preparation for MA-level units.

If you would like to receive further information and an application form, please make an expression of interest.

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