Master of Arts (Gold Class)

MA Gold Class is a professional development program designed to re-energise ministers by providing engaging and relevant material in a relaxed and collegial environment.

Join over 50 pastors from every state and territory and several denominations and be part of this premium training experience. Participants take an MA(Ministry) or MA(Theology) degree, accredited by the Australian College of Theology. The assessment is designed to be manageable amidst a busy schedule, and the entire experience is readily applicable to your own ministry context.

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Specially tailored to suit the needs of busy pastors, subjects may be taken in a number of formats:

Study Tours

The Israel study tour requires around $2,000 upfront, and the balance (around $5,000) can be placed on FEE-HELP – all inclusive. Please note that FEE-HELP is only available to Australian citizens.

Israel Study Tour (9 December – 21 December, 2017)
Take in the view Moses and the Israelites had as they looked out across the promised land; see where David may have hidden from Saul; journey to Bethlehem, Nazareth and the Temple Mount in Jerusalem; stand on the shores of Lake Galilee and atop the Mount of Olives and visit sites where Jesus may have been crucified and buried. Join an archaeological dig for an afternoon, excavating a cave at the Second Temple level. Spanning 13 days, this trip will transform your understanding and experience of the Bible as you see first-hand the diverse geography and ecology of the land our forebears walked—an invaluable experience to have at any point in your ministry. Full itinerary available separately.

Archaeology and the Bible
27 Dec-5 Jan (8.30am to 1pm)
plus field trip 8-10 Jan
Dr Mark Wilson, Director, Asia Minor Research Center
Based in Ridley’s Mediterranean campus in Antalya, Turkey this introduction to Archaeology will give you an insight into life in the Greco-Roman world as revealed by ancient sites, inscriptions and documents. Learn about key discoveries, many of them from the last 15 years, which have an important bearing on the historicity and meaning of the biblical text.

Classroom learning is supported by field trips to the Antalya museum, Perge and Aspendos and a three-night trip. This trip begins with a drive to the Lycus Valley where you visit two very impressive sites – Laodicea and Hierapolis. Day two begins with a drive to Ephesus, regarded as the premier ancient site in Turkey and ends with a visit to the Smyrna Agora. Day three starts with a tour of Pergamum and then a drive to Sardis before flying back to Antalya or Istanbul in the evening.

Cost:  FEE-HELP ($2,759) plus upfront fee of $560 (accommodation)  plus airfares and lunches. May be combined with Israel tour.

Yarra Valley June Intensives 2017

The Yarra Valley program is subsidised by the college, but a $550 surcharge applies, in addition to the tuition fee. The tuition fee may be placed on FEE-HELP. Interstate airfares will be reimbursed up to $500.

13-16 June 2017

Colossians and Philemon: The Pre-Eminence of Christ Above all Things
Mike Bird
Reading Colossians is like walking into a Cathedral and hearing Bach himself playing the organ. It stands theologically between Galatians and Ephesians, combining Paul’s robust proclamation of divine grace in combination with a majestic vision of Jesus Christ as the head of all things. Colossians has much to teach us in every age about bearing fruit to God, walking in wisdom, and struggling in faithfulness.  By the end of it you should have a greater appreciation of Paul’s view of Christ, a better awareness of the historical issues surrounding ancient slavery and household codes, a firmer grasp on the theological texture of these letters, and hopefully grow you in the knowledge and grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Self Care and Resilience in Ministry
Tim Dyer
This unit will explore:

  1. Contemporary Practices of Self- Care in the Helping Ministries
  2. Principles of resilience
  3. Self-care and self-awareness
  4. Stress management for ministry
  5. Assessing vulnerability
  6. Self-Knowledge:  Family of Origin, Spiritual Type, Strengths Inventory, Stress Indicators
  7. Conflict and Self-Care
  8. Coping with Personal Crises in Ministry
  9. Developing Self-care plan

Semester 2, 2017 Online

The Church and its Mission in Post-Christian Australia
Tim Foster
This subject focuses on the relationship between the church, its culture and the gospel in contemporary Australian society. After learning how to discern cultural narratives which shape Australians, you will then consider how the gospel intersects with them and develop a contextualised approach to evangelism, gospel and church. This subject will examine how the church can be salt and light, embodying and proclaiming the gospel narrative in ways that affirm, subvert and critique culture.

Preachers’ Conference

22-24 August 2017
Held in Marysville this residential subject includes the Ridley Annual Preacher’s Conference, with an extra day of teaching for MA students. In 2017  Ray Galea and Mike Bird are keynotes. The topic is Preaching Romans. All conference costs are included in the tuition fee which may be charged to FEE-HELP.

Yarra Valley June Intensives 2018

Leadership and Management
In the style of a mini-MBA, Principles of Leadership & Management will help you grow as a leader by developing core competencies around strategy, change management, HR, team leadership, conflict, finance, and self-management.

The program will help you develop a transformational leadership style that embodies integrity, strategic focus, and empowerment to promote growth and change. You will be given theory, skills, and tools to transform your church, empower people and manage yourself effectively.  Practically-oriented assessment will help you implement your learning into your own context.

Additional subject TBA

Capstone Experience

Due to government changes to the Australian Qualifications Framework, all Level 9 (Masters) degrees must now include a substantial research-based project, a capstone experience or a piece of scholarship. Read more about the Capstone Experience.


If you would like to receive further information and an application form, please go to the MA Gold application page to make an expression of interest.

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