Master of Arts (Gold Class)

MA Gold Class is a professional development program designed to re-energise ministers by providing engaging and relevant material in a relaxed and collegial environment.

Join pastors and ministry practitioners from across Australia and several denominations and be part of this premium training experience, available in a range of delivery modes for increased flexibility. Students enrol in an MA(Theology) or MA(Ministry) degree accredited by the Australian College of Theology. The assessment is designed to be manageable amidst a busy schedule, and the entire experience is readily applicable to your own ministry context.

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Specially tailored to suit the needs of busy pastors, units may be taken in a number of modes:

Extensives: Semester One & Two 2019

PC723-4_6: Professional Supervision for Ministry Workers
Richard Trist and Geoff Broughton
1-2 March at Ridley College and 11-12 June at Yarra Valley Estate
Enrol by 25 January 2019

In a time when church ministry is becoming increasingly complex, professional supervision is recognised as a means of assisting church workers to undertake their work more effectively and safely. Supervision of pastoral workers (clergy, lay ministers, chaplains) offers a supportive and consultative relationship to enable (1) growth and development in ministry, (2) the development of skills to deal with the stresses of ministry, (3) regular review of vocation and calling, (4) increased accountability, (5) an overall improvement in ministerial effectiveness.

This unit will offer training in the skills of supervision and is useful for any church leader who seeks to be better equipped to support others in their ministry. It will run over two teaching blocks: 1-2 March at Ridley College and 11-12 June at Yarra Valley Estate. More details.

PC724-4_6: Advanced Professional Supervision for Ministry  Workers
Richard Trist and Geoff Broughton
Prerequisite: Professional Supervision for Ministry Workers
13-14 June at Yarra Valley Estate and 11-12 October at Ridley College
Enrol by 3 May 2019

This unit follows on from Professional Supervision for Ministry Workers, and addresses topics such as legal and ethical issues, best practice, group and peer supervision, creative approaches to supervision, and the importance of self-care in the supervisory role. It will run over two teaching blocks: 13-14 June at Yarra Valley Estate and 11-12 October at Ridley College. More details.

These two units are offered in partnership with St Mark’s National Theological Centre, with students taking them either towards their ACT MA or the St Mark’s Graduate Certificate in Professional Supervision.

June Intensives: Yarra Valley Estate 2019

NT706-4_6: Understanding and Preaching The Book of Acts
Darrell Bock (Dallas Theological Seminary)
11-14 June 2019
Enrol by 3 May 2019

Explore the Book of Acts in -depth with internationally renowned New Testament scholar Dr Darrell L. Bock, who has been teaching and writing on Acts for over thity-five years. Dr Bock is Research Professor of New Testament Studies at Dallas Theological Seminary. He has earned international recognition as a Humboldt Scholar (Tübingen University in Germany) and for his work in Luke-Acts and in Jesus’ examination before the Jews. He is the author of the volume on Acts in the Baker Exegetical Commentary on the New Testament.

Bock regards The Book of Acts as being “all about legitimation. In the Book of Acts Luke records the story of God working through Jesus to usher in a new era of promise and Spirit-enablement so that the people of God can be God’s people even in the midst of a hostile world.” By locating Acts within the canon and relating it to our contemporary context, Bock will empower pastors to both preach from Acts and relate it to their own ministry contexts.

PE704-4_6: Apologetics in a Post-Modern World
Scott Harrower
11-14 June 2019
Enrol by 3 May 2019

Scott Harrower will equip you to engage constructively with both Christians and non-Christians in contexts that are increasingly plagued by doubt and hostile to Christianity. This unit will help you develop biblical, theological and philosophical responses to arguments against Christian beliefs, addressing topics such as innocent suffering, the silence of God, the hiddenness of God, the logical problem of evil, and questions of holy war and human sexuality. Importantly, you will develop the right tone and temperament to build personal credibility in addition to worldview credibility. You will also be empowered to equip others to be more effective in their own defence of the faith.

Scott Harrower is Lecturer in Christian Thought at Ridley College and author of The God of All Comfort: A Trinitarian Response to the Horrors of This World.

Intensive: Annual Preachers’ Conference 2019

NT703-4_6: Interpreting and Preaching The Sermon on the Mount
Mike Raiter and Alan Stanley
19-22 August 2019
Enrol by 28 June 2019

Each year an MA preaching subject is offered as part of the Ridley Annual Preachers’ Conference in August, with an additional day of teaching for MA students. All conference costs are included in the tuition fee which may be charged to FEE-HELP. In 2019 Alan Stanley will be the keynote speaker speaking on The Sermon on the Mount, and the MA masterclasses will be held with Mike Raiter.

Projects and Capstone Experience

The Master of Arts (Theology or Ministry) includes a compulsory research-based project or a capstone experience. Students may choose a minor project (7000 or 8000 words depending on pathway), a major project (14,000 or 16,000 words depending on pathway) or a capstone experience. Read more about the Capstone Experience.

Study Tours

BB745-4_6: Study Tour: Turkey and Greece
Led by Tim Foster and Mark Wilson
5-21 June 2019
Enrol by 8 November 2018

This unique experience will bring the Bible to life as you study the Scriptures in their ancient context. Travel through Greece and Western Turkey walking in the footsteps of Paul and visiting the Churches of the Revelation. Explore ancient cities, discover Roman culture and stand where Paul stood. Lectures and Bible studies at each site wPergamum Temple of Trajanill help you read the Bible with new depth and understanding.

The tour is led by Tim Foster from Ridley College and Mark Wilson from the Asia Minor Resource Center.

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