Self-care and Resilience in Ministry

One semester, 4 or 6 credit points (300 or 400 pages reading, and reading report)  25 contact hours. Leadership inventory.
This is taught as part of Ridley’s MA Gold program and may only be taken by those enrolled in the ACT MA degree or nested awards (GradCert or GradDip).
No exams. 3000 word Self-care plan, 2,500 personal reflection. 1500 word book review.
To be advised. Contact the College Registrar to indicate your expression of interest registrar@ridley.edu.au
Tim Dyer


Whether you find ministry a joy and a blessing, or isolating and tough, or all of the above, a framework for understanding your capabilities and limitations and strategies to maintain resilience are essential. Through developing and implementing your own self-care plan,  and working on self-care practices, this unit will help you to nurture practices and spiritual habits that will support the ongoing demands of Christian life and ministry.


  1. Contemporary Practices of Self- Care in the Helping Ministries
  2. Principles of resilience
  3. Self-care and self-awareness
  4. Stress management for ministry
  5. Assessing vulnerability
  6. Self-Knowledge: Family of Origin, Spiritual Type, Strengths Inventory, Stress Indicators
  7. Conflict and Self-Care
  8. Coping with Personal Crises in Ministry
  9. Developing Self-care plan


Book Review
Review one of the asterisked books, ensuring you offer an outline of the argument, key evidence for the thesis, critical engagement and personal reflection.

Personal Reflection
Following the conference, write an extended personal reflection highlighting the key learnings, major themes, and most pertinent moments of the week.  Assess one of the issues that you found most contentious. Consider which topics are most significant for you at the present time and explain the reason for their importance.  Identify some specific changes you will make in the short term as a result of your learning.

Self-Care Plan
Develop a self-care plan that will promote your own well-being and resilience in ministry. This should follow the structure discussed in class.

Include a rationale of 1,000 to 1,500 words which describes your context, engages with research perspectives and explains the theoretical principles that undergird your thinking.



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