Online Subjects

This table shows all units available in online mode. To check when these are offered select the link to the individual subject page.

Code Unit Name Status  Primary Teacher
    Bible and Biblical Languages
LA003A/BD Biblical Hebrew A and B elective Sarah Baker
LA004AD* New Testament Greek A elective Andrew Malone
LA004BD* New Testament Greek B elective Andrew Malone
(formerly EM403/603D)
Biblical Theology of Mission elective Chris Wright
OT301/501D Old Testament Foundations core John Walton
OT302/502D Old Testament Prophets & Writings core David Firth
Wisdom Literature (English) elective Lindsay Wilson
OT427/627D Isaiah (English) elective Andy Abernethy
NT301/501D Jesus & the Gospels core Craig Blomberg
NT302/502D The Early New Testament Church core Mariam Kamell, Darrell Bock, Lynn Cohick
NT420/620D (English) NT430/630D (Greek) Synoptic Gospels: Matthew elective Craig Blomberg
NT421/621D (English) NT431/631D (Greek) Paul and Corinthian Christianity elective Brian Rosner
NT427/627D (English) NT437/637D (Greek) New Testament Apocalyptic (Revelation) elective Craig Keener
NT428/628D (English)
NT438/638D (Greek)
Other Writings: Ephesians, Phillipians elective Lynn Cohick
NT429/629D (English)
NT439/629D (Greek)
Romans elective Mike Bird
    Ministry and Practice
DM447/647D Skills for Children’s and Family Ministries elective Graham Stanton
EM408/608D Cross Cultural Communication elective Scott Moreau
EM410/610D Aid and Development elective Tim Costello,
David Williams and Bill Walker
EM421/621D Living Faiths elective Charlie Fletcher
EM430/630D Gospel, Church and Australian Culture elective Tim Foster
PC435/635D Leadership and Management elective Tim Foster
PC444/644D Practical Ministry Field Education elective Graham Stanton
PC447/647D Introductory Preaching elective Mike Raiter
Guided Spiritual Formation Ridley core Graham Stanton
RYM31/51D  RYM32/52D Evangelism & Ministry Foundations Ridley core Tim Foster and Andrew Katay
    Christian Thought
CH305/505D Emergence of Christianity core Scott Harrower
CH424/624D Reformation Church History elective Rhys Bezzant
PE301/PE501 Introduction to Christian Ethics elective Scott Harrower
PE314/PE514 Biblical Theology of Work elective Andrew Laird
PE420/620D Christian Apologetics elective Scott Harrower
TH305/505D Foundational Christian Beliefs core Mike Bird
TH401/601D The Knowledge of God core Mike Bird
TH402/602D Doctrine of God and Work of Christ core Scott Harrower
TH403/603D Doctrines of Grace and Eschatology core Graham Cole
TH404/604D Church, Sacraments & Ministry recommended Rhys Bezzant

* Units are transitioning from an older format and may not include the same advanced multimedia input as others

Semester 1 commences 25 February
Semester 2 commences 22 July
Semester 3 commences 11 November


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