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This list includes subjects that are due to be delivered in 2017.  TIMETABLE

Code Unit Name Status Semester  Primary Teacher
    Bible and Biblical Languages
LA004BD* New Testament Greek B elective  2 (3, 2016) Andrew Malone
LA004AD* New Testament Greek A elective 1 Andrew Malone
OT301/OT501D Old Testament Foundations core 1, 2 (3, 2017) John Walton
OT302/OT502D Old Testament Prophets & Writings core 1, 2 (3, 2016 +2017) David Firth
OT424/624 Wisdom Literature elective 2 (3, 2017)
NT301/NT501D Jesus & the Gospels core 1, 2 (3, 2016 +2017) Craig Blomberg
NT302/NT502D The Early New Testament Church core 1, 2 (3, 2017) Mariam Kamell, Darrell Bock, Lynn Cohick
NT420/620D Synoptic Gospels: Matthew  elective  (3, 2016) Craig Blomberg
NT421/NT621 D(English)
NT431/NT631D (Greek)
Paul & Corinthian Christianity elective 1 Brian Rosner
NT424/434, NT434/634D John’s Gospel 2
Revelation elective (3, 2017) Craig Keener
NT428/NT628D (English)
NT438/NT638D (Greek)
Other Writings (Ephesians & Philippians) elective 2 Lynn Cohick with Mike Bird
    Ministry and Practice
EM403/603D Biblical Theology of Mission elective 1 (3,2017) Chris Wright
EM430/630D Gospel, Church & Culture elective 2 (3, 2017) Tim Foster
PC444/PC644D Practical Ministry Field Education elective whole year Graham Stanton
PC447/PC647D Introductory Preaching elective 1 Mike Raiter
PC449a, b, c, d
PC649a, b, c, d
Guided Spiritual Formation Ridley core 1 (a, c), 2 (b, d) Graham Stanton
RYM31/RYM51D  RYM32/RYM52D Evangelism & Ministry Foundations  Ridley core  (3, 2016) Tim Foster and Andrew Katay
    Christian Thought
CH305/CH505D Early Church History elective 1 (3, 2017) Scott Harrower
CH424/624D Reformation Church History elective 2 Rhys Bezzant
TH305/505D Foundational Christian Beliefs elective (3, 2017) Mike Bird
TH401/TH601D The Knowledge of God core 1 Mike Bird
TH403/TH603D Doctrines of Grace and Eschatology elective 1 Graham Cole
TH402/TH602D Doctrines of God and Work of Christ elective (3, 2016) Scott Harrower

* Units are transitioning from an older format and may not include the same advanced multimedia input as the majority of others

Semester 1 commences 20 February
Semester 2 commences 17 July
Semester 3 commences 13 November

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