Ministry with non-Church Youth

Unit Overview
What is the best way to engage with the thousands of young people in your local community? Most of these young people will have never heard the gospel or even stepped within a church building. Ministry with non-Church youth provides the opportunity to wrestle with this question in a theological and practical way.  This subject evaluates a number of different approaches to ministry with non-Church youth to develop specific aims, objectives, methods and strategies to meet the needs and opportunities of non-Church youth. This subject is ideal for current youth leaders, youth ministers, those working in youth para-church agencies and those training to be in key Christian leadership roles in the future.

The dates for when this unit is offered varies. Please visit the timetable by clicking here for the most up to date information.

Unit Details

Workload One semester, 12 credit points.
Status Elective
Subject code DM013-712

1. Ministry to Non-Churched Youth Strategy
Students are required to develop and justify a strategy for ministering to non-church youth in their local community.  This can be addressed from a church or parachurch perspective and should be theologically and practically grounded.

Graduate students (Grad Dip Div, MDiv) are also required to address this question from a contextual perspective, integrating an in-depth understanding of the surrounding local community when determining the strategy.

Word Count:
Bmin / BTh: 3000
MDiv / GradDip: 3500
Contribution to Course: 70 %

2. Ministry in Practice Evaluation:

BMin / BTh (2000 words)
Students are required to visit and evaluate at least one para-church, and at least one church-based program oriented to youth outside or on the fringes of the church from a theological and practical perspective.

 MDiv / GradDip (2500 words)
Students are required to visit and evaluate at least one agency working with disadvantaged youth and student welfare work in both a state and a church secondary school.  The evaluation should be addressed from a theological and practical perspective.

Contribution to Course: 30 % 

3. Mission with Young People

Students are required to be involved in 8 hours of evangelism to young people.  This can be fulfilled in the following ways:

  1.  Participating in evangelism to young people through your church.
  2. Meeting on-one-one with a non-churched young person to explain the gospel with them.
  3. Being involved with a parachurch organisation in one of their evangelistic endeavours. Suggestions:

a.      Mustard Lunchtime groups
b.     Youth Dimension groups
c.      Salvation army drop-in
d.     St Lukes South Melbourne drop-in
e.      Scripture Union camp or schools ministry
f.       Youth alpha group

There must be someone present during this time to supervise your involvement and who can complete the supervision form. This element much is completed and the supervisor’s form must be submitted through the registrar’s office on the due date.


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