Cross-Cultural Field Education

Unit Overview 
Giving students the opportunity to apply their learning, this unit involves supervised fieldwork in a cross-cultural ministry context.

Professional development for anyone in ministry involves learning to reflect on their ministry practice and personal ministry style. This unit helps students become reflective practitioners as they experience the challenge of integrating theory and practice.

Students are welcome to design their own ministry experience in consultation with the lecturer, either overseas or in a local cross-cultural setting.

The unit comprises tailored preparation for cross-cultural ministry exposure, expertly supervised local or overseas cross-cultural fieldwork, and reflection on the fieldwork experience from a biblical, missiological, philosophical and educational perspective.

This unit is particularly helpful for later-year students who are already involved in ministry and want to reflect on the challenges of cross-cultural gospel work.

Unit Details

Workload One semester, 12 credit points
Status Elective
Subject code EM040
Prerequisites 48 credit points of core foundation units
When By agreement with the lecturer
Who Charlie Fletcher


Unit Content

Section A: Preparation
Students must undertake supervised preparation for cross-cultural ministry exposure, so that they may benefit from their field experience. The unit should include input from people who have lived in the culture concerned, preferably from members of the culture, unless this is wholly impracticable.

Section B: Fieldwork
An experience of ONE of the following situations;

  1. A missionary trip of not less than 4 weeks’ residence in a culture other than the student’s own;
  2. Involvement of not less than 50 hours in some form of Christian work with people from a culture different than the student’s own (e.g., an overseas  student group, ethnic church or fellowship)
  3. Satisfactory completion of a period of not less than 3 months in some form of Christian work with people from a culture different from the student’s own.

In each case, the following conditions apply:

  • The fieldwork is to be approved by the student’s approved institution;
  • The student is to work under the supervision of a person experienced in living in both the student’s culture and the culture in which the fieldwork is taken;|
  • At least 30 hours are to be spent in direct contact with the people of the culture concerned, in active participation and communication as well as observation;
  • The student is to observe the ways of life of the people of the culture visited and Christian ministries among them (by both nationals and others), and should keep a daily diary noting statements made and personal reflections;
  • The fieldwork is to be certified by a senior missionary or equivalent person with whom the student has served. To report on this fieldwork the student is to prepare a bibliography and reflect theologically both on what has been witnessed and on the literature read.

Section C: Evaluation and Reflection
Students are to spend some time in reflection upon their fieldwork, including group discussion and a written individual reflection concerning problems encountered, issues raised and encouragements received, having regard to the literature on the subject and to the Scriptures.

Interested students should consult the lecturer.


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