The Church and its Mission in Post-Christian Australia

One semester, 4/6 credit points, 300 pages (4 cps)/400 pages/6 cps) required reading. Approx. 5 hours per week over 14 weeks.
This is an online MA unit and may only be taken by those enrolled in the MA Gold program.
Reading summaries and exercises (15%)
Online participation (15%)
Cultural exegesis (25%)
– 1,500 words (4 cps)/1,750 words (6 cps)
Gospel contextualisation – (25%)
– 1,500 words (4 cps)/1,750 words (6 cps)
Church assignment (20%)
– 1,000 words (4 cps)/1,500 words (6 cps)
To be advised. Contact the College Registrar to indicate your expression of interest registrar@ridley.edu.au
Tim Foster

This subject focuses on the relationship between the church, its culture and the gospel in contemporary Australian society in order to help you to develop a contemporary missiology for your particular context.

You will consider the way Australians are shaped by various cultural narratives. After learning how to discern these narratives you will then consider how the gospel intersects with them. This will serve as a basis for developing contextualised approach to evangelism, gospel and church. It will be illustrated with concrete examples and a number of contexts will be explored. Finally, you will examine how the church can be salt and light, embodying and proclaiming the gospel narrative in a way that affirms, subverts and critiques its culture.

This is an integrative subject that brings together theology and missiology applying it to contemporary ministry.

Section A: Culture

  1. Worldview, Culture and Cultural Narrative
  2. Interpreting Culture
  3. Australian Culture and Cultures

Section B: Gospel

  1. Nature of the Gospel?
  2. Contextualisation
  3. The Gospel for Australian Cultures

Section C: Church

  1. Evaluating Missional Church Strategies for the Australian Context (eg. Church Growth Movement, incarnational approaches, emerging church, missional church)

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