The Emergence of Christianity (30-451 AD)

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One semester, 4 credit points.
CH301, CH303 and CH304
Semester 2, 2019 (Wednesday nights, or Thursday mornings)
Rhys Bezzant

The world in which the early church ministered (30-451) is a lot like ours. Faced with the external pressures of persecution and misunderstanding, early Christian leaders had to defend the faith in the midst of crowd-pleasing philosophies and a domineering Roman empire. As they fought against enemies outside the church, they fought just as hard against those within, in an attempt to unite Christians in doctrine and ecclesiology. At the heart of it was the nature of the deity of Christ, and more broadly, the nature and existence of the Trinity.

Featuring fiery bishops, power hungry Emperors, desert monks and famous thinkers like Augustine, Early Church History is a subject alive with people and ideas who have shaped the world. The progress of the Gospel in the first five centuries is a remarkable story, one Christians must examine, to learn how the early church defended the faith, so we can do the same.


  1. The First Churches
  2. The Apostolic Fathers and Apologists
  3. The Early Theological Issues
  4. The Expansion and Development of the Church
  5. Church and Empire to Constantine
  6. The Interaction of Church and Society after Constantine
  7. The Christological and Trinitarian Controversies
  8. Augustine and his times

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