Church, Ministry and Sacraments

Unit Overview 
If you believe in the gospel, you believe in the church, because the gospel creates the church. This unit is not primarily about the differences between Anglicans, Presbyterians and Baptists. It is about deepening our understanding of the gospel through study of the ways in which God uses this creation to change this creation. What does it mean to plant a church? Is the university Christian group a church? Is my home group a church? What if we discovered another way of promoting God’s mission – would we still need the church then? Can only one kind of church organisation preserve the gospel? Calvin said that we can’t have God as Father unless we have the church as our mother. For anyone aspiring to leadership in a church, this unit is essential preparation.Please visit the timetable by clicking here for the current dates on when this unit is offered.

Unit Details
Mode Online On-campus 
Workload  One semester, 12 credit points One semester, 12 credit points
Status  Elective Elective
Unit Code TH004 TH004
Prerequisites  32 credit points of core foundation units, including CH, plus TH001, TH002 and TH003. 32 credit points of core foundation units, including CH, plus TH001, TH002 and TH003.
Teacher   Rhys Bezzant  Rhys Bezzant
Reading List (Bibliography)  Online On-campus
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Unit Content
Section A: The People of God

  1. Kingdom and church
  2. The church: its nature, authority and mission
  3. Marks: notes, visibility and invisibility
  4. The nature and forms of ministry
  5. Denominations

Section B: Prayer, Worship and Sacraments

  1. Word and Sacrament: efficacy and validity, the number of sacraments
  2. Christian initiation
  3. The Lord’s Supper
  4. Christian Worship
  5. Prayer

Study Expectations (Online)

In Ridley Online units you can expect to work through a variety of weekly learning activities which are designed to develop your understanding of and skills in the themes and passages related to your unit. These usually include watching videos, reading, completing set learning tasks and contributing to online seminars and interacting with your peers. Allow 10-12 hours study time per week for this unit.


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