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Posted: 27/10/14

in-context-fb1 Some people learn best in the classroom. Others learn by doing. If you are one of those who learn by doing, Ridley In Context  may be for you.

Let me explain what Ridley In Context is not.

It is not simply studying part time while working part time.
It is not simply concerned with the practin-context-fbical aspects of ministry rather than theology.
It is not dumbed down theological education.

Ridley In Context is a 5-6 year program specially designed to integrate with your ministry and to leverage the training opportunities your ministry context provides. It is ideal for those in church planting and pioneering ministries, but also suitsin-context-fb2 those in a range of other contexts, including student work and youth ministry.

Utilising our world-class online training platform, students complete two subjects each semester. On-campus intensives are provided at crucial stages for in context students from across Australia.

Assessments are carefully and creatively tailored to utilise your ministry context and capitalise on it. So, you may undertake an assignment on the Trinity. But rather than being asked only to evaluate the contribution of the Council of Nicea to the development of Trinitarian theology, you might also be given the task to interview five people in your church and to evaluate their doctrines of the Trinity in the light of Nicene orthodoxy; perhaps considering how their (mis)understandings impact Christian discipleship.

Ridley In Context is being piloted in 2015, it will be available across Australia in 2016.

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