Talking about Ethics

Christians can sometimes find it difficult to know how to have good discussions about ethical issues. How can we listen well to people with whom we might disagree, while still taking opportunities to speak faithfully and clearly about what we believe? Associate Professor Justin Denholm presents ways to fill your ‘ethical toolbox’ with skills that will enable better conversations in all areas of life. Get ready for a range of interesting discussions, including sessions from Mick Pope (meteorologist), Patricia Weerakoon (sexologist) and Jarrod McKenna (asylum seeker advocate and founder of ‘Love Makes a Way’).


Subject Outline

Lesson 1:
This lesson provides an introduction to ethics, including basic questions of why Christians should care about what is ethical. In part A Justin discusses a general introduction to ethical thinking, including understanding worldviews and frameworks for approaching ethical questions. In part B, the idea of understanding and using frameworks for approaching ethical questions is considered and a variety of frameworks are presented.
CONTENTS: Videos, Handouts, Quiz

Lesson 2:
This Lesson looks at particularly Christian approaches to ethics. In Part A, general Christian models for considering ethical questions are introduced. In Part B, Justin focuses on using the Bible for developing responses to ethical issues.
CONTENTS: Videos, Handouts, Quiz

Lesson 3:
This Lesson moves from theoretical approaches to ethical thinking to practical considerations of how to have good and productive ethical conversations. In Part A, Justin engages with conversational skills for ethical discussions. In Part B, the first of this course’s topical issues is presented by Dr Mick Pope, on Christian engagement with climate change and environmental ethics.
CONTENTS: Videos, Handouts, Quiz

Lesson 4:
This Lesson continues our series of topical Christian engagement with ethical issues. In Part A, Dr Siu Fung Wu discusses Christianity and poverty. In Part B, Dr Denise Cooper-Clarke addresses considerations of euthanasia from a Christian perspective.
CONTENTS: Videos, Handouts, Quiz

Lesson 5:
This Lesson continues our series of topical Christian engagement with ethical issues. In Part A, Justin considers how Christians might engage with politics, especially at the ballot box. In Part B, Jarrod McKenna talks about asylum seekers and Christian community.
CONTENTS: Videos, Handouts, Quiz

Lesson 6:
This Lesson completes the series of topical Christian engagement with ethical issues, and considers practical ways for Christians to use ethics in everyday life. In Part A, Dr Patricia Weerakoon discusses pornography and the Christian worldview. In Part B, Justin concludes with reflection on tools for ethical discussion, and how to use them fruitfully in various aspects of life.
CONTENTS: Videos, Handouts, Quiz, Final Quiz, Subject Feedback Survey

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