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Reformation Revisited

Five hundred years on from its small beginnings, the Reformation continues to play a central role in shaping the identity of Protestant Christianity today. In this subject, Rhys Bezzant gives a guided tour of Reformation Europe, bringing clarity and context to the key places, people and events that changed the church forever. Get ready for beautiful scenery, thought-provoking commentary and fresh insight into the ongoing lessons of the Reformation for today.


Lesson 1
In this lesson, Rhys provides us with the social, political, religious and geographical backdrop to the Reformation and sets the scene for its inception. Part A looks at the impact of the printing press and examines some of the proto-Reformers who prefigured Martin Luther, while Part B uncovers some of Luther’s own spiritual formation and theology, including his approach to the sacraments.
CONTENTS: Videos, Handouts, Quiz

Lesson 2
This lesson covers Luther’s main ministry years and final years. In Part A we learn about Luther’s own turning point, his 95 Theses and his excommunication, and in Part B we consider Luther’s approach to Bible interpretation, learn about his own Bible translation and evaluate his legacy.
CONTENTS: Videos, Handouts, Quiz

Lesson 3
This lesson moves from Saxony to Switzerland, the home of the ‘Swiss Reformed’ strand of the Reformation. Part A defines the key differences between German and Swiss Reform and the impact of Huldrych Zwingli. Part B examines the history of radical reform in Switzerland, looking at the Anabaptists, their theological distinctives and their tragic persecution.
CONTENTS: Videos, Handouts, Quiz

Lesson 4
Remaining in Switzerland, this lesson turns to John Calvin, the ‘French Reformer’. In Part A, Rhys examines Calvin’s upbringing, education and ministry formation, drawing out the parallels and contrasts with Luther. In Part B he delves into Calvin’s approach to teaching and preaching, his impact in Geneva, his written output and his ongoing influence.
CONTENTS: Videos, Handouts, Quiz

Lesson 5
This lesson sees Rhys cross the channel to bring Reformation England to life. Part A highlights the contrasts between English and Continental reform and looks at Henry VIII’s approach to reform. Part B considers Thomas Cranmer and the reforming influence of his Prayer Book revisions under Edward VI, following this with an examination of the setbacks to Protestant reform under Queen Mary.
CONTENTS: Videos, Handouts, Quiz

Lesson 6
This lesson continues the unfolding story of English Reform. In Part A we look at the state of reform under Queen Elizabeth, evaluating the merits and challenges of the Elizabethan Settlement and the Puritan response to it. In Part B, Rhys helps us to pull together the themes of the Reformation, consider its central questions and reflect on its legacy and ongoing relevance.
CONTENTS: Video, Handouts, Quiz


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