Mission Mindset

Rather than seeing ‘mission’ as something ‘special’ Christians do, the church is increasingly communicating that Jesus sends us out to continue his work and share his life wherever we are. This subject builds on the idea of developing a missional mindset, learning how to analyse the cultures around us, Australian as well the cultures of other races. It also has a module focused on those going on short-term missions in a school or church setting.


Subject Outline

Lesson 1:
In Part A, David Williams, who heads up development and training for CMS, the Church Missionary Society Australia, introduces us to a view of what ‘mission’ is. Part B sees Charlie Fletcher, who works for both CMS and Ridley College, giving the biblical foundations to the mission of God and of the church.
CONTENTS: Videos, Handouts, Quiz

Lesson 2:
Part A of this lesson features Moyra Dale, an experienced missionary and cross-cultural trainer, who introduced the Grid-Group Model for analysing culture. In Part B, Tim Foster of Ridley College, looks at Australian cultures and subcultures, using some of the theory that Moyra has introduced.
CONTENTS: Videos, Handouts, Quiz

Lesson 3:
In Part A, David Williams introduces a model for self-reflection, to analyse how cultural factors may be impacting on us, or how we are impacting on the culture. In Part B Charlie Fletcher looks in detail at the danger of negative attribution, and the means of positive engagement.
CONTENTS: Videos, Handouts, Quiz

Lesson 4:
Christine Bird, pastoral care coordinator with CMS, tackles the issues of cultural stress in Part A of this lesson. In Part B, Christine looks at the particular issues of transition into and out of another culture, and re-entering your own culture.
CONTENTS: Videos, Handouts, Quiz

Lesson 5:
Part A focuses on telling the good new of the Gospel into other world views, with David Williams giving a particular emphasis on other cultures. In Part B, Moyra Dale looks at cultures that are more verbal, and how we can use biblical story-telling as a tool.
CONTENTS: Videos, Handouts, Quiz

Lesson 6:
In Part A long term missionary and trainer Lauren Dale demonstrates some creative ways the local church can engage with other cultures. In Part B a panel of the CMS team talks about short term missions and ideas for good preparation and debriefing, as well as sharing from their own experiences.
CONTENTS: Videos, Handouts, Quiz, Final Quiz, Subject Feedback Survey


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