Ministry Skills

Ministry Skills is a practical subject that will help you contribute more effectively to your church or other Christian group, as well as deepening your own experience of faith. Topics covered include: the foundations of ministry, reading the Bible aloud, worship leading, praying in church, and leading small groups. The subject is presented by two Ridley College lecturers, Tim Foster and Rhys Bezzant.


Subject Outline

Lesson 1: The Theology of Ministry
In this lesson Tim Foster introduces the concept of ministry, what it ‘is’ and what it ‘isn’t’. He defines ministry in terms of service, and as something all of us can participate in to build up the body. He also touches on spiritual gifts, and how we can discover them, and what their purpose is.
CONTENTS: Video Lectures, Handouts and Quiz

Lesson 2: Leading Small Groups
In this lesson Tim takes us through the ministry of leading small groups and what is involved in that. He goes through the components of a small group meetings, and how to handle group dynamics. He talks about praying in small groups and also the different stages of the life cycle of groups.
CONTENTS: Video Lectures, Handouts and Quiz

Lesson 3: Public Bible Reading
In the first two of three lectures on this subject, Tim introduces the basics of public reading including the need to get across the meaning of the passage, and different techniques for doing that. There are lots of exercises to complete to practise these skills.
CONTENTS: Video Lectures, Handouts and Quiz

Lesson 4: Public Bible Reading cont.
In the final lecture on this topic, Tim covers the concept of adding expression to our reading of the Bible, to enhance listening and convey meaning. He also goes through the different literature types in the Bible.
Leading Prayers
Tim runs through the essential of leading prayers in a church setting, some common mistakes in congregational prayers, and also indicates some useful resources.
CONTENTS: Video Lectures, Handouts and Quiz

Lesson 5: The Meaning of Christian Worship
In the first lecture Rhys Bezzant introduces some of the contemporary ideas about what worship is, and how we should participate in worship. In the second lecture he goes into the details of the essential components of a church service. Students should have read the text by William Dyrness, A primer on christian worship, chapters 1-3, in preparation for this lesson.
CONTENTS: Video Lectures, Handouts and Quiz

Lesson 6: The Design of Christian Worship
Rhys begins with the idea of a church service as taking congregational members on a spiritual journey. He introduces the concept of ‘liturgical shape’. In the second lecture, Rhys focuses on leading church services, the important components and considerations. Students should read chapters 5-7 of the Dyrness text in preparation for this lesson. At the conclusion, students will have the opportunity of designing their ideal church service based on John 4.
CONTENTS: Video Lectures, Handouts, Quiz, Final Quiz, Subject Feedback Survey

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