Knowing God

Who is God and what can we know about him? What is the Gospel? What is the kingdom that Jesus heralded? In his typically clever and entertaining way, Mike Bird makes theology accessible and practical, teaching not just what Christians believe but why we believe and what difference it makes.


Subject Outline

Lesson 1
Mike describes the practice of “theology”, that is knowledge of God. He talks about the necessity and goal of theology. In Part B, he introduces his concept of using the Gospel as a frame for studying theology, and discusses theological method.
CONTENTS: Videos, Handouts, Quiz

Lesson 2
The Trinity is the subject for the whole lesson. To begin with Mike looks at the meaning of the Trinity: Father, Son and Spirit. He then examines the biblical evidence for the Trinity, the historical development of the doctrine, and the implications of believing in a triune God.
CONTENTS: Videos, Handouts, Quiz

Lesson 3
In this lesson we look at what God is like, what are his attributes, or characteristics. How would we describe God? In Part B we look at how we can know these things, how has God revealed himself. Natural and special revelation are examined.
CONTENTS: Videos, Handouts, Quiz

Lesson 4
Building on Lesson 3, there is an expansion of the concepts of natural revelation. What can we learn about God from nature, and how does this differ from Natural Theology or even paganism? In Part B, Mike turns to what we learn about God through special revelation: via history, proclamation, Scripture, illumination and through Jesus Christ.
CONTENTS: Videos, Handouts, Quiz

Lesson 5
Mike turn to a description of what it means that God is the Creator. How does this impact on our worldview? He also looks at the way God provides for us, and for the rest of his creation. In Part B there is an examination of God’s plan for the world and how he shapes everything for his glory.
CONTENTS: Videos, Handouts, Quiz

Lesson 6
Coming to the climax of the subject, Mike outlines God’s plan for salvation of his creation. He looks at images of salvation in the Bible, and describes the implications for us. In Part B, he turns to the end times and what the Bible teaches about heaven and hell. Mike also looks at what it means that all things will be made new.
CONTENTS: Videos, Handouts, Quiz, Final Quiz, Subject Feedback Survey

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