Bible Overview

Bible Overview covers the whole message of the Bible in a single subject. It has been designed and presented by Mike Raiter, a popular and esteemed Bible teacher. It will help you grasp of the big story of the Bible, and to make more sense of the different Bible readings you may hear at church or read in your own devotions. It also will help you get a sense of how the Bible relates to the world around us.’


Subject Outline

Lesson 1:
In this pioneering lesson, Mike Raiter explains the Bible as a story and how it relates to us today. We look into Genesis 1-2 at how God created the world and its implications.
CONTENTS: Video Lectures, Handouts and Quiz

Lesson 2:
In this lesson we look at the impact of the spread of sin in the world, and the chaos it causes. We look at the New Beginning with his people initiated by God through covenants with Abraham and Moses.
CONTENTS: Video Lectures, Handouts and Quiz

Lesson 3:
This lesson takes us through the initial forays into the promised land, the failure of the people to keep the Law, and the rise of the Monarchy. We are introduced to the Golden Age of Israel, under Solomon, and his wisdom expressed in Proverbs. There is also reference to other wisdom books: Ecclesiastes and Job.
CONTENTS: Video Lectures, Handouts and Quiz

Lesson 4:
We move onto the tragic downfall of Israel, divided into two kingdoms, and the role of the prophets, as the voice of God, reminding the people to keep their part of the covenant. Finally, the land is conquered by other nations, and it seems like God’s people will never realise the promises of the covenant.
CONTENTS: Video Lectures, Handouts and Quiz

Lesson 5:
When all seems lost, a baby is born in Bethlehem, who is the true King and Messiah promised by God through the prophets and Psalms. We recognise that Jesus is at the centre of the Bible. This lesson considers the teaching and miracles of Jesus, as well his death and resurrection.
CONTENTS: Video Lectures, Handouts and Quiz

Lesson 6:
In our final lesson we trace the Big Story through Acts, and the letters, seeing the fledgling church as it seeks to establish God’s Kingdom on earth. We look at Revelation and the way the Kingdom will be re-created on a New Earth, with Jesus returning as King.
CONTENTS: Video Lectures, Handouts, Quiz, Final Quiz and Subject Feedback Survey

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