Welcome to Ridley

Posted: 18/02/14

by Brian Rosner

Dear students, new and old, timid and bold, hot and cold.  Welcome to the fold.  At this threshold we promise to uphold you in prayer.  We aim to remold you into Christ’s likeness.  We are so glad that you enrolled.  Fear not, Ridley Melbourne is pure gold.  The challenges and joys of studying here are untold.  (Sorry, okay, enough of the cheesy rhyming)

I hope you have had a good break over summer and are looking forward to getting stuck in.  I certainly did and am.

I was welcomed to Ridley Melbourne myself only eighteen months ago and, as you might have guessed, in my unbiased opinion, Ridley is great value.

It’s certainly a privilege for you students to be studying with us here.

Not just because of the brilliant, erudite, witty, modest faculty and the extra mile, shirt-off-their-backs, warm and cuddly staff, and not just because of the delectable, nutritious, yummy food and the supportive, passionate, selfless student body, but because of the subject matter of your study!

You get to study the true and living God, who made everything and is remaking everything, including you, in Christ by his Spirit!!

See you in class, chapel, the dining room, the library, my office, on the tram, across the table tennis table and at Primary!!!

And don’t be surprised or offended if I say to you several times during semester one, “great to meet you.”

Brian Rosner
Your Intrepid Leader

“The fear of the Lord is the key to the door.
But if folly you favor, seek knowledge no more”
Proverbs 9 (The Bible in Rhyme)

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