Ridley Connect: Faculty Publications List

Updated 04/11/20

In the midst of their teaching and other responsibilities at Ridley our Faculty are active writers, publishing books, book chapters, journal articles and blogs, and contributing to Melbourne Anglican, Essentials, and other newspapers.  Michael Bird even had two articles published in the Washington Post in late 2019.

Here’s a sample of some recent and forthcoming publications from our Faculty.

Book Colaborations

Making the Word of God Fully Known: Essays on Church, Culture, and Mission in Honor of Archbishop Philip Freier.
  • Len Firth (‘Aspects of Multicultural Mission in Melbourne’)
  • Brian Rosner (‘Identity Angst: Narrative Identity and Anglican Liturgy’)
  • Richard Trist (‘A Diocese in Mission: Coaching and Parish Renewal in the Diocese of Melbourne’)
Trinity without Hierarchy: Reclaiming Nicene Orthodoxy in Evangelical Theology.

Michael Bird and Scott Harrower collaborated as editors of a book which also includes a chapter by former Ridley Principal, Graham Cole:

The New Testament in its World: History, Literature, Theology.

N.T. Wright and Michael Bird’s The New Testament in its World: History, Literature, Theology is a substantial volume (nearly 1000 pages!) which places the New Testament and early Christianity in their original contexts

Rev’d Canon Dr. Rhys Bezzant

Rhys Bezzant has recently written a chapter and an article on Jonathan Edwards:

  • ‘‘The Church is like a Tree’: Edwards’s Doctrine of Church and Sacraments’.
  • ‘’Wrapt and Swallowed up in God’: Edwards as Mystic?’.

Rev’d Dr. Michael Bird

Michael has recently written a number of book chapters including:

  • ‘Echoes and Allusions to the Jewish Scriptures in Paul’s Ethical Discourse in Romans 12:9-21’.
  • ‘Gender and Sex: Related but not Identical’.
  • ‘On Religious Freedom and its Cultural Despisers: An Anglican Perspective’.
  • ‘Paul, a Jew among Jews, Greeks, and Romans’.
  • Romans as Ecclesial Theology: Building Multiethnic Missional Churches’.

Rev’d Dr. John Dickson

Is Jesus History?  had its Melbourne launch at Ridley in early 2020.In this timely book, historian Dr John Dickson unpacks how the field of history works, giving readers the tools to evaluate for themselves what we can confidently say about figures like the Emperor Tiberius, Alexander the Great, Pontius Pilate, and, of course, Jesus of Nazareth.He presents the evidence, methods, and conclusions of mainstream scholars-both Christian and not-and asks some pertinent contemporary questions, without offering any pushy answers: If Jesus really did exist, what are we to make of his own claims and those of his followers, and what would any of it mean for us today?

Rev’d Dr. Scott Harrower

Scott has written a chapter and an article for publication in 2020:

  • ‘Patronage, Loyalty and Shared Attention in Late Antiquity: Publius Decius Mus and Perpetua’.
  • ‘The Ethics of Doing Comparative Hagiology’.

Rev’d Dr. Jill Firth

Jill  has two chapters (Desert Spring, Disappointment Creek, Dead Dog Waterhole: Is the Book of Jeremiah Bad for Women?’, and ‘Grandmothers of Intention: Women in Australian Theological Academia (1883–2003)’) in a book she co-edited with Denise Cooper-Clark:Grounded in the Body, in Time and Place, in Scripture: Papers by Australian Women Scholars in the Evangelical Tradition.Jill has written two other chapters for publication in 2020:

  • ‘The Suffering Servant in Book V of the Psalter’.
  • ‘Spirituality from the Depths: Responding to Crushing Circumstances and Psychological and Spiritual Distress in Jeremiah’.

Rev’d Andrew Judd

Andrew has two forthcoming articles:

  • ‘Hagar, Uncle Tom’s Cabin, and Why we Can’t Agree on What the Bible Says About Slavery’.
  • ‘Do the Speakers in Acts Use Different Hermeneutics for Different Old Testament Genres?’

Dr. Andrew Malone

Andrew has a forthcoming article in Novum Testamentum:

  • ‘Cautious about Conatives’

Rev’d Dr. Brian Rosner

Rev’d Dr. Brian has two book chapters and a journal article accepted for publication in 2020:

  • ‘Romans 16:20a as a Summary of Central Themes of Romans’.
  • ‘The Common Good and the Role of Government in Regulating Markets’ (co-authored with Ian Harper).
  • ‘Coping With Coronavirus Disappointments: Five Lessons from Dietrich Bonhoeffer’.


Rev’d Dr. Graham Stanton

Graham has revised his PhD dissertation for publication:

  • Wide-Awake in God’s World: Bible Engagement for Teenage Spiritual Formation in a Culture of Expressive Individualism.

Rev’d Dr. Lindsay Wilson

Lindsay is writing a book on reading Old Testament ethics through a wisdom lens:

  • Doing Good, Living Wisely.

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