Finding Her Voice
Evangelical Women in Academia, 2018

When: Saturday 28 July , 8:30 am - 4:30 pm

Speakers: Katya Covrett and Katy Smith

A conference to connect, inspire and develop female theological students, lecturers, tutors, and ministry practitioners in the church and world.

The conference day includes two keynote speakers followed by a choice of 3 workshops. Find out what we did at our inaugural conference (here– page 3)

The second Evangelical Women in Academia conference explores the theme ‘Finding Her Voice’. Keynote speaker Katya Covrett will address this theme through women’s writing and publishing, while keynote speaker Katy Smith will present a Bible talk from Genesis. There will be a choice of workshops on publishing, Bible teaching and vocations, as well as opportunities for conversations on areas of shared interest (NT, OT, Christian Thought, Vocation).

Speakers and Workshop Leaders

Katya Covrett
Katya Covrett is Executive Editor at Zondervan Academic, responsible for acquiring works in various areas of biblical-theological studies. Originally from Russia, where she served as a translator at Far East Russia Bible College, she came to the US to study the Bible and theology, stumbled into publishing, and has been part of the Zondervan editorial team now for more than fifteen years. She has extensive experience acquiring and editing academic books and actively seeks to support female scholars entering and persisting in the academic publishing world. She has a BA in English Linguistics from Khabarovsk State Pedagogical University and an MTS in Systematic Theology and New Testament.

Title of talk (Saturday): Voiceprint: Finding Your Voice as a Woman in Christian Academic Publishing
Afternoon Workshop: Publishing

“ No one, and I mean no one, is doing more for evangelical women in the publishing industry than Zondervan’s Katya Covrett. Here’s why: she’s the academic editor at Zondervan, and you can’t get more evangelical than Zondervan. She’s worked tirelessly to get more female authors, to get more female authors published, and to enhance publicity for female authors. She’s been doing this for years. Every year there has been slow but steady process… just wait another decade and you’ll notice many shifts.”

Scot McKnight

Katy Smith
Katy is currently the Regional Director for CMS SA/NT and is also writing academically on Exodus and Leviticus. For the past seven years, she has held the positions of Old Testament Lecturer and Director of Postgraduate Studies at Bible College of South Australia while also writing her doctorate through Trinity College Bristol (UK) on the persuasive intent of Leviticus. Her home church is Trinity Inner South (Adelaide) where she loves being involved in the discipleship and training of other women. When not in the office or writing in a local cafe, Katy can be found in her kitchen, cooking and baking, to bring community together around the table to enjoy food and fellowship.

Title of talk (Saturday): Order from Chaos, Life from Death, Good from Evil: Studies from Genesis

Afternoon Workshop: Bible Teaching

Moyra Dale
Moyra Dale spent over two decades in the Middle East (particularly Egypt, Jordan, and Syria) with her family working in education, specializing in Adult Literacy (Arabic) and teacher training. She is an ethnographer whose research has included exploring adult literacy in Egypt and the women’s mosque movement in Syria through women’s accounts and understanding of their own lives and realities. Co-founder of the When Women Speak… network, she is currently based in Melbourne, Australia. She has published ‘Shifting Allegiances: Networks of Kinship and of Faith’ on Muslim women’s piety movements, and contributed chapters and articles to other publications.  She continues to write, teach, train, and supervise students in Islam and cross-cultural understanding, with a focus on Muslim women. Moyra holds a PhD in Education (La Trobe University) and DTh (Melbourne School of Theology).

Afternoon Workshop: Vocation


Workshop 1: Publishing, Katya Covrett
A (not entirely) foolproof guide to getting published for academics
The workshop will be a very interactive session where people can bring their ideas (if any) or even proposals (if any) and refine them as we go along.

Workshop 2: Bible Teaching, Katy Smith
Bible Teaching: From Research to Presentation
After days and months of research and knowing a subject inside and out, moving from the research process to speaking publicly about a topic can often be a struggle, even with the best creative writing strategies. In this workshop, Katy will guide participants through the steps from researching a topic to preparing and presenting a talk. She will use her keynote talk from the conference as an example of the process and participants will explore together the difference in preparation and presentation between a bible study talk, a sermon, an academic conference paper, and a lecture.

Workshop 3: Finding your Vocation, Moyra Dale
As women of God, how do we live? What does it mean to live lives of godliness, integrity and valour in the different domains in which we find ourselves? We will explore various kinds of vocations, and the possibilities and challenges they offer. How do we seek to serve and honour God as women, and to love God and others well in every area of our lives, loves and work? The workshop will include input, small group discussion and feedback. Participants will gain deeper insights on living vocationally both faithfully and daily.

An Evening with Publisher, Katya Covrett

Friday 27th July, 2018
7 – 9 pm
Location: Ridley College, 170 The Avenue, Parkville
A relaxed evening with Katya Covrett. Opportunity for questions and conversations. Light supper provided.

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