Children’s and Youth Ministry Virtual Training Day

When: 20 June 2020, 9:30 am - 11:45 am

Speakers: Adam Griffin, Amanda Drury, Amy Brown, Karen Winsemius, Cory Seibel, Graham Stanton, Holly Allen, Julie Moser, Ken Moser, Stephen Urmston

Join us for our CCYM Virtual Training Day! Come together to be encouraged, to pray, to learn, and to grow. Learn from a stellar line-up of children’s and youth ministry experts from the USA, Canada and Australia.

Date 20 June
Time  9:30 am – 11:45 am
Cost  $5.50 per screen (multiple participants allowed per screen)
Location/mode Online (Zoom link)


Please note that the sessions will be recorded and the link will be made available after the day to those who register.

9:30-10:15am  Opening Session
10:30-11:45am  Elective Seminars

1:30-2:30pm Vocational Ministry Discussion Groups

You’ll have the opportunity to participate in one of the below sessions which you can choose upon registration.

Speaker Session
Adam Griffin
Author of Family Discipleship: Leading your home through time, moments, and milestones with Matt Chandler (released 18 August); Lead Pastor, Eastside Community Church, Dallas, Texas, USA
Family Discipleship – The important and mostly ordinary work of spiritually leading at home
Join us to discuss the biblical imperative to spiritually lead children at home. We’ll equip you with a helpful framework to give to parents that will clarify their household’s role as the primary instrument and environment for discipleship. We’ll also evaluate the role that churches play in coming alongside moms and dads as well as ministering to spiritual orphans
Amanda Drury
Author of Saying is Believing: The necessity of testimony in adolescent spiritual development; Assistant Professor in Theology and Ministry, Indiana Wesleyan University, Marion, Indiana, USA.
Saying Is Believing: Why it’s Crucial for Teenagers to Testify
Various studies show that the average teenager in our youth groups, when asked to speak of her faith, is speechless. This is a problem. When we have a hard time talking about something, we often have a hard time believing that thing is true. If we can’t talk about our faith, we have a hard time taking faith seriously. This seminar is designed to provide practical thoughts and tips on how to empower our teenagers to speak publicly about their faith.
Amy Brown
Children and Youth Minister, St Jude’s CarltonKaren Winsemius
Associate Minister, Mullum Mullum Anglican Parish, Ringwood
Children’s Ministry 101: What every Children’s ministry leader should know.
You love Kids. You love Jesus. You’ve been recruited to the team or you’ve been on the team for a little while. What’s next? In this seminar, we’ll cover the building blocks of a ministry to children. We’ll think together about how to manage a kids group, AND help them grow in faith, AND be enjoyable and engaging at the same time!
Cory Seibel
Editor of The Generative Church: Global conversations about investing in Emerging Generations; Adjunct Professor in pastoral leadership and spiritual formation, Taylor Seminary, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Intergenerationally Sticky Ministry
Many of us are eager to see our churches become vibrant intergenerational communities in which people of all generations experience strong connections with one another. Research has shown that immense benefits accompany the strengthening of intergenerational cohesion—or stickiness—within the church. However, much like baking a cake, succeeding at this requires us to combine the right ingredients and to mix them well. In this seminar, we will explore six key ingredients that can help every local church strengthen intergenerational stickiness and will investigate practical ways that we can introduce each of these ingredients into the mix of the church’s life.
Graham Stanton
Director of the Ridley Centre for Children’s and Youth Ministry
Keeping your Spiritual Tank Full in Children’s and Youth Ministry
After giving your energy to helping children and young people grow and flourish in Jesus, where are you at in your own personal spiritual and emotional health? Too many of us in children’s and youth ministry are really good at giving ourselves away in service of others but not so great at paying attention to our own spiritual lives. In this seminar, we’ll think about the importance of keeping your own spiritual tank full, and practical ways to grow and flourish as children’s and youth ministry leaders.
Holly Allen
Editor of Intergenerate: Transforming Churches through Intergenerational Ministry; Professor of Family Science and Christian Ministries, Lipscomb University, Nashville, Tennessee, USA
Engaging Scripture Across the Generations.
Effective intergenerational ministry is not just about getting different generations to turn up, but to create opportunities to grow each other up. Intergenerational Christian experiences especially and uniquely nurture spiritual growth across all the ages. Participants in this seminar will explore and experience a half dozen ways that six generations can learn together in intergenerational community.
Julie Moser
Young Anglicans Project, Anglican Church in North America
Engage! Equipping Small Churches to Disciple Young People
Many of our churches eagerly wish to engage with young people but simply do not know where to start. Engage is an initiative of Young Anglican Project. This seminar gives an overview of how we can equip and encourage ordinary, faithful believers in the pews to engage in meaningful and life-changing relationships with young people. If your church is short on money and resources, but big on wanting to engage young people with the good news of Jesus, then this seminar is for you!
Ken Moser
Author of Changing the World through Effective Youth Ministry, and Youth Evangelism: Reaching young people in a way that honours God; Professor of Christian Ministries, Briercrest College, Caronport, Saskatchewan, Canada
Changing the World through Effective Youth Ministry
Our calling in youth ministry is to invite young people to life and life to the full. This seminar introduces the building blocks of how to structure and shape our youth groups to be Christian communities that build strong followers of Jesus. We’ll equip you to build youth ministries that are solid and long-lasting through a youth program that is solid in content, builds good community, and is highly enjoyable at the same time.
Stephen Urmston
Puppeteer and Performer at Quiz Worx, Sydney
Puppetry with Quiz Worx. How to use puppets, and why we’ve used then for 20 years
Quiz Worx seeks to share Jesus with kids everywhere through storytelling, puppets and music. This seminar will help you use puppets in your ministry. We will be explaining why we use puppets, why we feel they are such a fantastic teaching tool, and we will teach you the basics on how to use them too. Stephen will be bringing along some of his puppet friends to help us learn as well. Please bring your own puppet along with you to the seminar – and if you don’t have a puppet, a sock will be fine!


Vocational Ministry Discussion Groups (1:30-2:30pm)

Following the seminar sessions there are three opportunities for vocational ministry leaders, and those wanting to explore vocational ministry, to meet together. There’s no need to pre-register, and no additional cost.

  • Vocational Children’s Ministry Leaders

Amy Brown (St Judes, Carlton) and Karen Winsemius (Mullum Mullum Parish, Ringwood) will be facilitating a conversation among children’s ministry team leaders to reflect together on your thoughts and insights from the morning’s training.

  • Vocational Youth Ministry Leaders

Tom French (Inner North Youth Group, Melbourne) and Brenton Jayatilaka (City on a Hill, Melbourne) will be facilitating a conversation among youth ministry team leaders to reflect together on your thoughts and insights from the morning’s training.

  • Anyone considering vocational children’s or youth ministry leadership

Graham Stanton (Ridley College) will be leading a conversation about becoming a vocational children’s or youth ministry leader. How do you know if this is the ministry you are called to? What training pathways are available?

**the Zoom links will be sent in the days leading up to the event**

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