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Posted: 08/04/13

writes Andrew Malone

I’m often being asked about electronic resources. That’s a huge topic. But my relatively condensed thoughts read as follows. [The content here is much the same as it has been for a few years, but updated with minor tweaks … and to draw attention to the more recent comments below.]


There are various Bible software packages; these are not them. I’m a huge fan of doing Bible preparation with electronic resources, but that’s a discussion for another time.

For library collections, there are two main platforms. Logos (Libronix) has cornered the PC market, while Accordance is collecting resources for Macs. Each supposedly runs on the other platform, so it’s worth considering either. My own experience is with Logos and Ridley often hosts Accordance training days (the next is Saturday 11 May 2013).

My own assumption is not to buy a base package – though do look into those. Remember that there is often a 20–40% discount for academic users. Rather, I’d buy individual books and/or one of the other minor packages.

Top resources to look for:

There are down sides to electronic resources, but many advantages as well. Discussion in this thread may be helpful to explore some of that.

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