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What Makes a Good Biblical Scholar?

Posted: 08/07/19

What makes a good biblical scholar? Lots of things, many of which have to do with self-awareness. In no particular order: A good biblical scholar is committed to patient historical, literary and theological analysis of the text on its own terms. A good biblical scholar doesn’t believe the old adage, ‘what I’m not up on, Read more

Welcome to Semester 1, 2019

Posted: 27/02/19

Principal, Brian Rosner welcomes everyone to semester 1, 2019  

Your Father Knows What You Need – Being Known by God and Prayer

Posted: 07/05/18

The following is an extract from Brian’s new book: Known by God: A Biblical Theology of Personal Identity (Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 2017), pp. 251-53.  It is used with the permission from the publisher. No one finds praying easy.  In Romans 8 Paul himself is realistic about the difficulty of prayer and spells out why praying Read more

Welcome to Semester 1, 2018

Posted: 26/02/18

Principal, Brian Rosner welcomes everyone to semester 1, 2018

God’s Library

Posted: 01/09/17

This article was first published in Eternity Newspaper Number 84,, September 2018 and is adapted from Known by God: A Biblical Theology of Personal Identity published by Zondervan What you find on someone’s book shelf can be quite revealing.  It certainly is in God’s case.  The metaphor of God’s books in heaven runs throughout the Read more

Welcome to Semester 1, 2017

Posted: 21/02/17

Principal, Brian Rosner welcomes everyone to semester 1, 2017

Making a Name for Yourself and Reaching for the Sky

Posted: 02/02/17

Is there anything wrong with ambition and taking pride in your achievements? Brian Rosner writes for The Melbourne Anglican My son’s primary school has a tradition of playing a song of the week to give the preteens something to hum and ponder.  One that caught my eye recently and got stuck in my own head Read more

Greed can take over before we realise

Posted: 26/09/16

This article was first published in The Age, 25 September C.S. Lewis once said “there is one vice of which no person in the world is free; which everyone in the world loathes when they sees it in someone else and of which hardly anyone ever imagines that they are guilty themselves.” He was talking Read more

Snowballs and Bowling Balls: (2) Jesus and Nathanael

Posted: 04/03/16

This article was first published on the Gospel Coalition Australia website. This is the second of Brian Rosner’s series on Reading John’s Gospel (first post here) One of the intriguing features of the Gospel of John is Jesus’ conversations with individuals, none of which appear in the Synoptic Gospels. There are seven such scenes, where Read more

The Image of God as Son of God

Posted: 20/10/15

Principal, Brian Rosner, on what it means to be made in the image of God. First published by The Gospel Coalition, Australia.   What does it mean to be made in the image of God? The context of the notion in Genesis 1 and in the ancient world and its usage elsewhere in the Bible Read more

Known by God

Posted: 11/06/15

A version of this article was first printed in the June 2015 edition of The Melbourne Anglican Ridley College hosted a conference on the theme of being known by God, 29-30 May. The conference was jointly sponsored with Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, Boston, USA. The two institutions share an historic link, with Stuart Barton Babbage being Read more

If-Only Discipleship

Posted: 13/05/15

Principal, Brian Rosner, talks about how we should approach our opportunities to serve. First published by The Gospel Coalition, Australia.   Many Christians subscribe to what I’d call if-only discipleship. They feel held back from serving God effectively by their circumstances, which are often quite restrictive and sometimes beyond their control. And they long for Read more

Why did Jesus rise?

Posted: 29/04/14

By Brian Rosner. According to 1 Peter 1:3 the resurrection of Jesus brings us two ‘life-changing’ benefits: “In his great mercy, through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, God has given us new life and a living hope.”

Why did Jesus die?

Posted: 29/03/14

by Brian Rosner
Historically, from a human perspective, the answer is straightforward enough.

Welcome to Ridley

Posted: 18/02/14

by Brian Rosner

Dear students, new and old, timid and bold, hot and cold. Welcome to the fold. At this threshold we promise to uphold you in prayer.

Disputable Matters

Posted: 05/12/13

Christians sometimes disagree. You don’t say! This will obviously be news to no one. The question is, what should we do when disputes arise? At a recent Ridley Melbourne Pastoral Seminar we spent a day considering the question of what to do when Christians differ over matters of faith and conduct. My paper looked at Paul’s teaching and practice on the subject.

Greed as a False Religion

Posted: 12/09/13

This article received BEST THEOLOGICAL ARTICLE SILVER AUSTRALASIAN RELIGIOUS PRESS ASSOCIATION AWARDS “A timely and well written theological reflection on one of the greatest challenges of our time: greed and wealth. The author highlights money as a false idol and with Australia’s abundant wealth, even within the Christian community, personal reflection is encouraged. A wide Read more

Life of Brian

Posted: 30/07/13

The Revd Dr Brian Rosner, Principal of Ridley Melbourne, speaks to the editor of Essentials Magazine. Brian, why did you apply for and accept the role of Principal at Ridley? I knew of Ridley’s fine reputation as an evangelical college committed to effective training for a range of gospel ministries under the leadership of Peter Read more

Does a belief in God hold back students?

Posted: 12/03/13

I am a Fitzphile. I read the Fitz Files first thing when the paper arrives on Saturday. And I always turn to the non-sporting version every Sunday. I even own a couple of Peter FitzSimons books. I love his sharp wit and the way he often says out loud what I’m thinking, especially when he Read more

Stuart Barton Babbage Memorial Service

Posted: 08/02/13

The Revd Dr Brian Rosner, delivered this sermon at the Memorial Service for the Revd Canon Stuart Barton Babbage, former Dean of Melbourne and Principal of Ridley College, at St Paul’s Cathedral on 31 January 2013. Readings: Deuteronomy 34:1-12; 1 Corinthians 4:1-17 About 12 months ago, soon after my appointment as Principal of Ridley Melbourne Read more

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