Book Launch - Melbourne

This event celebrates the launch of both of these two new books. Federal MP Tim Wilson will be launching Mike Bird’s new book, “Religious Freedom in a Secular Age” and Tom French will be launching Brian Rosner’s new book, “How to Find Yourself”.

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31 May 2022

5:45 pm - 7:00 pm

The Books

How to find yourself

How to Find Yourself: Why Looking Inward Is Not the Answer

Author: The Rev'd Dr Brian Rosner

In How to Find Yourself: Why Looking Inward Is Not the Answer Brian Rosner, prompted by his own crisis of identity, critiques society’s approach to identity formation—primarily looking inward and expressive individualism—as ultimately unsatisfying. The book was written with two convictions: many people find personal identity to be a subject that is confusing and confronting; and the gospel story offers a better way to find and be yourself than the one currently offered by modern society. Though acknowledging that looking inward can be helpful to a point, How to Find Yourself challenges the status quo of identity formation by arguing that true self-knowledge is also found through looking around to one’s relationships, backward and forward to one’s life story, and, most importantly, upward to God to find lasting security and joy in being intimately known by him.

Religious Freedom in a Secular Age

Author: The Rev'd Dr Mike Bird

In Religious Freedom in a Secular Age author Michael Bird argues that religious freedom should not be preserved by churches entrusting themselves to the protection of a nationalist leader draped in the apparel of civil religion, nor should they consent to allowing religious freedom to be steamrolled by progressive activists with their increasing hostility towards people of faith. What is needed instead is a better appreciation for how secularism can work to create space for people of all faiths and none, to resolve tense relationships between church and state, and come to a fair and equitable settlement when religious liberty and LGBTI+ rights come into conflict. Bird tackles complicated debates about the nature, extent, and limitations of religious freedom with a view to encouraging Christians to stand up for their faith in a post-Christian world, in a way that is humble and gentle, yet also courageous.

Religious Freedom

About the Speakers

Principal Brian Rosner

The Rev'd Dr Brian Rosner

Tom French

Tom French


The Rev'd Dr Mike Bird

tim wilson

Tim Wilson
Federal MP

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