God, your co-worker

Posted: 23/09/16

“The task God has given us as His co-workers is to see and connect what has not been connected and made before”. Andrew Laird (Dean, Marketplace Institute) reflects on one of the key ways we are to understand the relationship between God and our daily labour.  This article was first published on the Life@Work website. It’s Read more

Why Hot Desking might be bad for you

Posted: 10/08/16

The workplace is undergoing a transformation. A revolution, that some suggest, is even greater than the Industrial Revolution. [1] But is every change for the good? Andrew Laird (Dean, Marketplace Institute) reflects.  This article was first published on the Life@Work website. We are now deep in the Information Revolution, and with it questions are being asked about everything Read more

“Muddling Along” – Reflections on being a Christian leading the ABC

Posted: 27/05/16

Earlier this month we enjoyed the privilege of hosting Mark Scott, who in April this year stepped down as ABC Managing Director.

Why we don’t take sick days

Posted: 21/04/16

Sick workers who turn up at the office are costing the Australian economy $34 billion a year. So why don’t we take sick days? Is it as simple as our boss makes us feel guilty? Or is the real sickness stopping us taking a day off a sickness in our hearts? Andrew Laird (Dean, Marketplace Institute) Read more

How to have a great day at work

Posted: 31/03/16

Andrew Laird (Dean, Marketplace Institute) considers whether it is possible to have a good day at work more frequently, in light of one who author who thinks that she’s found the three essential ingredients.

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