Ridley College Awards Six Doctorates this April

Posted: 30/03/17

Ridley College graduation in April will feature six graduates receiving doctorates in biblical studies. ‘Ridley College is excited to have so many students graduating with doctoral degrees, men and women who will no doubt go on to be leaders in theological education and in Christian academia, says Rev. Dr. Mike Bird, Director of Postgraduate Studies, ‘The graduates are testimony to Ridley’s commitment to raising up thought-leaders in the evangelical tradition’.

Each of the graduates continue to contribute to their Christian communities, both in ministry and academia. Some serve on staff at their church, and some are lecturing at various institutions and are working on publishing books and articles. Bryan Blazosky is leading a church plant and Brian Wright is working as a Prison Chaplain.

Reflecting on his time as a PhD student, Brian Wright says ‘my time at Ridley College with staff, professors, and the entire student body helped me develop and enhance my academic skills beyond my initial expectations’.

And there are more doctorates to come, with scholarships available for PhD students, both local and international.

Doctoral Awards

Bryan Blazosky
The Law’s Universal Condemning and Enslaving Power: A Study of the Relationship of  Gentiles to the Law in Paul, the Old Testament, and the Second Temple Jewish Literature
Paul, in line with the Old Testament and several other Jewish texts, views the law as having universal condemning power. Though the law was given to Israel, the law’s ability to curse, condemn, and enslave reaches beyond its covenantal boundaries.

Karl Deenick
A Biblical Theology of Circumcision as a Sign of Righteousness by Faith
The thesis explores the connection between physical and metaphorical circumcision and the ideas of righteousness and faith.

Jill Firth
The Re-presentation of David in Psalms 140-143.
This canonical and intertextual study argues that the placement of this Davidic collection (Psalms 140-143) next to the final hallelujah psalms (Psalms 146-150) nuances the Davidic hope in a poignant juxtaposition of present suffering and future vindication.

Beth Haigh
Old Testament Quotations and Allusions in the Pauline and Other Epistles: Data Analysis and Association with Literary Structures
Paul quotes from or alludes to the Old Testament more frequently in some parts of his letters due to the literary form and the role of quotations and allusions of the passage.

Ben Sutton
Formulations of the Gospel in the Speeches of Acts: Memory and Historiography
This thesis examines the speeches in Acts to establish the mnemonic and historiographic texture of Luke’s gospel summaries.

Brian Wright
Communal Reading Events in the First Century of the Common Era
Communal reading events were ubiquitous in the first-century world in general and in the early Christian movement in particular.

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