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March 2015

Author, Title, Date, Call No.

Abelard, Peter, Commentary on the Epistle to the Romans, 2011, GQ A11 KEC

Aitken, J. K., The Jewish-Greek tradition in antiquity and the Byzantine Empire, 2014, HP39 JEWI AITK

Anglican Church of Australia, An Australian lectionary : 2015 : year B (Mark), 2014, Ref UP17 ANGL ALEC 2015

Anglican Church of Australia, Australian lectionary 2015 : year B : the calendar, etc. with readings and psalms for the Holy Communion and Morning and Evening Prayer : An Australian prayer book with tables … , 2014, Ref UP17 ANGL ALCW 2015

Arnold, Bill T., Ancient Israel’s history : an introduction to issues and sources, 2014, HP23 ANCI ARNO

Augustine, Answer to the Pelagians, 1997-1999, GN3 PD67 ET33

Augustine, The confessions of Augustine in modern English, 1980, GN3 A92 M E WIRT W7991

Baelz, Peter R., Christian theology and metaphysics, 1968, RC75 BAEL CTAM

Bagnall, Roger S., Everyday writing in the Graeco-Roman East, 2012, BB50 BAGN EWIT

Bailey, Kenneth E., The good shepherd : a thousand-year journey from Psalm 23 to the New Testament, 2014, CG5.5 BAIL GSHE

Baughen, Michael A., The Moses principle : leadership and the venture of faith, 1978, HP33.3 BAUG MPRI

Beale, G. K., Hidden but now revealed : a biblical theology of mystery, 2014, DX89 BEAL HBNR

Beckwith, Roger T., The Christian Sunday : a biblical and historical study, 1980, UG92 BECK CSUN

Bender, Kimlyn J., Confessing Christ for church and world : studies in modern theology, 2014, GW28 B28 XB45

Bentz, Rob, The unfinished church : God’s broken and redeemed work-in-progress, 2014, WA27 BENT UCHU

Boreham, F. W., The prodigal : sidelights on an immortal story, 1941, FX34 BORE PROD

Bradshaw, Paul F., Further essays in early Eastern initiation : early Syrian baptismal liturgy, 2014, UG21 BRAD FEIE

Bray, Gerald Lewis., God has spoken : a history of Christian theology, 2014, JA2 BRAY GHSP

Buller, Bob, The SBL handbook of style : for biblical studies and related disciplines, 2014, Ref BU9 SOCI COLL

Butler, Trent C., Joshua 13-24, 2014, DL18 BUTL JOSH 2014 V:2

Byron, John, 1 and 2 Thessalonians, 2014, FP28 BYRO OATT

Campbell, Douglas Atchison, Framing Paul : an epistolary biography, 2014, FN20 CAMP FPAU

Carney, Glandion, The way of grace : finding God on the path of surrender, 2014, YX67 CARN XCAR

Carroll, Michael, Effective supervision for the helping professions, 2014, SR80 CARR ESFT

Carson, D. A., Praying with Paul : a call to spiritual reformation, 2014, FX69.5 CARS PWP

Chen, Paul C. Y., Reaching an unreached people group : the Jehai of the Temenggor Forest, 2010, MU60 CHEN RAUP

Chester, Tim, 1 Samuel for you, 2014, DL48 CHES OSFY

Chester, Tim, Titus for you, 2014, FP88 CHES TFYO

Church of England. House of Bishops. Working Party on Women in the Episcopate, Women bishops in the Church of England? : a report of the House of Bishops’ Working Party on Women in the Episcopate, 2004, SD87.5 CHUR WBIT

Clarke, Greg, The great Bible swindle : and what can be done about it, 2013, CD50 CLAR GBSW

Claydon, David, Who do I think I am? : exploring personal identity and what it means to be “in Christ”, 2013, XB58 CLAY WDIT

Colenso, John William, St. Paul’s Epistle to the Romans, 1863, FN38 COLE SPET

Copan, Paul, Did God really command genocide? : coming to terms with the justice of God, 2014, DY COPA DGRC

Davids, Peter H., A theology of James, Peter, and Jude, 2014, FQ18 DAVI TOJP

DeVine, Mark, Replant : how a dying church can grow again, 2014, WA20 DEVI REPL

Diller, Kevin, Theology’s epistemological dilemma : how Karl Barth and Alvin Plantinga provide a unified response, 2014, RC80 DILL TEDI

Dobson, Ed., Starting a seeker sensitive service : how traditional churches can reach the unchurched, 1993, WB97 DOBS SASS

Dumbrell, William J., Genesis 1-11 : the beginning of covenant history, 2013, DK39 DUMB GOTE

Elliott, M. W., Galatians and Christian theology : justification, the gospel, and ethics in Paul’s letter, 2014, FN70 GALA ELLI

Evans, Mike, St John’s Healesville : building the church building, 1989, MW66.6 EVAN SJHE

Goddard, Andrew, Rowan Williams : his legacy, 2013, LQ1 WILL GODD

Goodman, Montague, The comforter : a devotional study, 1959, RT5 GOOD COMF

Green, Bradley G., Covenant and commandment : works, obedience and faithfulness in the Christian life, 2014, DX85 GREE CACO

Hamilton, James M., With the clouds of heaven : the book of Daniel in biblical theology, 2014, DN70 HAMI WTCO

Hays, Richard B., Reading backwards : figural Christology and the fourfold gospel witness, 2014, FJ5 HAYS RBAC

Hillenbrand, Laura, Unbroken : an extraordinary true story of courage and survival, 2012, HZ96 ZAMP XHIL

Holland, Jonathan, Anglicans trams & paw paws : the story of the Diocese of Brisbane 1945-1980, 2013, MW66.4 HOLL ATAP

Horton, Michael Scott, Ordinary : sustainable faith in a radical, restless world, 2014, XB58 HORT ORDI

Hubbard, David Allan, Proverbs, 1989, DM68 HUBB PROV

Hunter, John Edward, Limiting God; an analysis of Christian failure with the sure answer for success, 1966, XB58 HUNT LGOD

Jensen, Michael P., Pieces of eternity, 2013, XB58 JENS POET

Johnston, Robert K., God’s wider presence : reconsidering general revelation, 2014, RE23 JOHN GWPR

Kapic, Kelly M., Sanctification : explorations in theology and practice, 2014, RS73 SANC KAPI

Kay, William K., Pentecostals in Britain, 2000, Perry KZP KAYW PIBR

Keener, Craig S., Acts : an exegetical commentary, 2012-, FM8 KEEN ACTS

Keller, Timothy, Prayer : experiencing awe and intimacy with God, 2014, UU5 KELL PRAY

Lang, G. H., The churches of God : a treatise for the times upon the constitution, government, discipline, and ministry of the Church of God and the principles and practice of service in the gospel, 1959, UA40 LANG COGO

LeGriffon, Heather, Pioneer churches of the Otways and their people, 2014, MW69.6 LEGR PCOT

Levering, Matthew, Engaging the doctrine of revelation : the mediation of the Gospel through church and Scripture, 2014, RE23 LEVE ETDO

Lightfoot, Joseph Barber, The Acts of the Apostles : a newly discovered commentary, 2014, FM8 LIGH AOTA

Locke, John, A paraphrase and notes on the Epistles of St. Paul to the Galatians, First and Second Corinthians, Romans, and Ephesians, 1832, QM4 L81 Q

Longman, Tremper, Psalms : an introduction and commentary, 2014, DM38 LONG PSAL

Los Angeles Theology Conference (2014), Advancing Trinitarian theology : explorations in constructive dogmatics, 2014, RQ37 ADVA CRIS

Madueme, Hans, Adam, the fall, and original sin : theological, biblical, and scientific perspectives, 2014, RU35 ADAM MADU

Manley, Ken R., On the way to faith : personal encounters with Jesus in John’s Gospel, 2013, FL MANL OTWT

McGrath, Alister E., Dawkins’ God : from the selfish gene to the God delusion , 2015, RF21 MCGR DGOD 2015

McGrath, Alister E., Mere apologetics : how to help seekers and skeptics find faith, 2012, RD56 MCGR MAPO

McGrath, Alister E., Reformation thought : an introduction, 2012, JF12 MCGR RTHO 2012

McHarg, Travis, The Nicene Creed Today : we believe, 2014, JK50 MCHA NCTO

Mead, Peter, Pleased to dwell : a biblical introduction to the incarnation, 2014, RR46 MEAD PTDW

Melbourne School of Theology. Centre for the Study of Islam and Other Faiths, Islam and the last day : Christian perspectives on Islamic eschatology, 2014, OT55 MELB IATL

Metzger, Bruce M., The Bible in translation : ancient and English versions, 2001, CF16 METZ BITR

Moo, Douglas J., We still don’t get it : evangelicals and Bible translation fifty years after James Barr, 2014, CF16 MOOD WSDG

Moody, Josh, Journey to joy : the Psalms of ascent, 2013, DM39 MOOD JTJO

Moon, Gary W., Eternal living : reflections on Dallas Willard’s teaching on faith and formation, 2015, Perry JH WILL XMOO

Nash, Ronald H., Life’s ultimate questions : an introduction to philosophy, 1999, QQ NASH LUQU

Nicholls, Bruce J., Light for our path : the authority, inspiration, meaning and mission of Scripture, 2013, CD30 LIGH NICH

Oden, Thomas C., A change of heart : a personal and theological memoir, 2014, Perry MA5 ODEN ODEN

Origen, Commentary on the Epistle to the Romans. Books 1-5, 2001, GM3 O69 KN38 ES V:1

Origen, Commentary on the Epistle to the Romans. Books 6-10, 2002, GM3 O69 KN38 ES V:2

Palmer, Humphrey, Analogy : a study of qualification and argument in theology, 1973, QT3 PALM ANAL

Petty, Scott, Tactics for teen ministry, 2014, WA70 PETT TFTM

Reeder, Harry L, The leadership dynamic : a biblical model for raising effective leaders [ebook], 2008, WA28 REED LDYN

Reich, Ronny, Excavating the City of David : where Jerusalem’s history began, 2011, CM41.5 REIC ETCO

Renshaw, Will F., Marvellous Melbourne and spiritual power : a Christian revival and its lasting legacy, 2014, Perry MW64.1 RENS MMAS

Root, Andrew, Bonhoeffer as youth worker : a theological vision for discipleship and life together, 2014, GW28 B714 R782

Rundle, Guy, Clivosaurus : the politics of Clive Palmer, 2014, MW60 RUND CLIV

Sanlon, Peter, Simply God : recovering the classical trinity, 2014, RQ37 SANL SGOD

Sayers, Mark, Facing Leviathan : leadership, influence, and creating in a cultural storm, 2014, PU23 SAYE FLEV

Schaller, Lyle E., Center city churches : the new urban frontier, 1993, SI55 CENT SCHA

Schein, Edgar H., Organizational culture and leadership, 2010, PU23 SCHE OCAL

Schwertner, Siegfried M., International glossary of abbreviations for theology and related subjects : journals, series, encyclopedias, reference works with bibliographic information, 2014, AX8 SCHW IGOA

Segundo, Juan Luis, Liberation of theology, 1977, RC65 SEGU LOTH

Seifrid, Mark, The second letter to the Corinthians, 2014, FN48 SEIF SLTT

Seitz, Christopher R., Colossians, 2014, FP18 SEIT COLO

Shiner, Rory, Raised forever : Jesus’ resurrection and ours, 2014, FS77 SHIN RFOR

Silva, Mois├ęs, New International dictionary of New Testament Theology and Exegesis, 2014, BR64.5 NEWI SILV

Skeel, David A., True paradox : how Christianity makes sense of our complex world, 2014, RD56 SKEE TPAR

Smith, John K., Beyond the myth of self-esteem : finding fulfilment, 2014, PX31 SMIT BTMO

Stowell, Joseph M., Redefining leadership : character-driven habits of effective leaders, 2014, WA28 STOW RLEA

Sydney Anglican Clerical Society, Take another look at the parish, 1973, WA20 SYDN TALA

Thomas, Commentary on the letter of Saint Paul to the Romans, 2012, GQ71 KEL 2012

VanderWal-Gritter, Wendy, Generous spaciousness : responding to gay Christians in the church, 2014, SD61.5 VAND GSPA

Veith, Gene Edward, Imagination redeemed : glorifying God with a neglected part of your mind, 2015, PP87 VEIT IREE

Wakim, Joseph, Sorry we have no space, 2013, MW61.7 WAKI SWHN

Walker, Jeremy, The new Calvinism considered, 2013, Perry KN16 WALK NCCO

Walzer, Michael, In God’s shadow : politics in the Hebrew Bible, 2012, DY5 WALZ IGSH

Westminster Conference (2013: London), Clarity and confusion : papers read at the 2013 Westminster Conference, 2013?, Perry LT42 WEST CACO

Williams, Donald M., Psalms 73-150, 1989, DM38 WILL PSTO

Williams, Roy, In God they trust? : the religious beliefs of Australia’s Prime Ministers, 1901-2013, 2013, MW64 WILL IGTT

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