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June-September 2014

Author, Title, Date, Call No.

Ables, Travis E., Incarnational realism : Trinity and the spirit in Augustine and Barth , 2013, GN3 XA15

Ahn, Yongnan Jeon, Interpretation of tongues and prophecy in 1 Corinthians 12-14 : with a Pentecostal hermeneutics , [2013], FN49 AHNY IOTA

Allen, Ronald J., Preaching Luke-Acts , [2000], FM ALLE PLAC

Ankerberg, John, Encyclopedia of cults and new religions : Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormonism, Mind Sciences, Baha’i, Zen, Unitarianism , [1999], RD55 ANKE EOCA

Ankerberg, John, Encyclopedia of new age beliefs , [1996], RD55 ANKE EONA

Ashbrook, R. Thomas, Mansions of the heart : exploring the seven stages of spiritual growth , [2009], XC ASHB MOTH

Ashton, John, The Gospel of John and Christian origins , [2014], FL ASHT GOJA

Avis, Paul D. L., In search of authority : Anglican theological method from the Reformation to the Enlightenment , 2014, KM3 AVIS ISOA

Baden, Joel S., The promise to the Patriarchs , [2013], DX75 BADE PTTP

Bailey, Kenneth E., The Cross and the prodigal : the 15th chapter of Luke, seen through the eyes of Middle Eastern peasants , 2000, FK79 BAIL CATP

Bain, Katherine, Women’s socioeconomic status and religious leadership in Asia Minor : in the first two centuries C.E. , [2014], SD82.2 BAIN WSSA

Balswick, Jack O., The family : a Christian perspective on the contemporary home , [2014], SD12 BALS FAMI 2014

Barker, Joel, From the depths of despair to the promise of presence : a rhetorical reading of the book of Joel , 2014, DP40 BARK FTDO

Barnett, Paul W., Paul in Syria : the background to Galatians , 2014, FN70 BARN PISY

Barreto, Eric D., Reading theologically , [2014], TX33 READ BARR

Bass, Justin W., The battle for the keys : Revelation 1:18 and Christ’s descent into the underworld , 2014, FR8.9 BASS BFTK

Bautch, Richard J., The book of Isaiah : enduring questions answered anew : essays honoring Joseph Blenkinsopp and his contribution to the study of Isaiah , 2014, DN30 BOOK BAUT

Bayes, Jonathan F., Sex, love, and marriage : the Song of Solomon , [2012], DM80 BAYE SLAM

Beard, Mary, Religions of Rome , 1998, OX52 BEAR RORO

Beard, Mary, Religions of Rome , 1998, OX52 BEAR RORO

Becker, Eve-Marie, Mark and Matthew I : comparative readings : understanding the earliest Gospels in their first century settings , [2011], FK MARK BECK V:1

Beckett, John D., Loving Monday : succeeding in business without selling your soul , [2006], SQ37 BECK LMON

Bennema, Cornelis, A theory of character in New Testament narrative , [2014], FX99 BENN ATOC

Bennett, Vicki, The effective leader : how to balance your mind, body and spirit at work and at home , 2002, PV40 BENN ELEA

Berg, Inhee C., Irony in the Matthean Passion narrative , [2014], FK59 BERG IITM

Beverley, James A., Religions A to Z , [2005], OA4 BEVE RATZ

Biermann, Joel D., A case for character : towards a Lutheran virtue ethics , [2014], QZ6 BIER CFCH

Biguenet, John, The craft of translation , [1989], BB30 CRAF BIGU

Bird, Michael F., The gospel of the Lord : how the early church wrote the story of Jesus , 2014, FJ5 BIRD GOTL

Blenkinsop, Adrian, The Bible according to Gen Z , 2013, CD63 BIBL BLEN

Blomberg, Craig L., Can we still believe the Bible? : an evangelical engagement with contemporary questions , [2014], RE60 BLOM CWSB

Blumhardt, Christoph, The gospel of God’s reign : living for the kingdom of God , [2014], RQ60 BLUM GOGR

Brackney, William H., From biblical criticism to biblical faith : essays in honor of Lee Martin McDonald , 2007, CD30 FROM BRAC

Bradshaw, Paul F, Rites of ordination : their history and theology , 2014, UA63 BRAD ROOR

Brewer, Todd, Comfortable words : essays in honor of Paul F.M. Zahl , [2013], RS52 COMF BREW

Burgess, Ruth, Saying goodbye : resources for funerals, scattering ashes and remembering , 2013, UT2.5 BURG SGOO

Burke, Trevor J., Family matters : a socio-historical study of kinship metaphors in 1 Thessalonians , [2003], FP20 BURK FMAT

Burnell, Joel, Jonathan Edwards , 2012, Perry


Byassee, Jason, Pastoral work : engagements with the vision of Eugene Peterson , [2014], WP2.2 PETE XBYS

Byrskog, Samuel, Story as history, history as story : the gospel tradition in the context of ancient oral history , 2002, FJ5 BYRS SAHH

Cameron, Andrew, Living in the next phase : developing the theology, practice and ministries of later life , 2014, PW90 CAME LITN

Capill, Murray A., The heart is the target : preaching practical application from every text , [2014], WQ5 CAPI HITT

Catford, Cheryl, Following fire , 2008, SK25 FOLL CATF

Chan, Simon, Grassroots Asian theology : thinking the faith from the ground up , [2014], RK75 CHAN GATH

Chandler, Diane J., Christian spiritual formation : an integrated approach for personal and relational wholeness , [2014], XB58 CHAN CSFO

Chapell, Bryan, The gospel according to Daniel : a Christ-centered approach , [2014], DN78 CHAP GATD

Charlesworth, James H., Jesus and Temple : textual and archaeological explorations , [2014], CQ40 JESU CHAR

Chou, Abner, I saw the Lord : a biblical theology of vision , [2013], DX87 CHOU ISTL

Chute, Anthony L., Why we belong : evangelical unity and denominational diversity , 2013, Perry


Cloud, Henry, Safe people : how to find relationships that are good for you and avoid those that aren’t , [1995], PU23 CLOU SPEO

Cohen, Charles Lloyd, Gods in America : religious pluralism in the United States , [2013], MD20 GODI COHE

Collins, John Joseph, A short introduction to the Hebrew Bible and deutero-canonical books , [2014], DD COLL SITT

Collins, John Joseph, Introduction to the Hebrew Bible and deutero-canonical books , [2014], DD COLL ITTH

Connell, Raewyn, Education, change and society , 2013, TE4 CONN ECAS

Connolly, John R., Newman and life in the Spirit : theological reflections on spirituality for today , [2014], GS6 N553 XC75

Conradie, Ernst Marais, Christian faith and the earth : current paths and emerging horizons in ecotheology , 2014, RF30 CHRI CONR

Coplestone, F. S., Jesus Christ or Mohammed? : the Bible or the Koran? , 2000, OT55 COPL JCOM

Coyle, Suzanne Murphy, Uncovering spiritual narratives : using story in pastoral care and ministry , [2014], WP6 COYL USNA

Craddock, Alan E., Driven to despair : perfectionism and ministry, 2013, PX35 CRAD DTDE

Curran, Charles E., Ethics and spirituality , [2014], QZ94 ETHI CURR

Davies, Brian, Aquinas’s Summa theologiae : critical essays , [2006], GQ91 D255 2006

Davis, Dale Ralph, Slogging along in the paths of righteousness : Psalms 13-24 , 2014, DM39 DAVI SLIT

Dawson, Edward, Jordan : land of temples, fortresses and mosaics , [2010], CM70 DAWS JORD

DeGroat, Chuck, Toughest people to love : how to understand, lead, and love the difficult people in your life, including yourself , 2014, WP6 DEGR TPTL

DeLong, William R., Courageous conversations : the teaching and learning of pastoral supervision , [2010], WP3 COUR DELO

Dolgin, Kim Gale, The adolescent : development, relationships, and culture , [2011], PW40 DOLG ADOL

Drury, John L., The resurrected God : Karl Barth’s trinitarian theology of Easter , [2014], GW28 B28 XD79

Dunn, Richard R., Shaping the spiritual life of students : a guide for youth workers, pastors, teachers & campus ministers , [2001], WA70 DUNN STSL

Dunne, John Anthony, Esther and her elusive God : how a secular story functions as Scripture , [2014], DL90 DUNN EAHE

Elliott, M. W., Engaging Leviticus : reading Leviticus theologically with its past interpreters , [2012], DK58 ELLI ELEV

Ellis, Marc H., Future of the prophetic : Israel’s ancient wisdom re-presented , [2014], EX2 ELLI FOTP

Emanuel, David, From bards to Biblical exegetes ; a close reading and intertextual analysis of selected Exodus psalms , [2012], DM39 EMAN FBTB

Estrada, Bernardo, The Gospels : a contemporary introduction, history and Christology : the search of Joseph Ratzinger, Benedetto XVI = I Vangeli : storia e Cristologia : la ricerca di Joseph Ratzinger, Benedetto XVI , [2013], FJ5 GOSP ESTR

Estrada, Bernardo, The Gospels : a contemporary introduction, history and Christology : the search of Joseph Ratzinger, Benedetto XVI = I Vangeli : storia e Cristologia : la ricerca di Joseph Ratzinger, Benedetto XVI , [2013], FJ5 GOSP ESTR

Farmer, Craig S., John 1-12 , 2014, FL8 JOHN FARM V:1

Fee, Gordon D., How to read the Bible for all its worth , [2014], CD90 FEEG HTRT 2014

Fischer, Austin, Young, restless, no longer reformed : black holes, love, and a journey in and out of Calvinism , [2014], Perry


Flanagan, Kelly S., Christianity and developmental psychopathology : foundations and approaches , [2014], PX23 CHRI FLAN

Foster, Timothy D., The suburban captivity of the church : contextualising the gospel for post-Christian Australia , [2014], MW64 FOST SCOT

Frei, Hans W., The identity of Jesus Christ : the hermeneutical bases of dogmatic theology , [2013], RR28 FREI IOJC

Frevel, Christian, Torah and the book of Numbers , [2013], DK15 TORA FREV

Frost, Michael, Incarnate : the body of Christ in an age of disengagement , [2014], RU FROS INCA

Fuhr, Richard Alan, An analysis of the inter-dependency of the prominent motifs within the book of Qohelet , [2013], DM70 FUHR AOTI

Funk, Robert W., A beginning-intermediate grammar of Hellenistic Greek , [2013], BR61 FUNK BIGO

Gabriel, Andrew K., Barth’s doctrine of creation : creation, nature, Jesus and the trinity , [2014], GW28 B28 XG11

Gandhi, Bhagavad Gita : commentary , [2002], OM53 BHAG XGAN

Garber, Steven, Visions of vocation : common grace for the common good , [2014], XW55 GARB VOVO

Gatiss, Lee, Reformed foundations, reforming future : a vision for 21st century Anglicans , [2013], Perry


Gaventa, Beverly Roberts, Our mother Saint Paul , [2007], FX69.3 GAVE OMSP

Gerhardt, Elizabeth L., The cross and gendercide : a theological response to global violence against women and girls , [2014], SD87 GERH CAGE

Gillingham, S. E., Jewish and Christian approaches to the Psalms : conflict and convergence , 2013, DM30 JEWI GILL

Goldingay, John, The theology of the Book of Isaiah , [2014], DN30 GOLD TOTB

Gonzalez, Michelle A., Created in God’s image : an introduction to feminist theological anthropology , [2007], RU GONZ CIGI

Goodlet, Ken, Teaching well : insights for educators in Christian schools , 2014, TF3 TEAC GOOD

Gosnell, Peter W., The ethical vision of the Bible : learning good from knowing God , [2014], DY GOSN EVOT

Green, Stephen, Good value : choosing a better life in business , 2010, SQ37 GREE GVAL

Grey, Jacqueline, Three’s a crowd : Pentecostalism, hermeneutics, and the Old Testament , [2011], DH GREY TACR

Gutt, Ernst-August, Relevance theory : a guide to successful communication in translation , [1992], CF16 RELE GUTT

Habets, Myk, Ecumenical perspectives on the filioque for the 21st century , 2014, RT5 ECUM HABE

Habets, Myk, Theology in transposition : a constructive appraisal of T. F. Torrance , [2013], RK55 TORR XHAB

Hammond, Geordan, John Wesley in America : restoring primitive Christianity , 2014, Perry


Hammond, Kim, Sentness : six postures of missional Christians , 2014, UA16 HAMM SENT

Hanges, James Constantine, Paul, founder of churches : a study in light of the evidence for the role of “founder-figures” in the Hellenistic-Roman period , [2012], FT31 HANG PFOC

Hankore, Daniel, The abduction of Dinah : reading Genesis 28:10 – 35:15 as a votive narrative , [2013], CT35 HANK AODI

Hansen, Ryan Leif, Silence and praise : rhetorical cosmology and political theology in the Book of Revelation , [2014], FR5 HANS SAPR

Harmes, Marcus K., Bishops and power in early modern England , 2013, LS38 HARM BAPI

Harstine, Stanley, Moses as a character in the Fourth Gospel a study of ancient reading techniques [ebook], [2002],

Harvey, John E., Born again and beyond , [2014], Perry


Hauerwas, Stanley, Vision and virtue : essays in Christian ethical reflection , 1981, QZ5 HAUE VAVI

Hawker, Debbie, Single mission : thriving as a single Christian in cross-cultural ministry , [2013], NS8 SING HAWK

Helyer, Larry R., The good news of Revelation , [2014], FR HELY GNOR

Hildebrand, Stephen M., Basil of Caesarea , [2014], GM3 B3 XH64 2014

Hill, Harriet S., Bible translation basics : communicating Scripture in a relevant way , [2011], CF16 HILL BTBA

Holcomb, Justin S., Know the creeds and councils , [2014], JK11 HOLC KTCA

Holcomb, Justin S., Know the heretics , [2014], JC40 HOLC KTHE

Holmes, Christopher R. J., Ethics in the presence of Christ , [2012], QZ6 HOLM EITP

Horsley, Richard A., Text and tradition in performance and writing , [2013], CG HORS TATI

Huggins, Jonathan R., Living justification a historical-theological study of the Reformed doctrine of justification in the writings of John Calvin, Jonathan Edwards, and N. T. Wright , [2013], RS60 HUGG LJUS

Hughes, Philip J., Life, ethics and faith in Australian society : facts and figures , 2014,   Q


Hughes, R. Kent, Acts : the church afire , 1996, FM8 HUGH ACTS

Humphreys, W. Lee, The character of God in the Book of Genesis : a narrative appraisal , [2001], DK35 HUMP COGI

Huntley, Rebecca J., The world according to Y : inside the new adult generation , 2006, PW40 HUNT WATY

Issler, Klaus Dieter, Living into the life of Jesus : the formation of Christian character , [2012], XB58 ISSL LITL

Jamison, Christopher, The disciples’ call : theologies of vocation from scripture to the present day , 2013, XW55 DISC JAMI

Jefford, Clayton N., Didache = The teaching of the twelve apostles , [2013], UB26 DIDA JEFF

Jensen, Michael P., Is forgiveness really free? : and other questions about grace, the law and being saved , [2014], RS53 JENS IFRF

Jeremias, Joachim, The parables of Jesus , 1972, FX34 JERE POJE 1972

Jones, Beth Felker, Practicing Christian doctrine : an introduction to thinking and living theologically , [2014], RN97 JONE PCDO

Jung, Patricia Beattie, Professional sexual ethics : a holistic ministry approach , [2013], WP4 PROF JUNG

Kadiba, John, Fijian missionaries in north Australia , 2014, MW68.8 KADI FMIN

Kaiser, Christopher B., Seeing the Lord’s glory : kyriocentric visions and the dilemma of early christology , [2014], FX92 KAIS STLG

Kalas, J. Ellsworth, Preaching in an age of distraction , [2014], WQ5 KALA PIAA

Keith, Chris, Jesus against the scribal elite : the origins of the conflict , [2014], FX10 KEIT JATS

Keogh, Gary, Reading Richard Dawkins : a theological dialogue with new atheism , [2014], RB49 DAWK XKEO

Khobnya, Svetlana, The father who redeems and the son who obeys : consideration of Paul’s teaching in Romans , [2013], FX61 KHOB FWRA

Kim, Yung Suk, Truth, testimony, and transformation : a new reading of the “I Am” sayings of Jesus in the fourth Gospel , [2014], FL5 KIMY TTAT

Kimble, Jeremy M., That his spirit may be saved : church discipline as a means to repentance and perseverance , [2013], UF18 KIMB THSM

Kitz, Anne Marie, Cursed are you! : the phenomenology of cursing in cuneiform and Hebrew texts , 2014, BF71 KITZ CAYO

Kohl, Ronald L., The triune God , [2014], RQ37 TRIU KOHL

Koosed, Jennifer L., The Bible and posthumanism , [2014], DX85 BIBL KOOS

Köstenberger, Andreas J., Excellence : the character of God and the pursuit of scholarly virtue , [2011], TU17 KOST EXCE

Köstenberger, Andreas J., Which Bible translation should I use? : a comparison of 4 major recent versions , [2012], CF16 WHIC KOST

Kuruvilla, Abraham, Genesis : a theological commentary for preachers , [2014], DK38 KURU GENE

Kurz, William S., Acts , [2013], FM8 KURZ AOTA

Laldinsuah, Ronald, Responsibility, chastisement and restoration : relational justice in the Book of Hosea , 2014, Thesis


Lanci, John R., A new temple for Corinth : rhetorical and archaelogical approaches to Pauline imagery , [1997], FN40 LANC NTFC

Lee, Gregory W., Christian political witness , [2014], SX14 CHRI KALA

Leftow, Brian, God and necessity , 2012, RB36 LEFT GANE

Leftow, Brian, Time and eternity , 1991, RQ20 LEFT TAET

LeMasters, Philip, The forgotten faith : ancient insights for contemporary believers from Eastern Christianity , [2014], KG23 LEMA FFAI

Lewis, Nicola Denzey, Introduction to “Gnosticism” : ancient voices, Christian worlds , [2013], JC62 LEWI ITGN

Lewis, Richard D., When cultures collide : leading across cultures : a major new edition of the global guide , 2006, PU23 LEWI WCCO

Lindberg, Carter, Piety, politics, and ethics : Reformation studies in honor of George Wolfgang Forell , [1984], Perry


Livingston, John Kevin, A missiology of the road : early perspectives in David Bosch’s theology of mission and evangelism , [2013], NR BOSC XLIV

Loeschen, John R., The divine community : trinity, church, and ethics in Reformation theologies , [1981], Perry


Long, Phillip J., Jesus the bridegroom : the origin of the eschatological feast as a wedding banquet in the synoptic Gospels , [2013], FX12 LONG JTBR

Longenecker, Bruce W., Beyond Bultmann : reckoning a New Testament theology , [2014], FX BULT XLON

Lundin, Roger, Beginning with the word : modern literature and the question of belief , [2014], BV19 LUND BWTW

Lynch, Matthew, Monotheism and institutions in the Book of Chronicles : temple, priesthood, and kingship in post-exilic perspective , [2014], DL60 LYNC MAII

Macleod, Donald, Christ crucified : understanding the atonement , 2014, RR87 MACL CCRU

Malysz, Piotr, Trinity, freedom and love : an engagement with the theology of Eberhard Jüngel , 2014, GW28 J93 XM26

Mann, Thomas W., The Book of the Torah , [2013], DK18 MANN BOTT 2013

Marsh, Charles, Strange glory : a life of Dietrich Bonhoeffer , 2014, GW28 B714 XM36

Marshall, Christopher D., Compassionate justice : an interdisciplinary dialogue with two Gospel parables on law, crime, and restorative justice , [2012], FK79 MARS CJUS

Mason, Eric Farrel, Reading 1-2 Peter and Jude , [2014], FQ READ MASO

Mathews, Jeanette, God, by degrees : a practical guide for new theological students , 2014, TX69 GODB MATH

McCaskell, Stephen, Spurgeon’s Calvinism , [2014], Perry


McDonald, David, Hope beyond cure , [2013], YX67 MCDO HBCU

McGrath, Alister E., Lord and saviour : Jesus of Nazareth , 2014, FS24 MCGR LASA

McKinnon, Peter, The songs of Jesse Adams : a novel , [2014], BZ8.5 MCKI SOJA

McMaken, W. Travis, Karl Barth in conversation , [2014], GW28 B28 XM47

McWhirter, Jocelyn, Rejected prophets : Jesus and his witnesses in Luke-Acts , [2013], FM MCWH RPRO

Menken, Maarten J. J., Genesis in the New Testament , 2012, DX56 GENE MENK

Meyers, Carol L., Rediscovering Eve : ancient Israelite women in context , [2013], SD87.2 MEYE REVE

Militz, Eva, Between two worlds : the report of the WCC team visit to Aboriginal communities in Australia, 1991, MW61.4 BETW MILI

Monette, Greg, The wrong Jesus : fact, belief, legend, truth : making sense of what you’ve heard , [2014], FS24 MONE WJES

Moo, Douglas J., Encountering the book of Romans : a theological survey , [2014], FN30 MOOD ETBO

Moo, Jonathan A., Let creation rejoice : biblical hope and ecological crisis , [2014], RF30 MOOJ LCRE

Morgan, Robert J., Then sings my soul : 150 of the world’s greatest hymn stories , [2003], VK42 MORG TSMS

Morris, Colin, Raising the dead : the art of the preacher as public performer , 1996, WQ5 MORR RTDE

Morris, Wayne, Salvation as praxis : a practical theology of salvation for a multi-faith world , 2014, RS MORR SAPR

Moses, Robert Ewusie, Practices of power : revisiting the principalities and powers in the Pauline letters , [2014], FX68 MOSE POPO

Motyer, J. A., The message of Amos : the day of the lion , [1974], DP58 MOTY MOAM

Neighbour, Ralph Webster, Where do we go from here? : a guidebook for cell group churches , c1990, WA90 NEIG WDWG

Neuer, Werner, Adolf Schlatter : a biography of Germany’s premier biblical theologian , [1995], GW27 S338 XN48

Newton, John, Letters of John Newton , 2007, Perry

GX58 N564 IAB 2007

Neyrey, Jerome H., Honor and shame in the Gospel of Matthew , [1998], FK50 NEYR HASI

Nichols, Alan, Escape from West Papua : how and why refugees came to Australia , [2007], MW61.9 NICH EFWP

Nichols, Alan, Strategies for growing a church : using Alpha for neighbourhood mission , 2001, WA20 NICH SFGA

Nichols, David, The bogan delusion , 2011, MW61.1 NICH BDEL

Nolan, Albert, God in South Africa : the challenge of the gospel , 1988, MZ54 NOLA GISA

Oates, Ian, “Kuhesbiwa Haki Kwa Imani” : 1500-1662 = “To be counted righteous by faith” : 1500-1662 , [20--?], IR32 OATE KHKI

Opitz, Donald, Learning for the love of God : a student’s guide to academic faithfulness , [2014], TU17 OPIT OIOA

Ormerod, Neil, Re-visioning the church : an experiment in systematic-historical ecclesiology , [2014], UA22 ORME RVTC

Orr, Peter, Christ absent and present : a study in Pauline Christology , [2014], FX62 ORRP CAAP

Palmer, Martin, The Jesus Sutras : rediscovering the lost religion of Taoist Christianity , 2001, MR4 PALM JSUT

Pardue, Stephen T., The mind of Christ : humility and the intellect in early Christian theology , 2013, JC PARD MOCH

Pattison, Bonnie L., Poverty in the theology of John Calvin , [2006], GU3 P317 2006

Payne, Jervis David, Pressure points : twelve global issues shaping the face of the church , [2013], NR PAYN PPOI

Pelikan, Jaroslav, The Christian intellectual , 1966, IC32 PELI CINT

Percy, Emma, What clergy do : especially when it looks like nothing , 2014, WP2.2 PERC WCDO

Peters, Rebecca Todd, Solidarity ethics : transformation in a globalized world , [2014], SF11 PETE SETH

Petter, Thomas D., The land between the two rivers : early Israelite identities in central Transjordan , 2014, CM70 PETT LBTT

Pfitzner, V. C., Jesus in John’s gospel , 1999, FL5 PFIT JIJG

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Porter, Stanley E., Horizons in hermeneutics : a festschrift in honor of Anthony C. Thiselton , 2013, CH HORI PORT

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Smith, James K. A., Who’s afraid of postmodernism? : taking Derrida, Lyotard, and Foucault to church , [2006], QH4 SMIT WAOP

Smith, James K. A., Who’s afraid of relativism? : community, contingency, and creaturehood , [2014], QT SMIT WAOR

Smith, Mitzi J., Teaching all nations : interrogating the Matthean Great Commission , [2014], NR3 TEAC SMIT

Smith, R. Scott, In search of moral knowledge : overcoming the fact-value dichotomy , [2014], QZ6 SCOT ISOM

Smither, Edward L., Rethinking Constantine : history, theology, and legacy , [2014], IK25 RETH SMIT

South Asian Forum of the Evangelical Alliance, Discovering Jesus through Asian eyes : discussion guide, 2014, WB26 SOUT JTAE DISS

South Asian Forum of the Evangelical Alliance, Jesus through Asian eyes : 16 frequently asked questions about Jesus, life and faith in God, 2014, WB26 SOUT JTAE BOOK

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GT6 S889 1879

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