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April 2015

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Author, Title, Date, Call No.

Abernethy, Andrew T., Eating in Isaiah : approaching the role of food and drink in Isaiah’s structure and message, 2014, DN30 ABER EIIS

Adams, Marilyn McCord, Christ and horrors : the coherence of Christology, 2008, RR29 ADAM CAHO

Akala, Adesola Joan, The Son-Father relationship and Christological symbolism in the Gospel of John, 2014, FL AKAL SFRA

Aland, Barbara, Novum Testamentum Graecum : editio critica maior, 2011-2014, CB37 2011 NOVU

Aland, Barbara, Novum Testamentum Graecum : editio critica maior, 2011-2014, CB37 2011 NOVU

Allen, O. Wesley, Matthew, 2013, FK58 ALLE MATT

Allen, Ronald J., Acts of the apostles, 2013, FM8 ALLE AOTA

Anderson, Clifford B., Karl Barth and the making of evangelical theology : a fifty-year perspective, 2015, Perry GW28 B28 XA54

Anderson, Jeff S., The blessing and the curse : trajectories in the theology of the Old Testament, 2014, DX89 ANDE BATC

Arnold, Bill T., Introduction to the Old Testament, 2014, DD ARNO ITTO

Asbill, Brian D., The freedom of God for us : Karl Barth’s doctrine of divine aseity, 2015, GW28 B28 XA79

Barker, William D., Isaiah’s kingship polemic : an exegetical study in Isaiah 24-27, 2014, DN39 BARK IKPO

Barreto, Eric D., Thinking theologically : foundations for learning, 2015, RC75 THIN BARR

Barrick, William D., Ecclesiastes : the Philippians of the Old Testament, 2011, DM78 BARR ECCL

Bavinck, J. H., Between the beginning and the end : a radical kingdom vision, 2014, FX42 BAVI BTBA

Beale, G. K., God dwells among us : expanding Eden to the ends of the earth, 2014, DX89 BEAL GDAU

Becker, Matthew L., Fundamental theology : a Protestant perspective, 2015, RC15 BECK FTHE

Bendroth, Norman B., Transitional ministry today : successful strategies for churches and pastors, 2015, WP2.2 TRAN BEND

Bengtson, Vern L., Families and faith : how religion is passed down across generations, 2013, WA20 BENG FAFA

Betts, T. J., Amos : an ordinary man with an extraordinary message, 2011, DP58 BETT AMOS

Biennial Conference on Shifting Frontiers in Late Antiquity 2005 : University of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign campus), Romans, barbarians, and the transformation of the Roman world : cultural interaction and the creation of identity in late antiquity, 2011, HX74 BIEN RBAT

Bond, Helen K., Pontius Pilate in history and interpretation, 2004, FS73 BOND PPIH

Bradbury, John P., Perpetually reforming : a theology of church reform and renewal, 2014, UA23 BRAD PREF

Brattston, David W. T., Traditional Christian ethics, 2013-2014, QZ2.3 BRAT TCET

Brenner, Athalya, The Israelite woman : social role and literary type in biblical narrative, 2015, SD87.2 BREN IWOM

Brown, William P., The Oxford handbook of The Psalms, 2014, DM30 OXFO BROW

Burns, Stephen, Worship in context : liturgical theology, children and the city, 2006, UT4.5 BURN WICO

Burns, Stephen, Living the thanksgiving : exploring the Eucharist, 2006, UG37 BURN LTTH

Buxton, Richard F., Eucharist and institution narrative : a study in the Roman and Anglican traditions of the consecration of the Eucharist from the eighth to the twentieth centuries, 1976, UG30 BUXT EAIN

Campbell, William S., Medieval readings of Romans, 2007, FN30 MEDI CAMP

Carlson, Stephen C., The text of Galatians and its history, 2015, FN70 CARL TOGA

Carraway, George, Christ is God over all : Romans 9:5 in the context of Romans 9-11, 2013, FN39 CARR CIGO

Carson, Herbert M., The Christian and the state, 1957, UD11 CARS CATS

Chalmers, Aaron, Interpreting the prophets, 2015, DX20 CHAL ITPR

Chapman, David, Philippians : rejoicing and thanksgiving, 2012, FN98 CHAP PHIL

Chapple, Allan Leslie, True devotion : in search of authentic spirituality, 2014, XB58 CHAP TDEV

Charles, H. B., On preaching : personal & pastoral insights for the preparation & practice of preaching, 2014, WQ5 CHAR OPRE

Chester, Tim, Hosea : the passion of God, 2014, DP38 CHES HOSE

Clark, Bruce T., Completing Christ’s afflictions : Christ, Paul, and the reconciliation of all things, 2015, FP19 CLAR CCAF

Cleave, Derek, 1 Peter, 1999, FQ38 CLEA OPET

Coakley, Sarah, Re-thinking Gregory of Nyssa, 2004, GM3 G6 XC65

Collins, James C., Good to great : why some companies make the leap–and others don’t, 2001, WA28 COLL GTGR

Collins, John J., The Oxford handbook of apocalyptic literature, 2014, DX43 OXFO COLL

Cooper, Derek, Exploring church history, 2014, IC20 COOP ECHI

Cooper-White, Pamela, Exploring practices of ministry, 2014, UA16 COOP EPOM

Cox, John, It’s not your fault you’re stressed : helping leaders stay healthy, 2014, PP70 COXJ INYF

Cranston, David, On eagles’ wings : models in mentoring, 2014, WP6 CRAN OEWI

Crisp, Oliver D., Christianity and the disciplines : the transformation of the university, 2014, TU10 CHRI CRIS

Cruz, Joel Morales, The histories of the Latin American church : a handbook, 2014, MN57 CRUZ HOTH

Cruz, Joel Morales, The histories of the Latin American church : a brief introduction, 2014, MN57 CRUZ HOTB

Davis, Dale Ralph, I Kings : the wisdom and the folly, 2002, DL58 DAVI FKIN

Day, Juliette, Reading the liturgy : an exploration of texts in Christian worship, 2014, UH23 DAYJ RTLI

Dell, Katharine J., Reading Ecclesiastes intertextually, 2014, DM70 READ DELL

DeYoung, Kevin, Taking God at his word : why the Bible is knowable, necessary, and enough, and what that means for you and me, 2014, RE60 DEYO TGAH

Doak, Brian R., Consider Leviathan : narratives of nature and the self in Job, 2014, DM55 DOAK CLEV

Drury, Amanda, Saying is believing : the necessity of testimony in adolescent spiritual development, 2015, PW48 DRUR SIBE

Duguid, Iain M., The Song of Songs : an introduction and commentary, 2015, DM88 DUGU SOSO

Dwyer, Timothy, The Newell lectureships, 1992, CD30 NEWE DWYE

Eglinton, James Perman, Neo-Calvinism and the French Revolution, 2014, LP26 NEOC EGLI

Ellenburg, B. Dale, James : wisdom for the community, 2014, FQ28 ELLE JAME

Gaca, Kathy L., Early patristic readings of Romans, 2005, FN20 EARL GACA

Garcia Bachmann, Mercedes L, Women at work in the Deuteronomistic history, 2013, SD87.2 GARC WAWI

Gardner, Paul, Ephesians : encouragement and joy in Christ, 2007, FN88 GARD EPHE

Gardner, Paul, Revelation : the compassion and protection of Christ, 2008, FR8 GARD REVE

Gardner, Paul, 1 and 2 Peter and Jude : Christian living in an age of suffering, 2013, FQ18 GARD OATP

Gibson, William, Religious identities in Britain, 1660-1832, 2005, LS60 RELI GIBS

Gillingham, S. E., A journey of two Psalms : the reception of Psalms 1 and 2 in Jewish and Christian tradition, 2013, DM39 GILL JOTP

Goldberg, Sanford, Anti-individualism : mind and language, knowledge and justification, 2010, QT GOLD AIND

González, Justo L., The story Luke tells : Luke’s unique witness to the gospel, 2015, FM GONZ SLTE

Gorman, Michael J., The death of the Messiah and the birth of the new covenant : a (not so) new model of the atonement, 2014, RR87 GORM DOTM

Gourlay, Michael, The good bishop : the story of Mathew Hale (1811 – 1895), missionary, educator, pastor in three Australian colonies, 2015, MW66 GOUR GBIS

Graaff, Guido de, Politics in friendship : a theological account, 2014, SX13 GRAA PIFR

Grenholm, Cristina, Gender, tradition and Romans : shared ground, uncertain borders, 2005, FN30 GEND GREN

Grenholm, Cristina, Modern interpretations of Romans : tracking their hermeneutical theological trajectory, 2013, FN30 MODE PATT

Griffiths, Jonathan I., Hebrews and divine speech, 2014, FP90 GRIF HADS

Griffiths, Phillip D. R., From Calvin to Barth : a return to Protestant orthodoxy?, 2014, KK22 GRIF FCTB

Harrington, Wilfrid J., Reading Mark for the first time, 2013, FK60 HARR RMFT

Hastings, W. Ross (William Ross), 1956-, Jonathan Edwards and the life of God : toward an evangelical theology of participation, 2015, Perry ML23 EDWA XHAS

Hayes, Elizabeth R., ‘I lifted my eyes and saw’ : reading dream and vision reports in the Hebrew Bible, 2014, DX89 ILIF HAYE

Heffernan, Thomas J., The passion of Perpetua and Felicity, 2012, GK92 P453 XH46

Heger, Paul, Women in the Bible, Qumran, and early rabbinic literature : their status and roles, 2014, SD87.2 HEGE WITB

Helm, Paul, Faith, form, and fashion : classical Reformed theology and its postmodern critics, 2014, RK56 HELM FFAF

Hill, Wesley, Paul and the Trinity : persons, relations, and the Pauline letters, 2015, FX61 HILL PATT

Hitchcock, Karen, Dear life : on caring for the elderly, 2014, SK72 HITC DLIF

Ho, Sin-pan Daniel, Paul and the creation of a counter-cultural community : a rhetorical analysis of 1 Cor. 5-11.1 in light of the social lives of the Corinthians, 2015, FN40 HOSI PATC

Holt, Else Kragelund, Concerning the nations : essays on the oracles against the nations in Isaiah, Jeremiah and Ezekiel, 2015, DN CONC HOLT

Horrell, David G., Becoming Christian : essays on 1 Peter and the making of Christian identity, 2015, FQ30 HORR BCHR

Hudnut-Beumler, James David, Looking for God in the suburbs : the religion of the American dream and its critics, 1945-1965, 1994, MD20 HUDN LFGI

Hvalvik, Reidar, Early Christian prayer and identity formation, 2014, IA50 EARL HVAL

Im, Chandler H., Global diasporas and mission, 2014, NR6 GLOB IMCH

Inman, Daniel D., The making of modern English theology : God and the academy at Oxford, 1833-1945, 2014, TU55 INMA MOME

Irons, Charles Lee, The righteousness of God : a lexical examination of the covenant-faithfulness interpretation, 2015, FX61 IRON ROGO

Jacobsen, David Schnasa, Mark, 2014, FK68 JACO MARK

Jagessar, Michael N., Christian worship : postcolonial perspectives, 2014, UH23 JAGE CWOR

Jenkins, David Omar, Equipping the saints : best practices in contextual theological education, 2010, TX60 EQUI JENK

Jenson, Robert W., Theology as revisionary metaphysics : essays on God and creation, 2014, RK56 JENS TARM

Johnson, Patrick W. T., The mission of preaching : equipping the community for faithful witness, 2015, WQ5 JOHN MOPR

Jones, Marvin, Basil of Caesarea : his life and impact, 2014, GM3 B3 XJ76

Joyce, Paul M., The God Ezekiel creates, 2015, DN60 GODE JOYC

Keith, Chris, Mark, manuscripts, and monotheism : essays in honor of Larry W. Hurtado, 2015, FB MARK KEIT

Keller, Timothy J., Romans 8-10 for you, 2015, FN39 KELL RFYO

Kellum, L. Scott, Preaching the farewell discourse : an expository walk-through of John 13:31-17:26, 2014, FL9 KELL PTFD

Keymer, Nathaniel, The Durham mission tune-book, with supplement containing one hundred and fifty-nine hymn tunes, chants and litanies, for the Durham Mission hymn-book, 1888, VQE 1888 DURH

King, Nicholas, The helplessness of God : biblical models of leadership, 2014, WA28 KING HOGO

Kraft, Charles H., Appropriate Christianity, 2005, NR5 APPR KRAF

Kreider, Glenn R., God with us : exploring God’s personal interactions with his people throughout the Bible, 2014, RQ20 KREI GWUS

Kreitzer, L. Joseph, Striking new images : Roman imperial coinage and the New Testament world, 1996, HX43 KREI SNIM

Lamb, Lisa Washington, Blessed and beautiful : multiethnic churches and the preaching that sustains them, 2014, WA20 LAMB BABE

Lane, Eric, Proverbs : everyday wisdom for everyone, 2007, DM68 LANE PROV

Larsen, Knut Edvard, Power and partnership, 2014, SH37 POWE LARS

Lawson, Kevin E., Associate staff ministry : thriving personally, professionally, and relationally, 2014, WA28 LAWS ASMI

Lee, Jae Won, Paul and the politics of difference : a contextual study of the Jewish-Gentile difference in Galatians and Romans, 2014, FN20 LEEJ PATP

Lessing, R. Reed, Prepare the way of the Lord : an introduction to the Old Testament, 2014, DD LESS PTWO

Lewis, Karoline M., John, 2014, FL8 LEWI JOHN

Loewen, Nathan, Effective social learning : a collaborative, globally-networked pedagogy, 2014, TU10 LOEW ESLE

Lundbom, Jack R., Theology in language, rhetoric, and beyond : essays in Old and New Testament, 2014, CG5 LUND TILR

Luther, Martin, Divine kingdom, holy order : the political writings of Martin Luther, 2012, GT3.5 IEC 2012

Luy, David J., Dominus mortis : Martin Luther on the incorruptibility of God in Christ, 2014, GT7.1 L978

Macintosh, A. A., The T&T Clark Hebrew primer : for revision and consolidation, 2014, BJ56 MACI TATC

Mackay, John L., Jonah, Micah, Nahum, Habakkuk and Zephaniah : God’s just demands, 2008, DP18 MACK JONA

Mackay, John L., Haggai, Zechariah, and Malachi : God’s restored people, 2010, DQ78 MACK HAGG

Marsden, George M., The twilight of the American enlightenment : the 1950s and the crisis of liberal belief, 2014, MB94 MARS TOTA

Martin, Oren R., Bound for the promised land : the land promise in God’s redemptive plan, 2015, DX89 MART BFTP

McKenna, David L., Isaiah 40-66, 1994, DN38.5 MCKE ISAI

Middleton, J. Richard, A new heaven and a new earth : reclaiming biblical eschatology, 2014, DX87 MIDD NHAA

Mihoc, Vasile, Greek patristic and Eastern Orthodox interpretations of Romans, 2013, FN30 GREE MIHO

Molnar, Paul D., Faith, freedom, and the Spirit : the economic trinity in Barth, Torrance and contemporary theology, 2015, RQ37 MOLN FFAT

Moo, Douglas J., Studies in the Pauline Epistles : essays in honor of Douglas J. Moo, 2014, FN20 STUD HARM

Morley, Brian, Mapping apologetics : comparing contemporary approaches, 2015, RC62 MORL MAPO

Mowinckel, Sigmund, Psalm studies, 2014, DM38 MOWI PSTU

Muck, Terry C., Handbook of religion : a Christian engagement with traditions, teachings, and practices, 2014, OC7 HAND MUCK

Nehrbass, Daniel Michael, Praying curses : the therapeutic and preaching value of the imprecatory Psalms, 2013, DM30 NEHR PCUR

Nelson, R. David, Indicative of grace, imperative of freedom : essays in honour of Eberhard Jüngel in his 80th year, 2014, RK56 INDI NELS

Nyunt, Peter Thein, Missions amidst pagodas : contextual communication of the Gospel in the Burmese Buddhist context, 2014, MU14 NYUN MAPA

O’Brien, Mark A., Restoring the right relationship : the Bible on divine righteousness, 2014, DX89 OBRI RTRR

Odell-Scott, David W., Reading Romans with contemporary philosophers and theologians, 2007, FN30 READ ODEL

O’Donovan, Oliver, The authority of the gospel : explorations in moral and political theology in honor of Oliver O’Donovan, 2015, QZ6 AUTH SONG

Oh, Abraham Sung-Ho, Oh, that you would rend the heavens and come down! : the eschatological theology of Third Isaiah (Isaiah 56-66), 2014, DN39 OHAB OTYW

Olson, Roger E, Reclaiming pietism : retrieving an evangelical tradition, 2015, Perry JG82 OLSO RPIE

Ormerod, Neil, A public God : natural theology reconsidered, 2015, RB23 ORME PGOD

Oswald, Roy M., The emotional intelligence of Jesus : relational smarts for religious leaders, 2015, PV40 OSWA EIOJ

Parsons, Mikeal C., Luke, 2015, FK78 PARS LUKE

Patte, Daniel, Engaging Augustine on Romans : self, context, and theology in interpretation, 2002, FN30 ENGA PATT

Peeler, Amy L. B., You are my son : the family of God in the epistle to the Hebrews, 2014, FP90 PEEL YAMS

Percy, Martyn, The ecclesial canopy : faith, hope, and charity, 2012, WA20 PERC ECAN

Perdue, Leo G., Israel and empire : a postcolonial history of Israel and early Judaism, 2015, HP23 PERD IAEM

Pipa, Joseph A., Galatians : God’s proclamation of liberty, 2010, FN78 PIPA GALA

Porter, Stanley E., Constantine Tischendorf : the life and work of a 19th century Bible hunter ; including Constantine Tischendorf’s “When were our Gospels written?”, 2015, CF16 TISC XPOR

Poulsen, Frederik, God, His servant, and the nations in Isaiah 42:1-9 : biblical theological reflections after Brevard S. Childs and Hans Hübner, 2014, DN39 POUL GHSA

Poythress, Vern Sheridan, Redeeming science : a God-centered approach, 2006, RF25 POYT RSCI

Price, Charles, Matthew : the king and his kingdom, 2012, FK58 PRIC MATT

Reeves, Michael, Rejoicing in Christ, 2015, RR28 REEV RICH

Rendle, Gilbert R., Doing the math of mission : fruits, faithfulness, and metrics, 2014, WA20 REND DTMO

Riches, John Kenneth, The Bible : a very short introduction, 2000, CD90 RICH BIBL

Ritmeyer, Leen, Jerusalem in the time of Nehemiah, 2014, CM41.5 RITM JITT

Rivers, Isabel, Reason, grace, and sentiment : a study of the language of religion and ethics in England, 1660-1780, 2005, JF54 RIVE RGAS

Rom-Shiloni, Dalit, Exclusive inclusivity : identity conflicts between the exiles and the people who remained (6th-5th centuries BCE), 2013, DG ROMS EINC

Rothschild, Clare K., Paul in Athens : the popular religious context of Acts 17, 2014, FM9 ROTH PIAT

Runge, Steven E., Romans : a visual and textual guide, 2014, FN38 RUNG ROMA

Scarlata, Mark William, Outside of Eden : Cain in the ancient versions of Genesis 4:1-16, 2013, DK36.3 SCAR OOED

Scharen, Christian, Explorations in ecclesiology and ethnography, 2012, UA23 EXPL SCHA

Singh, David Emmanuel, Jesus and the resurrection : reflections of Christians from Islamic contexts, 2014, OT55 JESU SING

Sire, James W., Naming the elephant : worldview as a concept, 2015, QS SIRE NTEL

Sloyan, Gerard S., John, 1988, FL8 SLOY JOHN

Southwell, Sharon, The life of love, an invitation : fifty-two reflections on emotional and spiritual healing, 2014, PX31 SOUT LOLO

Stuhlman, Byron D., Eucharistic celebration, 1789-1979, 1988, UG37 STUH ECSE

Sutton, Matthew Avery, American apocalypse : a history of modern evangelicalism, 2014, Perry MKE2 SUTT APOC

Tapie, Matthew A., Aquinas on Israel and the church : the question of supersessionism in the theology of Thomas Aquinas, 2014, GQ90 T172

Tapsell, Grant, The later Stuart Church, 1660-1714, 2012, LS30 LATE TAPS

Thate, Michael J., “In Christ” in Paul : explorations in Paul’s theology of union and participation, 2014, FX63 INCH THAT

Thiselton, Anthony C., A lifetime in the Church and the university, 2015, LQ1 THIS THIS

Thiselton, Anthony C., The Thiselton companion to Christian theology, 2015, Ref RC14 THIS TCTC

Thurén, Lauri, Parables unplugged : reading the Lukan parables in their rhetorical context, 2014, FX34 THUR PUNP

Tidball, Derek, Revisioning, renewing, rediscovering the triune center : essays in honor of Stanley J. Grenz, 2014, RK56 REVI TIDB

Tippett, Alan R., Slippery paths in the darkness : papers on syncretism: 1965-1988, 2014, NR6 TIPP SPIT

Toon, Peter, Our triune God : a biblical portrayal of the trinity, 2002, RQ36 TOON OTGO

Veith, Gene Edward, God at work : your Christian vocation in all of life, 2002, XW55 VEIT GAWO

Vermès, Géza, The true Herod, 2014, FT70 VERM THER

Wacker, Grant, America’s pastor : Billy Graham and the shaping of a nation, 2014, Perry MA5 GRAH WACK

Waddell, Peter, Joy : the meaning of the sacraments, 2012, UG15 WADD JOYT

Walker, Andrew, Deep church rising : the third schism and the recovery of Christian orthodoxy, 2014, UA23 WALK DCRI

Walls, Jerry L., Heaven, hell, and purgatory : rethinking the things that matter most, 2015, RW WALL HHAP

Walton, John H., The lost world of Adam and Eve : Genesis 2-3 and the human origins debate, 2015, DK36.3 WALT LWOA

Ward, Pete, Perspectives on ecclesiology and ethnography, 2012, UA23 PERS WARD

Wardlaw, Terrance Randall, Elohim within the Psalms : petitioning the Creator to order chaos in oral-derived literature, 2015, DM35 WARD EWTP

Watts, James W., Leviticus 1-10, 2013, DK59 WATT LOTT

Waugh, Robin, The genre of medieval patience literature : development, duplication, and gender, 2012, SD82.3 WAUG GOMP

Weaver, Joseph, Global perspectives on the New Testament, 2014, FB GLOB RONC

Weaver, Joseph, Global perspectives on the Bible, 2014, CG GLOB RONC

Weaver, Joseph, Global perspectives on the Old Testament, 2014, DB GLOB RONC

Wiedel, Jason, Persecution complex : why American Christians need to stop playing the victim, 2014, MD20 WIED PCOM

Williams, Travis B., Good works in 1 Peter : negotiating social conflict and Christian identity in the Greco-Roman world, 2014, FQ39 WILL GWIO

Willis, John T., Instruction shall go forth : studies in Micah and Isaiah, 2014, DN WILL ISGF

Wilson, Lindsay, Job, 2015, DM58 WILS JOBT

Yonkman, Todd Grant, Reconstructing church : tools for turning your congregation around, 2014, WA20 YONK RCHU

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