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May 2015

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Author, Title, Date, Call No.

Achtemeier, Mark, The Bible’s yes to same-sex marriage : an evangelical’s change of heart, 2014, SD61.2 ACHT BYTS

Ammerman, Nancy Tatom, Sacred stories, spiritual tribes : finding religion in everyday life, 2014, MD20 AMME SSST

Anderson, William H. U., Scepticism and ironic correlations in the joy statements of Qoheleth?, 2010, DM70 ANDE SAIC

Anglican Church of Australia, An Australian lectionary : 2014 : year A (Matthew), 2013, Ref UP17 ANGL ALEC 2014

Ault, James, African Christianity rising [DVD], 2013, Video MX14 AFRI AULT

Australian Copyright Council, Copyright essentials, 2015, Ref AK50 AUST CESS

Avery, Gayle, Understanding leadership : paradigms and cases, 2004, PW96 AVER ULEA

Ball, Carol Elaine, Jonathan Edwards : “born to be a man of strife” : the evolution of a persona, 2012, Theses ML23 EDWA XBAL

Balserak, Jon, John Calvin as sixteenth-century prophet, 2014, Perry GU3 B196

Barclay, John M. G., Divine and human agency in Paul and his cultural environment, 2008, FX60 DIVI BARC

Baschera, Luca, Following Zwingli : applying the past in Reformation Zurich, 2014, Perry LM66 FOLL BASC

Beckett, Fran, Leading community projects : keeping a missional focus, 2014, WA20 BECK LCPR

Begg, Alistair, Preaching for God’s glory, 2011, WQ5 BEGG PFGG

Billings, J. Todd, Rejoicing in lament : wrestling with incurable cancer & life in Christ, 2015, YX67 BILL RILA

Billington, Wendy, Growing a caring church : practical guidelines for pastoral care, 2010, WP6 BILL GACC

Boda, Mark J., Return to me : a biblical theology of repentance, 2015, RS35 BODA RTME

Boer, Erik Alexander de, The Genevan school of the prophets : the congrégations of the Company of Pastors and their influence in 16th century Europe, 2012, Perry LM85.2 BOER GSOT

Bottomley, John, Hard work never killed anybody : how the idolisation of work sustains this deadly lie, 2015, XW55 BOTT HWNK

Brainerd, Winthrop, Three essays in honor of the publication of “The life of David Brainerd”, 1985, Perry ML23 EDWA XBRA 1985

Brueggemann, Walter, From whom no secrets are hid : introducing the Psalms, 2014, DM30 BRUE FWNS

Burdett, Michael S., Technology and the rise of transhumanism : beyond genetic engineering, 2014, YX24 BURD TATR

Burns, Stephen, Liturgical spirituality : Anglican reflections on the church’s prayer, 2013, UU1 LITU BURN

Burns, Stephen, Worship and ministry : shaped towards God, 2013, UG BURN WAMI

Campbell, D. Keith, Of heroes and villains : the influence of the psalmic lament on synoptic characterization, 2013, FK CAMP OHAV

Caspi, Mishael, Job of Uz : suffering of the righteous and the justice of God, 2012, DM55 JOBO CASP

Chadwick, Charles, How to prepare and conduct a funeral : for readers and other lay ministers, 2014, UP44 CHAD HTPA

Chant, Barry, This is revival : a fresh look at revival : reliving the New Testament in the 21st century, 2013, Perry WB31 CHAN TIRE

Chapman, David W., The trial and crucifixion of Jesus : texts and commentary, 2015, FS70 CHAP TACO

Charles, Ronald, Paul and the politics of diaspora, 2014, FT31 CHAR PATP

Christie, Nancy, The sixties and beyond : dechristianization in North America and Western Europe, 1945-2000, 2013, IT SIXT CHRI

Church of England. Archbishops’ Council, From anecdote to evidence : findings from the Church Growth Research Programme 2011-2013, 2013?, Q WA20 FROM CHUR

Clark, Terry Ray, I will be king over you! : the rhetoric of divine kingship in the book of Ezekiel, 2014, DN60 CLAR IWBK

Coe, Bufford W., John Wesley and marriage, 1996, Perry LU64 COEB JWAM

Darlington, Paul, Evangelical ministry in a non-evangelical parish, 2009, Perry WP2.2 DARL EMIA

Dawson, Claire, A climate of hope : church and mission in a warming world, 2014, RF30 DAWS COHO

Dickson, John P., A doubter’s guide to the Bible : inside history’s bestseller for believers and skeptics, 2014, CD91 DICK DGTT

Dow, Graham, Leading rural churches for growth : challenges and strategies, 2014, SI45 DOWG LRCF

Dozeman, Thomas B., The Book of Exodus : composition, reception, and interpretation, 2014, DK40 BOOK DOZE

Dunlop, Sheila Smith, Some suitable women : a study of an Anglican religious community for women : it’s work with the mission to the streets and lanes in Melbourne and beyond 1888-2013, 2014, MW66.6 DUNL SSWO

Edelman, Diana Vikander, Memory and the city in ancient Israel, 2014, HP30 MEMO EDEL

Edwards, Douglas R., Religion and society in Roman Palestine : old questions, new approaches, 2004, HP37.5 RELI EDWA

Edwards, James R., The Gospel according to Luke, 2015, FK78 EDWA GATL

Eklund, Rebekah Ann, Jesus wept : the significance of Jesus’ laments in the New Testament, 2015, FS90 EKLU JWEP

Eve, Eric, Behind the Gospels : understanding the oral tradition, 2014, FJ5 EVEE BTGO

Farris, Joshua Ryan, The Ashgate research companion to theological anthropology, 2015, RU ASHG FARR

Flintham, Alan, Sustaining hope in school leadership, 2014, TF3 FLIN SHIS

Forbes, Greg W., Raised from obscurity : a narratival and theological study of the characterization of women in Luke – Acts, 2015, FM FORB RFOB

Garrett, Duane A., A commentary on Exodus, 2014, DK48 GARR COEX

Gatiss, Lee, The forgotten Cross : some neglected aspects of the Cross of Christ, 2014, FS74 GATI FCRO

González, Justo L., An introduction to Christian theology, 2002, RC33 GONZ ITCT

Grams, Rollin Gene, Bible and mission : a conversation between biblical studies and missiology, 2008, NR3 BIBL GRAM

Hammond, Cally, The sound of the liturgy : how words work in worship, 2015, UH23 HAMM SOTL

Harris, Mark, The nature of creation : examining the Bible and science, 2013, RF26 HARR NOCR

Hart, Peter, Indoctrination and youth ministry : choice or coercion?, 2014, WA70 HART IAYM

Hart, Trevor, Faithful performances : enacting Christian tradition, 2007, XY70 FAIT HART

Hays, Christopher B., Hidden riches : a sourcebook for the comparative study of the Hebrew Bible and ancient Near East, 2014, CP85 HAYS HRIC

Helm, Nick, Ignatius of Loyola : a guise for spiritual growth and discipleship, 2014, IX71 XHEL 2014

Hiney, Tom, On the missionary trail : a journey through Polynesia, Asia, and Africa with the London Missionary Society, 2000, Perry NE5 LMSO HINE

Hollingworth, Miles, Saint Augustine of Hippo : an intellectual biography, 2013, GN3 XH74 2013

Ibrahim, Raymond, Crucified again : exposing Islam’s new war on Christians, 2013, OT55 IBRA CAGA

Ingleby, Jonathan, Contextualisation and mission training : engaging Asia’s religious worlds, 2013, MP14 CONT INGL

Irvine, Christopher, The cross and creation in Christian liturgy and art, 2013, YF75 IRVI CACI

Isham, Thomas Garrett, A born again Episcopalian : the evangelical witness of Charles Petit McIlvaine, 2011, Perry MGE2 MCIL XISH

Kagarise, Robby J., Paul’s charismatic imperatives, 2014, FX64 KAGA PCIM

Kaiser, Walter C., Biblical portraits of creation : celebrating the maker of heaven and earth, 2014, DX83 KAIS BPOC

Kärkkäinen, Veli-Matti, Trinity and revelation, 2014, RQ37 KARK TARE

Kärkkäinen, Veli-Matti, Creation and humanity, 2015, RU KARK CAHU

Keifert, Patrick R., Forming the missional church : creating deep cultural change in congregations, 2014, WA20 KEIF FTMC

Kibble, David G., Interrogational torture : can saving lives justify its use?, 2014, SX15 KIBB ITOR

Kidd, Thomas S., George Whitefield : America’s spiritual founding father, 2014, LU92 WHIT XKID

Kim, Yosep, The identity and the life of the church : John Calvin’s ecclesiology in the perspective of his anthropology, 2014, Perry GU3 K491

Knafl, Anne Katherine, Forming God : divine anthropomorphism in the Pentateuch, 2014, DK16 KNAF FGOD

Koerner, Joseph Leo, The reformation of the image, 2008, YF23 KOER ROTI

Krause, Katharina, Jonathan Edwards’ Beitrag zum Freiheitsdiskurs, 2012, Perry ML23 EDWA XKRA

Lambert, W. G., Babylonian creation myths, 2013, BF71 LAMB BCMY

Leal, Dave, On gay marriage, 2014, SD61.5 LEAL OGMA

Leithart, Peter J., Traces of the Trinity : signs of God in creation and human experience, 2015, RQ37 LEIT TOTT

Lennox, John C., Against the flow : the inspiration of Daniel in an age of relativism, 2015, DN78 LENN ATFL

Manetsch, Scott M., Calvin’s company of pastors : pastoral care and the emerging Reformed Church, 1536-1609, 2015, Perry LM85 MANE CCOP

Marti, Gerardo, The deconstructed church : understanding emerging Christianity, 2014, UA23 MART DCHU

Martin, Ralph P., 2 Corinthians, 2014, FN48 MART TCOR 2014

Martin, Sarah, Davis McCaughey : a life, 2012, MW68 MCCA XMAR

McGinn, Bernard, Thomas Aquinas’s Summa theologiae : a biography, 2014, GQ91 M145

Middleton, Vern, Donald McGavran : his early life and ministry : an apostolic vision for reaching the nations : a biography, 2011, Perry NM MCGA XMID

Miller, Monica R., The hip hop and religion reader :, 2015, VA30 HIPH MILL

Miller, Nick, Edith Cavell : a forgotten heroine, 2014, YX93 CAVE XMIL

Moeller, Pamela Ann, Calvin’s doxology : worship in the 1559 Institutes with a view to contemporary worship renewal, 2008, Perry GU3 M693

Möller, Karl, Reading Amos as a book, 2014, DP50 MOLL RAAA

Moore, Richard K., Paul’s concept of justification : God’s gift of a right relationship, 2015, FX63 MOOR PCOJ

Nanos, Mark D., Paul within Judaism : restoring the first-century context to the apostle, 2015, FT31 PAUL NANO

Niehaus, Jeffrey Jay, Biblical theology, 2014, DW30 NIEH BTHE

Norcross, Neville, Christian values for church schools, 2014, TF3 NORC CVFC

O’Brien, Glen, Christian worship : a theological and historical introduction, 2014, UG12 OBRI CWOR

Old, Hughes Oliphant, Holy Communion in the piety of the Reformed church, 2013, Perry UG30 OLDH HCIT

Paterson, Michael, Enriching ministry : pastoral supervision in practice, 2014, WP3 ENRI PATE

Patterson, W. B., William Perkins and the making of a Protestant England, 2014, Perry LS32 PERK XPAT

Perkins, William, The works of William Perkins, 2014-, Perry GX56 P448 AY

Piggott, Andy, Leaving well : exploring aspects of moving from one ministry to another, 2014, WP3 PIGG LWEL

Piper, John, Spectacular sins : and their global purpose in the glory of Christ, 2013, RU33 PIPE SSIN

Plant, Stephen J., Taking stock of Bonhoeffer : studies in biblical interpretation and ethics, 2014, GW28 B714 XP71 2014

Poggo, Anthony, Come let us rebuild : lessons from Nehemiah, 2013, DL88 POGO CLUR

Pohlmann, David, School chaplaincy : an introduction, 2014, TF3 POHL SCHA

Rawlings, Phil, Engaging with Muslims : building cohesion while seeking conversion, 2014, OT55 RAWL EWMU

Reiss, Peter, Infants and children : baptism and Communion, 2015, UG40.5 REIS IACH

Richards, Anne, Children in the Bible : a fresh approach, 2013, SD10.2 RICH CITB

Roberts, Vaughan, True friendship : walking shoulder to shoulder, 2013, XW52 ROBE TFRI

Roberts, Vaughan, Battles Christians face : tackling big issues with confidence, 2013, XW ROBE BCFA

Robinson, Ian, Burning hope : a progressive evangelical road to renewal, 2014, Perry WA20 ROBI BHOP

Roth, Martin, Journey out of nothing : my Buddhist path to Christianity, 2015, ON76 ROTH XROT

Rowe, Kenneth E., The place of Wesley in the Christian tradition : essays delivered at Drew University in celebration of the commencement of the publication of the Oxford edition of the works of John Wesley, 1976, Perry LU64 PLAC ROWE

Schlimm, Matthew Richard, This strange and sacred scripture : wrestling with the Old Testament and its oddities, 2015, DX SCHL TSAS

Sedlacek, Tomas, Economics of good and evil : the quest for economic meaning from Gilgamesh to Wall Street, 2013, SQ37 SEDL EOGA

Silverman, Jason M., Opening heaven’s floodgates : the Genesis flood narrative, its context, and reception, 2013, DK36.6 OPEN SILV

Stanglin, Keith D., Jacob Arminius : theologian of grace, 2012, Perry GW15 A729 XS78 2012

Stiebert, Johanna, Fathers and daughters in the Hebrew Bible, 2013, SD10.2 STIE FADI

Strobel, Lee, The case for grace : a journalist explores the evidence of transformed lives, 2015, RS52 STRO CFGR

Sumpter, Tim, Freshly expressed church : lessons from fresh expressions for the wider church, 2014, WA20 SUMP FECH

Sweet, Leonard I., Giving blood : a fresh paradigm for preaching, 2014, WQ5 SWEE GBLO

Sydney College of Divinity, Learning and teaching theology : some ways ahead, 2014, TX69 SYDN LATT

Tautges, Paul, Comfort the grieving : ministering God’s grace in times of loss, 2014, WP8.6 TAUT CTGR

Thiselton, Anthony C., The SPCK dictionary of theology and hermeneutics : an A-Z of key concepts, thinkers and movements, 2015, Ref CH SPCK THIS

Toombs, Joel, Mentoring and young people : a rational, flexible, holistic approach to discipleship, 2014, WA70 TOOM MAYP

Trimm, Charlie, YHWH fights for them! : the divine warrior in the Exodus narrative, 2014, DK49 TRIM YFFT

Trueman, Carl R., Luther on the Christian life : cross and freedom, 2015, Perry GT7 T866

Vásquez, Víctor Manuel Morales, Contours of a biblical reception theory : studies in the Rezeptionsgeschichte of Romans 13.1-7, 2012, FN39 VASQ COAB

Vidu, Adonis, PulpitTalk preaching and hermeneutics. [cassette], 2014, WQ5 PULP V:12:2

Wakefield, Gavin, Doing evangelism ethically, 2014, WB23 WAKE DEET

Wakefield, Gavin, The wise pastor : leaning from Gregory the Great’s ‘Pastoral rule’, 2014, KH48 G5 WAKE

Watts, John D. W., Isaiah, 1989, DN30 WATT ISAI

Weissbort, Daniel, Translation : theory and practice : a historical reader, 2006, BB30 TRAN WEIS

Wellington, James, Praying the Psalms with Jesus : a journey of discovery and recognition, 2015, DM30 WELL PTPW

Weren, Wihelmus Johannes Cornelis, Studies in Matthew’s Gospel : literary design, intertextuality, and social setting, 2014, FK50 WERE SIMG

Whitlark, Jason A., Resisting empire : rethinking the purpose of the letter to “the Hebrews”, 2014, FP90 WHIT REMP

Whitney, Donald S., Finding God in solitude : the personal piety of Jonathan Edwards (1703-1758) and its influence on his pastoral ministry, 2014, Perry ML23 EDWA XWHI

Wilcock, Michael, Jeremiah and Lamentations : the dream of a dream, and what came after, 2013, DN48 WILC JALA

Williams, Rowan, Being Christian : baptism, Bible, Eucharist, prayer, 2014, XB58 WILL BCHR

Wilson, Tom, A theology of hospitality for Anglican schools, 2014, TF3 WILS TOHI

Wright, Andrew, Christianity and critical realism : ambiguity, truth, and theological literacy, 2014, RA43 WRIG CACR

Wright, Stephen I., Why read the Apocrypha : the books that Protestants forgot, 2014, ED WRIG WRTA

Wurthwein, Ernst, The text of the Old Testament : an introduction to the Biblia Hebraica, 2014, DF WURT TOTO 2014

Zevit, Ziony, What really happened in the Garden of Eden?, 2013, DK36.3 ZEVI WRHI

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