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Author, Title, Date, Call No. Allen, David M., The historical character of Jesus : canonical insights from outside the gospels, 2014, FS24 ALLE HCOJ American Psychiatric Association, Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders : DSM-5, 2013, Ref PX23 DIAG AMER 2013 Arney, Lilliane, German grammar, 2002, Ref BT25 GERG ARNE Arney, Lilliane, German vocabulary, 2011, Ref BT25 GERV ARNE Australian Bureau of Statistics, A picture of the nation : the statistician’s report on the 2006 census, 2009, Q MW60.5 AUST POTN Bacote, Vincent, The political disciple : a theology of public life, 2015, SX14 BACO PDIS Barbeau, Jeffrey W., Spirit of God : Christian renewal in the community of faith, 2015, RT5 SPIR BARB Barker, Graham, From woe to go! : a training text for Christian counsellors, 2014, PX34 BARK FWTG Bates, Matthew W., The birth of the Trinity : Jesus, God, and Spirit in New Testament and early Christian interpretations of the Old Testament, 2015, RQ37 BATE BOTT Bezzant, Rhys Stewart, Standing on their shoulders : heroes of the faith for today, 2015, HA16 BEZZ SOTS Bhattacharji, Santha, Prayer and thought in monastic tradition : essays in honour of Benedicta Ward, 2014, IX30 PRAY BHAT Brueggemann, Walter, Ice axes for frozen seas : a biblical theology of provocation, 2014, DW30 BRUE IAFF Bullard, Collin Blake, Jesus and the thoughts of many hearts : implicit Christology and Jesus’ knowledge in the Gospel of Luke, 2015, FK70 BULL JATT Burns, J. Patout, Christianity in Roman Africa : the development of its practices and beliefs, 2014, IJ24 BURN CIRA Carl, William J., Preaching Christian doctrine, 1984, WQ5 CARL PCDO Carroll R., M. Daniel, Christians at the border : immigration, the church, and the Bible, 2013, SF18 CARR CATB Carter, Anthony J., Blood work : how the blood of Christ accomplishes our salvation, 2013, FX93 CART BWOR Carter, Warren, The New Testament : methods and meanings, 2013, FD CART NTES Cook, E. Dean, Chaplaincy : being God’s presence in closed communities : a Free Methodist history 1935-2010, 2010, WP2.2 COOK CHAP Culling, Elizabeth, Using the Bible in spiritual direction, 2015, XD5 CULL UTBI Cyril, Commentary on John, 2013-2015, FL8 CYRI COJO DeSilva, David Arthur, The Apocrypha, 2012, ED DESI APOC Flint, Peter W., The Dead Sea scrolls, 2013, EY51 FLIN DSSC Gathercole, Simon J., Defending substitution : an essay on atonement in Paul, 2015, FX62 GATH DSUB González, Justo L., The history of theological education, 2015, TX30 GONZ HOTE Green, Joel B., Why salvation?, 2013, FX23 GREE WSAL Guthrie, George H., 2 Corinthians, 2015, FN48 GUTH TCOR Harris, Brian S., The big picture : building blocks of a Christian world view, 2015, RK56 HARR BPIC Hawkins, Justin, The medieval Puritan : three case studies of scholastic themes in Jonathan Edwards, 2015, Q ML23 EDWA XHAW Heintzman, Paul, Leisure and spirituality : biblical, historical, and contemporary perspectives, 2015, XY30 HEIN LASP Henderson, Suzanne Watts, Christ and community : the gospel witness to Jesus, 2015, FJ HEND CACO Hill, Wesley, Spiritual friendship : finding love in the church as a celibate gay Christian, 2015, XW52 HILL SFRI Hodge, Caroline Johnson, ‘The one who sows bountifully’ : essays in honor of Stanley K. Stowers, 2013, HH20 ONEW HODG Hoffmeier, James Karl, Genesis : history, fiction, or neither : three views on the Bible’s earliest chapters, 2015, DK39 HOFF GENE Honeywill, Ross, NEO power : how the new economic order is changing the way we live, work and play, 2006, MW61.1 HONE NPOW Hunsinger, George, Reading Barth with charity : a hermeneutical proposal, 2015, GW28 B28 XH93 2015 Hunsinger, George, Evangelical, Catholic, and Reformed : doctrinal essays on Barth and related themes, 2015, RK56 HUNS ECAR Hvalvik, Reidar, The struggle for Scripture and covenant : the purpose of the Epistle of Barnabas and Jewish-Christian competition in the second century, 1996, GH2 XH98 Inglis, Holly J., Sticky learning : how neuroscience supports teaching that’s remembered, 2014, PV40 INGL SLEA Johnson, Todd M., Our global families : Christians embracing common identity in a changing world, 2015, IC32 JOHN OGFA Jonker, Peter, Preaching in pictures : using images for sermons that connect, 2015, WQ8 JONK PIPI Kohlenberger, John R., NIV exhaustive Bible concordance, 2015, Ref CD29 NIVE KOHL Langton, Daniel R., The Apostle Paul in the Jewish imagination : a study in modern Jewish-Christian relations, 2010, FT31 LANG APIT Lewis, Rick, Mentoring matters : building strong Christian leaders, avoiding burnout, reaching the finishing line, 2009, WP6 LEWI MMAT Lloyd, Trevor, How to distribute Communion, 2014, UG40 LLOY HODC Mackay, Hugh, The good life, 2013, XW MACK GLIF Malcolm, Matthew R., All that the prophets have declared : the appropriation of Scripture in the emergence of Christianity, 2015, DX55 ALLT MALC McCarthy, David Matzko, The good life : genuine Christianity for the middle class, 2004, XB58 MCCA GLIF McKee, Carol Ball, Approaching Jonathan Edwards : the evolution of a persona, 2015, Perry ML23 EDWA XMCK Meek, Esther L., Loving to know : introducing covenant epistemology, 2011, QT3 MEEK LTKN Nowell, Irene, Jonah, Tobit, Judith, 2015, DQ28 NOWE JTJU O’Brien, Glen, Methodism in Australia : a history, 2015, MW67M METH OBRI Oswalt, Jerry E., Proclaiming the whole counsel of God : suggestions for planning and preparing doctrinal sermons, 1993, WQ8 OSWA PTWC Paget, James Carleton, The New Cambridge history of the Bible, 2012-2015, CD50 NEWC MARS Petterson, Anthony R., Haggai, Zechariah & Malachi, 2015, DQ78 PETT HZAM Piper, John, Doctrine matters : ten theological trademarks from a lifetime of preaching, 2014, RK56 PIPE DMAT Plantinga, Alvin, Knowledge and Christian belief, 2015, RC75 PLAN KACB Provan, Iain W., Seriously dangerous religion : what the Old Testament really says and why it matters, 2014, DX PROV SDRE Rathe, Alan, Evangelicals, worship, and participation : taking a twenty-first century reading, 2014, Perry UG RATH EWAP Reid, Stephen Breck, The values and benefits of sports chaplaincy in Australia, 2013, Q XY45 REID VABO Rhodes, Neil, English Renaissance translation theory, 2013, BB30 ENGL RHOD Schwartz, Glenn, When charity destroys dignity : overcoming unhealthy dependency in the Christian movement : a compendium, 2007, NR5 SCHW WCDD Segger, Glen J., Richard Baxter’s Reformed liturgy : a Puritan alternative to the Book of common prayer, 2014, Perry GX56 B355 XS45 Senior, Donald, Why the Cross?, 2014, FS74 SENI WTCR Shaw, Perry, Transforming theological education : a practical handbook for integrative learning, 2014, TX33 SHAW TTED Smith, Daniel Lynwood, Into the world of the New Testament : Greco-Roman and Jewish texts and contexts, 2015, FF SMIT ITWO Spark Publishing, German grammar, 2003, BT25 GERM SPAR Stanglin, Keith D., Reconsidering Arminius : beyond the Reformed and Wesleyan divide, 2014, Perry GW15 A729 XS78 2014 Sumney, Jerry L., Paul : apostle and fellow traveler, 2014, FX60 SUMN PAUL Swift, Christopher, Hospital chaplaincy in the twenty-first century : the crisis of spiritual care on the NHS, 2014, WP8.5 SWIF HCIT Tovey, Phillip, Anglican confirmation : 1662-1820, 2014, UG48 TOVE ACON Tovey, Phillip, Eighteenth-century Anglican confirmation : renewing the covenant of grace, 2015, UG48 TOVE ECAC Trebilco, Paul R., The early Christians in Ephesus from Paul to Ignatius, 2007, IJ57 TREB ECIE Westberg, Daniel A., Renewing moral theology : Christian ethics as action, character and grace, 2015, QZ6 WEST RMTH Wilson, Paul Scott, Preaching as poetry : beauty, goodness, and truth in every sermon, 2014, WQ5 WILS PAPO Wolterstorff, Nicholas, The God we worship : an exploration of liturgical theology, 2015, UH23 WOLT GWWO Young, Alistair, Environment, economy, and Christian ethics : alternative views on Christians and markets, 2015, RF30 YOUN EEAC  

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