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March 2015

Author, Title, Date, Call No.

Where truth and justice meet : spring harvest 1987, 1987, VR60 1987 WTAJ

Songs of the nations, 1988, VI43 SISO V:3

Acworth, Richard, Creation, evolution and the Christian faith, 1970?, RF22 ACWO CEAT

Alexander, Denis, Creation or evolution : do we have to choose?, 2014, RF22 ALEX COEV

Anderson, James N., What’s your worldview? : an interactive approach to life’s big questions, 2014, QQ ANDE WYWO

Anglican Church of Australia. General Synod. Standing Committee (2014), The constitution, canons and rules of the Anglican Church of Australia 2014, 2014, MW66M 2014 CONS

Arterbury, Andrew E., Engaging the Christian scriptures : an introduction to the Bible, 2014, CD90 ARTE ETCS

Aston, Margaret, Thomas Arundel : a study of church life in the reign of Richard II, 1967, LS24 ASTO TARU

Augustine, Confessions, 1966, Ebook

Avis, Paul D. L., The Anglican understanding of the church : an introduction, 2013, KM3 AVIS AUOT 2013

Baelz, Peter R., Prayer and providence : a background study, 1968, UU5 BAEL PAPR

Baillie, John, A reasoned faith : collected addresses, 1963, WV10 BAIL RFAI

Banks, Robert, The tyranny of time : when 24 hours is not enough, 1983, XB57 BANK TOTI

Baxter, J. Sidlow, His part and ours : devotional expositions gathering round the Scripture usage of the possessive pronoun ‘my’, 1937, WV10 BAXT HPAO

Beach, Lee, The church in exile : living in hope after Christendom, 2015, IU BEAC CIEX

Beale, G. K., An interpretive lexicon of New Testament Greek : analysis of prepositions, adverbs, particles, relative pronouns, and conjunctions, 2014, BR56 BEAL ILON

Beale, G. K., Revelation : a shorter commentary, 2015, FR8 BEAL REVE

Bentley-Taylor, David, The weathercock’s reward : Christian progress in Muslim Java, 1967, MW19 BENT WREW

Bevington, George, Why the church?, 1951, UA23 BEVI WTCH

Beynon, Graham, Heart attitudes : cultivating life on the inside, 2014, XB57 BEYN HATT

Billingsley, Lloyd, The seductive image : a Christian critique of the world of film, 1989, XY81 BILL SIMA

Bonar, Horatius, God’s way of holiness, 1970, RS73 BONA GWOH

Booth, Alan, Christians and power politics, 1963, SX13 BOOT CAPP

Boreham, F. W., The fiery crags, 1929, XN BORE FCRA

Bourke, Vernon J., History of ethics, 1968, QY20 BOUR HOET

Broomhall, Marshall, Archibald Orr Ewing : ‘That faithful and wise steward’, 1930, MR6.6 EWIN XBRO

Broomhall, Marshall, Our seal : being the witness of the China Inland Mission to the faithfulness of God, 1933, Perry MR6.6 BROO OSEA

Brunner, Daniel L., Introducing evangelical ecotheology : foundations in Scripture, theology, history, and praxis, 2014, RF30 BRUN IEEC

Bryman, Alan, Social research methods, 2012, TU27 BRYM SRME

Bull, Geoffrey T., The sky is red, 1967, MR5 BULL SIRE

Bullinger, E. W., The two natures in the child of God, 1970, FX93 BULL TNIT

Burkett, Larry, Business by the book : the complete guide of biblical principles for the workplace, 1998, SQ37 BURK BBTB

Butterworth, G. W., The building of the English church, 1939, LS21 BUTT BOTE

Bythell, Noel J. (Noel John), 1915-, Keep watch : your Lord is coming, 2007, NE5 CMS BYTH

Chambers, Oswald, Bringing sons unto glory : studies in the life of our Lord, 1958, FS54 CHAM BSUG

Chambers, Oswald, If thou wilt be perfect … : talks on spiritual philosophy, 1962, RC75 CHAM ITWB

Chambers, Oswald, The shadow of an agony, 1965, DX86 CHAM SOAA

Chambers, Oswald, The highest good : containing also The pilgrim’s song book and Thy great redemption, 1965, XB57 CHAM HGOO

Chapman, Colin, “You go and do the same” : studies in relating to Muslims, 1983, OT55 CHAP YGAD

Church Missionary Society of Australia and Tasmania. Victorian Branch, Simple lives made noble : four studies for the use of mission study circles, 19??, Perry NK8 CHUR SLMN

Church, Leslie F., The early Methodist people, 1948, Perry KY2 CHUR EMPE

Clifford, Paul Rowntree, Interpreting human experience: a philosophical prologue to theology, 1971, RC75 CLIF IHEX

Coffey, H. W., The chaplain’s wars, 1997, HZA90 COFF XCOF

Colquhoun, Frank, Hard questions : 50 Christian problems considered, 1967, RD55 HARD COLQ

Copley, Derek, Building with bananas : people problems in the local church, 1978, WA20 COPL BWBA

Coulson, C. A., Science, technology, and the Christian, 1960, RF20.2 COUL STAT

Court, John H., Law, light, and liberty, 1975, SL90 COUR LLAL

Davis, John D., The Westminster dictionary of the Bible, 1944, Ref CD14 DAVI WDOT

Dayton, Donald W., Rediscovering an evangelical heritage : a tradition and trajectory of integrating piety and justice, 2014, Perry MKE2 DAYT RAEH

De Blank, Joost, A working faith : sermons for the man in the street, 1960, WW90 DEBL AWFA

Decker, Rodney J., Reading Koine Greek : an introduction and integrated workbook, 2014, BR61.5 DECK RKGR

DeClaissé-Walford, Nancy L., The shape and shaping of the book of Psalms : the current state of scholarship, 2014, DM35 SHAP DECL

Dennett, Bill, Sharing God’s love with Muslims : effective guidelines for Christians, 2004, OT55 DENN SGLW

Dodson, Jonathan K., Gospel-centered discipleship, 2012, WA20 DODS GCDI

Doriani, Daniel M., 1 Peter, 2014, FQ38 DORI OPET

Doyle, H. E. S., Our Anglican heritage : an outline of the Church of England, 1963?, LS21 DOYL OAHE

Drysdale, J. D., J. D. Drysdale : prophet of holiness, 1955, Perry LQ1 DRYS JDDR

Dudley, Carl S., Making the small church effective, 1978, WA20 DUDL MTSC

Eliade, Mircea, Patterns in comparative religion, 1976, OC6 ELIA PICR

Flew, Antony, God and philosophy, 1966, RB12 FLEW GAPH

Foster, John, Why the church? : A study of the nature of the church with special reference to the writings of the Fathers], 1954, UA23 FOST WTCH

Geach, P. T., The virtues : the Stanton lectures 1973-4, 1977, QY40 GEAC VIRT

Gibson, Scott M., PulpitTalk preaching grace, 2014, Cassette WQ5 PULP V:12:4

Gibson, Scott M., PulpitTalk preaching in the urban church, 2014, WQ5 PULP V:12:3

Grenz, Stanley J., Created for community : connecting Christian belief with Christian living, 2014, RK55 GREN CFCO

Grubb, Norman P., The law of faith, 1947, XB57 GRUB LOFA

Grudem, Wayne A., The gift of prophecy in the New Testament and today, 2000, FX94.5 GRUD GOPR

Gudorf, Christine E., Aspirations for modernity and prosperity : symbols and sources behind Pentecostal Charismatic growth in Indonesia, 2014, MW14 ASPI GUDO

Haarsma, Deborah B., Origins : Christian perspectives on creation, evolution, and intelligent design, 2011, RF26 HAAR ORIG

Hebert, A. G., Apostle and bishop : a study of the Gospel, the ministry and the Church-community, 1963, UA52 HEBE AABI

Henson, Herbert Hensley, Ad clerum, 1937, WV70 HENS ACLE

Hercus, John, David, 1967, HP34.2 HERC DAVI

Herklots, H. G. G., The yoke of Christ, 1938, XQ8.5 HERK YOCH

Hill, Michael, A sociology of religion, 1973, SC20 HILL SORE

Hill, Monica, How to plant churches, 1984, WA20 HOWT HILL

Holden, J. Stuart, Some Old Testament parables : being Bible readings given at Portstewart, and addresses on New Testament principles, 193-?, CD34 HOLD SOTP

Jên, Chʻêng-yüan, A tamarisk garden blessed with rain : or, the autobiography of Pastor Ren, 1930, Perry MR6.6 JENC TGBW

Jenks, Benjamin, Prayers and offices of devotion : for the use of families and private persons, adapted to every occasion, 1834?, UU8 JENK PAOO

Johnson, Harry, The humanity of the saviour : a biblical and historical study of the human nature of Christ in relation to original sin, with special reference to its soteriological significance, 1962, RR55 JOHN HOTS

Kagawa, Toyohiko, Jesus through Japanese eyes : a study of the daily life of Jesus, 1934, FS90 KAGA JTJE

Keith, Graham, Hated without a cause? : a survey of anti-Semitism, 1997, HP97 KEIT HWAC

Kellemen, Robert W., Scripture and counseling : God’s word for life in a broken world, 2014, PX35 SCRI KELL

Keswick Convention (Keswick, England : 1960), The Keswick week, 1960, 1960, Perry WH13 KESW KWEE 1960

Keswick Convention (Keswick, England : 1961), The Keswick week, 1961, 1961, Perry WH13 KESW KWEE 1961

Keswick Convention (Keswick, England : 1962), The Keswick week, 1962, 1962, Perry WH13 KESW KWEE 1962

Keswick Convention (Keswick, England : 1967), The Keswick week, 1967, 1967, Perry WH13 KESW KWEE 1967

Keswick Convention (Keswick, England : 1967), The Keswick week, 1969, 1969, Perry WH13 KESW KWEE 1969

Kilner, John Frederic, Dignity and destiny : humanity in the image of God, 2015, RU KILN DADE

Kreitzer, Beth, Luke, 2015, FK78 LUKE KREI

Kuhn, Isobel, Precious things of the lasting hills, 1963, MR6.6 KUHN XKUH

Lane, Erin, Lessons in belonging from a church-going commitment phobe, 2015, SH37 LANE LIBF

Leuba, Jean-Louis, New Testament pattern; an exegetical enquiry into the “catholic” and “protestant” dualism, 1953, JR33.65 LEUB NTPA

Linforth, Katherine C., The beloved disciple : Jacob the brother of the lord, 2011, FT70 LINF BDIS

Loane, Marcus L., The voice of the Cross, 1956, FS74 LOAN VOTC

Loane, Marcus L., John the Baptist as witness and martyr, 1968, FT60 LOAN JTBA

Loane, Marcus L., The hill of the Cross, 1968, FS74 LOAN HOTC

Loane, Marcus L., Thy kingdom come, 1989, CD30 LOAN TKCO

Loane, Marcus L., In Him we trust, 1994, WV90 LOAN IHWT

Lofthouse, W. F. (William Frederick), 1871-, Early translations of the Bible, 1949, CF16 LOFT ETOT

Lonergan, Bernard J. F., Method in theology, 1975, RC15 LONE MITH

Longenecker, Bruce W., Thinking through Paul : an introduction to his life, letters, and theology, 2014, FX60 LONG TTPA

Lucas, J. R., A treatise on time and space, 1973, QU70 LUCA TOTA

Macaulay, Ranald, Christianity with a human face, 1979, XB57 MACA CWAH

Malone, Andrew S., Knowing Jesus in the Old Testament? : a fresh look at christophanies, 2015, DX55 MALO KJIT

Mangalwadi, Vishal, Missionary conspiracy : letters to a postmodern Hindu, 1998, MT41 MANG MCON

Marshall, Jay W., The 10 Commandments & Christian community, 1996, CR42 MARS TCAC

Marshall, Walter, The Gospel-mystery of sanctification, 1954, RS73 MARS GMOS

May, John D’Arcy, 1942-, Social justice and the churches : challenges and responsibilities, 2014, MW61.1 SOCI MAYJ

McDowell, Josh, Understanding secular religions, 1982, RD55 MCDO USRE

McGrath, Alister E., The spirit of grace, 2015, RK56 MCGR SOGR

McKeown, James, Ruth, 2015, DL38 MCKE RUTH

Melanchthon, Philipp, Commentary on Romans, 1992, GT91 YEK 1992

Meyer, F. B., The dedicated life, 1904?, XB57 MEYE DLIF

Mildmay Conference (1939), Life with a purpose : the Christian challenge to the modern world, the sixty-seventh Mildmay Conference, April 18th-22nd 1939, 1939, WH13 MILD LWAP 1939

Miller, Johnny V., In the beginning– we misunderstood : interpreting Genesis 1 in its original context, 2012, DK39 MILL ITBW

Miller, Paul E., A praying life : connecting with God in a distracting world, 2009, UU5 MILL PLIF

Moreau, A. Scott, Effective intercultural communication : a Christian perspective, 2014, NR6 MORE EICO

Morgan, G. Campbell, Searchlights from the word : being 1189 sermon-suggestions, one from every chapter in the Bible, 1943, WQ8 MORG SFTW

Mouw, Richard J., Called to the life of the mind : some advice for evangelical scholars, 2014, TX33 MOUW CTTL

Müller, George, The diary of George Müller, 1964, Perry LQ1 MULL DOGM

Muston, Gerald, Women and the ministry : studies in Judaeo-Christian male prejudice and primal fear, 1976, SD87.5 MUST MATM

Nichols, Alan, A street called choice : ethical choices for ordinary people, 2005, QZ6 NICH SCCH

Nida, Eugene A., Lexical semantics of the Greek New Testament : a supplement to the Greek-English lexicon of the New Testament based on semantic domains, 1992, BB25 NIDA LSOT

O’Donnell, Douglas Sean, Ecclesiastes, 2014, DM78 ODON ECCL

Osment, R. M., Heavenwards from communism, 1955, SP83 OSME HFCO

Outka, Gene H., Norm and context in Christian ethics, 1969, QZ5 OUTK NACI

Palmer, Noel, The pattern of life in the holy communion, 1963, UG38 PALM POLI

Parsenios, George L., First, Second, and Third John, 2014, FQ58 PARS FSAT

Parshall, Phil, Why not pluralism?, 1998, OC7 PARS WNPL

Phillips, D. Z., The concept of prayer, 1981, XY80 PHIL COPR

Phillips, D. Z., Faith and philosophical enquiry, 1970, RA43 PHIL FAPE

Porter, David, Grace and glory : Keswick ministry, 1992, Perry WH13 KESW GAGL

Rahner, Karl, Theology for renewal : mission and grace, vol. 2, 1972, UA77 RAHN TFRE

Ramachandra, Vinoth, Discipleship : nine Bible studies, 1987, XE RAMA DISC

Ramsey, Paul, Nine modern moralists, 1970, QY29 RAMS NMMO

Rice, John R., What it costs to be a good Christian, 1953, Perry XB57 RICE WICT

Richardson, John, Get into the Bible : a ‘salvation historical’ approach to scripture, 1994, DX85 RICH GITB

Robertson, David, Engaging with atheists : understanding their world, sharing good news, 2014, RB49 ROBE EWAT

Robinson, Thomas A., World religions : a guide to the essentials, 2014, OC WORL ROBI

Ross, Hugh, The creator and the cosmos : how the greatest scientific discoveries of the century reveal God, 1993, RF21 ROSS CATC

Ross, Hugh, Creation and time : a biblical and scientific perspective on the creation-date controversy, 1994, DK36.1 ROSS CATI

Sanders, J. Oswald, Light on life’s problems, 1944, XB57 SAND LOLP

Schaller, Lyle E., 44 ways to expand the teaching ministry of your church, 1992, WP2 SCHA FFWT

Scroggie, W. Graham, Talks on the New Testament and other addresses, 1939, Perry FF92 SCRO TOTN

Sheridan, Mark, Language for God in patristic tradition : wrestling with biblical anthropomorphism, 2015, CH SHER LFGI

Sherman, Amy L., Kingdom calling : vocational stewardship for the common good, 2011, XW55 SHER KCAL

Sibthorp, R. E., The Anglican chant book, 1956, VJ5 1956 SIBT

Skoglund, Elizabeth, Amma : the life and words of Amy Carmichael, 1994, Perry MT35 SKOG AMMA

Sookhdeo, Patrick, Understanding Islamic terrorism : the Islamic doctrine of war, 2004, OT24 SOOK UITE

Stewart, James S., The strong name, 1940, RQ36 STEW SNAM

Stewart, James S., Heralds of God, 1946, WQ5 STEW HOGO

Stewart, James S., River of life, 1972, WV10 STEW ROLI

Stott, John R. W., Being a Christian, 1957, XB57 STOT BACH

Tabbernee, William, Early Christianity in contexts : an exploration across cultures and continents, 2014, IC32 EARL TABB

Taylor, A. E., The Christian hope of immortality, 1946, RW26 TAYL CHOI

Thompson, Phyllis, Climbing on track : a biography of Fred Mitchell, 1954, Perry MR6.6 THOM COTR

Thomson, Robin, Engaging with Hindus : understanding their world, sharing good news, 2014, OM27 THOM EWHI

Tidball, Derek, A world without windows : living as a Christian in a secular world, 1987, UA23 TIDB WWWI

Townsend, Anne J., Families without pretending, 1976, SD12 TOWN FWPR

Tyson, John R., The way of the Wesleys : a short introduction, 2014, Perry LU64.6 TYSO WOTW

Waddams, Herbert Montague, A new introduction to moral theology, 1972, QZ5 WADD NITM

Wall, Robert W., A compact guide to the whole Bible : learning to read Scripture’s story, 2015, CD90 CGTT WALL

Walton, John H., The Bible story handbook : a resource for teaching 175 stories from the Bible, 2010, TM43 WALT BSHA

Ward, Keith, Ethics and Christianity, 1970, QZ5 WARD EACH

Webb, Geoff, Authentic “fair dinkum” holiness for ordinary Christians, 2007, Perry WD82 WEBB AFDH

Weima, Jeffrey A. D., 1-2 Thessalonians, 2014, FP28 WEIM OATT

Weiss, Johannes, Paul and Jesus, 1909, FX60 WEIS PAJE

Wesley, Charles, The Christian year with Charles Wesley : being a devotional companion to the Book of common prayer, 1966, Perry VK44M WESL CYWC

White, James F., Protestant worship and church architecture : theological and historical considerations, 1964, YK60 WHIT PWAC

Williams, Thomas Jay, Priscilla Lydia Sellon : the restorer after three centuries of the religious life in the English church, 1950, LS77 SELL XWIL

Woelfel, James W., Borderland Christianity : critical reason and the Christian vision of love, 1974, RC75 WOEL BCHR

Wood, Maurice A. P, Christian stability, 1967, XB57 WOOD CSTA

Woodward, George Ratcliffe, Hymns of the Greek church, 1922, VQOr 1922 WOOD

Woolgar, J. W., This sacramental universe : an interpretation of the twentieth century, 1947, RC75 WOOL TSUN

Wright, Nicholas Thomas, Simply good news : why the gospel is news and what makes it good, 2015, RD55 WRIG SGNE

Yancey, Philip, Vanishing grace : what ever happened to the good news?, 2014, MD20 YANC VGRA

Young, Davis A., The Bible, rocks, and time : geological evidence for the age of the earth, 2008, RF26 YOUN BRAT



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