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November 2014


Author, Title, Date, Call No.

Adams, Ian, Cave refectory road : monastic rhythms for contemporary living, 2010, XD5 DAM CRRO

Adams, Sean A., The genre of Acts and collected biography, 2013, FM5 ADAM GOAA

Ansell, Nicholas John, The annihilation of hell : universal salvation and the redemption of time in the eschatology of Jürgen Moltmann, 2013, RW ANSE AOHE

Archer, Clint., Holding the rope : short-term missions, long-term impact, 2014, NT ARCH TRO

Assis, Eliyahu, The book of Joel : a prophet between calamity and hope, 2013, DP48 ASSI OJO

Baker, Dwight P., The missionary family : witness, concerns, care, 2014, SD60 MISS BAKE

Bennema, Cornelis, Encountering Jesus : character studies in the Gospel of John, 2014, FS90 BENN EJES 2014

Berquist, Jon L., Focusing biblical studies : the crucial nature of the Persian and Hellenistic periods : essays in honor of Douglas A. Knight, 2012, DG FOCU BERQ

Bonhoeffer, Dietrich, 1906-1945, Indexes and supplementary materials, 2014, GW28 B714 E 1996 V:17

Borgen, Peder, The Gospel of John : more light from Philo, Paul and archaeology : the Scriptures, tradition, exposition, settings, meaning, 2014, FL BORG GOJO

Box, Harry., Don’t throw the book at them : communicating the Christian message to people who don’t read, 2014, NR6 BOXH DTTB

Brothers, Michael., Distance in preaching : room to speak, space to listen, 2014, WQ5 BROT DIPR

Brueggemann, Walter., The practice of homefulness, 2014, SH37 BRUE POHO

Cairney, Trevor., Theology and the future : evangelical assertions and explorations, 2014, RC18 THEO CAIR

Campana, Stephen., The Calvinist Universalist : is evil a distortion of truth? or truth itself?, 2014, KN16 CAMP CUNI

Campbell, Douglas A., Beyond old and new perspectives on Paul : reflections on the work of Douglas Campbell, 2014, FT31 BEYO TILL

Charlton, Andrew, Dragon’s tail : the lucky country after the China boom, 2014, MW60 QUAR QE54

Clark, Kelly James, Readings in the philosophy of religion, 2008, RA42 READ CLAR

Clements, E. Anne., Mothers on the margin? : the significance of the women in Matthew’s genealogy, 2014, SD87.2 CLEM MOTM

Coloe, Mary L., Creation is groaning : biblical and theological perspectives, 2013, FX92 CREA COLO

Curtis, Heather D., Faith in the great physician : suffering and divine healing in American culture, 1860-1900, 2007, PX57 CURT FITG

Date, Christopher M., Rethinking hell : readings in evangelical conditionalism, 2014, RW69 RETH DATE

Dorff, Elliot N., The Oxford handbook of Jewish ethics and morality, 2013, QY26 OXFO DORF

Dormer, Jan Edwards, Teaching English in missions : effectiveness and integrity, 2011, BT80.5 DORM TEIM

Driver, Jeffrey W., A polity of persuasion : gift and grief of Anglicanism, 2014, KM3 DRIV POPE

Dunne, John Anthony, Reactions to empire : sacred texts in their socio-political contexts, 2014, CF12 REAC DUNN

Edsall, Benjamin A., Paul’s witness to formative early Christian instruction, 2014, FT31 EDSA PWTF

Eilers, Kent., Sanctified by grace : a theology of the Christian life, 2014, RS52 SANC EILE

Eugenio, Dick O., Communion with the triune God : the Trinitarian soteriology of T.F. Torrance, 2014, RQ37 EUGE CWTT

Eynikel, Erik., Samson : hero or fool? : the many faces of Samson, 2014, HP33.7 S2 EYNI

Ferguson, Sinclair B., From the mouth of God : trusting, reading, and applying the Bible, 2014, CD63 FERG FTMO

Fergusson, David., Creation, 2014, RQ50 FERG CREA

Gallant, Tim, Feed my lambs : why the Lord’s table should be restored to covenant children, 2002, UG40.5 GALL FMLA Gnuse, Robert Karl, Misunderstood stories : theological commentary on Genesis 1-11, 2014, DK39 GNUS MSTO

Gravelle, Gilles., The age of global giving : a practical guide for the donors and funding recipients of our time, 2014, NR5 GRAV AOGG

Haakonssen, Knud, The Cambridge history of eighteenth-century philosophy, 2011, QH CAMB HAAK

Heil, John Paul., The Book of Revelation : worship for life in the spirit of prophecy, 2014, FR8 HEIL BORE

Heywood, David, Transforming preaching : the sermon as a channel for God’s word, 2013, WQ5 HEYW TPRE

Hibbert, Evelyn., Leading multicultural teams, 2014, NR6 HIBB LMTE

Horn, Cornelia B., Children in late ancient Christianity, 2009, PW48 CHIL HORN

Huttner, U., Early Christianity in the Lycus Valley, 2013, IJ24 HUTT ECIT

Jipp, Joshua W., Divine visitations and hospitality to strangers in Luke-Acts : an interpretation of the Malta episode in Acts 28:1-10, 2013, FM JIPP DVAH

Kandiah, Krish, Paradoxology : why Christianity was never meant to be simple, 2014, RE63 KAND PARA

Keister, Lisa A., Faith and money : how religion contributes to wealth and poverty, 2011, SR20 KEIS FAMO

Kloppenborg, John S., Synoptic problems : collected essays, 2014, FK KLOP SPRO

Lee, Eun-Woo., Crossing the Jordan : diachrony versus synchrony in the Book of Joshua, 2013, DL19 LEEE CTJO

Linebaugh, Jonathan A., God, grace, and righteousness in wisdom of Solomon and Paul’s letter to the Romans : texts in conversation, 2013, CD34 LINE GGAR

Macintosh, A. A., Leshon Limmudim : essays on the language and literature of the Hebrew Bible in honour of A.A. Macintosh, 2013, DF LESH BAER

Mason, Karen, Preventing suicide : a handbook for pastors, chaplains, and pastoral counselors, 2014, XW89 MASO PSUI

Mathew, Susan., Women in the greetings of Romans 16.1-16 : a study of mutuality and women’s ministry in the Letter to the Romans, 2013, FN39 MATH WITG

McGinnis, Andrew M., The Son of God beyond the flesh : a historical and theological study of the extra Calvinisticum, 2014, RR67 MCGI SOGB

McGowan, Andrew Brian, Ancient Christian worship : early church practices in social, historical, and theological perspective, 2014, UG12 MCGO ACWO

Migliore, Daniel L., Faith seeking understanding : an introduction to Christian theology, 2014, RK55 MIGL FSUN 2014

Nash, Eric John Hewitson, A study in spiritual power, 1992, Perry LQ1 NASH EDDI

Oswalt, John N., Holy One of Israel : studies in the book of Isaiah, 2014, DN34 OSWA HOOI

Pitre, Brant James, Jesus and the Jewish roots of the Eucharist : unlocking the secrets of the Last Supper, 2011, UG30.2 PITR JATJ

Pojman, Louis P., Philosophy of religion : an anthology, 2015, RA42 PHIL REAM

Rainbow, Paul A., Johannine theology : the Gospel, the Epistles and the Apocalypse, 2014, FX70 RAIN JTHE

Ray, Walter D., Tasting heaven on earth : worship in sixth-century Constantinople, 2012, UG12 RAYW THOE

Raymo, Jim., Millennials and mission : a generation faces a global challenge, 2014, NR6 RAYM MAMI

Rusthoven, James., Covenantal biomedical ethics for contemporary medicine : an alternative to principles-based ethics, 2014, YX24 RUST CBEF

Scott, Susan, Fierce conversations : achieving success at work & in life, one conversation at a time, 2004, PU23 SCOT FCON

Shaw, Mark, Work, play, love : a visual guide to calling, career, & the mission of God, 2014, XW55 SHAW WPLO

Slocum, Robert Boak, A point of balance : the weight and measure of Anglicanism, 2013, UG38 POIN SLOC

Smither, Edward L., Mission in the early church : themes and reflections, 2014, NL2 SMIT MITE

Spencer, Aída Besançon., 2 Timothy and Titus : a new covenant commentary, 2014, FP58 SPEN STAT

Sprinkle, Preston M., Charis : God’s scandalous grace for us, 2014, DX85 SPRI CHAR

Stanley, Brian, The World Missionary Conference, Edinburgh 1910, 2009, NC EDIN STAN

Stein, Robert H., Jesus, the temple and the coming Son of Man : a commentary on Mark 13, 2014, FK69 STEI JTTA

Stevens, Gerald L., Revelation : the past and future of John’s apocalypse, 2014, FR STEV REVE

Sumner, Darren., Karl Barth and the incarnation : christology and the humility of God, 2014, GW28 B28 XS95

Sweeney, Marvin A., Reading prophetic books : form, intertextuality, and reception in prophetic and post-biblical literature, 2014, DN SWEE RPBO

Thomas, Benjamin D., Hezekiah and the compositional history of the Book of Kings, 2014, DL50 THOM HATC

Thomson, Alan, Culture in a post-secular context :   theological possibilities in Milbank, Barth, and Bediako, 2014, IC32 THOM CIAP

Tuckett, C. M., From the sayings to the Gospels, 2014, FK TUCK FTST

Verheyden, Jozef., The figure of Solomon in Jewish, Christian, and Islamic tradition : king, sage, and architect, 2013, HP34.3 FIGU VERH

Vines, Matthew, God and the gay Christian : the biblical case in support of same-sex relationships, 2014, SD61 VINE GATG

Watson, Graeme, The Song of Songs : a contemplative guide, 2014, DM88 WATS SOSO

Webb, R. A., The theology of infant salvation, 1981, RS11 WEBB TOIS

Wendebourg, Dorothea, Sister Reformations II : Reformation and ethics in Germany and in England = Schwesterreformationen II : Reformation und Ethik in Deutschland und in England, 2014, Perry IR23 SIST WEND 2014

Werrell, Ralph S., The roots of William Tyndale’s theology, 2013, Perry LS32.1 WERR ROWT Wright, Stephen I., Jesus the storyteller, 2014, FX34 WRIG JTST

York, Terry W., America’s worship wars, 2003, UG YORK AWWA

Young, Richard Fox., Asia in the making of Christianity : conversion, agency, and indigeneity, 1600s to the present, 2013, MP14 ASIA YOUN

Zachhuber, Johannes., Human nature in Gregory of Nyssa : philosophical background and theological significance, 2014, GM3 G6 XZ16




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