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October 2014


Author, Title, Date, Call No.

Adam, Peter, Biblical insights on church music, 2014, Q VG40 ADAM BIOC

Aland, Kurt, The Greek New Testament, 2014, Reference CB37 2014ALAN

Allison, Dale C, A critical and exegetical commentary on the Epistle of James, 2013, FQ28 ALLI CAEC

Archer, Graham, Don’t lose heart : St Paul’s advice for maintaining morale under pressure, 2014, WA28 ARCH DLHE

Bartholomew, Craig G, The drama of Scripture : finding our place in the biblical story, 2014, CD91 BART DOSC 2014

Belmonte, Kevin Charles, D. L. Moody : a life : innovator, evangelist, world-changer, 2014, Perry MA5 MOOD XBEL

Berger, Kathleen Stassen, The developing person through the life span, 2014, PW BERG DPTT 2014

Bird, Michael F, Bourgeois babes, bossy wives, and bobby haircuts : a case for gender equality in ministry, 2014, SD87.5 BIRD BBBW

Block, Daniel Isaac, For the glory of God : recovering a biblical theology of worship, 2014, UG BLOC FTGO

Body, Andrew, An introduction to marriage preparation : the opportunity of a lifetime, 2014, SD21 BODY ITMP

Bonhoeffer, Dietrich, Letters to London : Bonhoeffer’s previously unpublished correspondence with Ernst Cromwell, 1935-6, 2013, GW28 B714 IEP 2013

Branson, Mark Lau, Starting missional churches : life with God in the neighborhood, 2014, WA20 STAR BRAN

Briar, Tibby, Tibby Briar : my story, 2004, MW61.4 TIBB XTIB

Bridge, Brian, Waiting on God : seeking God’s calling together in small groups, 2013, TG12 BRID WOGO

Buchanan, Colin O, Eucharistic consecration in Common worship, 2013, UP38.9 BUCH ECIC

Buchanan, Colin O, Baptism as complete sacramental initiation, 2014, UG20 JOUR XBUC

Burridge, Richard A, Four Gospels, one Jesus : a symbolic reading, 2014, FJ BURR FGOJ 2014

Caputo, John D, What would Jesus deconstruct? : the good news of postmodernism for the church, 2007, QH4 CAPU WWJD

Cartwright, Simon, Food distribution and mission : living evangelism in word and deed, 2014, SH37 CART FDAM

Chandler, Matt, Creature of the Word : the Jesus-centered church, 2012, UA23 CHAN COTW

Coakley, Sarah, The Cross and the transformation of desire : meditations for Holy Week on the drama of love and betrayal, 2014, XQ6.5 COAK CATT

Copan, Paul, The Gospel in the marketplace of ideas : Paul’s Mars Hill experience for our pluralistic world, 2014, RC62 COPA TGIT

Dancy, Jonathan, A companion to epistemology, 1992, Reference


Day, John, From creation to Babel : studies in Genesis 1-11, 2013, DK39 DAYJ FCTB

De Neui, Paul H, Complexities of money and missions in Asia, 2011, ON27 COMP DENE

Deen, Hanifa, The jihad seminar, 2008, MW64.6 DEEN JSEM

Dell, Katharine J, Reading Job intertextually, 2013, DM50 RJIN DELL

Drake, Nick J, A deeper note : the ‘informal’ theology of contemporary sung worship, 2014, VG40 DRAK DNOT

Ellis, Kevin, Mission in schools, 2014, TF3 ELLI ETRO

Elworthy, John, Billy Graham in Oxford and Cambridge, 1980, Perry WB48 ELWO BGIO

Farley, Claire, Emotional literacy for youth workers, 2013, WA70 FARL ELFY

Fea, John, Wheelock’s world : letters and the communication of revival in Great Awakening New England, 2001, Perry ML24 WHEE XFEA

Fox, Barbara, Fox tales from far flung places, 2003, Perry MW64.3 FOXB XFOX

George, Peter F, BCA 75 not out! : 1919-1994 : the Bush Church Aid Society celebrates 75 years of ministry in remote Australia, 1993, Perry MW64.3 BUSH XGEO

Goheen, Michael W, Introducing Christian mission today : Scripture, history, and issues, 2014, NR GOHE ICMT

Goldingay, John, A critical and exegetical commentary on Isaiah 56-66, 2014, DN38 INTE ISAI 2006 V:4

Goswell, Greg, A study commentary on Ezra-Nehemiah, 2013, DL78 GOSW SCOE

Greenlee, David, Longing for community : church, ummah, or somewhere in between?, 2013, OT55 LONG GREE

Hahn, Scott W, Politicizing the Bible : the roots of historical criticism and the secularization of Scripture 1300-1700, 2013, CF12 HAHN PTBI

Hale, Thomas, On being a missionary, 2012, NS8 HALE OBAM

Hasker, William, Metaphysics and the tri-personal God, 2013, RQ37 HASK MATT

Jones, Simon, Paul and poverty : an evaluation of the Apostle’s economic location and teaching, 2014, FX69 JONE PAPO

Kalmanofsky, Amy, Dangerous sisters of the Hebrew Bible, 2014, SD87.2 KALM DSOT

Kelley, Joseph T, What are they saying about Augustine?, 2014, GN3 XK29 2014

Kirkpatrick, Kate, Women, justice and the church : an apology for feminism, 2014, SD87 KIRK WJAT

Kok, Jacobus (Kobus), Sensitivity towards outsiders : exploring the dynamic relationship between mission and ethics in the New Testament and early Christianity, 2014, FY SENS KOKJ

Krayer, Patrick, My mother’s sons : managing sexuality in Islamic & Christian communities, 2013, SD60 KRAY MMSO

Kuhrt, Stephen, I heard it through the grapevine : developing a social mission project within the local church, 2014, SH37 KUHR IHIT

Lalitha, Jayachitra, Evangelical postcolonial conversations : global awakenings in theology and praxis, 2014, NR5 EVAN SMIT

Lalleman-de Winkel, H, Jeremiah and Lamentations, 2013, DL48 LALL JALA

Litfin, Bryan M, Early Christian martyr stories : an evangelical introduction with new translations, 2014, IY20 LITF ECMS

Love, Rick, Peace catalysts : resolving conflict in our families, organizations, and communities, 2014, PU23 LOVE PCAT

McQuilkin, J. Robertson, An introduction to biblical ethics : walking in the way of wisdom, 2014, DY MCQU ITBE

Millet, Robert L, Claiming Christ : a Mormon-Evangelical debate, 2007, MKM73 MILL CCHR

Mobley, Gregory, The return of the chaos monsters and other backstories of the Bible, 2012, DG5 MOBL ROTC

Moes, Paul, Exploring psychology and Christian faith : an introductory guide, 2014, PP30.5 MOES EPAC

Montgomery, Daniel, Proof : finding freedom through the intoxicating joy of irresistible grace, 2014, RS52 MONT PROO

O’Loughlin, Thomas, Liturgical language and translation : the issues arising from the revised English translation of the Roman Missal, 2014, UL38 LITU OLOU

O’Malley, John W, Trent : what happened at the council, 2013, KJ52 OMAL TREN

Ortlund, Dane Calvin, Edwards on the Christian life : alive to the beauty of God, 2014, Perry ML23 EDWA XORT

Parker, Julie F, Valuable and vulnerable : children in the Hebrew Bible, especially the Elisha cycle, 2013, SD10.2 PARK VAVU

Paul, Ian, Same-sex unions : the key biblical texts, 2014, SD61.2 PAUL SSUN

Pearson, Noel, A rightful place : race, recognition and a more complete commonwealth, 2014, MW60 QUAR QE55

Pfennigwerth, Fiona, The Gospel according to John illuminated : in the English standard version of the Bible, 2013, CB99 JOHN 2013

Pierson, Mark, The art of curating worship : reshaping the role of worship leader, 2012, UG PIER AOCW

Pigott, Graham, Helpful habits : exploring prayer for small group use, 2014, UU5 PIGG HHAB 2014

Plass, Richard, The relational soul : moving from false self to deep connection, 2014, PX31 PLAS RSOU

Price, Peter, A world united or a world exploited? : Christian perspectives on globalisation, 2013, SF11 WORL PRIC

Prill, Thorsten, Migrants, strangers and the church in Southern Africa : a biblical perspective, 2013, DY5 PRIL MSAT

Rainer, Thom S, Autopsy of a deceased church : 12 ways to keep yours alive, 2014, WA20 RAIN AOAD

Randall, Colin, Using Common worship order two–contemporary : looking at a different shape for Communion, 2013, UP38.9 RAND UCWO

Rea, Robert F, Why church history matters : an invitation to love and learn from our past, 2014, IC20 REAR WCHM

Rice, Richard, Suffering and the search for meaning : contemporary responses to the problem of pain, 2014, RU20 RICE SATS

Ripley, Jennifer S, Couple therapy : a new hope-focused approach, 2014, SD21 RIPL CTHE

Ross, Melanie C, Evangelical versus liturgical? : defying a dichotomy, 2014, UG ROSS EVLI

Ryan, T. C, Ashamed no more : a pastor’s journey through sex addiction, 2012, SD60 RYAN ANMO

Schüssler Fiorenza, Elisabeth, Feminist biblical studies in the twentieth century : scholarship and movement, 2014, CG4 FEMI SCHU

Schwarz, Hans, The Christian faith : a creedal account, 2014, RK56 SCHW TCFA

Shaw, Ryan, Waking the giant : the resurging student mission movement, 2006, WL23 SHAW WTGI

Shilton, Lance Rupert, Yes certainly : thirteen studies for young people and adults preparing for confirmation or for those desiring a refresher course on church membership, 1979, UG48 SHIL YCER

Shumack, Richard, The wisdom of Islam and the foolishness of Christianity : a Christian response to nine objections to Christianity by Muslim philosophers, 2014, OT55 SHUM WOIA

Sire, James W, Apologetics beyond reason : why seeing really is believing, 2014, RD56 SIRE ABRE

Stott, John R. W, Problems of Christian leadership, 2014, WA28 STOT POCL

Takagi Silzer, Sheryl, Biblical multicultural teams : applying biblical truth to cultural differences, 2011, NR6 TAKA BMTE

Thompson, Deanna A, Deuteronomy, 2014, DK78 THOM DEUT

Thompson, James, The church according to Paul : rediscovering the community conformed to Christ, 2014, FX60 THOM TCAT

Van Rheenen, Gailyn, Missions : biblical foundations and contemporary strategies, 2014, NR VANR MISS

Verderber, Kmazerathleen S, Inter-act : interpersonal communication concepts, skills, and contexts, 2013, PU23.7 VERD INTE

Vidu, Adonis, Atonement, law, and justice : the cross in historical and cultural contexts, 2014, RR80 VIDU ALAJ

Walter, Nigel, Church buildings for people : reimagining church buildings as nourishing places, 2014, YK23 WALT CBFP

White, Peter, Give it a year : helping young people make the most of a year out, 2014, PW95 WHIT GIAY

White, Robert S, Who is to blame? : disasters, nature, and acts of God, 2014, RU20 WHIT WITB

Whitehead, Jo, Spirit-shaped youth ministry : youth work inspired and informed by the Spirit, 2013, RT5 WHIT SSYM

Wu, Jackson, Saving God’s face : a Chinese contextualization of salvation through honor and shame, 2012, MR4 WUJA SGFA

Zdero, Rad, The global house church movement, 2004, WA90 ZDER GHCM

Zdero, Rad, Nexus : the world house church movement reader, 2007, WA90 NEXU ZDER


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